This High Tech Ear Camera will Change Your Life

Have you ever tried an ear camera for ear wax removal? Rather than going in blind and not really doing anything, go in with precision and remove wax like a pro. Get rid of that annoying itch in your ear today!

Today i’m going to review this bee bird earwax remover this is not a sponsored video i bought this myself when i looked around on amazon this is the cheapest one that you can get and most of the time you don’t want to spend that much money on an ear picker it’s sort of like a niche device and you just want to get it done in order to save you guys from watching the

Footage of me sticking this in my ear i brought along this extended socket that’s roughly about the size of my ear hole and i’m going to plug this in and show you guys what it looks like now i’ve used this extensively so far for a few days and the first time i used it it feels like you just got scratched somewhere that you’ve never been able to scratch before

And even right now i feel my head is very very clear you know sometimes if you cannot itch something you just kind of tune it out your brain no longer senses it until you draw attention to it you’re like oh my gosh i can’t believe that was annoying me that whole time so if you use this this is going to be sort of life-changing i feel it’s life-changing now i’ve

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Actually made another video sort of like an ear picker thing right there’s this endoscope thing it’s not meant to be an ear picker but i stuck a camera in there it got a little warm but then i was able to do it with a separate metal ear picker along with the camera i actually made this video and the product sponsor didn’t realize i was gonna make an ear wax

Removal video and then you’re like oh you know just take it down we don’t care about the product just just take it down i think there’s some liabilities involved but for this thing i mean if you’re going to buy from amazon be worried that you’re sticking this in your ear and there are dangers to doing this with that said i’m gonna let me open up this box and show

You what’s inside there’s nothing inside other than you know some packet stuff there was this little silicone thing that went over i actually didn’t like using the silicone thing so i just removed it it comes with a charge cable micro usb it comes with two plastic ear picking and the ear picker itself so all you do is download this bird app you turn this on it

Has its own wireless you just connect to wi-fi be bird and then you just start the app so right now you can see i’m pointing this at the light and if i turn the ear pick you can see it’s stabilized to the floor i can even record a video and just kind of turn this around the app also lets you do your left or right ear and it just sort of mirrors it left and right

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So i’m going to leave this right here point it at that at the light and you can see i can mirror it left and right so if you need this mirror function this is great this is for your left ear and this is for your right ear so i’m going to start recording uh what’s inside this little socket thing you see i’m gonna come in i’m coming in it records up to 30 seconds

Of this video i have another high bandwidth thing going on which is me looking at the viewfinder on this ipad over here so i’m going to turn this off a bit because i think there’s just too much wi-fi traffic okay i’m gonna re-record this i’m gonna stick this inside the socket here just so you guys don’t have to look at the inside of my ear it’s kind of gross right

Uh i personally don’t mind to show you guys but i think a lot of people don’t want to see what’s inside your ear hole so i’m going inside the socket you can see i can go really deep in see this is all the way in it’s like two inches in in reality you can only probably put this in your ear probably one inch inside so i’m gonna scrape it out like this scrape it out

Like this like so and you can see the scoop is at the bottom of this socket right now if i turn it up on the top you see the camera is stabilized it always stays leveled with the floor anyway i’m just completely blown away by how cheap this device is there is a three megapixel camera in this thing is 1080p high definition there’s a little air pick there’s six leds

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With a light so that you can stick it in your ear is really dark in there and then you can still see there are accelerometers inside to sense which way is the floor there is a wi-fi module built in and then it can send all this to your phone and it is wireless also so there’s a battery inside and a charge controller because you just plug in a cable i’m just blown

Away that all this costs what 27 dollars after tax is like 29 so i highly recommend this if you’re trying to not spend too much money this is the cheapest of its kind if you want a wireless ear wax picker thingy so thanks for watching this video maybe you guys want to get yourself one of these through my affiliate link down in the video description below thanks for watching you

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This High Tech Ear Camera will Change Your Life By BeatTheBush

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