The Stock Market Keeps Going Up! Do this Now!

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Oh smokers this ain’t no jokers look at the stock market guys it is up again today i mean it is green day after green day in the stock market it’s ridiculous right now s&p 500 up another 1.3 1% here day nasdaq over 9,000 who would ever thought they would see nasdaq over 9,000 this year okay maybe in future years yeah but i mean to get back over 9,000 this year

That is unbelievable the public account is up nearly $25,000 today just one of my stock market caps that’s ridiculous i could have never like dreamt the stuff like what in the world is going on out there the nasdaq is now listen to this okay think about everything that has transpired over the past year and specifically over the past few months right the nasdaq is

Now up here today yes you heard me right it is up year-to-date i mean you couldn’t make this stuff up this is just ridiculous kate the nasdaq in the past one year is up almost 15% think about that up almost 15% with the fact that the economy has gone from you know being in a very good place over the past year to basically being in just a messy messy place i mean

That’s just unbelievable right the s&p 500 i know those people say well the nasdaq small tech stocks and some of these tech stocks are holding up pretty well true and some of them are okay about one out of ten tech stocks is actually doing really good and benefiting from this the other nine out of ten are doing bad s&p 500 the majority of these companies are

Being hurt okay your to date the s&p 500 down less than 10% now and for the past one year the s&p 500 is now officially up 1.3 7% think about that for a moment corporate earnings have fallen through the floor unemployment rates have skyrocketed gdp is on the biggest declines we’ve seen in a long long time corporations just to make it through have taken out

Crazy levels of debt and some at some pretty decently high interest rates and yet the s&p 500 is actually up in that past one year you can’t make this stuff up this does serves to have its own movie oh my goodness guys i mean literally you could you could go through any economist you could ask any like stock market expert you know last year at this time and

Tell them the whole scenario was gonna play out the way it was gonna play out and i can guarantee you every single stock market investor of famous ones not in famous ones every single hedge fund manager would say there’s no way the stock market would be up with all that that would have transpired and yet here we are with the s&p 500 now officially up in the

Past one year it is unbelievable record twenty point five million jobs lost in april as unemployment rate jumps to fourteen point seven percent hugh mind the great recession the unemployment rate jump jumped as far as the government one just a little over ten percent so this is you know traumatically works you know probably get a little bit worse over the next

Few weeks before starting to hold fully bounce back a little bit okay one in five american workers has filed for unemployment benefits since mid-march since mid-march okay now some people like to look at what’s called the quote-unquote real unemployment rate ok i’ve always heard a lot about this over times people say don’t actually look at the government provide

A one talk about the real unemployment rate ok ok we can do that the real unemployment rates soars past twenty four point nine percent and the us has now lost thirty three point five million minimum a million jobs that is incredible okay and meanwhile we’re looking at a market that’s just a green and it’s not just like the us market look at the eu look at asia i

Mean all these markets are green green green green green okay and this is this is frustrating a lot of people even you know it’s frustrating long’s like myself that have the majority of our wealth actually invest in the stock market we’re kind of feeling some kind of way about this right people that are on the sidelines they completely and don’t have any money in

The stock market they’re definitely definitely feeling some kind of way about this watching the market go up and up but every day i mean so people are blaming us on a few different things some people are blaming this market uptrend on stimulus checks and people like getting the stimulus checks and putting them in their robin hood accounts because they can’t really


Like spender there’s nowhere to spend it so they’re like putting it in their robin hood the counter or whatever account they have and they’re like let me just you know invest this money some people are bleeding on the fed and the fed you know and they’re quote-unquote printing of money and it’s just you know flooding money out there in the market and that’s why

The stock market is going up some people are saying well it’s just a rich the rich need somewhere to put money there the afraid of inflation so they’re just gonna buy stocks and so you know everybody’s blaming on anything and the fact is i don’t even know anymore guys i don’t even know anymore who knows why the market just keeps going up i mean it doesn’t matter

What comes out for bad news the corporate earnings are our trash right now unemployment rates are you know it doesn’t matter there’s nothing that can be said at the moment at least you know things could change very quickly but at the moment it doesn’t matter we’re getting every piece of bad news you could ever possibly get to lower a stock market and it literally

Doesn’t matter they could unemployment rate could be 30% tomorrow and somehow the market wouldn’t go down that’s just where the markets at right now it’s just in our in a place where it’s just i don’t know it’s just going up and up and up there’s nothing that can you know and the stock market goes the other way sometimes where it doesn’t matter what good news can

Come out the stock market just wants to go down that happens all the time guys literally like that happens all the time like we will get in a market that’s so ugly that the market will look at everything with a negative lens and it doesn’t matter what’s happening in the stock market it doesn’t matter what happened with corporate earnings the markets going down it

Happens like that sometime we’re just on the flip side of this okay so what i really want to talk about now we understand what’s going on in the market right we understand that the market is super hot right now we know that right so what to do in the market right now and what to not do in this type of stock market i want to kind of give you guys a few pieces of

Advice in my personal opinion because i’m seeing some people doing some things out there that i’m like okay be a little careful with that and so i want to kind of share my thoughts there so i hope you guys enjoy this always make sure you smash the thumbs up and by a cyber truck you know that’s all i ask for you sure for watching this video just by a cyber truck and

Hit the thumbs up it’s not that hard okay number one don’t fomo buy this market okay if you fomo by the way for those you guys do not know it’s a fear of missing out and this is what happens in not just a stock market but any asset prices where people see them continuing to go up and up and up and up people start to think about i just gotta get into that i just got

To get in it man let me just throw my money in it let me just throw my savings in it because it just keeps going up everybody’s making so much money and i just got fomo buy and you know it’s an expression that really got popular when a bitcoin kept going up i think that was a december of 2017 i want to say somewhere around there big coin and all the kryptos kept

Going up like crazy kept going up like crazy and like people started buying bitcoin i didn’t even know what the heck i bitcoin was or or just all the crypto is in general and it was just a it was a crazy time in that asset prices and you know we can definitely worry about something like that happening in this type of stock my stock market so don’t fomo buy and i

Understand you know you see your neighbor over there and he’s like oh yeah man my structure up big i’m making money like crazy okay and then you got to get together with your family and your brothers like oh yeah man i just made $5,000 on stocks today and you’re like okay whatever and you see the public counts up twenty-five thousand dollars today and you just see

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All this positivity and in terms of the markets you see the nasdaq up almost fifteen percent year-to-date you’re looking at all this and it can lead to fomo it absolutely can lead to fomo where you just start feeling like gosh i just got it i just got to put my money in i just got to do it here today right now this is a moment because everybody’s making money and

I’m just saying like that’s not the right approach okay that is not the right approach at all to this market you don’t want to just you know throw money out there and fomo buy because yeah i’ve just seen it time and time again people who fomo buy any asset price they’re always the ones that get hurt the worst okay you got to know what you’re doing you got to know

What you’re looking for and if you’re just throwing money and usually it’s a big mistake okay number two i think i got five total for you guys here day number two do buy a stock if the valuation is good okay so the stock market right now mostly stocks or in my opinion overvalued considering the type of market we’re in the type of uncertainty we have the type of

A balance sheets these companies have now which is most of them have a lot worse balance sheets let’s put it that way then they had literally just two or three months ago the earnings is is you know it’s just complete trash compared to what it was but there are some stocks that the valuations do line up it’s very few and far between but do buy a stock if you love

The company and the valuation is right okay you guys know i spent a little bit of money yesterday i bought some you know berkshire hathaway stock just a little bit just a little bit of berkshire hathaway stock okay so 99% plus of these stocks are what i call nas right now okay where it’s just like if you’re investing them you’re probably buying at an overvalued

Valuation considering the the real market uncertainty and the fact that we don’t know what the heck is gonna go on over the next three to six months and heck we don’t even know what’s going on over the next one to two years it’s just the picture out there is so cloudy you can’t see through it you can hope there’s light on the other side but really if you’re if

You’re putting money in in most of these stocks right now especially these ones that have gone up tremendously right from the lows which some of these stocks are up 100% plus from the march lows if you’re putting money in them it’s just a cloudy picture the fact is you could you could hope everything bounces right back but that might not be what happens okay so 99%

Of these stocks right now are nas and maybe 1% or less than 1% of these stocks or yeses right now and that’s advantage to being a stock picker and know what you’re looking for in the market because you can identify some opportunities in the market that are actually good long term buys here but it’s very few and far between like let me just make that very clear

Mostly stocks are very dangerous levels considering the type of market uncertainty we have the type of you know economic unclear ‘no swee have number three of these five is don’t have high expectations for the next two to three years if you are buying index funds so usually people buying index funds they put money in index funds which usually if they’re putting

Money in the index index fund it’s just something to track the s&p 500 right so that they’re putting money into this index fund in hopes that they’ll get eighty to ten percent on their money per year or something like that yeah i’m here to tell you you know if you’re putting your money in an index fund there’s certainly nothing wrong with that you know you’re

Free to do whatever you want to do so in terms of index funds don’t have that expectation of eight to ten percent over the next few years in my personal opinion because at the end of the day you know outside of a scenario where corporate earnings bounced right back in 2021 outside of that scenario you’re probably not going to get those type of games because s&p

500 a lot of what it moves on is not just like hope and you know hoping that things will be good and flashing fears and things like that it also moves on in the fact that you know whatever analysts believe are going to be the earnings for the sp500 as a total and so outside of a scenario where things you come back super strong you know don’t have that very high


Expectations for your index funds and in terms of growing money okay number four this is a big one for a lot of the dividend investors out there and people that are individual stock pictures in general don’t expect dividend stocks to return in 2020 if they cut their dividends okay basically a lot of companies have cut dividends out there a lot of companies that

Usually pay dividends and pretty consistently have had to cut them and it’s not because these companies have made poor decisions necessarily it’s not because these are bad companies it’s just because we’ve gotten hit by once in a hundred year event and they’ve had to cut their dividend there’s just really no no little choice for them a lot of these stocks if there

Was a normal recession scenario they they could easily still continue to payout that dividend but some of them just have had a cut don’t expect these companies to return their dividend this year okay and maybe not even next year maybe 2022 you’re looking at frances let me give you an example of one of the dividend stocks i hold i hold a lot of different companies

That pay dividends one of them let me give you an example this wynn resorts right wynn resorts obviously they had a closer there macau properties of macau business will even though they’ve opened them back up it’s down significantly right there las vegas properties are supposed to open up back up sometime soon sometime this month but we know those properties have

Been closed for an extended period of time and the companies cut their dividend to zero which saves them about a hundred million dollars a quarter so it’s not like it’s a small amount of money this is a large large amount of money okay in my opinion wynn resorts will pay a dividend at the earliest at the earliest again in 2021 but it could be till 2022 in order

For there’s no way they’re paying a dividend in 2020 in my opinion why because there’s no way their properties are gonna be packed in the thee badal from the properties are gonna be anywhere remotely close to where they were i just don’t see that scenario i mean unless everybody just magically wants to go on trips right away again i i don’t i don’t really foresee

That remember it’s not just fears about people getting sick themselves it’s fears about what if i get it and give it to someone that’s at risk okay so there’s that whole fear out there so at the end of the day my opinion winning resorts will not bring their dividend back to until 2021 at the earliest if not 2022 and i have this peg for a lot of socks i hold i mean

Almost all stocks i hold that have cut dividends i have no plans and in my opinion for them to bring back dividends this year it’s just super unrealistic and so if you’re you have these hopes that oh yeah you know carnival cruise lines gonna bring back their dividend this year dream on okay dream on it’s not happening maybe 2021 probably not so realistic either

2022 yeah i can definitely see a lot of these companies bringing their dividends back and then it’s gonna be fun again okay and number five i just want to bring this up again don’t fomo bye okay don’t fomo bye this market make sure you know what you’re looking into and all those sorts of things okay i have some free resources linked for you guys down there in the

Description when it’s called how to outperform the stock market you know the ones basically tells you a little bit about my story and kind of private group another one i think is uh you know mistakes to avoid in the stock market right now all those are free down there in the description area so make sure you check out those hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as

Always make sure to smash the thumbs up and leave me a comment on what your opinion is on the stock market right now and what you’re doing in the stock market and and by the way if you think about shorting buying put options just be careful it’s tough to fight the fed trust me it’s tough to fight those guys thank you for watching and have a great day

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