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Well guys today we got to talk about tilray stock in ge stock two stocks that aren’t related at all but tilray has absolutely crashed through the floor and ge stocks just hit its lowest it’s been since honestly the the great recession happened okay so we got to talk about both these stocks there’s something really scary really scary going on out there that i think

Is that we got to talk about it’s in regards to tilray stock and just kind of a lot of the financial space right now so if you remember last week i released a video on this channel it’s called this is a biggest bubble i have ever seen in the stock market as in regards to the pot stocks and a specifically tell ray that i said that was the face of this massive bubble

Going on since that time that was a date or a hit like $300 a share since that time till ray has fallen to under $100 a share in three trading days down over 53% in three trading days guys okay we’ll get into g stock in just a minute but i want to point out three things in regards to this this situation that really scares me okay the first is bubbles are made faster

And popped faster than they have ever been before okay there’s no other time pair you can go back to and see stocks going up hundreds of percent and then just absolutely crashing through the floor within a few days spam especially with bigger type companies penny stocks it’s always kind of been like that you know you could have some you know pump and dump scheme

Or something go on it pops up a penny stock and then just crashes but we’re talking about companies that have billions of dollars valuation until raised case that wouldn’t blow up to over 20 million dollar valuation if you look back at the tech bubble it took years to get to that point and and you know several months to a year for that bubble just to absolutely

Crash okay we’re seeing this on an unprecedented scale and we’re seeing it across the board we see it with different stocks we’ve seen it with crypto currencies we’ve seen it with a lot of different things over the past year or two and it’s on unprecedented scale like we’ve never seen before i think there’s something really dark going on okay really scary stuff

All right so this big is going on in the dark web i believe okay the moves are flat-out too violent these moves are far too violent going on out there basically what we’re seeing is we’re seeing these these ridiculous moves which means when you see okay let’s move we’re talking to you know a stock that went up 40 50 plus percent in a day and there’s absolutely

Crashing in no time these moves are so violent and there’s some big money that’s also coming in pumping up these stocks getting them to go very high and then just absolutely crashing them okay there trust me the sec and the fbi you can i guarantee you they’re already looking into this there’s something going on out there i think it started in the crypto side i

Think there were some groups that started doing this in the crypto side and what we saw in crypto currencies were massive massive moves where a crypto currency can move 70 80 plus percent in a day and the next day goes down 30 plus percent we saw bitcoin go from 20,000 youtube you know where’s it at now 6,000 and that was in a matter of a very short amount of time

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So in my opinion there’s something going on out there that’s really big some big organizations this comes as nothing new but i think it’s just on a much bigger scale than we’ve ever seen before okay there’s always been groups out there pump and dump schemes a lot of different things that try to get stock prices to go up in a big amount of time try to get a lot

Of investors in it and then they just sell out they make their big profit and then you know the ones that get in last are the ones that absolutely get killed okay that’s been around a long time in the stock market that’s nothing new the thing that’s different is in my opinion there’s a lot more money in this this organization is a lot more sophisticated than ever

Anything we’ve ever seen before so so for that reason i’m just gonna say that there’s something big that’s gonna go end up going down okay these guys are gonna get too greedy as all individuals do okay they get too greedy they go to the honey pot one too many times and next thing you know they they fall in there probably be movies made about this some day whatever

Is going on out there okay but there’s something really massive because you don’t just get these moves just by normal trading activity these are freakish type moves something like unprecedented that you don’t see in billion plus dollar companies it’s one thing if you’ve got a penny stock that has a million dollar market cap and you get a few people with a couple

Hundred thousand to go in it okay that’s a whole different story but when you’re talking about billions of dollars flooding in the stock at one time just to move it up like crazy we’re talking about you know well-funded organization okay there’s something going on in there i think it started in crypto and now they’re trying to move it over to stocks but stocks is

A whole different territory okay they’re they’re a whole different checks and balances and stocks is a lot scarier place crypto you can get away with a lot of stuff you come over to the stock side oh it’s not gonna be looking good for them over time okay but there’s something going on out there trust me on that and here’s where the pot stocks are at right now yeah

You know tilray and pretty much all the companies the question is when hype leads it becomes about fundamentals and that gets scary for a lot of these these companies that have massive valuations on them all right whenever you have a massive amount of height in something the fundamentals don’t even matter if you have enough hype in it like people just want to jump

In it they don’t care about where where that company is today or or whether that cryptocurrency is today or anything across the board all it’s about its hype but what else oh the hype starts to leave and you see a tow ray stock go from $300 to less than $100 in three or four trading days oh son that hype all sound like timmons way down it’s like whoa what happens

Here it also becomes about fundamentals and the problem is with a lot of these companies their fundamentals are absolutely garbage compared to where their valuations are these companies would need to have unbelievably ridiculous growth over the next few years to even somewhat justify their valuations right now all right so the scary thing for the whole space of


Pot stocks right now is man if this hype starts to leave and it has already started to leave if it starts to leave in a massive way then everything becomes about fundamentals and the fundamentals are absolutely horrible for these companies we went through the whole host of them the other day you know the biggest of the big you know pot stocks out there and we saw

A lot of these companies have you know less than 10 million dollars in revenue per quarter and yet have billions of dollars evaluation they’re gonna need to grow at a ridiculous scale over the next few years to even begin to justify these valuations so that’s a really really scary thing so these are three things i kind of wanted to cover in regards to still rice

Stock whether it pops back up it could do a dead cat bounce as we like to call we’re you know it pops back up and knocked out its all-time high or anything like that but it pops up a little bit maybe to a 150 level 160 level and then drops back down we’ve seen that with a lot of things out there over time so we’ll just have to see where that one goes over time

Ge shares let’s talk about ge so this stock dropped to its nine-year low as week power business stumbles the lowest ge shares have been since july of 2009 in the great recession guys ok you know g stocks the stock i get a lot of people that asked me about ok who am i stock market membership group i used to get a lot you know when i still read through a lot let’s

Try to read through a lot of comments in the comment section of the youtube videos and and what i find is a lot of people were still interested in ge and going back several months and kind of my take on ge has always been mess this company is falling apart ok they’re trying to save it they’re trying to save it you know here and there they’ve been doing this for a

Year plus now they’re trying to save it they’re trying to piece it back together but the issue with ge is how are you going to get investors excited about this company when you have such limited upside and you still have such a big downside there’s a company that you know have sold off so many businesses that it’s upside is very limited at this point where what’s

The best-case scenario would ge stock you buy this stock and maybe it becomes in an $18 stock a $20 stock someday maybe that’s best case scenario but what is worst case scenario with this business that this business could maybe go bankrupt someday you know that they can they can’t stop the bleeding it’s a falling knife and so my opinion on ge has been always

Been if you’re going to get into a business that is a falling knife that it that is that is disintegrating that they are scaling down and scaling down and scaling down selling off parts of their business if you’re gonna get in something like that then there’s gonna be massive upside potential to make the risk versus reward everything and investing is risk versus

Reward what is your risk going into that stock or whatever you’re buying and what is your potential reward in this case in g’s case there’s still a significant amount of risk in that stock but there’s they’re sold so limited reward like i said what’s the best-case scenario this maybe becomes you know they turn and they’re their core business around and maybe it

Becomes an 18 or 20 dollar stock maybe that’s best case scenario so so when i look at g’s business i’m just kind of like like why would i want to take a risk in that business why do i need to take a risk a business out of all the other great companies that are massively profitable out there that are at very low pease or that a whole host of other companies that

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Have unbelievable business models that are going for the future and that are massively profitable and have great management teams you don’t have to deal with all the stuff of a falling knife right it’s fine to catch a falling knife every once in a while if the business is massively profitable if you expect it to stay massively profitable and if it’s at a ridiculously

Low valuation i have a hard time making a case like that for ge when they’re cutting off all their businesses okay that’s what the this company has done so for that reason ge has never been a stock that’s interested me out there to say let me go ahead and catch this one and you know i love to catch falling knives okay i do it all the time i see a stock it falls huge

If i look at that business i you know i got to see a lot of reward in that stock and generally it’s in the form of them making a lot of profits and that p just get into a ridiculous rate where investors say we gotta buy the stock it’s at a ridiculously low valuation otherwise a company could start paying out massive dividends or something like that okay so that’s my

Opinion around ge it’s still in turnaround mode who knows if they’ll get it to turn why do i want to buy it all to maybe have it make a you know fifty percent profit on or something like that maybe that’s best case scenario probably with that stock is this a stock that’s really gonna triple or quadruple in my opinion probably not but it’s still a mess of a company

That they’re trying to turn around so that covers my opinion on ge and in terms of tilray guys you know any of those stocks that you see like that is tempting to just jump in it you see going up you know i was watching tilray that day and it was just going up and up like crazy i was at you know the day i posted that video in the morning i was watching until race

Talk and it was like 200 and and even though he was thinking i was like man i just throw some money in this and i could make some money on this and it’s very tempting you know it’s just jump in a stock like that and hopefully ride it up but then you see what ends up happening then you see the downside risk of this you know it just is absolutely disintegrated down

50-plus percent in three days is you know unreal type bad performance there guys so let me know what you think about this in that comment section what do you guys think about tilray stock what do you guys think about pha stocks in general is there one specific one you really like out there and then what do you think about ge is it worth catching that falling knife

Or is it not even worth it i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section if you love to keep up with stock market news make sure you follow me on instagram i post a lot of stock market news on my instagram stories thank you for watching and have a great day

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