This is sad. Retail JUST Panic Sold everything..

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Already folks we got a lot to go through in this video let’s jump straight into it so nasdaq is now down about 22 from its peak back in november this has just been a devastating move to the nasdaq and you rarely see the nasdaq sell off this hard it might happen every few years or something like that but there’s just been a vicious downward move for the nasdaq 100

And uh really it’s shown no signs of a bottom as of yet it just kind of you know continues to downtrend and downtrend with no um you know real support upwards so far the russell if we go ahead and take a look at the russell russell’s down about 21 from its peak uh back in november as well and this one is just you know continue to get devastated the russell 2000

Think of that as small cap stocks okay uh yeah it’s been pretty darn devastating out there and i think the overall message in this video is going to be you know 2022 is the year to be a buyer of stocks and not a seller of stocks and uh basically what i’m gonna take you through in this video is i’m gonna show you a lot of uh what’s going on out there we’re going to

Look at past history how long these drops usually last for and why you have to in a year like this that you get given where where folks are just flooding out of stocks you have to take a year like this as an advantage year to be a buyer of stocks and take advantage of these deals because uh you don’t get you don’t get years like this very often let’s put it that

Way okay now if we go ahead and we look at no let’s call it the retail trader names today they’re just getting absolutely you know devastated here today and the smaller the company is the worse it is okay and uh you know the disappointing day about today and kind of the sad part is this isn’t this isn’t wall street did didn’t do this this is retails doing this to

Retail essentially today where you know folks saw massive uh youtubers selling out all their stocks and they’re like are you know all about pretty much one of their stocks and they’re like up dump everything dump dump dump and when you don’t when you dump all your shares at the same exact time it’s going to cause such a massive you know move out of out of all those

Stocks it’s it you can’t you can’t get the buying pressure there and a lot of these stocks aren’t supported by major indexes or etfs or things like that so if you just have a flood out of the stock all in the first few hours of trading uh you know those stock prices are going gonna go down massively now the good news is you know there are certain companies that

Are obviously have a you know a ton a ton of bright things that in their future right and those companies will go on to thrive and the buyers or those will make a ton of money but at the end of the day we can’t deny the fact that there’s massive amounts of retail selling today and um i’m just kind of you know kind of sad honestly you know tesla got hit 3.6 percent

You know a lot of retail holds tesla the good thing for tesla is such a big market cap now that a lot of big money holds it so it doesn’t get uh devastated quite as hard palantir you know it’s a fairly big market cap but still like palantir is so controlled by retail that if everybody wants to dump at the open you know and sell out mass look at that stock almost

Eight percent downward here day obviously amc’s you know very very heavy uh retail but the good the good the one good thing for amc is it’s one of the biggest weight holdings in the russell 2000 actually so even when you know uh folks just want to dump amc on the market on an open like today at least it has some sort of support there but that one five percent

Game stock oh almost a 16 move down for that one clove look at this one about a 14 move the hood pretty soon you’re gonna be able to sign up for the hood and get a the whole company for free or something like that look at this three percent downward move there coin down nine uh four percent the chef down nine percent here today that’s just re that’s just it’s a

Straight retail stock right um and if retail just sells you can’t get the buyers in there fast enough to even buy the stock up you know and it’s just it just has a vicious downward move arc obviously massively down today about six percent there and um yeah there’s just retail wants out sure they flood out right uh look at wish here a day down over five percent

There c3 ai another retail stock six percent and you can look at all the big retail stocks and all the big youtube stocks right all those just got absolutely obliterated today at the open and basically you know several hours after trading you just you know people just flooded out of those stocks left and right it caused more people to flood out and um it’s it’s

I would call it more sad than anything you know obviously people are going to be picking up these these stocks now on the cheap and uh be happy that you know fellow retail sold them off in in mass this morning and you know those a lot of those folks depending upon the stock could be very happy in future years but um it’s sad that just you know just that flood out

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And after these stocks had been so devastating that’s the worst part it’s not like these stocks are at all-time highs and 52-week highs and it’s like okay guys you know now is the time to cash because you know everybody’s made so much money you know these stocks have already all been killed like 70 80 90 percent and just to see this this last vicious move is is

Honestly just a little a little sad um you look at a lot of these other ones look at adam stitch fix lemonade palantir once again so fi another huge retail stock right that one just doesn’t have that big money support yet and uh down seven percent look at teledoc another big retail stock down seven percent here today squares got big money and retail in it seven

Percent fubos huge retail big money is not in that stock yet six and a half percent there uh shopify is a mix of retail in wall street five point eight percent there uber about five percent purple four point seven percent that’s a that’s a heavy retail stock there mu’s a mixture okay and up work down over four percent you know just uh honestly you know a sad day

That’s the best thing i could say just a sad day um you know and it’s unfortunate and like i said some folks will pick up some of these companies on the cheap and and be happy buyers throughout 2022 and other folks are just making those decisions to sell out these stocks down you know 70 80 90 it’s it’s it is what it is um it’s the sad part of the market this is

A sad part of the market we’re going through right now uh the russell so if we look at the pat you know i want to pull up because a lot of people don’t know how long these big drops last for okay so if we go throughout history i think that’s going to teach us some things first off here important drop in 1998 this was prior to the last climb up in the tech bubble

But um russell made about a four four month big drop in 1998 there okay that was the first one these are all modern drops essentially no we had a vicious drop in the tech bubble but this is an interesting drop so this lasted two years and six months this drop okay from from 2000 to 2002. two years and six months this drop in the russell lasted but the interesting

Part is is in this drop it had some big spikes along the way so it wasn’t like it was down in a straight line if you look at the rustle over the past you know four or five months it’s down in a straight line right like you know the the ups are very low it’s just kind of down a straight line this kind of lasted so long because it was such a lame kind of drop and you

Had all these big spikes up and big spikes up and big spikes up and then you finally you had this kind of capitulation sell-off here that you know everything just kind of went down so it was technically a two-year month drop but let’s be honest it was really the real drop happened here and that’s where the bottom fell out before that it was just kind of playing

Around that’s all it was and so that was an interesting one there we had a one year 10 month drop in 2007 through 2009 essentially and this was a moment in the great recession where stocks sold off and they sold off for good reason obviously uh you know massive jobs were lost during that time it was economic devastation we almost lost the entire financial system

It was a it was a most serious uh you know financial related thing to happen in the united states of america since the great depression let’s be quite honest about that okay and so from 2007 through 2009 you had a one-year 10-month drop in the market where the russell fell over 50 percent peak to trough there and um this was just a vicious kind of fall because

This was already a pretty big fall over that first year or so and that last bit there was just awful from you know russell was about 7 20 7 30 to next thing you know russell was trading you know around 400 or so just a vicious last kind of capitulation sell-off that last uh you know it’s called six to nine months there was just vicious and uh so yeah that was a

One-year 10-month drop there here in 2011 we had a five-month drop this was double dip recession fear and uh you know every once in a while the market goes through these time periods where worries about you know double dip recessions and in recessions in general seeing things like that also the fed and what the fed was going to do and quantitative easing what was

Going to happen there was a bunch of different fear in the market kind of a little wall of worry built itself up and we had kind of a vicious five-month drop in the russell where the russell ended up falling uh you know over 20 there for five months span in mid 2015 through early 2016 we had an eight month drop roughly and um this was one that just kind of you know

The bottom fell out then we bounced back and then the bottom fell out again and so for eight months span from mid 2015 to early 2016 in an end that was that was painful i’ll be honest i was in the market obviously and that was a painful drop um i definitely got tore up in 2015 and a lot of the the reason i got tore up worse than i would have is because i tried to

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Trade in and out of the market and next thing you know i was all out of stocks and then i even went into gold for like a three day period like i was just doing stupid stuff and i was in and i was out and i was like oh let me try to trade this market because that’s it’s rough and so i was in the market i was out of the market and i was in the stock and i was heavy

In this talk and i was doing these earnings trades and oh my gosh it was a disaster and instead of just like sticking through and either buying the dip or just holding through that moment i just was i was in and out and i was a hot mess man that’s all i could say about it was a hot mess and i got torn up in that market and uh it was kind of a nasty market for that

Eight month drop there then we go ahead and we look at uh 2018 so it was a late drop in in 2018 in the back half of 2018 and we ended up bottoming right around the end of december essentially and for the russell in that market it ended up falling like at the peak to trough in that five-month span i think it was around a 27 drop it was it was nasty man and i got

Shredded in that market um you know uh yeah it was it was a vicious drop i remember at one point i think almost every stock i held was was down at one point it was awful and uh so that was that was a very vicious drop it lasted five months there for the russell and then we had the three-month ronan drop very very strange situation where the bottom of the market

Fell out and all the indexes went down 30 plus but then they came back extremely fast i mean extremely fast so it was a very interesting market dynamic at that time because there was a lot of fear in that march of 2020 that you know we were going to have the global economy closed for years potentially right that was a thought process and so very strange how i don’t

Say it was strange how fast the market dropped because that was almost you know warranted given kind of what what was the situation at hand but i think that the comeback was the strangest thing like how fast stocks came back over that next 3-6 months was actually pretty darn amazing and uh so that was a three-month drop okay and so what were we seeing essentially

Is you know in what we could if i would have pulled up the dow the s p the the nasdaq you would have seen much of the same the only difference is usually uh sometimes the russell will fall first and then the nasdaq follows after that then the s p 500 follows after that and the dow falls last um you know some sometimes one of the indexes will go forward a little

More than the others but essentially if i pulled up any of the other big indexes you have seen the same exact thing okay roughly so what we know is usually these draw these drops last anywheres from like let’s call three months to eight months outside of a a very strange scenario where the market just grinds lower for like a year or two it’s not the market we’re

In right now that’s falling off a cliff let’s be quite honest it’s a vicious fall so in those sorts of markets you’re usually gonna get about a three to eight month drop roughly right as far as where we’re at right now i’m in the russell and this has just been a vicious kind of you know bottoms falling out type drop we’re at a four and a half month drop because the

Market topped out at in early in early november and here we are in uh kind of mid-march so we’re almost four and a half months into this current drop now roughly and uh it’s just been vicious and the russell is down about 21 as of right now and that’s just kind of a you know a fallout a fallout moment in the market so it doesn’t mean you can’t go for another month

Or two or even you know two or three more months or something like that but what we do know is when you get these vicious drops the recovery happens much faster than if you kind of just get a slow grind down so if you want some sort of good news you know that that’s definitely some good news so i got some more good news the oil market is uh coming down a lot okay

So last week we peeked out about 130 for oil and here we are today trading about 101 so oil’s dropping and it’s dropping fast don’t get too excited don’t expect that to to stay like that but nonetheless um and that’s the unpredictability with commodities and i know i was talking with a lot of folks right you know last week they were like you know oh oiled by you know

Next week’s going to be 140 150 just you know wait it’s just going to keep pushing and here we are 130 and today we’re at 101 and that’s on that you know commodities you want to talk about something that’s impossible to predict uh try to predict commodities where they’re going over the next one month three months six months 12 months 18 months it’s impossible game to

Play that’s what i say about that unless you get such a massive uh move up that it’s becomes unrealistic or such an insane move down like you know when oil went negative for instance it was a good time to potentially buy oil futures or something like that because you knew that wasn’t going to last right that was too far out of the ordinary but um you know most of

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The time when oil oil’s trading in a normal range dude trying to play a guessing game on that is a near impossible thing it’s ridiculous right so now what have we seen in the market right well we’ve seen big youtubers selling we’ve seen the aai sentiment go massively negative where far more investors are bearish on the next six months in the market versus bullish

And neutral combined we’ve seen the russell and nasdaq now in bear market they’re both down over 20 percent from uh you know their highs they reached obviously uh dow in s p or in correction not just that but think about this for a moment if you if you pull up any of the european indexes all of them are either in correction or bear market or basically crashed okay

All of them just absolutely vicious they’ve all gotten absolutely shredded okay uh we’ve seen fear everywhere right now the wall of worry is a massive it’s like the great wall of china okay we got inflation fears we’ve got russia and ukraine we’ve got oil right which the only good news is oil is coming down right we’ve got obviously a ton of commodities have spiked

Huge you’ve got the fed fear this is a fear-driven market right and so when i look at this year 2022 um let me speak on this for a moment by the way check out pin comment down there for my 15 part stock picking checklist it’s absolutely free text the number and we’ll send it over to you it’s pretty dang awesome okay so when i look at 2022 this is a no-brainer

Year to be buying stocks and uh buying your favorite stocks and buying your favorite stocks and i look at this year and here’s the thing about this right is i look at this year as an entire year where you can just buy and buy and buy and buy because so many of these stocks have been hit so far the downside that whenever they do start to bounce back it will still

Be a huge buy the dip opportunity just because some of these stocks might bounce back 5 10 15 20 does not mean they’re still not a steal deal because some of these stocks are still going to be a massive steal uh even after they start to bounce essentially okay and there will be a ton of money to be made so that’s why when i look at a year like this this is just

Like accumulate accumulate and the the right way to look at a year like this is if other people want to sell you their ownership of companies that’s exactly when you need to be a buyer of those companies the ones that are that are quality that have you know great five 10 year out futures in front of them right that you’ve done the full research in because right

Now on a day like today that’s retail just selling out your fellow retail shareholders are selling you in mass right and uh you know that’s just a crazy opportunity if wall street wants to sell off the big guys like the paypals and the facebooks and the googles and those sorts of companies amazon you got to be ready to take advantage of those deals as well this

Is a full year you’re going to get to be a huge buyer stocks and accumulate as much ownership in companies as possible because i can tell you once this fear is gone you’ll have future fear but i can tell you this this amount of fear in the market is an abnormal amount and you have to be you have to buy into the fear and i know it’s hard to buy into the fear and

When everybody’s selling out and it’s like oh my gosh the indexes are down 20 plus it’s so much easier especially if you’re newer to the market to to buy stocks when there’s a lot of fomo in the market and everybody’s excited to buy stocks right but i can tell you that’s the worst time to buy stocks and right now this year we got right in front of our eyes right

Now this is the year to be a buyer of stocks and uh you have to buy into the fear and i don’t mean buy in as in believe in the fear you have to buy stocks into that mass amount of fear i don’t care what happens you buy you throw it in the following cabinet and more fear comes you buy and you throw in the filing cabinet and the more the market sells off the heavier

You buy and you’re going to be willing to take advantage of all those deals this entire year because i tell you what they don’t these these drops in the market these sorts of years we have going on right now doesn’t last for long man it doesn’t last for long and the next thing you know the money comes in the money swoops in and the next thing you know these talks

Might start making big moves up it happens quickly it happens more quickly than i think a lot of folks even realize and that’s what will happen again as always unless you’re a permabear forever and you think the market will grind down for all of eternity outside of that scenario uh buy stocks and buy stocks and buy stocks and buy stocks in 2022 this is the year to

Just be an accumulator of companies and increase your ownership as much as possible uh for 2023 2024 2425 and all the future years okay much love as always guys i hope you enjoyed this video i enjoy you i appreciate you joining me on a day like today where it’s just vicious out there and have a great day

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This is sad. Retail JUST Panic Sold everything.. By Financial Education

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