This Stock is About to 2x FAST! Epic Short Squeeze Coming!

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Well howdy there folks i hope you’re doing great oh there as always this is a very exciting video here today in this video here today we’re going to talk about a stock that i think is going to 2x or more within the next 12 months and why i believe so now this is a big video for me because you know me as a long-term investor i’m usually thinking years out in

Regards to a stock and talking about you know stocks i believe in over the next three five seven years but i personally believe and i’m going to go through in detail everything on why i believe this this stock will over double within 12 months okay and i have to believe in this a lot for me to come out with a video like this that’s going to get a ton of views and

I’m either going to look really smart or really dumb in regards to stock okay now in regards to like how do you get a stock to 2x really fast okay i’ve been in the market for 12 years and i’ve been fortunate to either be part of this or see this on countless stocks okay there are four core things that you can get a stock to 2x fast insane growth if a company is

Just growing like crazy the investor demand is just going to come into that stock like crazy okay insane growth can get your stocks 2x fast okay next up is if your stock is beaten down heavily and it just gets way too undervalued and we’ve seen this time and time again with some stocks that they just get beat down too far wall street kicks the dog wides down as

They say over and over and over again and eventually that company starts coming back that stock price starts coming back because it just got way too undervalued and when i say beaten down heavily i’m talking about stocks that are beaten down over 50 okay next up is if you destroy numbers several quarters in a row you can get your stock to 2x pretty fast and i mean

Absolutely obliterate them if you continue to just destroy your numbers quarter in and quarter out investors take notice of that traders take notice of that and your stock starts going up really really rapidly okay and last is if you have a massive short squeeze and i’m talking about if it is a stock that is heavily shorted and it just keeps going up and up and

Up the shorts end up having to cover more and when you cover your short position you’re buying shares in that stock which just forces more shorts to cover and it gets into the situation where the stock just goes up and up and up and that’s i think part of the reason just part of the reason why tesla stock one of my stocks has just continued to thrive over the past

Year was it just caused a massive short squeeze because so many people got caught with their pants down that one essentially where they thought you know stock was just going to continue to go down they shorted it and then they kept having to cover and cover and cover again and in regards to this stock we’re talking about here today that i think has got a 2x fast

This is a beating down stock okay so it already has one of the key check marks you need to have your stock double fast this stock is down like i think like 70 percent this year okay we’re talking about beaten down on beaten down okay this is a company that i believe will destroy numbers for the next several quarters and the stock is unbelievably heavily shorted

Right now and i think it is setting up for a massive short squeeze and when i say massive i’m talking about gargantuan right and am i putting my money where my mouth is in this whole situation you guys know if i’m gonna come out here and stick my head out like this you better believe i’m putting my money where my mouth is yes at just today i bought nearly six

Thousand dollars in one of my accounts and another one of my accounts i bought about thirty thousand dollars worth here today and basically this stocks about eleven dollars here today i will continue to buy the stock all the way until it hits twenty dollars a share after twenty dollars a share i will just hold it and later on in this video i’m actually going to

Tell you where with contemplate selling this stock at toward the end of this video here today so let’s go let’s get into this guys i hope you enjoy this as always i’m going to kind of give you my full bullish thesis on why i believe this stock is going to 2x in 12 months or less if you don’t mind smash a thumbs up and already subscribe to the channel it is free

To do both of those things and i very much appreciate it and if you enjoy the content of this channel and us talking about stocks all the time go ahead and maybe consider subscribing for free also i put together a video this weekend for you guys basically how to make your first hundred thousand dollars in the stock market so if you want to check out that when

This video is over it’s linked in the description down there and that once again is absolutely free to check out okay nordstrom is the stock up here ticker symbol j w n i 100 believe this stock will double up or more within the next 12 months okay first off this stock is beaten down unbelievably heavily this stock is like everybody’s kicking it while it’s

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Down and they just you know just want to keep kicking it over and over again okay and get ready to see a beat down like you’ve probably never seen a beat down before okay the five-day performance of the stock down nine percent the one-month performance of stock down 22 the three-month performance of the stock down almost 24 that’s just the tip of the iceberg okay

That’s just mild look at the year to date down over 71 year to date that’s one of the worst year-to-dates you will see on any stock out there absolutely extraordinary down over 71 this is the definition of a stock that is beaten down and everybody has completely forgotten about it and no one cares to buy this stock right now and i think they’re making a massive

Mistake okay let’s be clear jwn is priced for bankruptcy but will that bankruptcy really happen okay you don’t just get your stock to go down 71 percent just uh you know by luck a lot of people are pricing this one for bk okay well could it happen it’s happened to a lot of players out there right barney’s file bankruptcy and these bankruptcies i’m showing you are

Just within the past year or two okay forever 21 filed for bankruptcy sears filed for bankruptcy jc penney’s filed for bankruptcy neiman marcus filed for bankruptcy so a lot of players in the retail space have filed bankruptcy over the past year or two we know this k a ton of players and now wall street’s basically saying jwn you’re next okay that’s how you get

Your stock to go down 71 in a matter of nine months or so okay but what did all those retailers have in common i think that’s really an important question okay all those retailers had in common is a lack of customers i mean who’s shopping at sears who’s shopping at jc penney’s like who’s shopping at those places they just have a lack of customers they’re just not

Relevant maybe they’re irrelevant back in the 80s but they’re not relevant today okay lack of customers and a lack of an online shopping experience oh yeah all those players they all lack a good online shopping experience and that hurts them tremendously so when you when you compound basically a lack of customers with a lack of online shopping you know ah yeah

You’re probably gonna go under you’re probably gonna end up facing bankruptcy especially when you have big debt loads okay but where things differ for nordstrom is nordstrom is still highly relevant today it is a well-run company which we cannot say the same for those other players out there okay they have very loyal clientele and i mean very loyal clientele

Unbelievably loyal much more so than any of those other players out there like jc penney’s or or macy’s or sears or any you can’t even compare these companies okay just completely different completely different clientele base and they’re going after the top 10 percent of income earners in the united states of america which are the people that are hurt by far and

Away the least it doesn’t mean only the top 10 income earners are the only ones that shop there i’m just saying that’s the main segment they go after and that’s the their main customer base at the end of the day and those folks you know they have money pretty much don’t matter what and they go to a lot of events and different things that they need new clothing and

They shop at nordstrom and they are extremely loyal i just spent 900 on nordstrom last night on a bunch of different clothing items okay and i can tell you just uh you know that this one made me even more bullish because i spent that money and then i was like wait a minute i’m gonna spend 900 on right now hmm i wonder how many other people are doing

That out there and uh yeah maybe i should buy a little more stock it kind of it kind of made me think that way right and i wouldn’t checked on business this weekend okay went over there on saturday afternoon as a september afternoon right over at the fashion show mall which is right off the las vegas strip obviously we know vegas isn’t as busy as it usually is

Right but i can tell you i went in there and it was actually decently busy over a fashion show mall it was actually decently busy in there for a september afternoon and then on top of that nordstrom also owns a nordstrom rack business which continues to come back stronger and stronger and stronger than ever before nordstrom rack business is basically a store you

Can go into usually in nice strip malls okay and this is where you go if you want you know more affordable clothing that is still toward that higher end people love nordstrom rack okay but the e-commerce business is something wall street is completely forgetting about they i think they’re doing like maybe channel checks or maybe they’re not even doing any work on

This one but maybe they’re like watching the stores and are like hmm there’s not as many people going in that store but they’re forgetting e-commerce okay and i’m hearing this from several people out there this person says nordstrom e-commerce is surging my friend works there in logistics they’re working night shifts i can tell you i’ve heard from many different

People out there that nordstrom’s e-commerce business is incredibly strong and this is what people are not accounting for okay no one’s accounting for the fact that i just or at least on wall street that i just put in for a 900 order last night and sewed in probably a lot of other people right they’re just thinking about the physical retail side of the business

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Which continues to come back stronger and stronger and when i kind of you know went in there and talked to some of these folks and other people are talking to some of these folks like like you know we’re getting basically some intel that business is not back to 100 no doubt but the physical stores are actually doing decent which is impressive especially when

You add on top the fact that e-commerce is is absolutely going crazy for nordstrom right now i mean they’re gonna post their strongest growth in e-commerce probably ever right now okay so here’s everything shorts are forgetting right now and why they’re getting so excited about the stock but they’re forgetting all this e-commerce is booming for nordstrom and

E-commerce will be better margins for the company and more profitable for the company in my opinion longer term than the physical retail side of the business and that is a game changer okay e-commerce is booming secondly christmas is coming watch out short sellers november december always the strongest time for this business watch out okay also keep in mind the

Anniversary sale was a month later than it usually is which is going to help out the current numbers in a big way watch out pent up demand like we haven’t seen before coming in 2021 and 2022 for the entire apparel industry in my opinion because this is going to be the worst year for apparel sales in a long long time let’s put it that way so i think there’s going

To be a ton of pent up demand as life starts to hopefully return in 2021 and especially moving into 2022 and then stimulus is just that cherry on top for nordstrom the good news is even if no stimulus packages got announced the good news is for nordstrom they really cater to once again the higher end and the higher end isn’t that affected by stimulus whether they

Get extra stimulus money or not but i will say you know the fact that more stimulus money could come out there it’s just a cherry on top for nordstrom because that means people have even more money in their pocket than a lot of folks expected and keep in mind if you look at the savings account rates on how much money folks have saved in just the united states of

America alone when you really look at those numbers you see there’s a lot of money out there and nordstrom’s just a little guy when you compare it to all that money in those savings accounts right now never mind if stimulus comes okay the quarterly numbers over the next two quarters i think are gonna get beat i think they’re gonna get beat very nicely i think

They’re expecting about 14 downward number in terms of revenue for this quarter okay keep in mind the anniversary sales in this quarter rather than last quarter it’s going to be a huge boom also i think e-commerce is way stronger than anyone expected so don’t be surprised if they beat very nicely current quarter and next quarter as well which analysts believe that

Quarterly numbers will be down 11 percent next quarter current year expected to be 28 down revenue don’t be surprised if they come in way better than that and next year the companies expect to grow 22 and a half percent revenues do not be surprised at all if the company reports much stronger numbers than that okay so we already have two of the pieces setting up

This is what i call the perfect storm when you can put a lot of these big pieces together on how you can get a stock to go up fast okay beating down heavily and i think they’re going to be in a position where they’re going to destroy numbers for several quarters into the future but what about the huge short squeeze that could make it a true perfect storm scenario

That could get the stock to 2x fast if things play out the way i think they’re gonna play out okay let’s look at the short interest look at this okay these are the latest numbers we have to go off of which basically were released on september 15th okay for almost 43 million is the current short volume for nordstrom stock right now dollar volume sold short over

Half a billion dollars short percent afloat nearly 40 percent okay basically we have a scenario where wall street and investors in general if we want to call that short sellers or insanely short in the stock right now they are trying to price it like it’s going to go into bankruptcy or something like that and this stock’s going to go to zero and i think if they

Think that they might be in for a rude awakening in this whole scenario so they have gone unbelievably short into this look at this okay this basically shows you the short interest over time basically in nordstrom stock and it’s right around an all-time high pushing up close to 40 percentage total of the float is short okay that is unbelievable look at how those

Numbers have just gone up and up and up and up and up as the stock has continued to go down and down and down and the shorts have just gotten more conviction like yes it’s going to go down and unless we have a scenario where the entire economy has to shut down again i think um these short sellers might be in for something let’s put it that way i don’t think

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They’re really properly thinking about the risk reward okay the reward is the stock goes to zero completely bankrupt completely insolvent they just can’t make it no one will loan them money things like that i think it’s on real list but it is a possibility as all things are possible but here’s the thing this stock could very easily 2x 3x or 4x over the next year

Or two and here we are with the shorts being massively short and they don’t even realize they are setting themselves up for an epic i mean an absolute epic short squeeze that could last for several months if not an entire year okay an epic short squeeze and here’s what we’re looking at for this stock and by the way i think those short numbers might have even

Climbed more recently we’ll get to see where they’re at basically in in a few days from now okay next earnings should be coming out in the second to third week of november and watch out around that time okay as far as nordstrom stock in the short term i don’t know if it’ll go much of anywhere in the very very short term but i think once those earnings i think

That’s where things start setting up really insane for the stock and i think that’s where the stock could really start booming and you could start potentially getting a massive short squeeze on this stock so watch out for those next earnings so basically the way i’m kind of looking at this is i got another month to two to buy this stock and hopefully it’s kind

Of on the dl and and you know wall street’s not all over this thing but i think after next earnings you know you know it’ll be interesting to see what happens there as far as me personally i will be holding the stock until it goes to at least thirty dollars plus at least thirty dollars plus then once it’s over thirty dollars i’ll see okay that’s what i’ll kind

Of reassess the situation and say okay is that 32 is that 33 or whatever do i want to go ahead and take my profit run out of this or do i want to hold this as more of a longer term investment okay but i can tell you i’m not selling the stock if it goes up 20 tomorrow i don’t care okay this stock goes up fifty percent over the next week i don’t care i will not

Sell the stock until it’s above thirty dollars if it doesn’t go above thirty dollars it is what it is but i’m not selling this asset that i truly believe in and truly believe is about to go on an epic an epic run in mind you an epic run that wall street doesn’t even see coming and i think these shorts are just going to get set up into a real bad situation and

For me i’m willing to take the risk is this stock going to zero i don’t think so but i am willing to take that risk i think the chance of bankruptcy for this company very very low as long as the economy can stay open i think if there’s a force shut down the u.s economy that totally changes the scenario i don’t think we’re going to have an entire economy close

Again it doesn’t look like that i think things will continue to open more and more and if that scenario plays out i think the odds of bankruptcy extremely low but the odds i double triple or quadruple my money in a very short amount of time in the stock very very high so i almost look at buying nordstrom stock right now as i’m actually buying essentially like a

Call option i’m essentially buying a call option and uh you know like i said i don’t think the the short sellers see what’s coming in front of them they’re so focused on shorting this talk and i’m like you know you’ve done well short sellers you’ve done well but if you think the stock’s going to zero outside of a scenario when the economy has to close again you

Better think again okay i think this one could be similar to an elf on the shelf situation which is a stock that we’ve gained over 150 percent on that was a stock that was you know similar to this in the respect that it was beaten down it was kicked and it was kicked like a dog the down dog okay they just kicked it and just ah ah and uh yeah obviously elf has

Come back roaring over the past year or two i think nordstrom’s gonna be one of those type of gainers maybe even bigger for us time will tell we shall see but uh yeah i’m putting my money where my mouth is and i believe this one’s gonna be pretty sweet for us we shall see okay hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always if you don’t smash that thumbs up and if

You’re not subscribed to the channel go ahead and do it it’s free and i appreciate all you guys that are in the thumbs up squad also if you want to check out a video i put together for you guys on how to make your first hundred thousand dollars in a stock market check out the description down there thank you for watching and have a great day

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