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Already folks there’s no doubt this is gonna be one of the most important videos i ever make in my youtube life and uh what i’m gonna say in this video the way i’m gonna describe things in this video i think this is uh i think this is definitely a video we we all need to talk about and no one really talks about this in the community and as somebody that’s been

Here for many many years on the platform we have to really talk about this in depth in in how we treat each other in the space uh kind of moving forward and the way uh we we think about youtube in the stock space because if things go down a certain route we will have no more community on youtube for discussion of stocks and those sorts of things moving forward

Essentially and so um i’m going to share some really really personal stuff in this video and uh we’ll just go from there okay so basically if we go back to the fall of 2018 all right i was already like a big youtube creator at that time i probably already had like a couple hundred thousand subscribers i get a good amount of views and i was already um you know

Known in the stock market space when it came to youtube right and during that time period um i got absolutely destroyed on stock so let me be quite clear everything i bought just kept going down and uh simultaneously i would also talk about tesla stock and how i was buying tesla stock and so bullish and i used to get obviously an incredible amount of hate for for

Tesla and buying that stock and those sorts of things and meanwhile everything i was buying was going down i couldn’t get a break anywhere like every time i do a three stocks i’m buying video like the stocks would go lower and they would go lower and they go lower and next thing you know the russell was down like 27 percent of this lows nasdaq was down about 23

Percent of its at its lows and the s p 500 was off over 20 percent of it at its lows okay and so here we were in this this moment of time where i was a uh a public figure out there and i’ve always think i’ve always had a little issues with anxiety and those sorts of things um i just never knew it was an issue because you know sometimes you just like are the way

You are right and so next thing you know in very very early 2019 i started having anxiety attacks and panic attacks and those sorts of things and 2019 was to be quite honest the hardest year of my life by far and here i was a person with all the success in the world money the cars the houses uh you know everything you could ever have asked for family wife kids

Everything and i was having the the roughest year of my life and i would say that was the closest i ever came to depression for sure and i remember there was even one day when i just didn’t feel that great and i was like you know if i just didn’t wake up it was okay and so i was just in a bad place man i was in a really really bad place just to be quite honest

Right and it took me about a year to dig out of that place and it was not a fast movement and i had a lot of i had a lot of crap i had to uh dig myself out of mentally despite all the success and my stocks just started beasting in 2019 too including tesla stock and all these stocks it didn’t matter if you’re not right mentally you can have all the money in the

World you can have the family you can have everything you ever dreamed of if you’re not right up here none of that matters none of that matters okay and so then i obviously found a mindful meditation down the road and started doing that and just kind of working through all these mental issues i had um to get myself to a great spot which is you know the jeremy you

See in front of you today but here i was in a moment where i was in the spotlight my stocks were getting destroyed and i never really understood like what that was going to do to me mentally and kind of those struggles and those sorts of things right because i’ve been through the market before when when my stocks have been destroyed right i’ve been through tough

Markets before i started the market in 2008 2009 i’ve been through plenty of tough markets but i had never been through a tough market publicly that’s the difference in all the negativity that can surround you all the hate you can get when your stocks are going down i had never felt that before i never felt everybody calling you an idiot and saying you’re you’re

You know you don’t know what you’re talking about and this and that i never felt that before and i went through that in 2018 a massive colossal way okay so here i was in that moment right now i obviously dug myself out of that in those sorts of things but that’s a very very important thing because what i see going on now is i see a lot of similar things happening

To other creators that are you know have kind of gotten popular in the last couple years on the platform for instance right uh obviously uh chicken genius singapore was one of those folks he says i’m quitting youtube you know i’m done with this kind of thing and you know the the pressure of youtube whether it be from the the folks that can comment or whether it

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Be from other creators or it doesn’t matter the pressure you are put under it’s like a pressure cooker on youtube and when stocks are going through a rough time period it is like a pressure cooker essentially and there’s no way out of that right there’s no way out of this and the more views you get right the more views you get the more uh known you get the more

In the pressure cooker you are essentially the more hate you’re going to get from the folks that are commenting the more love you’re going to get as well uh the more people that might want to make videos about you all those sorts of things you’re going to be amplified in a massive massive way you will be in the pressure cooker and so you know for something like

That i’m kind of not surprised because i’m looking here and i’m like that’s a lot of views and when you’re getting that sort of views boy you’re gonna get you’re gonna get massive amounts of hate you’re gonna give massive amounts of love as well but believe me you will get some you know pretty intense hate cycles uh one of my my favorite people and just a really

Really positive dude matthew hugh right you know this is a this is a uh you know a person i’m partner with obviously i’m hungry bowl and i always like matthew hugh man uh you know just you know a super positive person very forward looking i’ve spent time with him before and you know i i noticed he hadn’t posted in over two months over two months on his channel and

I thought about texted him and i was like no i just want to see what happens here i don’t want to put any pressure on like hey why are you not posting or something like that it’s like let me just see you know i’ll just let this play out and i initially uh right away i already knew like likely he’s probably going through some sort of uh tough time right mentally

And that’s that’s more than likely why you aren’t posting on youtube right that’s like a conscious decision you don’t just like forget to post for plus in two months right and so then i saw this this post on instagram today and it says hey guys i missed being on youtube but i had to step away i’ll explain it all when i’m ready you know i don’t know we’ll hear you

Know obviously what the explanation is there but i’m guessing he was not happy and look at you know right here he feels like uh you know essentially he’s the healthiest he’s been in a long time you know these past two months away from youtube have been the happiest i felt in a very long time right which means prior to youtube and you get to that place because of

Of these you know sorts of obviously hate cycles and those sorts of things that that bring you to a very very very bad place mentally uh i watched this video the other day uh jack spencer investing right not a super popular channel and that’s the thing you know i think the the things that we’ve seen kind of at the top of the youtube pyramid when it comes to stock

Market related youtubers that’s just the that’s just a tip of the iceberg when you start to go below that to even smaller channels you see things like this and it’s just kind of like heartbreaking to see you know this gentleman this jack spencer right he goes on to talk about how you know he basically anxiety depression okay and now he has to take these you know

Tablets of some kind which i’m guessing is probably an antidepressant of some kind just to not feel bad thoughts and those sorts of things and that’s the type of stuff that’s just like heart-wrenching to see right like you know i hate whenever somebody is in such a bad mental spot that they have to resort to a drug of any kind and i as somebody that was in a really

Bad mental spot i even started to think that i was like maybe i need like an antidepressant of some kind i’ve thought about even like going to other drugs and things like that i have those type of thoughts right because when you’re in that bad mental space you start considering these things um because you’re like i am in such a bad spot like maybe i need to resort

To this right i even thought about drinking and like you know me i’ve never drank at any point in my life so you know the fact that i was thinking about drinking like that just means i was in a really really bad place and so these are sorts of things that just it’s so sad to see man and um i can understand how how folks get to that that sort of place right when

When you’re when you’re in these sorts of cycles where the market’s going down your stocks are getting killed and you’re you’re already going through that which everybody that’s watching this that you you’ve gone down in your accounts you’ve gone down big on positions that’s already like a mental hurdle you have to deal with right it’s very if you just make money

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Every day every month every year it’s that’s cake man it’s like that’s not hard mentally it’s like i get to make more money i get to make more money but when you go you gotta understand stocks go down too the market goes down too right and that’s already a huge mental hurdle to deal with when you’re going through that never mind if you’re in the public spotlight

And you let’s say 10 000 people see your video and 100 people you know throw hate at you that’s just like another kind of toll right and the next kind of toll on top of all that is i can tell you for the stock market space on youtube most stock market channels are down anywhere is between 50 and 90 from where they peaked at in early 2021 between 50 and 90 meaning

The the views they get so you can see all this on social blade this is all publicly available information if you go to social blade you can type in any youtubers channel and you can see how many views they’re getting on a monthly basis okay and i can tell you almost every single stock market related youtuber their channel views if you look at them over the past

Few months or down between 50 and 90 right which also leads you to think no one cares about me anymore because if your views are down 50 90 or something like that you start to think no one cares about you anymore which leads to even a more of a kind of a negative cycle going through your head right it’s like i already get all this hate and no one even cares about

Me anymore because i used to get this sort of views on every month and now i get this sort of views so you know for me i’ve kind of been fortunate to not be in that cycle i actually had a record month in february and a second record month in uh march in my first and best months ever but that’s mainly because i’m putting in a lot of work toward youtube and putting

Out more content than i’ve usually traditionally put out but i can tell you from if you pull up go to anybody’s channel anybody that’s big in the stock market space and you’ll see every single one is down between 50 and 90 from their highs which once again leads you this very very negative place mentally where you’ve got killed on stocks you’re getting mad hate and

You start to feel like no one cares about you anymore because you know everybody left boy can that lead you into a very very very negative cycle when it comes to anxiety depression those sorts of things right now the elephant in the room is obviously you know being on youtube you can make money right and that’s great but i think some folks are starting to see that

The money’s just not worth it in the end because it can absolutely destroy you with how toxic it can be out there right where a lot of folks are looking at like yeah i can make really good money if i blow up on youtube and become a popular stock market youtuber but it’s not worth my life and i think that’s the way a lot of people are looking at it or like it’s just

Not worth it right and there’s a lot of things you can do in life that you can you can make really good money but there’s a lot of risk associated with that and i think in this scenario a lot of folks are just looking at this and they’re like hmm no it’s not worth it now to anybody that’s in the future watching this video and you’re ever thinking about getting out

There on social media youtube starting a youtube channel right i think you guys will be better mentally prepared for these sorts of things moving forward because you’ve seen the downside you’ve seen the downfall you’ve seen how rough it can get for folks out there when i was on my first come up on youtube i would do videos about like how much money i made from

Youtube and i remember i did like oh i made you know when i started making like 5 000 a month from youtube and like 10 000 a month from youtube right and that inspired a lot of people i remember even you know graham is telling me you know like that was inspiring to him and that made him want to you know create a youtube channel and go hard and i’ve heard that from

A lot of different creators out there that my my success on youtube in me being public about them being very open with that led a lot of people to want to try youtube and do those sorts of things right and build out channels build out communities and build out a personal brand on youtube and those sorts of things but what we didn’t know was this sort of side of

It we didn’t know that this could lead you to anxiety this could lead you to depression and all the money in the world ends up not being worth it right and you know it’s a really the stock market community let’s be honest can be very very toxic you go on message boards you go on uh a lot of places in the stock market community it is toxic i mean ultra toxic okay

Just rough all right and in in the private stock group i try to always keep it as as least toxic as possible but it’s a challenge because the stock market community naturally is a very very toxic place and you got a lot of people with a lot of opinions and don’t care about your feelings at all and i mean at all not even like one percent okay not even like one

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Percent they don’t care about your feelings at all and it is a rough community okay and so if you think about other uh celebrities or whatever right and you think about why so many of these people end up going to alcohol and going to drugs like like why does that happen i think the the popularity and the stress that comes along with that i think that’s why a lot

Of these people end up oding i think a lot of that’s why a lot of these people end up turning alcohol or just to be quite frank turning crazy and it’s like why does this happen well like why does this happen it’s because of that stress and that pressure and i think we’ve got to talk about this moving forward and i think this has got to be a risk factor that folks

Understand moving forward that this could potentially destroy your entire life and you’ve got to ask yourself are you in the right mental spot to accept this and if you’re not um you know this is not going to be the same thing for you and just like there’s there’s some like musicians that can that can like have that healthy balance mentally right there’s a lot that

Just can’t accept that and there’s a lot that it ends up destroying their lives and they end up dying way before they ever should have right i mean the amount of rock stars we’ve lost over time that ended up oding um is sad like like every single time i hear about some and i know like a food fighters uh drummer i think just died recently every single time i see it

I’m like you know they probably od you know every single time and unfortunately it’s almost always true they ended up getting on way too much stuff look at all these guys and um and it’s just it’s sad to see and i think we’ve got to understand these sorts of risk factors going kind of like we understand like the risk factor going into stock you can lose money you

Can lose money over a short term period you can lose money over a long term period and we kind of understand that we kind of get that right but for this next level and you got to understand youtube’s very very different than if you write an article about a stock if you write an article about a stock right people read that and most of time they don’t even look at

Whoever’s writing that article or care about that that’s not they’re just reading it okay on to the next one with a youtube channel very very different you’re building a connection you’re building a brand with people i have people that have been watching me for years and years and years and years right that’s a very different scenario than somebody that writes

An article on seeking help or wherever it is right that’s a whole different experience like people know personal details about my life they know some you know personal stuff on my family side they know stuff about my childhood uh know stuff about me financially know how much i have in stocks like you know i’m very very open with the world and you know you got to

Understand like when you get to that when you get bigger and bigger you just got a lot of people that that know you and there’s the stress and the anxiety and those sorts of things that kind of go along with that right and um that’s the that’s the part that i just want everybody to think about moving forward that’s watching this video that enjoys watching youtube

Content in the stock market community because i look at a time period like now and i’m like i feel like we’re at a risk of losing the whole dang thing and that’s kind of sad somebody that was that was here before everybody else it’s sad for me to see that all these creators just going away from the platform and going away for ultimately health reasons and just

Kind of being like it’s not worth it i don’t care if i can make five thousand dollars a month on youtube or ten thousand it’s not worth it and um it’s unfortunate to see and so i think we’ve all got to do better as a community i think all future creators have to be educated more on what is realistic here and not just understand it’s not just about making money but

You are going to get some some some hate there’s no doubt about that for being on this platform you’ve got to understand that risk factor goes in because that’s what no one tells you going in no one ever you don’t have to sign some paper when you sign up for youtube that tells you you’re going to potentially go into depression and you have anxiety attacks and all

Sorts of things from the pressure you can be created especially if you start a successful youtube channel and it actually starts to build out um so yeah guys that’s just a from the heart video uh that’s it guys that’s all i want to say about this this had to be said much love as always and um have a great day

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