Oh holy smokes folks this isn’t any kind of dang jokers okay a stock just did the unthinkable yes the unthinkable okay uh we’re gonna talk about what just happened with this stock what it just did this is a massive massive milestone this company just hit okay we’re going to talk about why this stock just made a huge move here today we’re going to talk about my

Views on this stock if i own the stock we’re going to get into all that in this video and that’s about it hope you guys enjoy this is always all i ask in returns that you smash that like button that helps out huge youtube algorithm i appreciate all you guys for being here as always if you’re looking to join our brand new free facebook group check it out it’ll be

The pinned comment down there absolutely free to join and uh yeah hope you guys enjoy that okay so i want to ask you a question real quick here okay this video is not about amazon by the way but i want to ask you about a few stocks okay and you tell me what these stocks have in common okay amazon corporation apple corporation google mcdougall corporation and

Mr softie microsoft what do all four of those companies have in in in relation to each other okay and keep in mind these are the only four true companies in the world that have this okay there’s one other company that is also uh you know usually in this club but that company is kind of owned by let’s just say uh like the saudi arabian government kind of so it’s

A kind of a weird situation okay but these four individual companies they have something very important in common okay amazon apple google and microsoft they are part of the trillion dollar boys club yes the trillion dollar boys club which means you have over a one trillion dollar market capitalization on your company right amazon today trades at 1.7 trillion

Excuse me apple today trades at about 2.2 trillion right google mcdougall trades at 1.66 trillion and mr softy trades at over 2 trillion right and those are usually the only four companies you’ll find other than a company named saudi aramco but uh that’s a very confusing situation i really put that in the same category as these other stocks but those only stocks

You’ll ever really find that have a trillion plus dollar market caps on them that deserve that sort of valuation but there’s a brand new member here today okay brand new member for the first time ever to the trillion dollar boys club the fifth horseman of the bunch and it is facebook it is official facebook as of today just hit one trillion dollar market cap

Unbelievable okay yes it finally did it okay one trillion dollars it’s flirted with getting up to some pretty big numbers in the past but never hit that big trillion dollar mark and today it is officially there so amazing okay amazing but we got a lot to discuss here okay so first thing you guys know i own facebook stock i’m going to take you through how much of

I actually have in this stock okay talk about how important of a position is for me we’re talking about what happened because something very specific happened here today right that stock didn’t just go up four percent plus and far outperformed the stock market here today by accident okay there’s something very specific that just happened with the stock that is

A very very bullish thing at least in the short term and honestly for the long term in this company very very important okay so i’m big okay we’re gonna talk about where the stock is going next in my opinion and we’re talking about is this stock still a buy i’ve been calling this stock uh easy money in the stock market for several years now probably since i don’t

Know maybe either 2017 or 2018 right and we’re going to talk about if i still view this stock as easy money and a super attractive risk rewards is still a buy okay so a lot to get into first off here as far as me and my shares i have 400 shares in this particular account here and then i have another 371 shares another account so 400 shares here in this account

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This is my main private account uh we’re up 46 thousand dollars on those ones so far 238 cost basis the other one the cost basis beautiful 150 35 371 shares on this one up 75 000 plus on these facebook shares so far okay real quick facebook should be a way bigger position for me something happened here okay with facebook what happened is i started building this

Position out oh man this just hurts me i started building the facebook position it was either 2017 or 2018 okay no uh you know if i go back to 2018 which was when i was really getting the facebook position rolling right you know i don’t know what i had in stocks back then maybe it was a million dollars okay roughly somewhere around there if we go back to 2018

Right well nowadays obviously i have significantly more money than than you know in the market than when i had back then right and so because i had a smaller account i built the position smaller because i didn’t have it like back then if i had a hundred thousand dollars in a stock that was a lot of money back then right and so it led me to this place when it

Comes to facebook although i’ve always loved the stock and i’ve viewed it as one of the most attractive risk rewards in the stock market that i didn’t even as my net worth grew and i had a ton of success in other stocks i did not buy facebook heavy enough i got too caught up into other new stocks which there’s nothing wrong with that because a lot of those new

Stocks have done amazing as well right but when it comes to facebook i just look at that socket i’m like i should have built that much bigger than it is okay and it’s still what is it well over a quarter million dollar position but i’m just saying like i should have put at least a quarter mil plus in myself in this position so it should be valued right now four

Hundred thousand five hundred thousand okay so you know it’s done amazing for us i just it’s one of those stocks i should have put a lot more in over time i just because of when i started buying it it kind of just would always get pushed to the back like well i could buy facebook today but this other new stock that i’m really hyped on right and so sometimes

Something like a facebook kind of just gets pushed to the to the back burner and um i didn’t really ever build it really the way i should have really built this position i mean honestly i should have a million dollars in stock today i should when i think about some of my other million dollar positions you know walgreens uh tattoo chef some of those other ones

Right i mean extremely attractive risk rewards and when i look at facebook i’m like why would i not have a million dollars like it just doesn’t make any sense to me so yeah i mean i love this company but anyways we got a lot to get into okay so what happened what’s the big news that happened to this company okay so something very very big happened right ftc

Anti-trust case against facebook dismissed by judge dismissed by judge we’re going to get into the actual what they said here very very important this is huge guys because the biggest thing that has been holding facebook stock back for the past three or four years has been drama around ftc related things there was a cambridge analytica thing right all the dr

That stuff has been holding this back this stock back for years this stock has been primed to go on a massive bull run the likes of which we’ve maybe never seen as far as big cat companies but it’s always been held back by all these sorts of things is facebook a monopoly is facebook trying to influence this that all that stuff has been holding the stock back

For the longest time okay and now all that stuff is starting to get moved to the back now and this stock is is coiled and ready to you know let’s just say beast okay facebook stock hit an all-time high after u.s district judge said a fatal federal trade commission complaint against the social media company is legally insufficient and must therefore be dismissed

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This is really really big news because this is this is one of those things that has been holding the stock back and holding the stock back and holding this talk back from from reaching new all-time highs and getting up there with you know google’s in in apples and those sorts of companies okay and we’ll talk about where i think the stocks going and those sorts of

Things okay so where do i think the stock’s going next do i think the stock is still a buy let’s talk about that for a moment okay so you know when we talk about facebook lot a lot of people just think it’s facebook platform it’s not it’s facebook platform right it’s facebook’s messenger right it’s instagram it’s whatsapp and it’s oculus oculus is obviously in

The forefront of artificial intelligence artificial intelligence excuse me augmented reality in virtual reality augmented reality virtual reality think of oculus first okay really in vr especially so when you think about facebook here for a moment we’re talking about a company that each one of those branches has a thousand businesses off of it and a thousand

Different ways it can make money right if you think about just the facebook platform and all the different ways facebook can monetize that the biggest one is obviously advertising right that’s the biggest that’s the biggest by far right advertising but facebook has so many other ways of driving revenue just off the facebook platforms same thing with facebook

Messenger same thing with instagram right think about instagram for a moment it’s not like they just can make advertising revenue they can make so many other streams of income all that facebook cares about is that the world uses at least one of their apps right or you know maybe even several of their apps because if that’s going on then facebook always has an

Unlimited amount of folks to show ads to or to sell products to and services to and all those sorts of things they have the world’s attention and an attention that is driven by data in the world who’s in a better position for the world’s attention and data than facebook i can’t think of a better company right google would be number two number three after that i

Don’t know i don’t know maybe maybe apple maybe amazon i mean you could make an argument for different companies out there but yeah in terms of data those two are the kings right facebook and google and so you’re talking about just incredible business models that by standalone they would be worth hundreds of billions of dollars just alone right and facebook

Platform was just its own company you’re talking about that company’s worth hundreds of billions of dollars just by itself same thing with instagram right this is a company that is expected to have revenue growth of 20 plus for a while analysts you know have them potentially doing just under 20 next year we’ll see every time i’ve seen analysts predict that facebook

Or amazon is going to grow less than 20 or google for that matter they almost always end up growing more than 20 almost consistently happens so no matter what facebook should be a double digit grower for years like as far as this whole decade i would be in shock if facebook ever put up a year even in a recessionary year even if we have a recessionary year between

2021 and 2030 i would be in shock if facebook had a year where they didn’t grow revenue at least 10 percent but most years i mean i’m expecting 15 20 25 revenue growth the best part about that is facebook’s already gone on a huge hiring push in the past okay and so whatever number you expect for revenue the net income should be more so what i’m basically saying

Here is if i expect facebook to grow revenues twenty percent then i would expect net income to increase by even a bigger percentage okay if net income goes up 10 or excuse me if revenue growth goes up 10 percent i i expect net income to grow even more than that there’s a beautiful business model that just gets more and more profitable as it scales out bigger and

Bigger and bigger okay and this is very very important factor that i don’t think a lot of people think about in regards to facebook talking about a company that has a 4p under 30 under 30. i mean you’re talking about a company that’s revenue growth 20 plus as growing for as long as i can see right net income growing at even a steeper percentage you’re talking

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About a company that is getting all this drama stuff put in the backdrop now a pe under 30. a 4p under 30 is silly absolutely laughable for this company and that’s what it is okay it’s the most disrespect of the big tech stocks by a mile and the balance sheets the number three in my opinion if i was ranking balance sheets best in the world i would put it as the

Number three best balance sheet in the entire world top five no debate top five no debate i would put a number three best balance sheet in the world then you can go on to zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg and the management team and all those sorts of things right but there’s so many components to be excited about this stock and this is why when it comes to facebook

Stock i expect the stock to continue to be a beast for years to go in the future i believe facebook is going to be the biggest market capitalization in the world over time okay i truly think that over time facebook will take over market cap wise amazon alphabet microsoft and apple all these companies have unbelievable business models beautiful business models but

I can tell you i don’t think any of them have the scale the pure scale that facebook has and i don’t think any of them are going to have as many income streams as facebook is going to have and i don’t think any of them have the pricing power that facebook has if you’re a business if you’re a small business mid-sized business even a large company you if you’re

Not advertising on facebook and instagram you are irrelevant how are you not there you have to be there right and so when it comes to when you think about it from that context it’s like you know i don’t have to have an iphone i like to have an iphone right but if i have a business and i want to build that business i better be on facebook i better be on instagram

Or what the heck am i doing right uh amazon i love their business model but we are we obviously all all know retail is very very competitive right uh amazon’s in a great position should continue to beast for many many years ago in the future google google is being disrupted a little bit on their search engine side because of voice search and some of those sorts

Of things but it’s a very slow transition to some of those other products but we know google’s you know they own android they own what you’re watching us on youtube right now right google’s a beast microsoft’s a beast right but i don’t think any of them will be able to beat out facebook i you know i just no doubt in my mind if we’re you know looking you know and

We’re in the year let’s say 2026 i think facebook’s the biggest market capitalization company in the entire world okay and that’s why i expect the stock to continue to not just outperform the market over time i think facebook will outperform all the other big tech stocks microsoft apple amazon google those other stocks can do amazing as well i just honestly think

Facebook’s going to get into a league of its own and i’ll perform all those over the in in the coming years guys and uh yeah i love the stock i’ll continue to hold it i just wish i owned more of it so anyways i would love to hear from you guys as always and what a perfect day to announce that you know we got this new facebook group right we’re a date that facebook

Has a trillion dollar mark cap it’s almost like a celebration we got the new facebook group that’ll be pinned comment down there hope you guys enjoy that let me know in the comments what you think about facebook and uh it’s long term prospects as uh you know um maybe multi trillion dollar market cap in the future much love as always guys and have a great day

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