The Too Frugal Mental Disorder

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How’s it going everybody doesn’t beat the bush today i’m going to talk about how being too cheap is really like a mental disorder this video is brought to you by weeble if you guys are interested in supporting this channel you can sign up for this free trading app and you can get two free shares of stock just for depositing $100 once you get these two free shares

Of stock it is yours to keep the hundred dollars that you put in is still your money you can withdraw it if you want you can buy stock with it if you want check out my referral link down in the video description below now i’m not talking about being too cheap if you don’t have money to begin with i’m talking about those people that earns a lot of money and yet are

Still really really cheap i’ve been there i know exactly how the thought process goes let’s say you started saving money thirty forty percent of your income you feel good about it and then you save a little bit more you feel a little bit better about it and you just keep on going and going until you save what 80 percent of your income ninety percent of your income

It becomes a thing where everything you do you try to spend as little money as possible if you find the lowest lowest cost maybe if it’s free or maybe you get paid to do it even better if you only spend like ten cents on it oh that’s like you know you got out of this little deal thing unscathed it didn’t hurt your wallet at all and you didn’t spend any money so you

Know it considered this a win this is how it goes with everything in life was sort of kind of like that for me before for example you might do things where when you buy something to eat you buy the cheapest food the cheapest of the cheapest maybe it’s not organic but i never did that i still bought organic food you never go out to eat check i did that you minimize

Utilities where it changes your way of life where you feel uncomfortable because you’re not using your utilities anymore such as water electricity heat now let me tell you guys about the story of this lady where i went to parapan young in france i was just visiting over there and i got an airbnb i can tell that she was really really cheap just walking in the door

Because it was freezing cold in this home and actually when i went to take showered the water wasn’t even hot at all so i realized that she probably you know turned down the heat on the hot water here so low that you know i was freezing taking the shower just basically couldn’t you know finish taking a shower so i do believe that it’s hindering her ability to live

A comfortable life but you know i don’t know what’s underneath i don’t know her finances or whatnot maybe she’s really hurting for money that’s why she’s renting those airbnb out but it appears to me that she lives in a very nice home and maybe she what might be kind of well-off and there’s a lot of people like this a lot of people that kind of like me over here

Lives in a pretty nice home and then they’re scrimping so hard that you know they’re sanrio a living is kind of you know bordering poverty soon you fall into this lowest common denominator of being the witch of wall street petty green nickname which of wall street was an american business woman and financier known as the richest woman america during that time during

The gilded age she was known for her wealth and was named by the guinness book of world records as the greatest miser yeah i you know miser has a negative connotation but you know miser is just a person that never wants to spend any money at all and when you’re trying to save a hundred percent of your income ninety percent of your income whatever percentage right

Someone that tries to be financially independent and retire early squarely goes towards that way now that i realized i guess i see the light now and that’s why i’m making this video i want to tell you guys about the downfalls of you know this really steep slope over here let me continue her frugality extended to family life when her son named broke his leg as a

Child hedy tried to have him admitted to a free clinic for the poor she has a hundred million of today’s equivalent dollars and she submitted her son her son for the clinic of the poor all right mythic accounts have her storming away after being record nice hello what are you doing here you’re not poor but then you know if you look at our pictures you use like all

Raggedy looks like a witch and sub her biographer slack says that she paid her bill and took her son to other doctors okay this sounds reasonable right take her to other doctors get a leg healed but then his leg did not heal properly and after years of treatment it had to be amputated this is just sad like because they can get to that point where you’re so frugal

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Where you just try to not to spend any money even like including medical expenses right you could totally get into this phase where you like balk at everything you go oh my gosh you know today’s healthcare is just ridiculously expensive and if they go oh yeah you know it’s like $20,000 for this surgery for your son i can i can see you know some people might get

There i’m not sure if i’m gonna get it you guys sitting at home just kind of reflect upon yourself am i doing something like this am i heading that way because you know even if you are you know halfway there it’s still really really bad you know to be too frugal to be scrimping on everything and not just your own son right you could be skimping on yourself and

Just kind of really really lowering your own standard of living now i want to talk about a six-figure salary let’s say you earn 10k every single month this is after-tax okay so before tax maybe you’re into six figures somewhere okay this is just to make the figures kind of round and going by the you know if you follow my channel and you do everything exactly the way

I do you might you know end up spending only $2,000 this is pretty extreme right but i can totally see some engineers going around doing this maybe they’re living in a van in front of google or something and they only have to spend $2,000 a month they’re saving 8,000 of it so then you save 80% of your income this means that every single year that you work you say

Four years worth of your retirement but you have to lived the same exact way as before retirement because you know you’re gonna be spending a roughly the same amount $2,000 every now in the fire community there’s this chart that goes the more you save the faster that you can get towards retirement for example if you spend only $1,000 a month this is really extreme

And you’re at this 90 percent savings rate that means every single year that you work you save nine years worth of retirement you don’t have to do this for many years before you can actually really really retire four or five years of work right you can save forty five years of retirement if you live to the same exact way this is the new way i’m looking at it each

Miserable year that you are living you’re essentially saving for nine more in miserable years that you’re gonna live in your retirement this is how it’s gonna work yes you can probably talk yourself into saying oh yeah this is not that bad you kind of fall prey into this romantic idea that you can retire early you don’t have to work anymore you kind of lay on the

Beach don’t do anything you don’t have to have a boss anymore and this vicious cycle can actually get you to accept more pain than you normally would i’m not saying to be a crazy spender i’m not saying yolo your life away spend your entire paycheck on everything i’m just saying that you could let up a little bit spend a little bit more if i were spending only

$1,200 i could essentially double this amount you know i spent $3,000 you know all of a sudden i have 1,800 dollars of extra spending money and yet i’m still saving 70 percent of my income this is pretty reasonable and you are way on your way to fire retire early and everything and yet you can still live a respectable life now you guys might be wondering where

Did i get this $1,200 from i’ve reviewed this many many times so i’m just gonna go over it really really quickly $400 on my housing because i have my house paid off $400 on health insurance roughly two hundred dollars on food one hundred dollars roughly on car insurance and another $100 on utilities so i’m not actually all talk over here the things i’m talking

About today these are actually things i realize myself this is at happening to my life in real time like i just thought about this this is what’s in my head this basically these this last week or so it’s been occupying my mind space and this is what i meditate about and i think about this day in and day out i’m like thinking about my life how am i gonna improve

It what am i doing wrong you know this is like a major revelation for me that’s why i’m sharing this in this video for you guys so let me actually go bring some of those things that i bought on camera just hold on okay here’s the stuff lots of stuff very consumerism i am still very aware of the things i’m buying i’m not going around buying a rolex because i don’t

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Really like a watch right i’m not buying like brand-name stuff just to show off the brand name so there’s there’s some limits to how crazy i’m going with spending money i do a lot of reflecting on thinking the reasons why i buy certain things and sometimes there are things i would have never bought that i suddenly decided i should now because you know it’s it’s

Like a change of paradigm for me and i can’t say how you know i’m pretty happy with these things this is like a front trunk mat okay in the tesla model 3 it doesn’t come with this thing and every single time i open it i look at it i look at the bare bottom and i’m like it looks so ugly and for a long time i just kind of you know ignored it i try to ignore it and

I’m like uh you know but once i got this i put this in i’m like oh everything feels so great it feels complete so it’s kind of like me getting the case where that gopro right it’s like you’re just completing the package it’s just the way it is and i bought the rear trunk thing you know the rear trunk mat because i stick my electric scooter in there and every single

Time i put it in the wheels are kind of dirty and stuff and it gets the carpet in there kind of dirty and you know anyway you got this thing so then if anything spills it’s not going to get things dirty and i can just pull it out if there’s a bunch of dirt on it a lot of people would not hesitate to buy something like this well these people don’t have the same

Mental illness as i do i feel like i i probably did have some sort of mental illness with spending money i sort of somehow got myself into this hole for like financial independence or whatnot and just saving saving saving and you know kind of getting to that point of kind of like which of wall street of whatnot anyway let me put that away i’ve shared with you

Guys a 3d printer on this channel before you might have missed it but within that 3d printer i actually cannot print anything more than you know like about this why because the surface was just kind of uneven and you know most of time i’m just like i’m just gonna deal with it i’m just gonna print whatever and it turns out that the build quality is really bad

Because the first layer needs to be within tolerance it needs to be so flat that when the 3d printer goes in print it’s not too far off across the entire surface so if you get a glass plate which is what i finally did which is also something i did not buy before it was only like $18.00 and this is something i didn’t buy because i was too cheap to buy it i don’t

Know why but then now that i bought it i’m like oh my gosh it’s just kind of opened so many doors with the things i could print the first thing i can print is this little tray this tray itself i think if you go on amazon and buy it it’s like a little console tray that fits in the car okay this is like 15 dollars or something so me getting an $18 plate print it out

Something that’s $15 and the material is probably like 2 or 3 dollars and i also printed this thing this fits a nalgene water bottle and it goes into the cup holder and then the nalgene it’s roughly this size and it just fits perfectly in here so this is also something i guess i could have printed this before but this i definitely cannot because the print area was

You know a bit smaller i share this with you guys because sometimes when you upgrade something you extend the capabilities of something and you make it so that that item is usable i’ve seen this multiple times with a lot of people where they just fail to upkeep the products that they own maybe they’re too cheap to buy the glass plate maybe they’re too cheap to buy

Some replacement part or something and they just kind of deal with it and then they use this item with the reduction in functionality and they just kind of bear with it i have other examples and i’ve seen this with other people that’s why i want to share this with you guys is so important that this message gets through because it has kind of changed my life so

Much change my life with this all of a sudden i don’t have to you know reach in there and grab all this stuff this is so useful in my spending spree you know i bought a controller i can play the little video game that’s in the car now i got two more examples of these upkeep things and i want to share because you know you might relate to you guys i have a drill the

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Drills battery just kind of died out right and i know for certain for some people they would actually not replace the battery until it’s really really dead this is what i kind of did am kind of embarrassed to admit this but i have a dewalt drill a hand-drew a wireless drill and then the battery is like nine cad or something it’s really old and basically it would

Work you can use it for maybe a minute and then the battery would die and then you can recharge it and everything except now this drill would only operate for a minute the thing is i personally don’t use this drill all that often i might only use it for a minute actually it’s like really rare die use it so then i always keep on putting it off and go i don’t really

Need it right i don’t even use that drill all that much but the thing people do not realize is that this drill that just sits there has a reduced functionality and you’re not gonna be able to use it when you do need to use it and i would have to admit it has died on me before i was just doing something you know a couple weeks ago and it died on me i always just kind

Of like keep on pressing it and i’m like oh yeah the squeeze more juice out hoping you’ll you know keep on drilling a hole in the wall so the battery was like $30 or something and it’s just you got to upkeep the things that you use another example is these jigsaw blades a jigsaw it’s like this little thing that goes up and down right and there’s a blade and then you

Can cut various pieces of wood with it i just use it to cut whatever around the house i need it to these panels back there has these brackets that extends out and it looks kind of ugly so i had to cut them shorter and then reattach them right so when i went to the jigsaw to cut this i don’t know what happened to me after all this purging of stuff trying to minimize

Things right i somehow for many many years i would cut with the same blade it was dull and the blade would move right and it would not cut very well and for some reason i didn’t even realize that it’s not cutting you know you’re just kind of pushing it through and it’s like a kind of cuts because if you work hard enough even a dull blade is gonna cut through that

Metal so for some reason with all this minimizing with all this expending stuff i just go you know what this is just dull i don’t know why i didn’t realize this before so then i checked all the blades and then i kind of touched them at the area where it cuts and i realized wow you know most of the blades i was using we’re actually dulling i still have like some new

Ones sitting around so i’m like toss toss toss toss so i tossed like half of those blades and i kept only the ones that do actually cut why is this important it’s because i think there’s a lot of people out there maybe they were too cheap just like i was where maybe you keep the things for way too long beyond its useful life when it’s not useful anymore when it’s

Just marginally useful you still keep it this is what i was doing and that’s why i think this is kind of like a disease this is a mental disorder when something breaks when a blade is dull when it kind of cuts but not really it’s time to throw that blade away it’s not time to save it and i don’t know try to cut something and then you kind of swap it with another

One but then you realize that blade is also kind of dull and then you just keep on switching it i’ve done this like once or twice before when i was cutting stuff you just keep on swapping them and it wastes time you know you’re it’s not doing the job and then when you cut stuff it’s not as nice and you spend more time cutting because it’s dull there’s a lot of

Downsides to that anyway i’m getting kind of like in a heated discussion over here i hope you guys enjoyed this video it comes from like so deep within me that yeah i’m glad i’m able to share these things with you guys don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if this hits home for you and especially if if you’re gonna go around replacing some

Little things that’s not much money and as always don’t forget the process subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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