Today I Reveal all… Illumanati Confirmed

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today i’m revealing and i’m telling you all of my numbers i’m showing you all the numbers behind this channel so if you’re not a data nerd or someone that loves to look at numbers or something that’s intrigued by that stuff you may just want to go watch

One of my other videos now because this is not the video for you this is for all the people that really would love to know how many males watch this channel versus females how many from this region watch this channel how many views is channel to get all those kinds of things guys i’m gonna show you all the analytics behind this channel and it’s just gonna be fun to

Look out you know who’s in what age group how many views do i get from the 18 to 25 year olds versus you know 40 plus and all those kinds of things we’re gonna view it all today guys i’m really gonna enjoy showing this with you how did you think what do you think about that title by the way i review all today illuminati confirmed by way how many people even know what

The illuminati is i just wonder that i don’t believe in the illuminati but i always wonder like like could that be real or something i remember this one time this guy came up to me he was like a regular customer at my workplace right came up to me he goes like this he goes you know what this is and it’s like a it’s like a ring it had like a symbol on it right i’m

Like no what is that it’s like you should come by and check it out and he basically he was like the leader of this church and i cannot remember the name of this this religion but when i went back in google and not because i was like looking into actually joining that religion or what not but when i went to google it just for the fun of it because i had never heard

About this stuff so much stuff came up about this religion was like in the illuminati and they were secretly like running the world and they were basically picking what politicians are getting chosen and what on all these kinds of things i cannot remember the name of this religion that was so like i guess you’d say like so many people like believe this religions like

Behind the illuminati and whatnot it’s not like a major religion that you would think about you know so let me know guys if you know what religion that is or if you believe in the illuminati it’s just completely random i just want to know it’s interest me today anyways so let’s get into those guys it’s sort of viewing some of these mystics here behind the channel

So first off i’m looking here at the last 48 hours 16 thousand views in the last 48 hours that’s about right right now for the channel that’s that’s normal you know growth is happening and whatnot but that’s kind of where it’s been for the last week or two it used to be around fourteen twelve thousand prior over the last week or two it’s kind of just keeps bumping

Up and bump up next one up we’re looking at watch time this one really amazes me because it’s such a big number one million one hundred thousand minutes watched in the last 28 day period people have watched 1 million 100 minutes of this channel in last 28 days that number is just mind-blowing to me i think that’s a lot hits me a lot harder than it hits the views

Because it’s just such anytime you get over a million number that’s crazy next one uh that’s not what we want to look at okay so next up here we’re looking at the subscriber growth so 4292 subscribers gained in the last 28 days that’s amazing because that’s basically about a fourth or maybe even a third of the total subscribers on this channel have came within the

Last 28 days so the subscriber growth has just been phenomenal next up here we are looking at the amount of people subscribed versus unsubscribe that watch a video 69% not even subscribe versus only 31% subscribed so here i look at something unlike man there’s a huge potential to get ton more subscribers because the majority of people that watch the videos on this

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Channel are not even subscribed yet and i realize some people don’t have youtube accounts right i didn’t have a youtube account basically until i create this channel and i watched youtube forever like i was probably like one of the principal ones who was watching youtube videos back in like 2006 2005 we’re talking so long ago and i never had a youtube account so i

Can kind understand why you know most of people that watch this channel or not even subscribe but at the same time with we should have a lot more subscribers and we have based upon the amount of views that come from non subscribed people next up here we are looking at the percent of likes vs. dislikes on the videos 96 percent of people that leave a like or dislike

They leave it toward a like vs. 90 percent in the previous paris that’s good we’re getting more likes and dislikes next one up here we’re looking at the most popular videos on the channel so this is a really interesting one because we get to kind of see what are the videos that bring in a lot of subscribers and and honestly a lot of my subscribers a lot of you

Guys have probably come from some of these top videos on the channel the stock market for beginners how to invest in stocks video it’s by far the best video on the whole channel as far as performing wise it’s not even my favorite video at all i’ve done videos that are so much better than that and the camera angles horrible and everything be hit that videos just

Kicks butt 119,000 minutes watch just of that one video in last 28 days three stocks to buy video number two with a hundred and sixteen thousand minutes watched within the last 28 days and those three stocks to buy videos they always kick butt so that’s no surprise that those videos are always among the top performing videos how do we vest thousand dollars that’s a

Phenomenally performing video 62,000 minutes that how to invest $1,000 you guys love that video and i’m gonna be coming out with one this week called how to invest ten thousand dollars and the differences in those kinds of things so i’m expecting that one to do really really really really good and hopefully it does and i believe you guys will love it since you love

The last one on how to invest $1,000 top 5 mistakes beginners in the stock market make anything that involves beginners in a stock market those videos just really do good vient 5 stocks that pay sick dividends anything i do like 5 stocks 3 stocks you guys love the host videos so definitely be looking out for those in the future passive income video and then there’s

One the next one down there how to negotiate a car deal that’s one of my best performing videos but that’s a very important video because that video how to negotiate a car deal that was the first video that really had success on the channel success as far as it was way outperforming what the channel was at that point it was i released it and would like did okay it

Did okay and at that point who knows i might had 200 subscribers or 300 subscribers a super low number but denílson that that video started to bring in a hundred to two hundred views a day which was insane for my channel at that point in time because i have never even had a video that did close to that my best performing videos would get like 10 or 20 views a day

This one all son was getting a hundred to two hundred that’s the first video that really pushed the channel to get the channel going and then the next video that really got the growth going was the stock market for beginners how to invest in stocks video i did that one i did probably six or seven months ago and that one is the one that exploded that’s always been

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The best performing video so it’s basically i’ve released it so it all started with that how to and how how did negotiate a car deal though that was the video that pushed the channel and really started getting getting a lot of views and whatnot for a lot of views at that time of course and then i compounded that with the stock market to indy for beginners video and

Then a lot of other videos that you see there that basically have have helped out the channel but those two videos or honestly that videos that made the channel that first one the how negotiated a car deal and the second one being that how to stock mark for beginners those are the ones that built the channel next up here in this one frustrates me so bad eighty nine

Percent of the viewers are males this is only eleven percent females oldest this one frustrates me so bad because there’s no reason for this there’s no reason it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female you know learning about the stock market learning how to open up a business and entrepreneurship personal finance tips that’s what we talked about on this channel

It’s relevant whether male or female it’s equally as relevant and so this frustrates me so bad it frustrates me so bad that it is this way that that i just have a you know shout out to all my female subscribers out there that eleven percent of you guys that are better subscribed to shout out to you guys i appreciate it but i would love to see a 50/50 ratio it’s so

Sad that it’s it’s like this 90 percent male ten percent female it doesn’t have to be that way should be 50/50 i think it’s just a lot of things like historically with the stock market i think it’s been more like a male dominated thing and i think the whole fear of oh the stock market’s dangerous and you can lose money in gambling and what i think that pushed a

Lot of females away historically and so like a lot of the females that are kind of getting into it that 11% they’re an entrepreneurship and whatnot sometimes they’re the first females in their families to actually get into this kind of stuff so it makes me happy that progress is being made but it makes me sad that it’s still that way and i guarantee you i would

Bet any amount of money on this of any financial related channel on youtube i have probably the best ratio f for female to male i picked you most of financial education type channels are financially related channels i bet you there if they were to show their percentages i bet you would be 95 to 98% male in probably only five to two percent female i bet you any

Money of the best ratio and it’s still pathetic it’s still absolutely pathetic so if i have a dream speech mine would be i have a dream that one day the males and the females can be equal and we can have the equal amount of people watching this channel and whatnot i would be happy with even a 60/40 ratio 60% of my viewers were males and 40% female i would be happy

With that get in somewhat close to 5050 it frustrates me but i’m glad at least progress is being made and hopefully i’m making my little mark in the world to make the stock market a little less scary to make entrepreneurship a little less scary to give out personal finance tips hopefully i’m doing all that and we can get these ratios better over the coming years

But right now a little frustrating i’ll be completely honest next one up here we’re looking at the age groups here so 2.6 percent of the views and the channel come from 13 to 17 year olds this makes me happy because heck i wasn’t even into this stuff i talked about this channel till i was about 18 or 19 so in fact that 2.6 percent of the viewers on the channel or

Under what i started at that makes me very happy to see 18 and 24 25 percent of the views come from that no surprise really to me at all that’s good that’s really good because people are young and getting into this kind of stuff that’s the age group i was in when i started to get into the stock 25 to 34 that’s the biggest segment of the views 44% does not surprise


Me at all almost everybody that’s in that age group watches youtube and generally that’s the age when you start to make money and you start to figure out do i want to invest it how do we get a better job how do i become an entrepreneur all those kinds of things 35 to 44 makes up about 17% in look at this so 45 year old plus so if you count the 45 all the way down

To 65 plus over 10% of views come from that segment so shout out to anybody that’s 45 plus that watches my channel i’m happy to have you guys here and i’m happy to see that because basically youtube used to be just like a kid’s place right everybody that was on youtube was like under 25 years old you know and most people were like under 20 years old on youtube and

Now to see how far it’s come in 2017 that 10% of my views on over 10% of my views on this channel or actually people over the age of 45 that makes me happy because that means youtube is becoming a place where everybody feels welcome and it’s not just like a kid zone it’s it’s everybody it doesn’t matter what age group you’re in so that makes me happy to see in some

Progress being made there next one up here this is on the amount of views that come from different regions it’s the last thing we’re looking at so 62% of views come from united states not surprised to me because youtube’s mainly us-based it’s worldwide but it’s mainly us-based i’m from the united states so of course most my views are gonna come from there canada

Shout-out to all the canadians i bet are watching this channel because over 8% you guys are the second biggest market for my channel canada you are big-time united kingdom i thought you guys would be second shout out to the united kingdom people about man i really thought you guys would beat out canada ken they’re coming in strong and i believe united kingdom has

I want to say 10 to 15 million more people in canada i should probably check my facts before cooke singing that hunt air like this but i’m pretty sure united kingdom has more people in canada australia randomly comes in as of a number fourth country and australia gosh maybe 25 million people there something maybe 30 million at that max live in australia so that’s

Impressive then india germany netherlands and a bunch of other random countries so the united states is obviously the biggest market for this channel but man’s i’m so surprised canada in my number to market so shout out to canada and all this canadian subscribers let me know where you guys are from i would love to hear what country you guys are tell me i would

Love to hear so anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this going over through our all these statistics i’m into this kind of stuff i love looking at numbers well obviously i have to be loved looking into numbers i look into annual reports all the time financial statements of companies so i’m just the numbers nerve i’m a data nerd i love looking at this kind of stuff it

It’s fun to me i just loved looking numbers i’m like why is that that way why is that that way why are 90% of my viewers male and only 10% of my viewers female like i love like looking at numbers and thinking why why why is it that way why is it this way i enjoy it i hope you guys enjoyed it today if you just came across this video i’m not subscribed oh give me

A break all you guys that watch this video or probably subscribed thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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Today I Reveal all… Illumanati Confirmed By Financial Education

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