The Stock Market is in Full Panic Mode..Let’s Talk

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Major league baseball to suspend all operations including spring training champions league games postpones supreme court closes to the public until further notice nhl suspends season pga tour won’t allow fans for the foreseeable future new york to broadway will go dark as restrictions tighten new york governor cuomo bans gatherings of 500 or more metropolitan

Museum of art to close acc big ten big 12 pec 12 sec canceled conference tournaments nba suspends season the united states of america is shutting down like we have pretty much i don’t know if we’ve ever seen this but certainly not in modern history the yunnan tire united states of america is basically going into shutdown for the back half of march and into april

And it might last for the entire month of april we will see but at the end of the day the united states of america is basically shutting down okay every day this gets a little more realistic i’ve made a video of financial education – a couple days ago why i think the stock market might actually shut down for at least a week if not a few weeks and with all this

I’m seeing i’m thinking that’s more and more realistic okay the stock market is in straight-up panic mode and i mean panic mode like i have not seen in my lifetime and your this is coming from a guy that basically got started investing in 2008-2009 you know obviously the financial crisis i have never seen this type of panic in the stock market we have to probably

Go back to the 1987 era – like like see something like this and i don’t even know if we could you know this is this is we probably have to go back to the great depression actually to see something like this the stock market hasn’t ever fallen this fast except for the great depression like just let that hit you for a moment okay the stock market has never fallen

This fast ever then the great depression okay that is how panicky the market is right now that is how scared investors are hedge funds it doesn’t really really matter you know what you’re talking about this is a level of panic you have to go back to the great depression okay this is extraordinary the dow obviously i got the numbers up there for you guys the dow

Is down over 2000 points the market hasn’t even closed yet by the way as a record in this video this is i’m prepping this video about an hour before essentially the markets gonna close so we’ll see where all that shakes out could be worse than this could be a little better in this don’t matter what it’s just bad bad ok s&p 500 is down over 8% today the nasdaq

Is down nearly 8 percent today they’re talking about this is going to be the biggest one-day plunge since 1987 and obviously the market in general is literally taking its biggest hit literally since the great depression like like from a bull market to a bear market it’s extraordinary look at the dow jones industrial average just check this out for a moment okay

The dow jones industrial average you go back a month ago it’s 29 five here today it’s 21 five it has lost 8,000 points you know how many trillions of dollars that is 8,000 points in less than one month this is unprecedented okay so so if you’re a market participant right now and you’re in the market just be glad like you you’re gonna have a story to tell that you

Went through the like one of the roughest stock markets in history it’s gonna be another little you know story you can put on your your little jacket there okay because this is extraordinary this is extraordinary don’t let anybody say this is all this isn’t that bad no this is a disaster okay this is a straight-up disaster what is going on right now in the financial

Markets though we’re in a full bear market right now okay we’re in a full bear market and our investors are fleeing and running for safety needless to say an investor’s honestly don’t know where to run right now there’s just running in general like that’s clear that’s clear in the numbers of stocks that’s clear in the numbers of the market right now like it is just

Pure panic in the stock market there’s no other way to describe it the fed announced they’re gonna pump more than 1 trillion dollars like i think it’s we’re on 1/2 trillion dollars to be exact in a dramatic market intervention and it doesn’t even help out the market the more it’s still down 2,000 plus points the market literally doesn’t care about anything right

Now the market is just scared like that’s all that matters right now the market is in a dramatic scared moment the you want to see even you want to see even more skies like you think us markets are getting hit bad check out the european markets last night oh my goodness a dax down over 12% of whoopsy down 11% the cac down over 12% off oh my goodness okay i mean we

Have a bad today in the us markets but goodness gracious i can’t honestly ever remember the european markets being down that much since i got in the market in 2008-2009 maybe they had a day that bad but i just don’t remember cuz that is dramatic okay twelve are you looking at 11 12 percent down for an index in a day in one trading day numbers are crazy okay those

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Numbers there’s crazy what about some individual stocks how much are some of these individual stocks down today you look at something like a tesla the stock has already been hit a ton right down 12 percent today ooh buddy booba stock this stock has gotten absolutely destroyed in the past month with this whole market turned down and look at oh buddy boo boo stock

Down 13 percent today these moves are dramatic okay foot locker i mean these prices are just getting silly okay footlocker’s trading at 21 a share down 14% ruh evolve i guess no one’s gonna ever shop and revolve for the rest of you know humanity or something like this okay revolves down 16 1/2 percent these are literally joke prices we have entered joke price

Territory now the stock market like like like it’s not like oh this is a good deal like these are just jokes if you have any type of like long-term outlook ok the entire cruise line industry is basically starting to price like they’re all going to go bk ok yeah no it remains to be seen if that actually happens but if you start looking at some of these prices their

Pricing like they’re gonna go bk like these stocks are down you know 60% 70% in the last month royal caribbean’s down 30% plus today norwegian cruise line is down 30% today carnival cruise line is down 20% today these stocks are all pricing like they’re going bk we’ll see if that happens i actually made a video on financial education – a few days ago talking about

The airline stocks and mainly the crew stocks and i think there’s a you know a chance low go bankrupt and kind of my thoughts there you look at the big banks today look at the big us banks today the monsters okay wells fargo’s down over 14% today bank of america is down 8% today these are massive moves okay jpmorgan chase is down five and a half percent today that

Is good i mean i never thought i would say you know jpmorgan chase only being down five and a half percent in a day is good but i will say that is good okay i mean it’s down less than the markets like i like and it’s down way less than obviously wells fargo and bank of america so jp morgan chase uh you know stockholders hey you guys are having a good day out there

Oh my goodness okay look at them like jackson stocks okay they look good all mj stocks obviously they’re all down you know acb is down 20% plus cg c’s down you know 13% plus everything’s down across the board there you look at caterpillar right caterpillar massive company monster company industrial machine maker caterpillars down nine percent today this is another

Stock that’s gotten hit extremely hard it’s you know i think it’s just you know completely went through its 52-week low i believe on caterpillar john deere ticker symbol de same exact thing the the biggest equipment maker for farms obviously and farming in general this one’s at 131 a share here today down 10% the boeing company oh my goodness you want to see pain

In a stock check out boeing ticker symbol being please keep in mind boeing’s a massive company that a lot of people invest in thinking this is a super safe stock like that’s what a lot of people do with a stock like boeing like oh it’s boeing you know they’ve been around forever they’re like you know the one of only two big players really in making planes right

A airbus being the other one bowie’s down over 14% today down over $26 a share talking about boeing here look at boeing stock just in the past one month it is down over 50% in the past one month okay for boeing stock okay uh stock that this isn’t like this is something you know super spec stock or some super hyped stock like this is boeing okay like like this is

Boeing and it’s down over 50% now a lot of people have been asking my opinion so just want to take a moment just talk about boeing people have been saying you know obviously i love to buy some great companies that are beaten down am i interested in adding boeing personally i’m not too interested in adding boeing i mean one there’s a countless other stocks i want

To add but to boeing had a lot of issues with management way before the barometer okay way before this whole situation here happened in the short term they had a lot of issues and now airlines are going to go through a very tough time so which means airlines are not going to be doing a bunch of orders the the backlogs for boeing will dry up a lot over the next year

Or so and when you add on the fact that the management had a lot of mistakes they’ve made over the past few years at this company it’s not a stock that interested me enough to buy even though it is down over fifty plus percent eventually if it got low enough i would probably step in as a buyer boeing but even at 162 it still actually doesn’t interests me okay so

It’s just to cover that i’ve gotten a lot of questions about that one you guys know uh by being down stocks and you know especially you know big names in their industries okay mixed stocks up here looks like a big donald’s down over 8% today starbucks down approaching 8% here today jim big moves down it in the fast-food space an apple m’m apple apple by papal okay

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Apple whatever little apple okay down over eight percent today look at the apple stock guys down over eight percent today over twenty two dollars you know that drop right there is probably an eighty billion dollar drop or something like that like that’s a massive drop in market capitalization for apple here today google macdougal it down over seven percent today

Google’s prices are getting a pretty dang attractive it’s we call this type of stock market well this isn’t really a stock market any but hasn’t really been through in modern times at least we call this a buy one get one free market because everything’s just pricing like you know i don’t say every stocks pricing it but a lot of stocks are pricing literally like

Half off like pretty much like it’s just it’s just insane okay activision blizzard ticker symbol a tvi on this one the you know the video the biggest video game maker out there biggest video gaming company the biggest pure direct play on that right down 8% here today just a massive move down for activision blizzard well i mean if everybody staying home they can’t

Work i mean we might as well play video games i guess and oh my goodness cake nvidia taking a 10% hit today 10% hit now one thing i will say about nvidia is it’s still not down to the december 2018 lows so if you’re looking at a stock like nvidia and thinking you know can it can it go lower absolutely can i mean literally just in december 2018 it was actually quite

A bit lower than this so 221 is actually quite a bit above the december 2018 lows okay amd stock is taking a 12% hit today okay the the market the stock market is in straight-up panic mode there’s no way around this don’t let anybody tell you different like the stock market is in panic mode right now there’s no other way around it so being that the stock market

Is in panic mode let’s talk about your options out there in my opinion on this now your with your money you do whatever you want as i always preach in this channel i talk about what i’m doing with my money my perspective on these different money subjects you do whatever you want you do what you feel comfortable with i can’t tell somebody to invest in the stock

Market if you don’t feel comfortable doing it like it just doesn’t make sense because you’ll end up making bad decisions in the end okay so if you’re already in the market you have three options buy opinion these are only really your three options out there one is you can sell into this panic so you have a portfolio and you can say you know what i’m just done with

The market i’m just gonna sell everything into the panic now i don’t believe that’s a very good decision the markets already down dramatically doesn’t mean it can’t go down more but the markets already down dramatically if you own truly great companies you own truly great companies that are gonna thrive over the next five seven 10 year why do you want to sell them

After a lot of them have been hit 30% 40% 50% 60% some of these talks have been hit 70% and so in my opinion why would i want to sell some of the greatest companies that i own that are literally some of the greatest companies in the world that after all this stuff happens short-term they will thrive again if you want a truly a great company they will thrive again

Okay so why would i want to go ahead and do that so in my opinion for someone like myself that just doesn’t make sense but i understand some people just can’t take the pain the short-term pain that the market brings in to seeing their account down each day and they’re like i’m just done with this i can understand that i just usually almost every time decision

Like almost every time i saw this happen a lot in november and december of 2018 obviously you know i happened a bit in 2016 it happened to quite a few people in 2011 when there was a whole double-dip recession talk and obviously the financial crisis has happened a ton 2008-2009 people went down huge and they just you know they couldn’t take the pain anymore and

They just want to get out of the market you can do essentially what i’m doing which is buying into the panic this is what i do markets down huge great companies are down huge i’m a buyer of stocks that’s what i do not everybody in the world can do that type of philosophy because you got to understand you buy in and what if the markets down huge again today you

Can look at yourself in the mirror and be like take it when i waited another day the markets down huge or what if it’s down more in a week or a month or something like that then of the day i look at these companies are on a multi-year basis and i say am i getting a sick deal it is a high probability that i will double my money in the next five years and if there

Is i buy into that stock it’s as simple as that okay it’s the same it’s basically the same exact philosophy somebody like a warren buffett does in almost every great investor you’ve ever heard of that’s a long-term investor they all do the same thing when the markets are down massively when stocks you down massively we’re buyers of stocks especially have great

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Companies i have good balance sheets profitable businesses and things like that ok or let’s say you have money on the sidelines let’s say you’re you know 80% invested let’s say you got 80% in stocks and you got 20% cash you could just stay on the sidelines and tell essentially we get some type of news that might be positive or the market has a big day or something

Like that but then essentially you’re kind of in a position where you’re trying to catch the bottom and that’s a really difficult thing to do because is something you sometimes you get false bottoms in the market sometimes you get the market to move up and then you like oh we’ll probably move back down and then it never moves back down and it keeps going up and so

You just miss an opportunity but at the same time if it helps you sleep well at night to keep that 20% of your portfolio in cash let’s say you got 80k in stocks and you got 20 can decide if it helps you sleep at night maybe just keep that money on the sideline because you know your health is everything your sleep is everything ok but at the same time you guys know

What i like to do is so if you’re in the market those are really only three options right now ok know if you’re if you’re not in the market yet and you’re looking at this and you’re watching these stocks go down and you’re watching the stock markets go down you have two options ok first option is you basically not take stock markets investing serious in 2020 and

You’re gonna make probably regret that for life okay just as people saw the markets in 2008-2009 they saw them working in 2011 going down they saw the market obviously in the back half of 2018 going down they’re watching and now it you could just you know sit on the sidelines and say i’m not going to take this in serious or you can say what you know what i’m gonna

Take stock market investing super serious in 2020 there’s a lot of stocks that are massively beating down in these stocks might get beaten down more and so let me look into what i need to look into in stocks now what you don’t want to do is just go ahead and buy a bunch of random stocks without like knowing everything you need to look into okay you need to know

The fundamentals you need to know what a p/e ratio is okay you know the new you need to know like a possible revenue growth rate in the future you need to know balance sheets you need to understand income statements you need to look at the management teams you need to listen to conference calls read the ten case thank you you got to still put in the work don’t

Just like be like oh i don’t really know much about stocks let me just buy a bunch of random stocks let me buy some apple stock and it’s a boeing stock and some google stock don’t make that decision okay make sure you fully understand what you’re looking at the risk factors involved with different stocks and you just have a you know decent understanding at least

Of the stock market and how to buy stocks and what makes sense what’s a good attractive valuation on stock before you ever start doing that or you can say you know what now all the way till stock markets at highs again you know i just think i just see a lot of people you know potentially regretting for life you know what’s gonna happen in 2020 and looking at this

And be like man number 2020 when all those stocks were massively discounted remember when the stock market went into full panic mode remember when this stock and i’ve just seen it throughout my life people talking about old members remember when this stock was this price remember when this talk was this price remember when this talk was this president look at it

Now it’s the same exact thing is gonna happen in 2020 is just a rough year the ronis situation has totally just messed up things short term and short term will be short term we know what happens long term it’s the same thing just goes over and over again short term everything’s getting messed up but some valuation is getting extremely attractive and if you’re if

You’ve never been in the market you know this is a year you should this is this is the best opportunity you’ve had to take stock market investing super serious since 2008 2009 so being that it’s the best opportunity since then might it might make sense to kind of take the stuff serious and maybe try to get in the market in 2020 let’s just put it that way or don’t

You know up to you thank you for watching and have a great day

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The Stock Market is in Full Panic Mode..Let's Talk By Financial Education

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