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Thesis Gold Inc. (TSXV: TAU) (WKN: A2QQ0Y) CEO Ewan Webster | RICH TV LIVE – October 20, 2021 – Thesis Gold Inc. (TSXV: TAU) (WKN: A2QQ0Y) (“Thesis” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce initial drill results from the Company’s maiden 20,000 metre (m) drill program at its 100% owned Ranch Gold-Copper Project, located in the Golden Horseshoe of north-central British Columbia, Canada. Strongly altered zones from the first three holes at the Bonanza Zone were selected for rushed analysis, the results are presented in Table 1. #thesisgold #gold #richtvlive #stocks #trading #investing #ceo #ewanwebster #rich #richtv #richpicksdaily #win #money #interview

Hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich and we have rich tv live with our very special guest ewin webster the ceo of thesis gold how you doing today ewan rich yeah really good thanks for having me my pleasure very excited to learn more about your company and introduce it to our community maybe we can start off by you telling us a little bit about your

Previous success in the mining industry sure uh i mean i guess uh i i did a phd in it and um after wrapping that up i went on to work as a consultant for a few years and in north and south america and then i joined the meadows group of companies uh headed up by john williamson who’s the chairman and uh fortunate enough to be involved in benchmark meadows

And that’s where i spend a lot of my time uh and we really you know a few years ago we took that from a relatively early stage project and this year we just put out a three million ounce made in resource estimate on the project uh fortunate enough as well that’s the project just to the south of theseus gulch ranch project so it’s uh pretty convenient and i’m

Almost pretty tuned into what’s going on in the two to go now very good and can you give us a quick overview of the thesis gold project and your ranch gold copper project in british columbia sure i mean thesis we really built the company around the ranch project we began trading last year just in early november on the venture exchange concurrent with that

We raised about six million dollars at 50 cents and then in june of this year at almost triple that value at 1.50 we raised another 18 million dollars so very strong cash position going into this year’s maiden drill program um we have a very tight share structure as well there’s only 45 million shares outstanding great strong management position within that

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About 25 of it and then we have a lot of institutional support i mean uh a lot of the same shareholders the benchmark does they are familiar with me they’re familiar with the project that we wanted to embark on so they came in to support this endeavor at a little earlier stage so a bit of a unique position for a junior exploration company to be in um and the

Ranch project itself is in north central british columbia it’s about 450 kilometers northwest of uh it’s prince the historic trudagon mining district and like a lot of the projects in that area it’s all quite a lot of work in the 70s and 80s probably about 35 000 meters of drilling some fantastic historical results um 30 grams over 25 meters and many more

Like that as well so but i guess in the early 90s that part of the world and in fact i guess gold prices in general were they were declining so really everybody pulled out that area and then it just the project itself sat dormant really it was picked up by the vendor and they held on to essentially for the next 20 25 years doing small projects but really i’m

Not advancing it um but what they did do is put together a fantastic land position so it’s 180 square kilometers so a significant land position um there’s 20 known gold showings on the project only six of these were ever drilled though so a lot of untested targets we’ve developed a lot ourselves as well that we’ll be testing this year now your drill results

Your essays were incredible can you tell us a little bit more about them yeah i mean pretty fantastic results for the first three hoes we couldn’t be happier a thesis anime um the the drill program i guess is a phased program i mean those the first three holes that we put are part of what we say is phase one so it’s really confirmation drilling right at the

Heart of these historic zones and this part these particular holes are from the bonanza zone which probably saw the line share of the historic drilling but sadly we don’t have any historic core so we have to do this drilling um very systematically onto 15 20 meter centers to be able to use those fantastic historical results in a future resource what that’s

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Also doing is um given us a great understanding of the geology the mineralization the alteration and with that knowledge we can then embark on phase two which is expansion and exploration of those non zones um and then phase three and probably most importantly and most exciting for me is certainly is the exploration part of it so that’s probably about 10 000

Meters of the 20 000 meter plan program um right now we’re we’re just past seven thousand meters at the moment uh and those first three results uh as i said from the bananas and so on so 34 meters of just under 20 grams gold and the first hole uh and then third hole 25 meters of just under 10 grams so incredible numbers i think we can expect some more strong

Results from those the bonanza zone but that’s just one of the many zones of the property that we’re drilling this year and probably the most exciting part of it as i said is really the exploration because there’s so many targets that have never been drilled we’ve generated a number of targets ourselves that share all of the same characteristics as those known

Zones of mineralization so geochemistry geophysics all the same characteristics and our exploration drilling and that phase three components certainly seems to be going pretty well so far now you have three more drill rigs which you touched on what do rough timelines look like until we can get more results so i think as everybody knows the labs are pretty

Backed up this year um turnaround times are within the 10 weeks 8 to 10 weeks range but we’ve been sending i mean we started the program in early august and we have drilled about 60 holes so far probably 45 of those are at the lab and so we should be getting more results and then the next couple of weeks and then once that steady stream of results um or start

Coming in to us and we can process them i think we’ll be getting news out to our shareholders every seven to ten days so it should be pretty consistent useful right through until probably february next year um the plan right now is to that we should wrap up the program by about the end of october wow what are the next steps for the property and what would it

Take to get into production or maybe even a buyout i guess uh i guess that’s looking forward a little ways maybe but uh i guess the the key thing right now a compliment in this drill program is a pretty extensive exploration program we’re doing a lot of airborne and ground geophysics we’re doing a lot of um geochemistry soil soil sampling rock sampling um

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Because 95 of the project has really never seen any work whatsoever so um a lot of that historic work focused on 20 square kilometers right at the heart of the project so where you’re trying to evaluate what else is there you know what the potential is beyond the zones so that’s a big component of what we’ll be looking to do um next year but i think because

We’ll get a lot of strong results this year from the known zones there’s great potential to make some discoveries and i think this season will really be a bit of a catalyst for us i mean we’re as i said you know we’re looking to do 20 000 meters but the goal for next year would be a much more significant program um and then in late 2022 i think we’d we’d look

To our early 2023 we’d probably put out a maiden resource estimate at that point uh and then from then on um who knows where that’ll take us but uh i think uh there’s uh there’s some major catalysts coming for for this year now we love to identify companies that are undervalued under appreciated underexposed thank you for joining us today thank you guys for

Watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we told you guys we love to bring you winners and we love to bring them to you first now i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live

In saying that i think this is a company that everyone should put on their watch list put it on their radar thank you for joining us today the ceo of thesis gold you and webster thanks thank you guys for watching like i said if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first thank you for watching everybody have a nice day you

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