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How’s it goin everybody doesn’t beat the bush you know what i realized this channels alive multiple minds are connected together through youtube in the comments section even facebook or various other places and through this interaction either from peer to peer or from all my subscribers to myself new ideas are being formed every day and after this i take these

Ideas and create new videos so it’s like a big conversation perhaps and whatever you put in the comments it actually gets fed back into brand new videos that i make on this video i’m going to reflect a little bit of what has happened already and what i see going forward but before i begin i am so proud to announce that me on these is actually a sponsor of this

Video check it out they send me a second bag and because my preference is not boxer-briefs this bag is actually boxers instead last time i tried out some boxer briefs from me undies and you know what i realized that i don’t really like boxer briefs after all because when i was wearing it in really really hot weather it’s kind of like wearing tights and it makes

You that much harder so my preference for the summer would still be boxers and perhaps in the winter you can switch to boxer briefs me on these is a men’s and women’s underwear company they also sell loungewear and they exclusively sell all their wares online only now this bag that i just opened up has this feel on top and this is actually a ziploc bag over here

That’s pretty neat comes with these cards it says underwear without prejudice a brand that stands for equality for all its wrapped in this tissue paper with me undies on it and today they sent me one five so let me put one of these on so i can actually tell you what it feels like to have them on okay so the black one is on me right now and i can tell you these feel

Pretty soft this is the material hope you can see how soft it is by me rubbing all over this like that light gray over here dark gray with the black fan on the outside and purple band in the inside this one’s kind of like greyish blue and this one’s dark blue they have different themes of colors that you can choose from such as classic bold or adventurous if you

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Order these me undies in the subscription format you get one of these under word per month you actually get 33% off off of ordering them individually i’m working with them you have a special discount of 20% off of your first order and i’ll leave the link down in the video description below remember me undies very soft undies now back to my channel some of you have

Expressed great concern over the names of the stuffed animals so let me go over each one of them and tell you a little bit about their backgrounds as you know these are my keys over here they’re actually from toy story and i bought them on amazon the thing i like about these piece is that they fit inside this little pea pod i know i’m a grown man and i should not

Be playing with stuffed animals but this is kind of like a display item for me and i just enjoy looking at these happy faces just looking at them does this not make you happy don’t you want this at home as well look at this three separate stuffed animals and it will fit inside this little pea pod thing and you can zip it up this is really really neat when i first

Saw i just thought oh my gosh this is like the greatest thing ever and i just smiled that they can actually fit inside here additionally this one is called an ice pack and i actually got this through a white elephant gift exchange and it’s ugly doll brand i’ve seen other ice packs of this size before and somehow they don’t look as cute as this one for some reason

If you ever go and look for stuffed animals if you look at them side to side they look a little bit different it’s not all completely machine made where they look completely identical they have little bits and traits that are a little bit different that makes them unique somehow i think this ipad is the cutest ever and that is why he hangs around because i enjoy

Looking at this face and he’s just really cute this is my plush t-bone steak i bought this at the maker faire over in san mateo it’s made by sweetmeats and it’s called the stuff boys individual size boe f they are a san francisco company and this thing is made in china and this thing cost me 20 dollars to buy and you might go oh my gosh 20 dollars you can buy a


Real stick with $20 well real sake after you buy it it just kind of goes in your stomach and it disappears this one has been around for many many years and you know you just keep on looking at it and i mean it looks really plushy and delicious too i don’t know this is actually not gone from the videogame tekken if i read the tag over here it says gobi trade co

Boutique i think it’s a company that no longer exists but the main reason i really like this stuffed animal is just due to his expression it’s a t-rex obviously but then it has this short arm thing that makes it so funny because you know you can’t really attack these short arms of course t-rex i think they attack with their mouths so then this guy he doesn’t really

Have his mouth open but i really like this i don’t care what you’re saying this nonchalant look and i don’t know it’s a really really great expression that you hardly ever see in any stuffed animals so the loop goes like this i make the video you guys consume the video and after you consume it some of you comment on the video and i read them back as soon as i get

Your comments and i kind of read all of them and i respond to as many as i can i kind of like aggregate all of them in my brain and i think about some of them actually some comments are so thoughtful die actually have to step aside and just kind of ponder about it as an aggregate of all these comments and kind of like this feedback conversation outcomes brand new

Video so then you could see brand new videos coming out as a result of the previous video or the last couple when i first started this channel yeah i had a few ideas and generally i was producing them based solely on my own ideas as i got more and more comments on these videos your comments actually has a big impact on the future videos that i create sometimes an

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Idea would spark a completely train of thought in your mind not mine and then when you comment on the video i’m like oh yeah i should definitely do a video on that for example when i did the how to not be a creeper video i got a lot of comments relating to dating so the tie-in with this finance channel is frugal dating which i just did yesterday these requests

Generally if it’s a really really good idea i might just go after it even with one single comment but sometimes if i get four or five comment of the same subject or in the same line of thought i would just go ahead and make a video because i see that the demand is high enough other times there might be multiple requests across many different videos such as how to

Cook a cheap meal so because of that i made the previous low cost cooking video my point to all this is that my ideas are not just born out of nowhere where i just kind of sit alone in the dark and i go ah what what video should i do next this has actually morphed into a conversation where i have a huge list of requests and some things that are requested more flows

To the top some things that i’m very interested in doing also floats to the top just realize that your comments no matter good or bad has a huge influence on my future videos so what are you waiting for give me a like down below and leave a thought-provoking comment as well if you’re interested in supporting this channel check out my audible link down in the video

Description below or you get a free audiobook and you don’t like the audiobook or the subscription service you cancel it before the trial period ends and you don’t have to pay a thing you can still keep the audiobook and still helping us at this channel you can also support my channel directly through my patreon link over here where i get various perks at various

Contribution levels and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click that bell icon so you get a notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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