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A titanium crowbar is half the weight of steel OR twice the strength given the same weight.

Hey what’s up everybody this is meet the bush and today we’re gonna talk about this titanium crowbar half the weight as a steel bar but just as strong it doesn’t feel as cold to the touch as steel feel crowbar like this will cost maybe only $20 but this one costs close to a hundred seventy turns out titanium is actually the seventh most abundant material on the

Earth’s crust why is it so expensive if it’s so abundant the reason is because it’s so hard to create it in its pure form long time ago people don’t know how to make titanium most titanium exists as titanium oxide on the earth’s crust so then you can mined for it is and it’ll be like a block of the rock that’s mostly titanium oxide you melt it down and you blow a

Chlorine gas through it you bubble this through afterwards this titanium chloride that floats up and then they’ll it’ll have other impurities of four three two of those atoms you really want the titanium chloride by itself and then there will be you gassed and generated because the oxide gets released from this titanium so then this stuff boils off and then they

Separate it by fractional distillation they just boil this to a certain temperature and they just float upwards that’s how they separate it because it has different boiling points so it just sounds like you melt this down blow some gas through and then distill it it’s kind of like boiling water and the water floats up right and then it and it touches something and

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It condenses so then you have some titanium chloride here and it’s a gas and then you take that gas and then you mix it with some magnesium that’s liquefied and then you add it to the titanium by itself you have to do all this in an oregon atmosphere so that’s when you do this reaction the oxygen don’t go in and attach to the titanium then you’re back to over here

Again you can see that if you have to do it in some sort of inert gas atmosphere that would be very difficult and costly so apparently this whole process is very expensive and that’s what makes this thing very expensive this is what the package looks like can see right here it says 2x of strength and then there’s a bar and then 45% lighter compared to steel it’s

It’s either or not both it’s twice the strength if it’s the same weight or if it’s the same size as 45% lighter it’s not if you compare a steel crowbar to the same size it won’t be roughly half the weight and twice the strength uh that would equate to 4x the increase in the strength to weight ratio but it’s really one of just one of these if you take a comparison

Of steel this is like a marketing thing it would confuse some people i know when i looked at it it was like well really so i only found that out after looking up like what the properties of titanium is so let’s just pry out some nails right here there is this puller here there’s this one and then there’s this one you can open up a bottle of something i’m gonna put

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A link down below for one of the product videos see they do some sort of test at the factory where they’re like holding onto here and like putting something down and pushing it apparently this thing cracks at 800 pounds so if you wedge is under something and somehow managed to jump on here it will not break so that’s reassuring and you know it says right here

Wear eye protection so yes i will just in case it does snap right if it if you’re jumping on this and this snaps and your foot is right here it might come up and hit you and that would hurt a lot or maybe or you might break into couple pieces and come up and poke an eye out or something let’s go try this thing out and see how it is so check it out i got two of

Them because i don’t know why i got two of them so let’s see how much this thing weighs 17 ounces roughly okay now let’s put in some nails and try to pull them back out at this site that okay that’s enough nail pulling so i really like the idea of a titanium crowbar you don’t see this kind of metal around very much that’s why i was very curious on paneling and i

Mean this is like a nice paperweight it’s very expensive paperweight but it’s nice to just kind of hold and and know that wow this is a really strong metal and it’s lighter than steel but strong as steel and i don’t know club something with it it’s like jewelry for men it’s not like i’m going to go around prying stuff at least i know that if i have a need to pry

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Something open then i’m gonna go and use this thing there’s one last feature oh this crowbar and it’s the bottle opener right here it’s angled a little strangely because you’ll have to open it like this and put a torque on it like this rather than something like this craftsman auto opener where you just kind of put it and you have a good leverage and you lift it

With the handle so i’m gonna use this crowbar to open a really really good beard called pliny the elder so let’s check it out like that see i didn’t take me too much torque and pour beer of course adding angle strangely i met some people recently that didn’t know how to pour at an angle so i guess you got a drink quite a bit before you know how to pour beer that’s

It it tastes light and fruity that’s what it tastes like i like these overkill kind of bottle openers don’t forget to click like and comment down below and thanks for watching

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