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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today’s video is gonna be a book review however it’s not directly related to finance but you’ll see that it does relate to money in a way the main book i want to review today is artemis by andy weir now he is an author of the martian and this came out on a movie and stuff interestingly the martian is not his very first

Book however this is his very first very popular book he’s not a writer of any sort he used to be a software engineer so in that sense it’s an interesting thing that someone that’s just interested in writing a book is able to just kind of transition from being an engineer being whatever profession that they’re in they can create something and have it be wildly

Successful and then they can essentially quit their main job and then move on to becoming whatever they want to be in this case a writer now if you read the martian already you know that it’s a pretty gripping tale it’s a science fiction and when i read it it’s just kind of like something that you don’t want to put down it has very high reviews on amazon and if

You watch the movie you’ll know that basically with any book to movie translation is that they leave a lot of things out to me the movie okay it’s like two hours long but then when you read through this book i don’t know i might like take like ten hours or something so in your mind you’re playing it out through your mind and you have all these details that might

Be a lot better than what they show on image in the movie so like a lot of people say the book really is a lot better than the movie itself and in this case it is true as well so when you think about this this book retails for fifteen dollars when it was brand new but i certainly did not buy for fifteen dollars i bought it used i bought a softcover and i think i

Paid something like seven dollars or something this is including shipping it’s roughly about the same cost as a cheap movie ticket in other words it costs a lot cheaper per hour of entertainment that you get in my opinion is actually a higher quality of entertainment although you cannot you know just sit next to other people and chitchat while the entertainment is

Going on now this is his first wildly popular book artemis is a second now i was kind of hesitant to get this book mainly because usually when they have one single book it’s usually like a one-hit wonder the second one is not all that good but then i saw you know it had a really good reviews i didn’t really read the all the reviews or something i just wanted to

Read something science fiction and possibly have a good chance of being very good reading the synopsis it says it’s like some girl and then she is like an outlaw type of person well when i read it it didn’t really captivate me this little synopsis of what the book is about on top of this as i was reading it knowing that the main character is a woman and the writer

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Is a man and you know he apparently hasn’t done a woman character before it was kind of strange knowing this before starting to read the book because you know a male is writing in the perspective of a female so that in that sense it was a little strange for me however after reading the whole book i thought it was very gripping it’s a very very fast pace book just

Like the martian it has all these twists and turns in the book that keeps you surprised in fact when i was reading this it kept me up for two hours passed when i normally sleep when it’s like that you know it’s a good book and in fact the author designed it this way he had another book but then kind of shelved that one because the book was not the type where you

Just cannot put it down he wanted you to not be able to put it down and that’s a good sign of a good book so i know i’m not really talking about the contents of the book because i don’t want to give anything away it takes place on the moon and there’s a moon colony and stuff there’s a whole city of about 2,000 ish people and basically the main character is trying

To solve one problem after another and usually is in a very unique way mainly sciencebase and space based so with i said i highly recommend this book if you guys are interested i have an audible link down into the video description below where if you want to get this book through the audible link you can listen to it then you don’t even have to read it and then

You can just listen to it on your commute however if you already did that auto bowling thing you can get it the same way i did the hardcover is actually cheaper and i actually bought this book for about eight dollars with shipping yes it’s really really cheap these days to buy books if you don’t buy a brand new version of it just buy a like new version i’ll link

Where to this book down in a video description below just look for use hardcover or use softcover and then you know just buy the cheapest one there is with the nicest condition that you would prefer to have this one is basically brand new when i read through it there’s no markings whatsoever and it cost me eight dollars of course if you decide to get the audible

Link is actually free because you can just sign up for the trial get the audible link get the audiobook and then before the trial period ends you cancel it and then you can have the free book the book will not disappear from your library so you can listen to it even after you cancel the subscription you’ll still own that book now all of these books is basically

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Science fiction to me this is more like entertainment i bought this purely as entertainment of course i can’t always go around reading finance books and you know just be like 100 percent in terms of productivity and and just keep on trying to earn money every minute of the way so these things serves as entertainment for me and with that i want to talk about this book

Over here which i’ve talked about before it’s called getting the most out of life it’s a lot of tiny snippets of valuable information of very very good articles about being a lot of different aspects of life and i came across this article that sort of have something to do with reading fiction novels i just want to read a little bit for you guys over here because

This was so good that you know it hit me right there i’m like oh yeah that’s a great segue to put things so here it is the line between recreation and obsession is not hard to see once we know it is there again there are the relentless movie fan and theater goers through eternal embroiderers the aimless conversational lists the nightly dancers all those who count

The day loss which has no tea or dinner or cocktail party in it what does this little snippet has to do with anything it basically has to do with wasting time i know out there there are a lot of people who enjoy certain things certain kinds of entertainment fiction stories is one kind of entertainment now if you are a type of person that likes to read fiction

All the time you have books lined up one after another maybe every single day or two you read one book reading books in itself can be a time waster this is more in the context of are you wasting your time doing things just sort of spinning your wheel and just absorbing entertainment and not doing anything with your life if you keep on reading fiction novels you

Might just be spinning your wheels and not doing anything with your life because all you’d ever do is just consume and consume now if you’re a fictional writer and you need to read these fiction novels you know just to kind of learn about fiction and how to write it that’s a whole different story this is more like you’re consuming fiction in order to delay doing

Other important things such as learn a skill or something like that over here it talks about people who spends more than 2 to 6 hours more than they actually need for perfect health in terms of sleeping in other words you oversleep and you are sort of indulging yourself in sleeping and you’re just wasting time waking sleepers ok you don’t actually have to partake

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In actually sleeping in order to waste your time who indulge in listless time-killing pursuits the solitaire player the pathological bookworms that i just talked about the endless word puzzlers the jigsaw puzzle contingent so i think you guys understand what i’m talking about there are things that you can partake in that may seem like you’re actually doing some

Activity but in reality you’re just wasting time i remember back in my college years i used to like watching japanese drama i in fact i watched so much of it that it is exactly what this book was talking about i was wasting time and i am not proud of it but i’ve wasted a lot more time than i should have i am more happy to know that i actually wasted a lot more time

Before and now i sort of look up to it i’m like oh my gosh all these things that i’ve been doing watching tv excessively going to the movies excessively just doing certain things because you can just say oh i’m just doing recreationally but then you can do it every single day and that could be considered excessive because you’re just you know you’re just turning

Yourself off and going into sort of like an autopilot mode where you’re just tired from the day and stuff but then you can actually turn yourself back on and actually do something useful with that time instead with i said let me quote over here it’s part of this article do not act as if you have a thousand years to live marcus aurelius warned himself in his maxim’s

Wherever we turn we find a remorseless reminder it’s later than you think so there you have it this is kind of like a reminder even though i am reviewing a fiction and i’m like yeah this is really good but you got to know this is like one fiction in a blue moon i read one fiction maybe once every six month or so but you know while i was reading it it was gripping

It was very good and i’m like this is a great book but do keep in mind that you need to do this in moderation and a lot of other activities in moderation because if you do this you apply yourself in the right way for the things that do matter it would mean all that much more in terms of how effective your life is how useful you use your time thanks for watching

This video and again if you’re interested in any of those books that i covered check out my audible link down in the video description below and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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