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Time management comes down to utilizing your abilities in the most efficient way possible. If you have down time, you queue up things you could do while waiting. If you are physically taxed, you change to something else that requires resting but more brain power. You can layer one task on top of another when a machine is completing a task such as a rice cooker, microwave, washer, or anything relatively automatic and requires a bit of waiting.

Probably won’t everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about time management as told by a robot now why do i say that because more than one person has told me that i am kind of like a robot i used to look at this as a slight insult but then i kind of go well maybe it’s because i’m really efficient and if you look at the way i make my videos and the

Things i’m able to do in a short amount of time well you would think i might be a robot normally i would be a lot more offended by comments like that but if you been on youtube long enough you start to grow a really thick skin from all the bad comments and all the attacks that people are made on you in the comments section so these days people can say all they want

I just kind of brush it off because you know i had enough training in this area anyway let me get to the sixteenth that you should think about when you want to manage your time very efficiently just like a robot the first thing you should consider is to look at one set of tasks at a time not one very specific task but a set of tasks for example if you have two

Different relatively large tasks you really can’t think about both of them at the same time for example if you have an essay to write versus you have a tax return to file you can’t do them both at the same time neither can you fit them both in your head so in essence you need to divide the two and really not think about one while you do the other the second thing

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Has to do with you moving quickly because when you’re doing something manual you need to move your arms very quickly from one spot to another however if you close to something hot or sharp you don’t want to move too fast near those objects or else you hurt yourself so what i normally do for example when i’m cooking something i move very quickly except when i get to

Something that’s hot or sharp i would slow down my hand when it nears something kind of like a robot if you ever watch cnc machines this is how the robot arm works they move very quickly until they get near whatever object and then they change speed to something much slower and then they do something more delicate for example you might be cleaning a knife you will

Clean the back pretty quickly but then if you’re trying to create near the edge you have to be very careful so you have to slow down on that so that you don’t cut yourself the third thing to consider is that your body needs rest you cannot do something physically taxing the whole entire day so let’s say you have mowing the lawn and moving boxes or watching windows

You don’t want to do one after another you may want to do it until you feel like you’re tired and possibly use that time after mowing the lawn to do something else that’s more mind related rather than physically related therefore you can just sit there your body can relax and then you can use your mind instead to i don’t know pay bills or whatnot the fourth thing

Is kind of related because if you’re doing something very brain intensive you cannot just keep on doing that the whole entire date as well it’s like trading off your muscles sometimes you use your brain other times you use your physical body and then you trade off between there that means you can utilize the entire time you have in a single day you do a little bit

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Of this and a little bit of that you’re just allowing different parts of your body to rest while you activate the other parts the fifth thing has to do with multitasking and pipelining i know in the beginning i talked about concentrating on one single task however when you concentrate on one single task there might be many little tests associated with that single

Task i might do something first that takes the longest lead time for example making rice the first thing i would do is pop all that rice in the rice cooker get it started and then maybe go grab something frozen defrosted and while it’s being defrosted i would go and wash the dishes so you kind of plan all the tasks so that you finish as early as you can so that

You can kind of do one after another this is called pipelining and it’s kind of like a programming related term but you understand what i’m trying to say the six thing that you can do to increase the amount of time you have is to utilize your idle time idle time comes all the time for example you might be waiting for someone you might be waiting in line or you

Might be commuting all this time you just idle and just either standing there and you really have nothing to do a lot of people during these times would develop a social media twitch whenever there’s idle time or maybe idle time during a conversation at a restaurant they would go in their pocket and pull out their social media and check it well instead of doing

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This what i like to do is jot down a whole bunch of mental tasks that i like to think about and having a list like this all the time in my phone i can just pull it out anytime i want look down through my phone a list and see what i want to think about at the time and with this i can just kind of think about this stuff no matter where i am really even in the car

If i’m waiting for someone i’ll just you know kind of stare into space and i’ve been caught doing this before people are like what are you doing oh my god just thinking so yeah you can do this if you want to look like a robot – it is very time efficient for me at least and i do recommend doing this because i am able to get in a lot of things done even when i’m

Idling and everybody else is just standing in line doing nothing or just staring into the space i am like you know deep in thought and thinking about something all the time i hope you enjoy all the time-saving tasks and how to manage your time don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know some tips and tricks that you use to manage

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