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So i promise this is a video about investing in stocks and and what i’m doing in the market but i want to make a bigger point here right off the front of this video i think needs to be set okay so we’re living in a society where no one really listens anymore it’s very very rare when you can find folks that actually listen nowadays unfortunately and i think uh the

Reason this is i think is partially to blame obviously because of social media and what uh you know folks prefer when it comes to social media and so given this environment we’re on now right where it’s all about what’s the next video what’s the next clip right think about the platform that’s taken off like insane over the past two years a platform named tiktok

Where it’s all about quick videos and swiping and like oh what’s the next video oh what’s the next video what’s the next video and so i think as uh humans i think we’re actually losing our ability to actually listen to somebody and process what they’re saying and we’re very quick to make judgments about what they’re saying make emotional decisions about what

They’re saying right and we live in a definitely a society that is very favorable of cancer culture obviously nowadays it’s something that goes on we like to box people in as fast as possible oh they’re this they’re that right oh they said something that’s slightly negative about democrats so which means they’re anti-democrat oh they said something that’s slightly

Anti-republican so they’re ant they’re anti-republican and it’s like you know we’re living in this kind of a society right now where folks are just unfortunately forgetting how to actually listen to somebody and actually paying attention to the details that are going on and instead we’re we’re very very very caught up into this like this like wanna like dopamine

You know society now where we just want the quickest thing and just the next thing the next thing the next thing and we want this like dopamine hits in our brain constantly and it’s unfortunate because the ones that will make the most money over the next hundred years will be the folks that can actually listen and put in work those would be the folks that will

Make the most money the folks that are getting caught their brain signals are kind of getting caught into this trap of just not being able to listen to anybody anymore and just make quick emotional rash decisions right without any context or really really deeply listening those are the folks that will be ultimately left behind in the end and uh it’s unfortunate

Because those are the type of folks that won’t even probably see this video and so that’s um unfortunate but it is what it is i think it’s important that everybody that that just heard that message there you spread that word um out there because um you know people are going to fall into that trap and it will be the next kind of crisis in my opinion that will end up

Going on and people won’t even realize it so with that being said uh the reason i bring up this and i think it’s an important point to bring up here is uh you know definitely sometimes i can see wrong impressions of like how i am as an investor and i want to speak for a moment about how i’m investing in the market why i’m positioning my myself certain ways and i

Don’t think a lot of people unless they’re really really like pay attention to what i’m saying and what i’m doing i don’t think that many people have really caught up to what i’m up to and kind of what i’m planning for in the market and how i’m actually investing and sometimes i see folks that will make judgments like oh you invest this certain way or you only look

At these crazy growth stocks or something like that are you re invest super risky or reckless or whatever and um you know sometimes i think you know i’m just like that unfortunately they’re not listening they’re not listening they’re not actually paying attention to what’s actually going on here and if they actually listened a little bit they would realize oh he’s

Actually making very strategic moves here and here um so so let’s get into this guys okay so the first thing is you know i want to kind of explain my investing process in this video how i’m positioned how i’m going to position my portfolios and things like that in hopes that this can help folks understand a lot more deeply about how i invest in the market so first

Thing to understand is i own around 20 stocks okay and i think actually technically i think is 21 stocks so i am not one that invests in just uh like goes all in one stock or two stocks or something like that i actually own uh you know quite a few stocks some of these stocks are gross stocks some of these stocks are hyper growth shocks some of these companies are

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Value stocks some of these stocks are dividend stocks some of these companies are profitable some of these companies aren’t profitable it’s a mixture of different companies i own but you know the days where jeremy way back in the day would just invest in like three stocks four stocks five stocks those days are a long long long long ago nonetheless and so i like

To be actually pretty darn diversified in the market nowadays not so overly diversified where i could just buy an index fund or something like that but you know for me to hold 20 stocks for the type of money i have in the market i feel pretty darn comfortable i feel like that’s like a kind of the rightish number for how much i have in the market nowadays there are

Nine stocks that i hold between six figures and seven figures in nine stocks so nonetheless like i have a significant positions in a lot of stocks like a lot of stocks i’m not the type that just goes all you know nearly all in you know a few stocks or something like that and i definitely see folks on the platform and there’s no hate to them or anything like that um

But i definitely see a lot of folks that wrap up 80 to 90 like if you actually listen and you actually pay attention how they’re positioned in their portfolios they’re 80 to 90 percent invested into like one stock okay and so if that just continues to go great over time amazing right but as we all know like if you are all in one stock right and just something goes

Wrong there uh you know you’re obviously devastated you’re you’re you’re your account’s very very devastated now some people like to go back to like uh you know billionaires and a lot of billionaires made their fortunes from their company right now the difference between running a company as a ceo and getting rich that way and investing is they didn’t get there by

Investing in that company they owned a huge chunk of that they had a ton of equity because it’s their business they could control that business right jeff bezos didn’t become one of the richest people in the world because he bought amazon stock he became one of the richest people in the world because he was a co-founder of you know founder of amazon and had a ton

Of shares and the company grew and he could control the fate of that elon musk didn’t get rich because uh you know he was just out there buying stock something like that he had massive equity in tesla he was a ceo he ran that company right and ran it to the top so it’s very different when you have no control as a shareholder versus having control as like a ceo or

Something like that right um and so that that that’s very very important that you understand that so that’s why especially nowadays i have a lot of money in a lot of different stocks and i wouldn’t be so i would say probably by the end of this year i’ll probably have 15 stocks that have six figures or more in it by the end of this year so uh you know that’s how

I actually like to invest it’s not like i like to go all in one stock or something like that and when you actually start to pay attention to the numbers i have in these stocks you start to see like oh yeah that’s how we invest okay um next thing is no stock i hold represents more than 10 of my net worth no stock i don’t care what it is tesla or tattooed chef or

Anything nothing and like i said i invest differently nowadays than i used to back in the day you know i would have 30 40 of my net worth tied in one stock it’s different for me nowadays and i i would say i am in the least i would say i’m the least risky jeremy investor i’ve ever been at any point in my life right i’m also older than i’ve ever been at any point

In my life i’m 32 now right i got three kids um i’m at a different place financially than i’ve ever been right and so when those sorts of things happen you’re you’re not as likely to i i don’t even think in terms of like wealth preservation necessarily but at the same time when you start building out big big positions in several different stocks you you begin to

Get a little more diversified right and i know that you know personally people that are you know have 70 80 90 of their net worth tied up into one stock and once again i think that’s that’s an ultimate level of risk and me i don’t even have 10 percent of my net worth tied up into any stock okay i think that’s very very important to understand the most of my net

Worth is tied up in the stock market but that’s diversified across a lot of different stocks from a lot of different sectors a lot of different industries at different growth rates at different valuations right the next thing i want to say is only two of my stocks have weak cash positions all my other stocks all have very very strong cash positions for me balance

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Sheet is very very important in anybody watching this video definitely value balance sheet we’ve been in a time period uh recently where money has been very flush and it hasn’t been hard to get capital right those time periods don’t last forever and eventually you start going through a tough time you can go through a period whether it’s months or even potentially

Years where liquidity really dries up and when liquidity dries up those are the sorts of moments that you need to have a strong cash position for your business so you can expand your business in a bad time so you can keep your business can you keep your workforce in a bad time if you are not in the right capital position as a organization you are destined to fail

In a tough time right one of the things i remember i learned from steve wynn a long long time ago in a great interview he said the number one most important thing when steve wynn in my opinion is one of the greatest businessman i’ve ever seen he said that essentially the most important thing for a business model and i agree with this is its capital structure a

Business without a proper capital structure is a business that’s um you know teetering on going under essentially right and so me as a shareholder as a person that likes to buy companies right whether they’re profitable unprofitable it doesn’t matter to me i want a strong cash position and if you don’t know if you don’t have a strong cash position then there’s

Probably not a very high probability i’m going to even consider your stock right the high high majority of my stocks all have strong cash positions and like i said it doesn’t here’s the thing a lot of people think it’s only if you buy an unprofitable stock that you need a strong cash position no because even a profitable company can go unprofitable right i just

Brought up win stock guess what happened a win win is an incredibly profitable business model right then all sudden they had a closed down because of a once in a hundred year pandemic and the next thing you know where’s our profitability boom they’re taking massive losses but you know what went ahead a great capital position around in that company and so when you

Think about this think about not just the good times but think about the bad times and whether you own a profitable unprofitable make sure you’re buying companies that have good cash positions i like to see a lot of my companies have about a ten percent of their market capitalization in uh like cash so for instance if it’s a three billion dollar market cap i would

Love them to have like 300 mil if not more than 300 million cash that’s an incredibly strong position not all companies are gonna have that just so you know five percent is still really good but yeah anything over 10 percent that’s incredible okay that’s absolutely incredible if you can find those sorts of companies right debt as far as debt goes debt’s not as

Much of a concern as it once was and the reason being is most these companies have taken out debt if they have taken out debt at insanely low interest rates over the past few years and so uh you know obviously you should still watch debt levels on companies but it’s not as important as it once was you know now think about this if interest rates go to seven percent

Eight percent something like that let’s say years from now there’s a whole different situation for companies that take out debt in the future but for most these public companies out there their debts are at like two percent three percent four percent type interest rates very very low and so that’s that’s not as big of a concern as it once was when interest rates

Were obviously much higher in the past the cash is actually extremely important next thing i want to talk about is most my big positions are needs-based companies like if you really start to break down like what i’m investing in food companies uh basics necessity companies like basic products that you need like you can’t get by without uh if the thing about like

Payments i think think about a company i’ve been buying recently like paypal right their stocks falling dramatically and i’ve been picking up a lot of shares uh they own the number two and number three top finance apps in the entire world right in paypal and venmo payments is something that’s still needed regardless if you’re in a good economy bad economy anything

In between a company like a facebook but i don’t care what happens in the economy people are still using facebook instagram whatsapp and that still is the premiere place that you have to advertise as a company right uh and you start really going through these companies and you’ll find out the majority of stocks that i invest in are actually a little more needs-based


Companies and the reason being is when i look at it i’m definitely concerned about a possibility of a slowdown right um kind of going in this year i felt like it’s kind of like a 50 50 if we’re gonna have a recession this year and so when we’re in that sort of environment the type of companies i like to stay away from or anything that’s not needs based right so

If i think about like uh you know investing into like why haven’t i been buying tesla stock because tesla doesn’t sell needs-based products right it’s not like you need a hundred thousand dollar suv or a fifty thousand dollar model three or something like that right it’s not a needs-based thing and if you were in a tough economic time that’s a company that people

Will cut back on along with everybody else in the automobile sector right and so i even look at companies that have been tearing it up like companies that make things like atvs and jet skis and things like that and they’re you know they’ve been just kind of going through a boom cycle and i’m kind of like ah you know those aren’t the type of stocks i’m really

Looking to get in right now and the reason being is i’m i’m kind of like i think you know as far as the economy goes i think there’s going to be a lot of question marks on on what happens here the economy is very very strong right now from what i’ve seen the real world but is you know inflation if we talk about the real estate market and potentially a major real

Estate slowdown there’s a lot of jobs in the united states of america that are supported from real estate what if those roofers that are putting up all these houses left and right aren’t quite getting those calls starting in 2023 right what are those realtors that are making bank right now because houses are selling the snap of fingers and they’re making those

Commissions left and right what if those deals aren’t quite going through now and they’re sitting on properties for weeks months uh or the properties aren’t moving in general think about all the you know indirect jobs from that think about the the mortgage companies i’ve already heard a lot a lot of layoffs from a lot of these uh you know mortgage refinance companies

Because refinancing is dying in a massive massive way because everybody already pretty much refinanced and now interest rates are skyrocketing up so if you had a job that was dealing with refinancing refinancing of properties a lot of those folks have said bye bye you know uh we don’t really have the need for that so i definitely think it’s a time period we’re going

Through where there’s a lot of question marks in that sort of time period i definitely like to invest right and invest pretty aggressively in stocks that are very very beaten down because i like to invest in a fear-driven market where you’ve got a wall of worry kind of up and i like to invest heavier but with that being said i’m investing in specific stocks that

Are usually very very beaten down that i that have long-term growth ahead of themselves like growth year after year after year after year regardless if the economy slows down is great is bad is okay is good is horrible i’m investing in the type of companies that will grow regardless and sell the type of products that regardless you’re going to be using those sorts

Of products and so that’s kind of the way i like to structure my portfolios and i think it’s very very important to understand the way i’m structuring my portfolios the way i’m investing and this is a way i plan on investing for the rest of this entire year essentially much of my investments are going to be focused on more needs-based products companies like that

That have good cash positions behind them that are beating down dogs right now and that’s where i’m really really focusing my capital for basically the rest of this entire year and uh and then after that i’ll adjust and i’ll see kind of what’s going on and what’s what i expect in 23 and beyond but that’s the way i actually like to invest and um i thought this was

A video worth doing and i hope you guys learned a little bit a bit from this and i appreciate you joining me as always also ftx thank you for always being the official crypto partner of my channel here check out first link in the description down there if you want to sign up for ftx us by crypto and nfts with no fixed fee so if you’re looking to get in that game

Or you’re already in that game definitely check out ftx and right now they got a deal where essentially your first ten dollars of uh crypto you get a free coin so that’s pretty darn cool much love as always and have a great day

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