This Stock Has Lost Me Everything

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Alrighty folks somber video time you know um it’s kind of appropriate it’s raining here in vegas it’s stormy and uh we got to talk about this stock here and um kind of what’s happened what’s transpired my feelings i’m going to talk about it from every different angle here so as you’re seeing there you know basically lost everything in this stock uh 200 that’s a

Quarter million dollars and then a much smaller position in my public account this is my main private account which obviously is much bigger um you know accounts so everything’s gonna be amplified in that account but uh you know basically lost you know everything in that stock so you know where do you want to start so in regards to that that stock how i even got

Into that in the first place was um you know i had no crypto exposure and being that i have you know millions of dollars of real estate millions of dollars in stocks you know it kind of seemed like i should get some exposure into crypto but to be honest i don’t know like what the big cryptos are going to be whether it’s bitcoin aetherium polka dot cardano um you

Know solana all these different ones and so i thought well you know i don’t really know what’s going to be the big crypto so i’m going to play the picks and shovels business essentially and the pixen shovels business is an idea that basically comes from the gold rush and you can either be the company or you can be the person trying to get the gold or you can be the


One selling the picks and shovels right so i said okay voyager digital i looked at the company at that time they were cash loaded they had revenues that were exploding they were getting a profitability so everything with underlying business model went looked actually really really good and it was actually trading at a really low pe and so i said okay you know if

I’m going to get exposure in the space i’d rather do this and buying um you know some crypto straight up so went ahead and did that and then there was a change and i stopped buying the dip in that stock now if you know me most of the time i continue to buy the dip in a stock like you know if the chef goes down i keep buying it foley keeps going down i keep buying

It if honest or or paypal or uh meta or any of these stocks that you know have been obviously killed in this crash if those go down i usually keep buying them voyager is very different situation i didn’t keep buying that one i stopped buying that one probably i mean i probably stopped buying that one in 20 20 21 and as it went down and down just not buying and

The reason being is not because i predicted some massive crypto crash that was going to come i wish i was that intelligent the reason i stopped buying that stock was i watched a lot of the biggest finance creators try to basically if you don’t know like fintech companies will work out deals with creators and like affiliate deals or sponsorship deals and things

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Like that right and with voyager you know some of the biggest creators in in the world on social media would go to this company and try to work out deals in in voyager wouldn’t like show any love like want to do anything meanwhile voyager would spend their advertising budget on nascar and these different things and so i started looking at that i’m just like i

Don’t know what the heck this management team’s doing man but um i’m not going to buy this stock anymore i’m just going to hold what i got and unfortunately i’ve held held held and i went down with the titanic in this situation and unlike many other stocks in the market this one might never come back um if i had a guess it’s probably never coming back and there’s a

Higher probability goes to zero then goes to anything else and that obviously sucks it’s not fun to lose that much money um if you’re a stock picker for long enough eventually you’re gonna pick one that you know they don’t make it through and you know most of these companies i think they’re going to be much higher prices than they ever were in the past i don’t i

Don’t think that’s likely going to be the situation with voyage i think it’s very unlikely so um i’m just holding my shares we’ll see what happens you know if it goes to zero it goes to zero um but that’s kind of my my stance on it and um sucks man that’s why i never ever laugh at somebody if they lose money like the tara luna situation um you know many different

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Situations that people lose money uh the amc situation people lost a lot of money in that game stop all those stocks people lost a fortune right never laugh at those people um and the reason being is like every dog has this day and that’s just the bottom line in this game and so like eventually you know you’re laughing at people and then you know uh karma’s a real

Thing and you you’re just if you’re doing this for long enough like there’s some bad stuff’s gonna happen to you that’s just the way it goes and um unfortunately that’s the situation here and um like i said unlike many other stocks that are likely going to come back and thrive and do really well in the future i don’t know if that one does um sam from ftx is trying

To you know make sure they make it through if you see the news but um we’ll see we’ll see man so you know sucks that’s the bottom line but um in crashes that that’s what happens man a lot of devastation there will be more much love as always guys have a great day

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This Stock Has Lost Me Everything By Financial Education

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