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This is the worst Stock market collapse since 2008.

Folks we are in the worst stock market since 2008 but what i’m going to show you in today’s video is going to be startling this is uh pretty much the worst one of the worst stock markets we’ve ever been in in history and i’m going to share with you kind of what i think is the right thing do i think it’s just kind of calling it a day and uh staying cash buying

Selling all those sorts of things we’ll we’ll discuss it all you know the market’s rough when i start wearing a backwards hat okay uh you know it’s gotten serious like we’re at that moment in time it’s it’s serious now okay we’re in this and it is awful okay it no longer can we say oh this is uh this market’s a little rough or da da da no no this is awful okay

And what i’m gonna show you in today’s video is is going to explain to you how awful it is and i feel like the media hasn’t picked up this enough in my personal opinion like they haven’t shown how awful it really is and i am going to show everybody how awful it really is okay now i thought we’d just start here with amazon obviously the stock’s gotten devastated

Down around 15 or so um this stock is back to the level it was in june of 2020 which is uh extraordinary and you know who within amazon who knows where the bottom is for this baby right uh you know the valuation has gotten much much cheaper but we here’s the thing amazon just said next quarter they might grow revenue like five percent so if this is a company that

Usually grows fifteen and twenty percent and also they grow five percent investors aren’t going to are not going to be willing to pay nearly as much for amazon okay and so um now myself personally when it comes to amazon i would love i’ve never been able to really build a big position amazon is i feel like you know for the next six months or so it’s going to be

My like chance to build a big position in amazon and i wouldn’t be surprised if today’s not even the bottom i wouldn’t be surprised at all if this baby keeps falling keeps falling especially especially if the stock market stays in a rough place there’s just no way that one can do well in that sort of market right the russell is back to where it was in november of

2020 now the russell just hit a new uh you know multi-year low a new multi-year low on the russell russell for those that don’t know is basically small cap stocks okay you want to see something even more insane the nasdaq the nasdaq is now also back to levels it hasn’t been since november 2020 and this is extraordinary and the reason this is so extraordinary when

It comes to nasdaq is you think about uh all the the companies that were helped in uh rona right and it was all big tech these companies saw their businesses boom amazon apple google with everybody spending so much time online because they were forced to be home facebook i mean you microsoft you go through these companies these are the ones that that drive the

Nasdaq at the end of the day and these companies also a huge benefit to their businesses the chip shortage helped actually it did end up helping companies like nvidia and some other companies and amd and some of the others and you know with all that help that that those companies got right and all that stimulus money that ended up probably going into those companies

Pockets even with all that here we are at this moment in time in which the nasdaq’s um going back to levels it was prior to all that right that’s just crazy to think about like how much devastation has really been in the market in such a quick amount of time the s p uh 500 now is even we’re starting to lose s p which is uh you know the next level down the down the

S p are kind of the the last um level the last major indexes to lose we already lost the nasdaq we already lost to russell the russell was the first to lose then the nasdaq the next up to lose in this market is s p 500 the last thing to lose will be the dow 30. but essentially the s p 500 now we’re back to levels of uh april 2021 so basically you know we’re at the

Lowest we’ve been in the editing point in the past year look at nvidia you know this is a one-month chart of nvidia and i’ve been trying to tell folks when you’re in this sort of market it’s very important to understand this when you’re in this sort of market the the last stocks that fall are the ones that had been holding up really well right and had been doing

Really well and everybody’s like man you know these stocks are doing great right and so i’ve been telling people for a little bit now the biggest risks of the market are no longer the small caps and the mid caps and the more dangerous tech plays it’s companies like nvidia companies like apple companies like taslaw companies like those amd some others that had been

Holding up decent until very recently and now these stocks are even starting to fall apart to pieces and like nvidia is a perfect example they didn’t even come out with earnings or anything it’s not like they came out with earnings in the past month and their stock is down 34 and also the market’s not even down remotely close to 34 in the past one month but here

Nvidia is just the stock just continues to get devastating and devastating and devastating and the reason being is i think everybody on wall street knows um you know nvidia’s results are going to get worse and worse over the next few quarters essentially they’ll probably report a good last quarter but the stock market’s looking to the future and they feel a weakening

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Business and they’re probably going to be right in that amd and this stock’s down 29 now in the past one month okay and so when it comes to amd and video stocks like that it doesn’t really matter with the report for this upcoming quarter everybody’s thinking about the future the next several quarters and it’s going to be likely a story that gets worse and worse for

Stocks like that okay we’re starting to lose paper excuse me we’re starting if we already lost paypal i don’t even know why that one came to my mind uh apple we’re starting to lose this baby right now in the past one month the stock’s down over 10 and this is after think about this for a moment okay this is crazy this is crazy apple just reported a quarter that

Was near perfection near perfection they killed it man they killed it in this stock can’t do a thing they can’t do a thing it’s not helped at all down 10 percent now on the conference call very very interesting tim cook basically said that he you know the supply chains are going to mess up their numbers and can hurt their business by several billion dollars

Things like that okay so people are looking at that and they’re like is this how accurate is this or is it a situation where maybe apple doesn’t have the demand but they can for this upcoming quarter but they can put it on supply chain like oh we’re being held back by supply chain no one really knows at the end of the day right and it’s hard things to prove and

So that’s a thought process that i think is going through wall street’s head and they’re like you’re saying supply chain is going to mess up your numbers next quarter uh maybe it’s demand that’s going to mess up your court your your numbers next quarter and we’ll see i mean here’s the thing almost every single business we’re seeing is being being hit negatively

Amazon comes out and says they might do five percent revenue growth next quarter come on man you know eventually that catches up to apple as well and it catches up to everybody right and so um i think wall street’s trying to read through this and be like hmm i don’t know about this and that’s why even apple’s starting to falter here in in if they come in with

A troubling quarter next quarter oh you know uh it’s not a pretty situation and we’ll lose that baby as well and look at netflix we this stock can’t find a bottom you can’t find a bottom it’s a new you know multi multi multi-year low i mean this is the lowest netflix stock has been since probably 2017 now at this point in time for netflix in my opinion uh value

Investors will start stepping in at 175 to 180 i think that’s where they’ll start stepping in might even be a little bit now that it’s under 200 starting to step in this stock but i think 175 to 180 if it hits down those ranges i think that’s where a lot of value investors start to step in this stock growth investors really want no piece in netflix right now i

Think a lot of value would love to hold this one but it’s just got to get a little bit a little bit lower okay home depot only home depot is an important stock to track if you want to know how wall street feels about the the future of the us economy look no further than home depot home depot is the perfect play for the us economy right is u.s eccentric and at

The end of the day if the us economy is doing good home depot’s doing good if you pull up a one year on home depot the stock is down seven percent no one wants to own home depot stock right now and this is very very telling this basically shows you that wall street says the u.s economy is going to get into trouble okay now they might be right they might be wrong

Everybody’s got a different opinion on that but i can tell you if wall street doesn’t want to own home depot they’re basically saying the the us economy is going to get into some trouble because it’s very very simple ufc economy does great home depot’s going to do great u.s economy starts to falter and starts to fall to pieces home depot also as far as the stock

Price at least will start to falter and will start to fall to pieces okay and some and that’s basically just the you know wall street’s saying yeah we don’t really believe in this this economy story and look at the stock by home depot i mean it’s it’s it’s in a tough place okay this is the nasdaq this month we’re down over 13 percent on the nasdaq this is one

Of the worst months in the history the history of the nasdaq that’s the most incredible thing like like this isn’t just like oh you know this is kind of a rough market we’re going through this is a devastating market when you start talking about this is one of the worst months in the history of the nasdaq and you’re going to see how bad it is in just a moment here

You know nothing short of extraordinary this is year to date for the nasdaq 21 point percent the nasdaq is down ah year to date that’s ridiculous you know we’re four months into the year yeah like i said i’ve i’ve been doing this since you know uh 0809 and i never remember a year starting out 21.5 and we’ll see in just a moment um that even in the worst years

We don’t start out this bad this is it a historically insane like goes down in the record books bad start to the year and so a shot for everybody that’s watching this video right now that has been in this market here’s a shot for you okay you deserve it because this is historically one of the worst markets we’ve ever seen in the history of the stock market okay

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Look at this this is a tech bubble in 2000 and the the start to the year for that year okay so january through april we’re down about 14 think about this for a moment the tech bubble popping was not even as bad as the start to this year right where we’re down 21 almost 22 percent in the tech bubble they were down in the same amount of time 13.6 percent that’s

When you say that’s worse than the tech bubble start to the year that’s crazy to think about okay the only way we could make it look worse is if we back it up or if we we go a little more forward and go from like you know february peak um through there we’re down about 27 percent so we have to kind of like uh you know not not give it a realistic look but even in

The january through april time frame still you weren’t down as much in 2000 when the tech bubble was blowing up it still wasn’t equivalent to how bad this market is it’s actually far worse okay now if we go back to 2008 the start to 2008 and remember this was in the great recession 2008 we’re actually up one percent uh to start this this year in the same amount

Of time think about that for a moment we’re down almost 22 to start this year in in 2008 they weren’t down that much it was actually the market was up one percent for the nasdaq that’s crazy crazy to think about that right what about 2009 that was a disaster start right no the start see 2009 we’re up 16 so in 2008 2007 also by the way i didn’t pull that one up

But i i did look at it 2007 2008 2009 all those years were exponentially exponentially better than the start of this year that’s how historically insanely of a bad year we are going through right now okay guys um you know like i said a shot to everybody that’s going through this market because when you start having a when i when i can guys when i pull up stuff

Like this and i show you that we’re in a worse market than than 2 000 when we’re in a worse market than 07.0809 that’s when you know it’s awful you’re going through an awful market okay and it’s not that it’s worse it’s dramatically worse that’s that’s craziest part of this it’s not like it’s like we’re just a little worse we’re dramatically worse in those years

Crazy how bad this market is okay i even pulled up 2020 okay 2020 i even pulled up this baby and um you know this is in the rona crash think about this for a moment also out of nowhere once in a hundred year pandemic comes out of nowhere and also it’s like oh we’re going to close the economy and everybody’s like oh my gosh are all these stocks going to go to zero

Things like that we were we were down like three percent from basically the start of 2020 through this same amount of time that’s insane man insane now let me give my opinion for a moment on this market so you know and kind of my perspective on this from a couple different angles here because this is the worst stock stock market is start to the year that i’ve ever

Seen okay it’s just absolutely devastatingly bad and i don’t know you might have i don’t even know i should have pulled in 1929 i don’t even know if 1929 we started out this bad i don’t even know if you go back to the great depression we had a stock market this bad obviously the nasdaq wasn’t around back then i mean a lot of this i was comparing to the nasdaq but

You know that’s just crazy okay so first off here you know in kind of my opinion as tough as it is so i’ll give you a good example okay um you know my brother used to always say hey you know you basically in football you have to go over the middle sometimes and catch a pass and you get absolutely whammed by the safety okay the safety comes out of nowhere and just

Absolutely slams you in anybody that’s ever played football you know that feeling it’s devastatingly bad when you’ve got to go over the middle and a linebacker or a safety just smacks you um it hurts okay and i don’t think they can quite hit the way they used to back in the day but it’s devastating right but my brother used to always say he used to say jeremy

You’re going to get hit no matter what you might as well catch the ball and be the hero right and i gotta say damn that that man had a point okay my older brother he had a point if you’re gonna get hit anyways you might as well catch the ball and so the way i look at it in this sort of market you’ve got to buy you’ve got to buy and it it it hurts and it hurts but no

Matter what it’s going to hurt if you’re in this market already you’re already getting slammed anyway so it’s like it’s kind of like going over the middle and it’s either you can drop the pass and you’re still going to get the pain or you can catch a pass and be the hero so when i look at a market like this i see countless companies that i can increase my ownership

Position in right and build my ownership position much bigger this year we’re getting a historically bad year like historic like this is going down the record books to as the worst or one of the worst starts to the stock market year ever in the nasdaq right so in that sort of year you know there’s so many companies out there i can increase my ownership position

In that i’m not going to get these sorts of opportunities in in future years it’s just not so the way it works okay you get these very rare opportunities where you can add ownership of companies that you love for the next five ten years at extremely discounted rates and to get another year like this we might have to wait 20 years 30 years from now you know what

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I mean like like the you never know like if you might have to wait 50 years you might never have another year this bad to a start to a year in your lifetime it’s possible maybe next year starts out this bad as well but you got to understand when you start um trying to do things that have have historically never been done before and you’re trying to say oh maybe

We can have another year like this next year dude very few and far between to ever get this sort of devastation where countless stocks are at multi-year lows 52-week lows all-time lows this doesn’t this doesn’t just happen i i just pulled it up for you not even an 08 not even 09 not anything 2007 not even in 2000 those ones couldn’t hold a candle to the situation

We’re going through right now so when you’re you when you get those sorts of years and those sorts of opportunities you got to catch the ball you’re going to get hit anyway so you might as well catch the ball and be the dang hero or drop the ball you still get hit and then you’re just going to end up feeling insult on injury it’s like dang i suck and i i got hit

It feels bad all around right and so as tough as it is you gotta be a buyer in a year like this and as devastating as it is and it sucks and i know it sucks to feel like i buy a stock and it goes down more and then i bought more of the stock and i went down more and it’s like you know when’s it stop going down right and that’s just you just gotta buy into those

Dips essentially okay now let’s speak about margin for a minute because i know a lot of folks are looking at margin right now and they’re considering it right with all these stocks being devastated so you got to be very careful if you’re thinking about margin you i mean i would disregard it for almost everybody watching this but if you think about it you better

Be super careful because here’s the situation okay i understand there’s a lot of great deals in this market right now but it doesn’t mean it can’t get worse right remember in the 07 through 09 crash we didn’t bottom until the indexes were down over 50 percent all that 50 percent okay so remember the s p 500 in the dow still isn’t in technically bear market yet

The nasdaq and the russell are they’re in bear market and they’re a pretty good amount of bear market but if we’re going to go through hypothetically and 07 through 09 type crash you got to understand there’s more devastation to happen a lot more devastation and so you know if you start going on margin and this market goes a lot worse and the economy goes a

Lot worse and imagine we even had headlines about unemployment climbing or anything like that imagine also unemployment starts climbing companies start cutting jobs we already seen it with robinhood we just heard about wells fargo cut a bunch of mortgage bank jobs imagine uh real estate starts to slow massively in the back half of of this year 2022 and imagine

Some construction jobs stop start being lost like these are all potentials that we haven’t even seen those sorts of headlines yet that would just be another devastating kind of lever to the stock market right let’s hope that doesn’t happen because that’s they’d be awful like we don’t want to see anybody lose their jobs and stuff like that because then you’re you’re

You need to try to get another job if you can’t get another job somewhere also next thing you know you’re out of work and you’re on uh you know food stamps and unemployment and things like that right and that’s just devastatingly bad so let’s hope that situation doesn’t happen but what if it does you could easily end up in a market where the nasdaq goes down 30 35

40 45 or dare i say an 07309 crash like 50 plus and so this is why you have to be you shouldn’t even really consider margin but if you do you better be super careful man you better be super careful because i’m just telling you as somebody that went through margin calls before it sucks i went through that in 2015. i’ve been there i’ve been there and um it’s no fun

I’ve been through a lot of things in my life i’ve been on food stamps i’ve been you know in a bad economic situation i was a minimum wage worker i was a dish cleaner at one point in my life and i did go through margin calls in 2015 and um that sucks when when your brokerage says hey you gotta deposit another ten thousand dollars in your account like dude i don’t

Have ten thousand and you’re selling stocks at prices that you never even like i can’t believe i got to sell this price of this stock at this price like imagine you’re buying amazon 2400 you’re going a margin and amazon falls to 1800 next thing you know you got margin calls and you got to sell your amazon eighteen hundred dollars a share and it’s like seriously

Like amazon’s gonna be 5 000 plus dollars in a few years from now but i gotta sell to 1800 because i’m getting margin called up to you know what that’s what happens and so i just caution everybody if you’re gonna do margin don’t even consider it one if you’re still like you know can’t talk you out of it be very careful and i mean very careful okay hope you guys

Enjoyed this as always make sure you sign up for a hungry bolt newsletter that’ll be pinned comment down there we’ll try to keep you up to date with everything going on the market business news things like that much love and have a great day

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