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Well howdy there folks and welcome into today’s video hope you guys are doing great out there as always so today we’re getting into a stock that i hold that is red hot and i mean red burning hot okay this stock is red hot and uh essentially i think this stock has massive massive upside and some news came out in relation to the stock here today that i want to go ahead

And cover and i want to kind of share my perspective on this so i hope you guys enjoy this as always i’ll ask in return is that you smash as always so you know being a stock picker and being in the public eye i usually feel like i’m kind of a ship captain and i’m trying to lead the the ship uh you know through the ocean essentially and sometimes we get caught up

Into a hurricane and it’s looking ugly right and those are usually the time periods when everybody’s like oh you’re an idiot you don’t know what you’re doing anymore you lost a step you’re you’re not good at this anymore things like that and just receiving a lot of hate in them like man we’re just trying to get through a little hurricane here we’re gonna get to the

Sunny days okay the sunny days are coming just wait on it uh but needless to say when you’re going through the storm everybody’s looking at you and like dude i don’t think any i don’t think you know what you’re doing man and uh that happens right and then we we we prosper and the sun comes out and everybody’s like oh man you didn’t actually know what you’re doing

Okay and this stock is a perfect example of this i got in this stock huge believer in this one and it just went down and down and down for months and months and months and recently the sun is starting to come out and the key word is starting to come out this is not uh the grand finale this is just starting to come out okay so net stock is voyager digital v y g v

F this is a stock that i was down uh i believe was over 90 000 just a few weeks ago i am now up 50 000 on this position as of right now and i will be up a whole lot more long term in my personal opinion as long as there’s not a multi multi multi-year uh bear marketing crypto uh this one should be looking pretty dang good okay now huge news came out in regards to

Voyager digital and this is stuff like people think about voyager digital if they even are educated on voyager digital what’s more likely they’re not right they think about it it’s just a crypto brokerage but they they they fail to recognize the fact that voyager digital bought a business recently and this is a game-changing potential business model here because

Remember like like why do we there’s a lot of reasons why people are excited about crypto but one of the one of the potentials for crypto over time is the fact that you could go to a business and if you want to spend bitcoin with that business if you want to spend you know ethereum or whatever the you know the the currency is you don’t have to just spend dollars

With that business right you can really spend whatever you want to spend right and if it’s some crypto the restaurant will accept that crypto or this business over here starbucks or whatever right that is one of the many reasons that people are excited about uh basically crypto down the road well the question is well how does that happen like how are we gonna end

Up doing that in five years from now seven years from now ten years from now or maybe in two years from now like how does this actually happen well voyager digital integrates voyager token vgx which is uh something i also own a lot of i think i own over 30 000 vgx into coinify’s crypto payment platform so basically voyager bought this company called coinify which

Has ridiculous potential over the coming years voyager digital the integration of a voyager token into quantifies cryptocurrency payment platform a wholly owned voyager subsidiary which provides merchant payment services in 150 countries cointify’s payment system allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency online and in retail stores it is integrated through the

Payment service providers with thirty thousand merchants globally okay this is something that absolutely is a game-changing potential business inside of voyager this is uh you know amazon web services back you know in you know 2007 2009 not a lot of people even recognized that as a potential huge business right now we look at amazon and if you’re anybody that’s

Educated on amazon you realize a substantial portion of amazon’s value of the company comes from amazon web services right it was a long time this platform you’re watching this video on youtube people are like i don’t get it like you know what what does this matter to google and now as far as google goes right a huge portion of google’s valuation is because of the

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Youtube platform right so sometimes you have these companies that essentially acquire another company or build out a company in-house that not a lot of people even see intel is right in front of their face and i think that same exact thing is happening in the voyager digital here with this coinify platform and remember okay you remember facebook acquired instagram

For a billion dollars years ago yeah instagram’s probably worth 200 300 if not 400 billion dollars just as a standalone company now so needless to say when you when you acquire one of these businesses if you integrate it well like a lot of these companies do like the world is yours and this could end up becoming a substantial portion of where your market cap goes

Over time and this quantify platform in my opinion is absolutely uh at the forefront of this technology and at the forefront of this massive growing industry which will be you know running certain amounts of transactions through cryptocurrency which is no doubt this is going to grow right no different than you know everybody was used to using cash at a certain

Time and then debit cards and credit cards came around and now you know uh maybe other than my parents i don’t think i know one person that uses cash to buy stuff like everybody i know uses cr credit cards for debit cards to buy everything right and uh when it comes to using a cryptocurrency of some kind of completed transaction it seems like we’re just uh you

Know it’s going to slowly move that way over the coming years and it’s going to become more and more popular and more and more folks especially in the newer generation will decide to go that route right our acquisition of coinify earlier this year added a global crypto payments infrastructure to the voyager ecosystem and we will continue to implement additional

Ways to maximize this infrastructure to grow crypto adoption internationally said ceo steve okay so essentially we’re in a situation here where voyager is building out in like an overall ecosystem okay here’s what it is it’s a crypto brokerage that also wants to become a stock brokerage over the coming years which also is going to be likely launching a debit card

Product very soon right the vgx coin which is the core of voyager essentially in the rewards program right and then they have bought this this coin of 5 platform which could end up becoming the payment processor or a huge payment processor for crypto in terms of like you know i want to go buy something off amazon maybe it goes through coinify or i want to buy

Something from somebody on ebay maybe we complete that transaction through coinify right or i go to a local restaurant and i’m like i don’t want to pay with dollars i want to pay with this and i can do it through coinify okay and so this is something that just over the next decade plus has just crazy crazy potential and they’re literally at the forefront of this

Technology and so voyager overall is building out an ecosystem which is going to complete the whole business which is so dang key okay and so when you start to put all these pieces together you can also start to realize how voyager becomes a 10 billion 30 billion 50 billion hundred billion dollar type company over the next five ten years when you start to put all

These pieces together on exactly what they’re doing it just comes down to the execution right quantifier if you’re at all interested in getting more educated go to their website essentially and this is like i said guys this is just something that has such big potential that people don’t even realize like voyager because it’s not on the major exchange yet right at

Being like the new york stock exchange or the nasdaq a lot of people just still aren’t even educated on this company and especially the fact that it’s just come out of nowhere in the last year or two wait until wall street gets a hold of this baby and they start to realize you know the growth that voyager has and they start to realize these sorts of opportunities

That the company has over the next you know let’s call it decade or multi-decades uh wall street’s going to get a little excited about this nonetheless as they start to get educated now if we look on the app store oh wait that’s a hungry bull we’re not in the top 200. whoopsies okay we need to get to the top 200. voyager 23 like michael jordan okay 23 like the goat

Okay that’s where you want to be 23 most popular app in the entire financial category remember this is like how fast uh voyager is changing the game here okay no one heard a voyager 18 months ago this was a nobody company 18 months ago no one heard of this thing okay and now they are the number 23 most popular app in the entire financial category like think about

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How big of a a change that is just an 18-month span okay now imagine this coinify and how that will take off over the next three five seven years and because of the you know likely uh you know extremely positive cash flows voyager is going to have coming in over the coming years this is going to put voyager in a position where they’re going to be able to funnel

Money into coinify to build out that network into a big big successful thing over the coming years and that can hopefully become the number one player in that market in transactions over time i mean you know think about how big it will be if you have the number one payment processor for basically you know running crypto transactions for a business and things like

That and imagine if voyagers just making a little bit each time they run that transaction like imagine they just make a little bit of bitcoin each time right or a little bit of this cryptocurrency or that cryptocurrency each time a transaction’s run right like imagine the long-term opportunity for a company like voyager it is it is absolutely substantial right and

So the way i’m starting to view voyager stock is i think this is a mini square okay and square’s a company that if you look at that they’ve been you know very successful in kind of building out an ecosystem of not just an app but overall like you know something that businesses use for transactions even when i had my real estate marketing company back in the day

I used to use square to process a lot of transactions from my customers okay and so squares just been able to successfully build out this ecosystem over the past decade and when i look at voyager that’s exactly you know essentially where square was about a decade ago that’s exactly where voyager is today in my opinion except for the fact that i feel like a voyager

Has a much more successful app than square had 10 years ago so like square didn’t really have a successful app back then right and voyager has this huge crypto brokerage that’s building out that’s going to make them a cash flow machine right which is then they’re going to be able to basically turn that money run it into the quantify platform build that out bigger

And bigger as voyager the app becomes more successful vgx is likely going to become more successful as people buy that up which is going to make the platform even stickier and then if you want to complete the transactions right through coinify through vgx you know you start to run all these pieces together and needless to say the story starts to get really exciting

And then you talk about stock brokerage which the company likely is going to get into i would say probably in the next year in my personal opinion that’s just my best guess that they get into that market probably in the next year think about it steve and a lot of the executives of that company where are they from they’re from e-trade so it’s not rocket science for

Them to build out of stock brokers and they’ve even talked about concepts before of being able to swap out your crypto for a stock as well as swap your stock out for a crypto without ever having to go through usd right which is a pretty dang out out there uh concept but i wouldn’t be surprised if they are and the ones that end up pulling off something like that

Which is a crazy out of the box concept but i could see it being huge potential there right and so once again you start you know debit cards credit cards likely coming for the company over time like you you really build out an ecosystem company that could rival many you know tech giants or fintech giants in general right and that’s the thing with this company

It’s a three billion dollar market cap today like this is a joke of a market cap compared to where i believe this company’s gonna go to over the coming years the only thing that i think can get in voyager’s way is a a multi-year bear cycle for crypto where crypto is just down and out for years outside of that scenario voyager in my opinion has the the world is

Theirs okay never mind if there’s a bigger crypto boom over the coming years and let’s say bitcoin goes to 250 000 or 500 000 over the coming years like some people you know are expecting if that happens that’s a whole other game changer for voyager i’m not even pricing that in i’m just saying like the crypto market’s stable maybe it slightly moves up over time

Like the world is voyagers outside of a multi-year bear market where no one cares about crypto anymore outside of that scenario like the voyagers opportunity over the next 10 years is absolutely ridiculous guys and so that’s why i’ve invested you know quite a bit of money considering this is an otc stock for me to put in you know the amount of money i have put

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Into the stock uh you know i have to be a huge huge believer my cost based on this is 237 thousand dollars i don’t just throw around 237 000 into otc stocks okay if i do it’s because the company has to have such a crazy long-term opportunity in front of it that it just is like i can’t like stay out of that one right and so that’s exactly how i feel about voyager

Digital here you’ve seen the deal they do with mark cuban there now the dallas mavericks which is just a massive uh potential there in the the deal they had a you know a weekend or two ago essentially where if you signed up for voyager through uh you know the dallas mavericks link you got a hundred dollars in free bitcoin like you you look at a lot of these deals

That voyager is pulling off here and uh you know you start to kind of realize oh man the long-term potential here for this stock is really really dang crazy and so that’s why i put as much money in the stock and then you know the last component here in terms of if you’re talking about the stock price you know i think it’s just a matter of time i think it’s just

A matter of time before voyager digital gets listed onto the nasdaq in the new york stock exchange who knows when it happens i’m not going to predict which quarter that happens in or anything like that but i think it’s just a matter of time and once this baby gets on the new york stock exchange in the nasdaq and if they keep putting up this sort of growth just wait

Everybody on wall street is also going to find out about this stock over the next you know the you know basically the next 12 months after that happens right because remember because it’s otc stock a lot of hedge funds and funds in general can’t even buy this stock right now as this this company gets listed on the big dog exchanges also in all these hedge funds and

Funds in general right high net worth individuals will all start to consider it because right now they won’t consider because it’s an otc stock right and so that’s just another massive thing for the company and then as the company’s valuation increases over time if they ever want to raise money they can basically dilute in such a small fashion and get crazy money

For that right now in my opinion based upon some of the cash flows i think this company can have coming in i don’t think they’ll really need to dilute in any major way however as a market cap increases over time if they ever want to dilute one percent two percent three percent they’ll be able to get a really large amount of money for that as a company’s valuation

Goes up and so this one just like the world is theirs type opportunity here they’re just on the forefront of so many technologies that are going to be massive over the next 10 plus years that i’m like i’ll put my chips on the table here i put 200 000 plus in this one and uh you know we’ll see where it goes over the coming years i i wouldn’t be surprised at all if

This stock’s a 10x type stock over the next five years i wouldn’t be surprised if it happened in two years i’ll just be completely honest if it happens it happens if it doesn’t it doesn’t it doesn’t change uh you know my my future right whether voyager 10x is or doesn’t 10x it doesn’t change it doesn’t change much for me right i like making successful investments

At the end of the day but you know a million or two million dollars isn’t changing the game for me however i will say uh i like to be part of successful companies right and i like to put my chips on the table and when i see something that has huge long-term potential i like to put the money there and so uh yeah we’ll see what happens with that one over the coming

Years but uh i think it has some absolutely massive potential so anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video as always just so you know we got a huge massive black friday sale coming for the private stock group we haven’t done one of those in like 100 years you want to get on the notification list to be notified as soon as that deal drops go ahead and check out pin

Comment down there much love as always guys don’t forget to smash and have a great day

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