The Stock Market Keeps Going Up! Do This Now

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What good is the stock market is unbelievably resilient right now it doesn’t matter like what is thrown at the stock market right now it keeps going up you have an iran-us situation you think maybe this will bring the stock market down nope the stock market goes up you think tariffs the trade war presidential election all these different things are getting thrown

At the stock market and yet the stock market is continuing to climb and keep in mind around this time last year the dow was sitting at twenty one twenty two thousand now we’re approaching twenty nine thousand and the nasdaq has actually outperformed the dow significantly and so in a time like this where the stock market’s unbelievably resilient it just continues

To climb pretty much day in and day out and i seems like you know it almost has become the expectation that when you wake up in the morning the stock market is going to be up and in a situation like that i want to go ahead and talk about where i think you guys should focus on right now in a situation like this because this is definitely something i kind of worry

About with people’s psychology and things like that same thing when the market goes here’s a stock market for you okay the stock market is essentially you know just a little moody kid okay imagine a little two-year-old or something right a little two-year-old they either get like like way too happy at particular times right and they’re just bouncing off the wall

And it’s just like they’re in like a euphoric state right or they give way to down and it’s just like end of the world whatever happened to them it’s just like the end of the world in that is pretty much the stock market literally this is a stock market the stock market has these times where it gets way too euphoric and it just keeps going up day after day after

Day after day and has these times where it gets way too depressed and it’s just like it’s the end of the world the whole economic system is gonna collapse we’re gonna have a massive recessions all the stocks are overvalued or something like that and this is the stock market for you okay now there are times in the stock market where it’s just kind of even keel it’s

Not really having either one of those situations but when i look at the stock market like like this was the stock market yeah you know pretty much october through december of 2018 the market was just going down if we’re thinking about some recent time periods where the market just it didn’t matter what was thrown at the market it was all bad news good news was bad

News bad news was horrible news that was a stock market during that time period and it seems like pretty much most of 2019 leading into this early part here of 2020 has just been a euphoric state and literally it doesn’t matter what is thrown at the stock market right now valuation concerns trade wars actual wars elections it doesn’t matter the market continues

To go higher and like literally you just wake up and you’re like the stock market’s gonna be up and even yesterday right even yesterday futures go down 450 plus points and then here today is a green day and when i when i opened up my stock tracker app this morning which this morning for me is like 10 a.m. i opened it up and i expected to see a ton of red stocks

And i expect it to do some buying out there today and what did i see almost every single stock i owned was green and a lot of them were significantly green up 3% 4% 5% and so right now the stock markets just in this state where it doesn’t matter what you tell it it is in the best mood ever it’s in a euphoric state and in situations like that it does worry me a bit

Okay both these situations worry me whenever the stock market gets one of those two ways okay and it worries me in the respect of people’s psychology because here’s what tends to happen you have the stock market here and it just continues to go higher and go higher and what ends up happening for most investors they make you know a lot of money and because they’re

Making a lot of money and they’re having a lot of you know success we’ll do some exclamation marks as success rate what does this end up producing well especially with a lot of newer investors to the market people that are in their first year or two they get in a real happy euphoric state and when they get in this state it can lead to some big downfalls okay it can

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Lead to overconfidence okay overconfidence which essentially is not a good thing you know confidence is absolutely paramount when i see a lot of people whether they’re getting into investing or business they lack confidence and that’s not a good thing you never want to lack confidence but there’s also a flipside an actual downside that can happen which is called

Overconfidence which is when you get into a point where you’ve had a lot of success and you dog you just start thinking like like you’re the edge okay let’s put it that way you’re the ish and you have it all figured out and all my gosh you’re gonna be able to get 40 50 60 percent every year because you were able to do that last year and you had some good stocks

And whatnot overconfidence is never good you got to try to stay as level-headed as possible regardless if you’re getting tore up in the stock market or if you’re having a great time in the stock market one of my favorite time periods if i go back and watch videos and i go back to look to some content i put out whether it be in my private stock group or what i was

Putting out on instagram was around that december 2018 time because i was getting trashed in the market the market was continuing to drop i was continuing to buy stocks and some people thought you know i was an idiot because i just continued to buy stocks and buy stocks and that’s one of my favorite time periods to go back and look at because i wasn’t in like any type

Of like depressed state because some party continued to go down and i was getting tore up i just realized there was a ton of stocks that were trading at ridiculously low valuations and i was getting an amazing opportunity to buy some of these stocks okay now on the flip side when you have all this success here people just get real real happy they get overconfident

And when they get overconfident this leads to ends up leading to some laziness okay and some complacency in what ends up happening when this happens is people start thinking it is easy to make money in the stock market i don’t like that okay is it fairly easy from the respect of if you just put some money in an index fund you’ll likely make a lot of money over the

Next 20-30 years absolutely but isn’t it really easy in the respect that you’re gonna outperform the stock market each and every year is absolutely not you need to put in a ton of research work you need to not get complacent with this and when people start having success and they get overconfident and they start thinking it’s easy to outperform the stock market or

Build a big portfolio and things like that it ends up leading to complacency in laziness and you can never have this in the stock market if you’re an individual stock picker and you’re out here and you’re saying i want to put some money in microsoft stock i want to put some money in google stock if you’re doing that there’s no room for laziness there’s no room for

Complacency you have to always be willing to put in the work okay if you’re not putting in the work then you’re gonna end up getting absolutely trashed in the market because here’s what ends up happening okay these things don’t go forever okay and a bull market doesn’t go forever a bear market doesn’t go forever a market that’s just kind of even keel doesn’t go

Forever things end up changing and when those things end up changing it can lead to a lot of disbelief because all sudden this market goes from it’s going up going up – oh it’s stagnant and all sudden you stop getting these amazing gains and then you start getting frustrated you start getting into super speculative stocks and things like that because you’re like

Wait a minute last year i got a 50% return on the market last year i got a 30% return on the market i’m negative this year or i’m just breakeven and people start freaking out and they start getting into super speculative stocks and they and they start not even putting in the works they’re like wait a minute i only put in minimal work before i was having a lot of

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Success and that’s the other thing i hate about a bull market is people sometimes get into some really bad habits early on it and you know when you get into some really bad habits those habits are super super hard to break so when people are coming in to just you know raging bull market like let’s say some people just happen to come in at the right time they came

In at the end of 2018 or a very beginning of 2019 they started sticking some money in some stocks and they just started getting some insane gains especially if they start following some stocks like i have something like that and also they get into a situation where they think it’s easy and they didn’t get into good habits on researching stocks and they’re like

Oh i don’t really need to do that because look at i have some success over here without doing that and that is so frustrating to me because you need to put in the work you need to be less than most conference calls reading those annual course reading those ten cues and things like that and what’s gonna end up happening when not only does amarka stop going up but

It starts going down what’s gonna happen in that situation where you also get into a bear market a correction in the stock market where you know a correction can be you know the stock market falls 10% 15% what about a craft scenario like what if the market just fell like like 25% or something like that keep in mind if the whole entire like nasdaq fell like 25%

A lot of stocks would end up being down 50% plus what happens in that scenario how do you in that scenario are you in a situation where you have cash on the sidelines that you’re ready to deploy and take advantage of some great deals are you ready for that can you mentally handle a negative year in the market can you heal mentally handle being down hundreds of

Dollars on positions if not thousands of dollars in positions where are you at when it comes to that and do you end up going from a euphoric state in a state of overconfidence where you also lose all confidence in yourself and you just don’t believe that you can have any success in the stock market or something like that things like this definitely definitely worry

Me okay what i kind of think about things i actually feel more confident when people are getting in the stock market and times are rough meaning there’s like an actual correction going on or there’s an actual stock market crash going on or something like that well like when i first was researching stocks and if i first started to put my real you know first like

Little bits of money in the market is 2008 2009 the market was an absolute disasters are only it seemed like you know i mean the whole economy was a disaster so it wasn’t just the stock market was having a little troubles or something like that no like the entire economy who was in his in shambles there was talk about is a financial system as we know it going to

Collapse and all sorts of things it was you know ridiculously dramatic in bad news was actual bad news in you know bad news was horrific news and that’s just the way it was what i love getting started in that time period because it led me to a place where i was likely not going to get too overconfident and things like that especially early on you know it wasn’t

Easy to make money so i realized like i have to look at these annual reports and do all those sorts of things because my first few stocks it wasn’t like they just shot up to the moon they absolutely didn’t i didn’t really start to have a lot of success in the stock market le 2010 2011 2012 2013 those are the years i started rocking but the first couple years i was

In the market where i was you know investing that initial money it was not going good for me it was rough and so i got into some really good habits early on listened to conference calls green annual reports reading ten cues and i got some really good habits the issue i have is i definitely worry about some of you guys that watch my channel i’ve gotten in the market

In in the past year essentially which is definitely you know a significant portion you guys it might be 40% of the people that watch this four out of ten people watching this video right now have been investing in the market for less than a year and if you’re brave enough let me know in that comment section if you’re one you know four out of those ten people okay

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Because i can guarantee you there’s a significant portion of you guys watching this video right now and this really scares me because you just think it’s easy and you just think like i don’t really have to i didn’t really have to put in oh you know much work to get this and i just made all this money and you just have all this success it’s almost like it’s almost

Like a situation where i imagine you know there’s a football team okay there’s a football team here and you just happen to join it in your first year you know the football team you join pop warner or whatever they end up winning the championship or something like that okay imagine they they win the championship and you were kind of like a you know a lazy person

You didn’t really put in that much work but you’re gonna think it’s just it’s just easy to win championships in football it’s like dang i didn’t even know i didn’t put in that much work to this and look at our team we won the championship and so it’s just easy and sometimes you don’t even realize man maybe all those other kids have worked their butts off and maybe

They had taken a lot of losses over the past few years and usually happen to get on the boat right at the perfect time or something like that okay so the biggest thing i’m gonna tell you guys is make sure you’re not getting into this state where you’re gonna feel overconfident yourself you absolutely need confidence but there’s a difference between having confidence

In overconfidence and there’s difference between being lazy or actually having good work ethic and actually getting in the good habits and if you don’t get into good habits on the get-go like that very first year then you’ll always be lazy and you’re gonna end up not making much money in the stock market and you’ll likely end up losing more money than you make in

The stock market if you’re lazy that’s just the way it is i’ve seen it time and time again from people that come and go in this game and if you want to be a real player you want to be around for a decade or decades in the future you have to get in good habits you have to know what you’re looking for in stocks you have to be willing to read all those annual reports

Listen of those conference calls those investor presentations all sorts of things you have to be willing to do the real work because i can tell you that if you think the market just goes up in a straight line and every year the dow is gonna jump another 7,000 points or something like that i’m telling you that’s not gonna happen and so let this kind of be a warning

To a lot of you guys out there that might be watching this video don’t don’t fall in this category put in the work get over confident in yourself and you can have a lot of success in the stock market over time regardless if the stock markets at you know having a bad time those are great opportunities to buy on the dip whether the stock market stagnant you can make

Money in a stagnant market as long as you’re in great stocks that outperform and when the stock market has a great bull year like it did in 2019 that’s when you can absolutely destroy the market and go for that insane return that you never thought was possible okay but i hope you guys really enjoy this make sure you smash thumbs up button it’s just a video where

I talk to you someone that’s been in the market for over 10 years now and just kind of seeing you know bear markets crashes corrections i’ve seen a lot in this game in 2019 was a whole new year like i haven’t seen like it was just straight up you know just so many stocks that performed amazing in 2019 i was going to kind of you know talk to you guys a little bit

About this hope you enjoy it makes you smell comes up button the share this with somebody that might be getting in the market thank you for watching have a great day

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