Things People Miss Preparing to Stay Home

I tried to stay at home for 7 days straight. Within these days, I found I was missing a few things needed to be perfectly comfortable if I were to try to stay home longer. This gives me a chance to go out and purchase the supplies I am missing to make things a bit more tolerable.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush before all of this craziness happened i decided to lock myself into my place for a whole seven days just to test things out to see what i am missing in terms of supplies this is just in case that if there is a lockdown that i would feel completely comfortable staying inside for maybe one to three months or so so today

I’m gonna talk about some things you may have missed if you’re trying to prepare for our lockdown when i first started staying in i did not realize that my fruits and vegetables are going to be consumed so quickly in other words if they’re fresh fruits and vegetables you’re basically gonna run out within a week or two in a true lockdown you’re not gonna be able to

Rebuy these vegetables unless you just brave yourself out there and go to a grocery store and every single time that you go out there’s another chance of catching something the whole idea is to really minimize going out at all even for groceries what you can do is buy a lot of frozen vegetables you want canned vegetables canned fruits or maybe even dried fruits

But when you have the dry fruits remember to get the kind that does not have added sugar because then you just be eating a lot of sugar other ingredients like milk and eggs right milk if you buy a fresh gallon or something it might last you maybe two weeks before it spoils you can buy eggs and they may last you about a month but eventually you’re gonna run out

Of those too you can freeze eggs although i have not done it before i’ve heard that it gets a little bit runny when you have purchased so many things that you stockpile you probably might buy a lot of comfort foods like chocolate chips and things you have all of this in one place what i found myself doing is that i kept on going back looking at it you know i’m

Like oh i have all this food i actually ended up eating a lot during my one week worth of lockdown so beware not put it all in one place i would say you should try to compartmentalize them if you have to stay locked in for like two weeks you have yet another supply that you’re gonna open after two weeks so you just gotta ration it out thinking that this might just

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Last several months in terms of entertainment i previously made a video about the free streaming services that you get you just sign up for trials and things i did use up my disney plus account and i watched basically everything i’m really sick of watching disney shows by now but you can do other things like play board games which isn’t my thing you can read your

Books you can partake in like craft hobbies another item that i probably am not fully prepared for is that i do not have some sort of indoor exercise equipment if you are on a lockdown you don’t actually want to go around running around the neighborhood right because you might come into contact with other things that might get you infected so either you need some

Sort of exercise bike some treadmill or something or i personally don’t have any of that so i just plan to you know just do push-ups pull-ups you know just kind of run in place i find myself feeling like i want some sun i want like you know maybe just 10 minutes 30 minutes where it’s a sun every single day i could go out in my yard and take this but it’s you know

Not the most comfortable over there so what i ended up doing is just going in my car i drive out around i go charge my car or something and after i touch the charger handle i sanitize in everything but sitting in the car even if it’s just going out for like 10 minutes it just really really helped you know i get a little antsy and i think a lot of people get this

Way as well so you need somehow to get outside a little bit even if it’s on the balcony something i did not anticipate during a lockdown is that i thought if i just hold myself up in this place for seven days no one’s need to come in or anything i do not have to come into contact with everyone but i did have to take out the garbage and this is a weakness part over

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Here because the carts they’re essentially out there on the streets and some people in the morning like to go around the whole neighborhood looking in everybody’s recycling bins that means they’re touching your garbage bin so those garbage bin essentially i have to assume that they’re dirty there’s some sort of you know contagious thing on it and every single time

I touch it i actually have to re sanitize my hand even if i brought them into the home i have to assume you know those handles on those garbage bins are contaminated you might take out your garbage maybe once a day so every time you the lid and put in your garbage your hands are dirty so this is a point i want to bring up to everyone you know just in case you’re

Trying to self isolate and you think maybe it’s gonna get this bad where you think everybody outside has this except you so this is something you have to watch out for you have to assume that your mailman has it and they’re touching all your mail maybe even if they have gloves or something maybe they touch your face you just assume is contaminated and you just leave

It there for a week or something before you go and actually touch the mail or if you are kind of antsy and you want to touch the mail you just have to assume that your hands are dirty you can just go and open it all up just to make sure you’re getting everything that’s urgent and if there’s nothing urgent you just leave all of those in the box your hands are dirty

Go wash your hands okay twenty seconds or something like that and then you’re clean don’t touch the box if you do go outside you also have to have outside clothes and inside clothes and then if you have a facemask you cannot touch the front side of the face mac you you have to assume everything is contaminated including your clothes if you ever go outside if you

Eventually run out of groceries you do have to go outside and basically resupplies if you want to be completely sterile i just kind of think of it kind of like a surgeon after they wash her hands it’s completely sterile they cannot touch anything else because they’re gonna touch the patient right there’s no bacteria or anything and they go like this so when you go

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Outside i feel like this might be the best way you as soon as you touch any item you touch a car you touch a product on the shelf or something you just have to assume oh my gosh there’s there’s bacteria on it there’s virus on it and you cannot touch anything else when people go around crazy buying toilet paper and i have to talk about this potala paper thing it’s

Ridiculous i personally have a huge supply already i haven’t bought toilet paper myself for like the last six months i just buy one 24 roll right i last me a really really long time because i have a bidet now this is the perfect time to sell you guys on the days because it’s clean it uses very very little toilet paper and if you’re in a pinch you can actually keep

Clean your bottom end we any toilet paper is just gonna be like a little wet right and you know you can possibly just kind of push away all the droplets and use like a little hair dryer dry yourself you don’t need any toilet paper at all people will survive without toilet paper and this is a good time to try and get one you can just go on amazon order one online

And make sure when the product comes you know sterilized a hole outside of the package and everything maybe even the inside box as well and then go and install it that’s it for all the tips right here i hope these tips just kind of points out some things that you might have missed that’s my whole point of this video just to keep you guys safe out there thanks for

Watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you are doing some of these things if i actually brought up some points that you kind of miss i would be very happy if i helped a little bit and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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