Thermal Cooking to Replace Your Digital Pressure Cooker

What is the advantage of a digital pressure cooker? It allows you to cook food fast and allow you to set a timer to not worry about when to turn it off. With the method shown in this video, you can do the same thing except it may require more time for things to cook. Behold, this method is a combination of both lazy man cooking and thermal cooking while also not worry about having the cooking pot burn down your house. Check it out and and you can save a lot of electricity and money using this method all without buying anything new!

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush i often advocate not buying anything now today i’m gonna show you how not to buy a certain item the very popular item is a digital pressure cooker no i’m not gonna name that very item because this video actually destroys your need to buy that item now let’s talk about what’s so good about this item is because you can

Put all kinds of meat products in it the pressure cooker allows you to cook things much faster than normal but with a little bit of planning you can actually cook the same item with longer time of course and yet you can still save a lot more energy now the way to do this is not very new but i came upon this idea of trying to conserve energy if you look up thermal

Cookers it’s basically where you have a pot of stuff you heat it up until boiling you make sure all the stuff is heated through then you put it inside some container that’s insulated so that it will retain the heat now this insulation can be done in various ways sometimes they have a second wall container you have one container you put it in there and it keeps the

Heat like that there’s other ones where it’s essentially a blanket design for a pot and you put the pot inside and it’ll retain heat that way now all those things are not quite mainstream and that little blanket thing was kind of targeted for third world countries because they don’t have all that much electricity to spend they need to build a fire to heat up that

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Thing and maybe they don’t want to use all that much firewood and then they heat it up they put it inside this blanket thing and then they cook the stuff rest of the way now these thermal insulators can range anywhere from sixty to a hundred fifty dollars each and i thought well this is a little bit too expensive maybe i can kind of fudge it and do my own now i

Thought about wrapping your own blanket around your pot but this is gonna get your blanket dirty that means you need to you know dedicate one whole blanket just for wrapping your pot the basic idea is you put whatever you want to cook in an oven safe pot you bring it to a boil turn off the heat then in your oven you preheat it to 350 degrees and then you stick that

Whole pot in there turn off the oven then you wait for whatever amount of time it takes to cook i think for example vegetables you might just wait one hour for me you just wait three or four hours and it will get cooked through and it will be very tender now let’s talk about how you save money here basically you turn on the heat for such a short amount of time only

Needed in order to heat that thing up and it can retain its own heat the rest of the time is money say because you’re no longer turning on your heat anymore now why do you want to stick it in the oven it’s basically one huge insulator that you don’t have to buy that you already have so you don’t need to go on amazon buy some insulator pot double insulated pot for

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$6,100 or something you already have an insulator pot a really big one which is your oven so why do you need to preheat it because if you just normally stick your pot in there it’s gonna lose heat because the heat inside your oven it’s gonna be room temperature and all that heat is gonna seep out of your pot but if you pre-heat your oven your oven is gonna retain

That heat and then all that heat is gonna seep into your pot instead so with this method you can go cook your vegetables go cook your meat or whatever and you can kind of use it like a crop pot you just heat up your stuff to boil and shove it in a preheated oven and turn everything off and basically you can go shopping or whatever for a couple hours you don’t have

To worry that things are being on things are being boiled and then maybe it might cause a fire or something you can leave you come back and everything is done now this is similar to a crock pot but crock pot will lose heat a pressure cooker cook things faster yes but you have to plug it in and it uses more energy because it also loses heat so now let me just show

You an example of what i do with my vegetables here we have four bunches of radishes this cost me two dollars and yes i do eat the leaves of the radishes they’re a little bit bitter but i can handle it i just feel like you can’t eat everything so i do i’ve used to cut these radishes in half but i found that it takes too much work so i just basically pull off all

The leaves and stuff so this is like a really really lazy way to cook vegetables and i recommend to cook way more vegetables and you need because when you cook it and it’s all ready to eat you reheat it you’re gonna end up eating more vegetables i cook pretty plainly so i have a pot over here and i add maybe a quarter inch of water and then you dump in all your

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Vegetables now this method is actually great because if you time it right you only need to cook for about five minutes and then you can leave everything alone come back and everything would be still hot and ready to eat now this is what you want it comes to a fastball turn off the heat then you take this and then you just dig this whole thing in the oven now you just

Turn off the heat to everything you can go shopping or whatever come back in an hour okay you can see that the heat is off this thing you can kinda touch and it’s pre hot even if i take the biggest one you can see i can still cut through it let me taste it to see because it’s a little white over here no it’s still cook so about an hour should do it for vegetables

And for meat that is really tough you can cook it for about three hours so thanks for watching this video and learning how to replace your crock pot or pressure cooker if you’re interested in supporting this channel i have an audible like down in the video description below where you can get a free audio book game you don’t like the surface or the subscription

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Thermal Cooking to Replace Your Digital Pressure Cooker By BeatTheBush

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