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Well folks i have some absolutely insane stuff to share with you in this video okay um i was just listening to uh the target conference call right now and i was looking over some stuff that i’m absolutely blown away by and you know me i keep track of obviously my stocks i keep track of like travel stocks i keep track of banking stocks i keep track of uh big tech

Things like that but there’s certain stocks in the market that i don’t usually keep track of but i do have this watch list and what i just witnessed is absolutely shocking for this one specific list okay now uh futures are tanking as i’m recording this i’m recording this past 2 a.m right now and i’m recording it outside the weather’s probably 77 degrees it’s

Beautiful uh futures are tanking okay and so nasdaq’s likely gonna be at a new low we’ll see we’ll see it could then it could come back or it could get a lot worse we’ll see what happens with that um that’s a big prediction game um but as of right now we’ll open at a new low for the nasdaq um in quite a while okay so everybody saw target today right shockingly

Dropped 25 we all witnessed that that was shocking just shocking okay because you don’t you never see that the last time target fell like that was 1987 1987 like that doesn’t just happen 25 so you watch that in in target’s usually considered one of the safest stocks in the market okay walmart in the past five trading days has fallen over 17 walmart in the stock

Market is considered a top 10 safest stock in the market and for this stock to fall over 17 percent five trading days is absolutely shocking but this is actually just kind of the tip of the iceberg here okay look at dollar tree dollar tree fell over fourteen percent they didn’t report earnings nothing this fell fourteen percent in a day for dollar tree are you

Kidding me yeah you gotta be flipping my flapjacks for a dollar tree no way man no way it’s a dollar store and it falls 14.4 in a day come on man look at costco costco in last five trading days is down about 12 these are considered the safest place you can possibly be in in the market sj uh this is smuckers okay they make jam and jelly this stock fell 10 you’ve

Got to be flipping my flapjacks okay and by the way like i said i’m recording this is past 2 a.m i’m trying not to wake up neighbors i’m trying not to wake up the family but i’m out here i got to record this for you guys i know a lot of people say jeremy you need to get sleep listen man here’s a deal very rarely the stock market ever crashes it’s crashing this year

Okay 2022 is the year of the crash so i can either like like cover all this in this epic year or wait another 10 years or 20 years until the market crashes again i gotta cover everything that’s going on here okay sjm come on man this is supposed to be one of the safest stocks in the market over down over ten percent look at kraft heinz nine point five percent in

A day by the way khc craft tines is supposed to be one of the safest stocks in the market right over the last five years is the stock has fallen 56 they sell ketchup and mustard and stuff like that so you know that whole notion about like oh you know some of these stocks are so safe or something like that bs it’s complete bs when you see these stocks fall like

That you start to realize oh you know everything’s not as safe as they say it is they told me these stocks were so safe right and the worst part of these stocks are they don’t even have big upside like all those stocks that just went through are pretty darn boring like they have very limited upside and it’s like i mean if you’re gonna lose some money you might

As well at least lose money and ones that have you know insane upside over the next five ten years you know to lose money like that in these sorts of stocks i mean over a five year span the stock is down fifty six percent for craft times come on man you’d be kidding me there okay campbell’s soup was down eight percent in a day eight percent by the way this one

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Over the last five years is down 17 what is the point of putting money in campbell’s soup to lose to lose money you know what i mean and you go down eight percent heck i don’t even know if shopify was down eight percent today and that’s saying a lot right a general mill is down over seven percent at least this one’s up in the past five years it’s up 20 last five

Years oh my gosh what a joke okay so s p 500 here um essentially you know people look at like the indexes and they’d say those are safe right well you know when i got in the market in 08 the end of 08 right and if i talk to anybody about me getting into stocks you know what consistently came up was the stock market’s a scam nobody said buying individual stocks

Is a scam everybody said the stock market’s a scam but why did those people say that i think one person actually didn’t say that they said hey you know it’s just a roller coaster ride and you just you know you buy when it’s low and and you hold and you’ll over time you’ll make a lot of money but most people said the stock market’s a scam and the reason they said

That is because these are people that had invested their retirement funds into the stock market or whatever right into the indexes and all these folks at the you know peak to trough their values went down over 50 percent over 50 percent the s p 500 in that crash fell over 50 percent peak to trough the nasdaq fell over fifty percent peak to trough the dow fell

Over fifty percent peak to trough so the russell nasdaq s p dow all fell over fifty percent peak to trough this is why when i was getting in the market at the end of 08 everybody said the stock market’s a scam because everybody was down massively and somebody that had a retirement fund of a half million dollars was looking at their retirement fund and now it’s

A quarter million dollars and they’re like i can understand especially if you don’t understand the stock market on a high level you’re looking at that thing you’re like this is a scam this just took half my money half my net worth right and so even the indexes people are starting to realize that’s not safe either like you know and you know this is what i try

To explain to folks i’m like everybody understands when you buy an individual stock there’s risk right and there’s a chance that that stock will never come back there’s a chance that it could take years to come back but with indexes p a lot of folks are almost trained to look at the indexes as like it’s some like holy grail and you know you never lose money or

Something like that and it’s like you can go down massively you can potentially go down massively for years depending on the situation right and just like a stock you could pay in excel you could panic sell a in an index as well right and so you know if you got 10 15 20 stocks in a portfolio individual stocks like the chances all those go down forever is a pretty

Low probability if you got all your money in one stock it’s a whole different situation right so these are things to kind of keep in mind now when it comes to the indexes jeremy grantham my evil twin brother okay he’s basically he has been saying we’re in a bubble right and he said he’s expects s p 500 to fall at least 40 percent he told cnbc this recently okay

In the past 24 hours and he says we’re going to be in some sort of recession pretty quickly could already be in that recession that’s all for debate um but nonetheless we’re down a little less than 20 for s p 500. now the nasdaq and russell have freakishly fallen way more than an s p 500 in the dow usually those are kind of in line with each other but that’s not

How this is playing out right now so it’s a very kind of freakish time we’re going through right now i can say that okay and so grant i’m saying this market’s about to fall a lot lower all right and so basically what he’s saying is dow’s going to hit or excuse me s p 500 is going to hit 28 2900 you know we’re at 3 900. if that’s accurate we’re gonna fall another

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Thousand s p 500 points that’s a long way that’s a long way that would be back to levels of 2018 2017 if we fell all the way down there okay and so that’s that’s a pretty darn substantial fall if that was to happen now whenever we’re going through a rough market what is the thing that happens right everybody pays attention to all the bear headlines and it doesn’t

Mean they’re wrong it’s just like bear headlines a lot of times get buried unless it’s the beginning of a new year or unless you’re in a horrible market let’s be quite clear we are in a horrible market when the nasdaq’s down around 30 year-to-date five months into the year you were in a horrible market when the indexes are getting slice and dice and when you’ve

Got stocks down 50 60 70 80 year to date you were in a horrible market so we’re in this awful market and so jeremy grantham makes a prediction like this and maybe you’ll be right we’ll have to see but i can tell you a lot more folks are going to take it serious because of the market we’re going through if the market was high flying right now no one wouldn’t even

Care about what jeremy grantham has to say but the fact that the market’s been tanking everybody’s looking they’re like what’s he saying oh we’re going down 2 800. shoot man we got a lot more to fall okay now this is why for me for this year right i’m fully committed to buy this entire year uh because maybe it comes true we’ll get jeremy grant i’m saying maybe we

Fall down to 2 that’d be insane but maybe it happens this is why for me for this year i i’m ready to buy this entire year this entire year because this could happen and so i’m like i’m ready for it i’ll buy i’ll buy this entire year i’ll increase my ownership of these companies at you know insane pricing if we go back to where s p 500 was back in 2017 okay it is

What it is like i’ll buy at those levels and i’ll continue to load up on stocks i think it would be a little wild and kind of silly if we follow those levels but i’m not going to i’m not going to rule it out i’ll never rule it out i’m also not going to plan for that and say oh gosh we’re falling to 2800 let me sell all my stocks because that might never happen

Who knows you know bears make predictions all the time and oh we’re in a bubble and you know we’re going to follow this price in that price you know most of the time it doesn’t come true the high majority of time doesn’t come true every once in a while it does so for me how i like to play this is i’m just going to add ad ad and if we hit s p 2800 we hit it if

We hit 3 100 we hit 3 400 3800 whatever right i’m just ready to buy buy buy and increase ownership i’m mentally prepared for that for the whole year right no wall street’s in a full-blown panic attack now at this point okay a full-blown panic attack we watched what just happened with the melvin capital situation they are freaking out you understand when you are

Seeing smuckers jam fall 10 in a day when you see target stock full 25 in a day when you see walmart stock full 17 and five trading days wall street is in a full-blown panic attack right now they don’t know what way to go so what wall street’s doing right now they are going to cash they have been going to cash but they’re going even more okay that’s part of it

Some of them are returning money to investors that are running funds because they’re like we we don’t know what the hell is going on so we’re just gonna give you the money you know how confused and panicked wall street has to be to give the money back to investors you know how it’s like come on man that is full-blown panic mode doing they’re like dude we don’t

Know what the hell to do we’re so lost in this market just take your money take your money we don’t even want to collect fees on you because we are lost that’s when you know the market is in full blown panic mode and so a lot of people look at the vix right and fx is a good indicator of the market being in panic mode but i don’t think that’s the only indicator

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You should ever look at when it comes to seeing how panicked people are and how panicked wall street is i think it’s a pretty damn good thing to see when smucker’s jams down 10 in a day for no reason when when craft heinz is down 8 in a day for no reason when the target falls the most in a day since 1987 for i don’t want to say no reason that’s is a reason but

25 percent a day when wall street’s giving money back to investors that means they are in panic mode they are in full blown panic mode when they are going to cash when they have no clue what to do i was watching um a billionaire fund manager on the cnbc had some some comments to make about the market and i think it was sarah eisen was interviewing him and while

She was interviewing him she was asking him a lot of very direct questions about like what to do and she had to like keep going back to it over and over again because he kept kind of dodging the question and all that told me was this guy has no freaking clue what what to tell people right now she kept going back and i was like does it mean cash does it mean buying

Puts on the market and he kept kind of trying to evade the question almost and it’s like when wall street is that unconfident right when they’re that unconfident they have no clue the only ones that have confidence right now the only ones are the ones that are super bears that’s it the super bears have confidence right now to say s p is going to 2800 or 3k or 3100

Or whatever right so they have the confidence but everybody that’s not a super bear none of them i’m confident i have confidence but i’m like you know a very small amount in the market and so i’m looking at wall street and full-blown panic right now and they don’t know what to do they are lost they don’t know whether to short this market they don’t know whether

By puts they don’t know whether by calls they are completely lost and i think the reason they’re completely lost is they lost their daddy they lost mr powell and because they lost daddy they don’t know where to turn they don’t think the u.s economy can do anything without mr powell behind it and so intel there’s a change they’re basically on a buyer strike and

I spoke about this in a video about a week ago and if you didn’t get to watch that video go watch that video what i touch on in that video is something we almost never talk about on the channel and it’s liquidity it’s the liquidity in the stock market and when you see these moves these stocks are making when you see a dollar tree down 14 in a day for a dollar

Store with no news that’s a liquidity crisis that’s not a valuation crisis that’s nothing else that’s a liquidity crisis we have a liquidity crisis on our hands in the market right now where folks are just selling stocks and you have no one on the other side to buy these dang things and so any bit of selling pressure just sends these stocks down massively and

It’s like and you see that in countless of these stocks and that’s how you’ve gotten these stocks to full 60 70 80 90 percent that’s how you got it to play out right so once again for me i’m staying focused buying stocks increasing my ownership for this entire year and if we fall to where jeremy grantham says at 2800 we fall down there and i’ll pick up a lot more

Shares for cheaper prices than i ever thought possible and that will be what that’s going to be but um let’s be very clear wall street is in full blown panic mode and to me there’s no debating that there’s no debating that hope you guys enjoyed this as always follow me on instagram say hello much love as always have a great day

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