the stock market is about to TO GO OFF

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Well holy smokers folks if you ever want your flapjacks flipped this is a week in which your flapjacks could get flipped okay we’re gonna get into what’s going on here this specific week i’m recording this on a sunday night no edit video here so i hope you guys enjoy this don’t forget to smash as always but needless to say well there’s going to be trillions of

Dollars that move around in the stock market this week and i want to give my perspective i want to explain what’s going on this week and what i think is going to transpire here and what you should be looking out for so yeah i hope you guys enjoy this as always let’s just get straight into it so in terms of monday not a lot going on in terms of the morning kimberly

Clark’s reporting i’m going to be looking for their numbers any guidance there anything they have to do say about cost pressures things like that it’s kind of relevant for me in regards to honest company which is a stock i just started buying very recently i plan to continue to buy for the coming months the difference though is kimberly clark’s an already built out

Business with very low growth honest company has a huge runway of growth over the next 10 plus years or so but still some of the sometimes some of the cost pressures for a business like kimberly clark will also go into a company like honest so i’m going to be paying attention to that after the bell two big stocks that i’m going to be personally paying attention to

Facebook fb and logitech okay so facebook everybody’s wondering what’s gonna happen here with facebook right if you if you notice the stock got hit on friday it was down five percent now snapchat was what pushed this stock down snapchat was down 26 percent on friday 26 just absolutely a disastrous day for a snapchat in that pushed facebook down it pushed honestly

All the stocks that kind of are advertising giants let’s call it that they pushed them all down a lot of people have very low expectations for facebook so that’s good however if facebook still disappoints i wouldn’t be surprised if the stock goes down i just think there’s already a lot priced in a lot of people are expecting bad numbers from facebook this quarter

A lot of people are expecting worries around facebook and uh you know we’ll we’ll have to see i’m i think this is the most important quarter for facebook to report here that probably ever as a public company or at least in the last seven eight years plus okay this is a huge quarter for them logitech gonna be paying attention that one after the bill on monday as

Well and the reason being is logitech is a competitor to a company i’ve been buying for you know six nine months now just relentlessly which is corsair gaming crs our stock and logitech is a competitor to corsair gaming so i want to hear what’s going on with logitech now generally speaking of logitech’s business is healthy corsair’s business is going to generally

Speaking be healthy logitech competes a little differently in the markets than somebody like a corsair gaming corsair gaming’s heavier with gamers and streamers logitech’s a little heavier and just overall people that uh you know buy computer equipment let’s just put it that way right cameras uh keyboards everything like that so needless to say those are going to be

Two very very important stocks and those stocks i’m directly invest in facebook and logitech could actually move corsair that very next day there so right off the bat monday we got some action usually there’s not a lot of action going on monday tuesday through thursday things get nuts and this is where you start having trillions of dollars in movement right and a

Lot of these companies dictate whether the stock market goes up or down in a given period and so if you’re talking about any major pullback in the market if we’re going to get something like that it could very well happen this week okay now ups reporting tuesday before the bell ups is one of the most important companies you can possibly watch in the entire stock

Market if you want to know how the macro economic landscape is going in the united states of america and even international but specifically u.s they’re gonna they’re transporting just about everything that’s everything all over the place right and so ups is gonna tell us like how businesses what’s their guidance right like right they’re gonna be able to tell us

All those sorts of things and so ups if you don’t own the stock still look at ups earnings and look at their guidance even if you don’t i don’t i think i’ve no actually i know i’ve never owned ups stock ever in my 12 plus years to be in the stock market but i always keep an eye on their earnings and you guys should as well ups very important you have ge reporting

3m reporting 3ms interested me in the past as a potential dividend stock i’ll probably take a peek at their earnings just the baseline numbers see if there’s something there you have waste management reporting you have hasbro reporting sharon williams so showroom williams is a good play to keep an eye on in terms of the housing market and a lot of times you’ll get

To see are people spending money on their homes i assume people are spending uh still a good amount of money on their homes maybe not as much as they were the past year when everybody was forced to be home now a lot of people are spending less time at home going out and doing things again things like that right and so that could be a negative for sherwin williams

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However real estate prices have appreciated a lot and the way a lot of folks look at this is if if real estate prices are appreciating hey let’s go ahead and let’s throw some new paint up on the walls right and sherwin-williams is somebody that directly benefits from that after the clothes oh you got to be flipping my flapjacks oh my gosh guys okay you got amd

Reporting which is a huge retail trader name i don’t want to call it retail trader name retail investor name amd’s hugh there’s just a ton of people that are invested in that stock and have been for a long time since i was a two four dollar stock and a lot of people have prospered and you know to be in a hundred plus dollar stock now and so amd’s everybody’s got

To pay attention to that and everybody this is another one that if you’re thinking could a stock move something like corsair gaming amd a lot of folks have been wondering about chip shortages what’s going on with gpu cpus things like that amd’s gonna have at least some information on that nvidia is usually a little better gauge overall i feel than an amd but amd is

Still gonna be beneficial you have mr softy one of the biggest companies in the world nearly a two trillion dollar market cap roughly they’re going to be reporting after the bill you have google mcdougall alphabet right which is a trillion dollar plus market cap reporting after the bell i mean you’re talking about trillions of dollars on market cap just on tuesday

After the bella reporting right you have visa one of the largest companies in the world man what a beautiful business model just make a little bit of money every single time anybody swipes a car like it’s just incredible business model needless to say you have twitter reporting twitter’s never been a stock that center interested me kind of like um snap doesn’t

Really interest me because those are more one-trick ponies doesn’t mean they can’t make it it’s just i look at the fb and that’s just there’s so many different facets and so many different you know areas of growth for a company like that versus somebody like a twitter so you know this is another one that could affect facebook a little bit but since facebook will

Have already reported their earnings don’t look for much movement in terms of twitter moving at stock price on wednesday because everybody’s already seen the facebook numbers the freight the facebook guidance and so by wednesday i don’t think twitter is going to move facebook stock price like snapchat did okay you have robin hood reporting after the bell which

I think robin hood’s going to be an interesting gauge in terms of the retail investor community for the stock market right now in terms of robinhood i don’t think their stock market related numbers are going to be high at all i you know i i’m somebody that gets to see directly day in and day out how much interest there is in the stock market right i i watch like

Views for my youtube channels i watch views for other youtube channels that are in the stock market space i look at forums and like you know where the most actions happening and things like that and tell you a lot of folks that were in the stock market in november december january february a lot of those folks are just trying to see a lot of those folks have been

Washed out we have a very core community now that is emerging in the stock market and not a bunch of the you know the quote-unquote masses or in the stock market right now now on the flip side and here’s where robin hood gets a little confusing is robin hood’s crypto business could still put up some very impressive numbers and we know generally speaking a lot of

These brokerages right that are dealing in the crypto market they make they make a lot of money being kind of that middle man there right and so in regards to robin hood i don’t think the stock market related numbers are going to be strong at all i think they’re going to disappoint in a major way however don’t be surprised if the crypto numbers are at least decent

Out of robin hood or maybe even dare i say impressive and so that’s robin hood’s going to be a fun one to watch because you don’t know like is it going to be the disappointment from the stock market community pull the stock down or is it’s gonna be the excitement around the crypto community that pulls the stock up it’s gonna be one of those two but i can tell you

It’s just not we’re not in a moment like we were three quarters ago when everybody was trying to get in the stock market it’s not like that at all right now you have texas instruments reporting which is one of the biggest semiconductor companies out there it’s going to be an important one to pay attention to there that can move the semiconductor market in general

Wednesday massive day before the bell you have boeing reporting boeing man this is a stock i was interested in for a little bit of time when it was really down and out right didn’t get in it but neither say like boeing’s always just one you want to kind of keep an eye on it’d be interesting to hear what they have to say about plane orders coming in or not coming


In right you have gm reporting and you have coca-cola reporting and mcdonald’s reporting and not i mean those are big companies and they’ll still move the markets bristol-myers squibb reporting but they’re not really uh my cup of tea you have spotify you have uh teva pharmaceuticals and that’s about all you got there but then after after the bell ford ford has

Been a stock i’ve been thinking about owning for quite a while haven’t bought it but you know i i don’t know i i like ford you know at the end of the day i look at how many people you know in my life that i know that own raptors which is their super high-end truck uh obviously the f-150 lineup is just a beast and i i gotta say i’m seeing a lot of the electric suvs

Out there the mustang electric suvs so you know i think ford’s actually doing a decent job uh obviously they’re going to have to over the next 10 years or so get their lineup to be fully electric but i think they’re doing a decent job and obviously it’s not the biggest valuation in the world right it’s climbed a bit i think it’s up to 66 billion or 70 billion now

Roughly but um yeah may still be something there tell a doc tdoc reporting teledoc’s a stock i’ve been looking into very deeply recently i’m not really ready to talk about that one on youtube yet in depth because i just haven’t done enough research to uh you know when i really want to speak on a high level about a stock i want to make sure i understand all the

Way through and i’m still working on tdoc okay but neither say i’m going to be watching their earnings like a hawk since i’ve been doing so much research there recently you have twilio reporting you have a line which a line could potentially move smile direct club sdc it could potentially move smile direct club on thursday so keep an eye out for that one there you

Have upwork reporting which upwork is a stock i personally own and upwork is just you know they’re just in a great spot they’re one of the biggest players in the freelancing economy and that’s that’s a market that’s gonna continue to grow like like when does a freelancing economy not grow like i think that’s a fair question i don’t know when that day is but it’s

No time in this decade that’s just a market that’s going to get bigger and bigger and bigger over the coming years right and they’re one of the biggest players if not the biggest player in that market like that’s phenomenal you have ebay reporting ebay so ebay was kind of a dead stock for a long time let’s be quite clear but the collectibles market has heated up

In a massive massive way over the past year and a half right as ronyrone happened you i mean it’s just collectibles like it just took off like a huge market and the biggest direct beneficiary of the collectibles market taking off in a massive way is literally ebay now the question for ebay and this is why you don’t want to get too excited about this stock right is

How long does this collectibles uh thing keep going for right i i pay attention to the pokemon market and tell the pokemon markets already started to fall a bit in terms of uh some of the pricing around a lot of different things recently that i was kind of looking at and so just keep in mind that when it comes to ebay you don’t know how long the whole collectibles

Market is going to stay hot the collectibles market it goes through some just down periods where it’s just like oh my gosh i said it is or these collectibles ever going to peak right and then it goes through some hot markets and so ebay is benefited from that and if you have a lot less people being in the collectibles searching on ebay what does that mean for their

Other revenues there is some food for thought there so this is you know i think the next four quarters for ebay is going to be really vital in terms of seeing what happens there okay on a thursday thursday this is this is even a bigger day to me than actually tuesday in my opinion so before the opening of shopify reporting which is one of the fastest growth

Companies in the world as we know and uh in terms of e-commerce companies right an incredible company has put up amazing numbers and the question is uh where’s their business at now that the world’s opened back up shopify definitely benefited a massive massive way from so many folks shifting to online and what does that mean for shopify’s business model what’s

That mean for shopify’s growth rates over the next quarter and over the next several quarters so that’s going to be reported then you got mastercard caterpillar the caterpillar is one i love to look at just like ups it’s never a stock i own always a stock that kind of peaks my interest especially as a dividend stock but when it comes to cat this is a stock guys

That you have to pay attention to because they’re going to tell you how the overall construction market is doing if caterpillar’s numbers are great the overall construction market and infrastructure market is strong if caterpillar numbers aren’t where it’s going to be really important is to hear what caterpillar has a nice business in china what do they have to

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Say about what’s going on with the real estate let’s call it crisis in china and that whole situation and what does that mean for their business over there we’ll get a lot of you’ll get a lot of information about where the chinese real estate market’s going from caterpillar literally like if you want to hear the most direct player that’s going to really give it

To you straight and how it is it’s caterpillar they’re going to tell you hey man you know the the chinese real estate market could be in some major trouble and could be for some time or they’re going to say no you know from what we’re seeing from orders you know it looks pretty dang good so the truth we’ll see the truth in the caterpillar numbers i can promise you

That okay merck altria not really stocks in interest me overstock nah no nothing else there after the bell huge you have apple and amazon right there that’s what 4 trillion plus dollars of market cap is reporting within like 10 minutes of each other uh yeah needless to say this this week is a week that the you know if apple reports bad numbers and when i say bad

Numbers here’s what it means guys it means just not impressive enough growth rates right it doesn’t mean they they have to have their revenues going down 40 all it has to be is like revenues aren’t quite hidden the way folks expect it it could send the stock down that could send the whole entire market down because apple’s so big and you have amazon on top of that

We’ll see what happens now amazon usually comes in with nice beats do they keep putting up those sweet numbers right we know everybody was forced to order almost everything online at this time last year what about now that that’s not the case what does that mean for amazon’s numbers we’ll get the truth in on thursday needless to say and so if those two you know

Report kind of like shaky yeah look for the market to drop massively on friday if it looks okay then then we’re in the clear right you have united states steel reporting which has had a pretty nice turnaround i must say you have s bucks reporting starbucks i mean starbucks is what starbucks is let’s put it that way okay you have a western digital you have micro

Strategy reporting which microstrategy is the biggest owner of bitcoin pretty much in the entire stock market the amount of bitcoin this company owns is ridiculous and bitcoin’s been looking pretty good recently it’s been trading even over 60 000 and so micro strategy might be in a situation where uh yeah they’re looking you know ultimately at the end of the day

If if bitcoin goes to 500 000 or a million like some folks believe right which you know not everybody has to believe that but there are there’s a segment out there that believes bitcoin’s going to 500 000 or a million long term right if it does that and microstrategy just holds their bitcoin they currently have throughout that that that that runway i mean the

Stock’s a 5x 10x plus stock over the coming years um you know but it’s all that stock is pretty much 100 dependent upon bitcoin’s price and bitcoin’s feelings then friday you got a lot of big oil reporting there no doesn’t interest me so you know a friday’s the day that i won’t even probably be paying attention earnings maybe i might take a look at royal caribbean

Just to kind of see what they have to say about cruises and things like that uh but needless to say monday through thursday guys this is what it you know you’re looking at trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars of market capitalization that is literally going to move the market and this is a very important earnings period i would say this is probably

The most important earnings period that we’ve had since probably the spring of 2020 when we didn’t know what was going on the market because you know there’s there’s definitely there’s an under feeling in the market of like you know what’s really going on here and i can tell you we’re gonna know exactly what’s going on with the global economy and what’s going on

With the united states economy and earnings of the biggest companies that really run the stock market because let’s be clear these companies they run the stock market if microsoft google mcdougall facebook apple amazon if these type of companies visa mastercard if these companies are doing great the whole stock market prospers and if these stocks aren’t look for

The look for the market to correct a bit so i am excited i’m not making any specific moves out there i’m just going to be paying attention to things like a hawk if the market drops in any major way and drops drop specific stocks that i’m invested in i’ll buy those stocks on the damn anyways guys let me know if any of your companies are reporting in the comments

Section this week i would love to hear from you guys as always much love and by the way just so you know we got a free seven-day trial going on for the private stock group so if you’re looking to scale your portfolio to six seven and more figures than that check out pin comment down there much love as always guys and have a great day

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