Top 10 Financial Education Videos Ever!

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Today is a big day i just realized that we have gotten over 10 million views on this channel just about a week or two ago i looked and we were in the nine million range i was like wow we’re getting close we’re now over 10 million views all-time on this channel 140,000 subscribers now at this point so i thought a fun video to do today would kind of be like looking

Back and looking at the top 10 videos ever in the history of this channel based upon views and this will be interesting to see if you guys have seen each and every one of these videos if not you might want to go check out some of these these videos helped immensely in getting the channel to this over 10 million view mark guys it’s crazy like i never thought we’d be

Here in the amount of time we got here but we are so very happy and very thrilled so let’s go ahead and look at this guy’s coming in at number 10 is how to negotiate a car deal this was the first video i ever remember in the history of the channel that started really getting some traction out there and kind of like like that it was getting quite a few few views per

Day and i was like wow that video is really starting to take off in that video just kind of goes into literally like how to negotiate a car deal like you know things that you know the i guess you could say the car salesman will say to you and things like that and how to avoid it how to fight back and whatnot how to negotiate guys it’s a very good video and just

Negotiating in general i think there’s a lot of good tips and obviously people have loved that one coming in at number nine and number nine most viewed video 118 thousand views this one is how to invest $1,000 just videos well over a year old now how to invest a thousand dollars that was my opinion at that time and i kind of shared it so check that one out they’re

Coming in at number 8 the number 8 most viewed video in the history of the channel is good jobs for teenagers very popular video they’re at a one hundred and twenty-one thousand views the funny thing i remember about that video was i think that’s one of the very few videos i ever recorded that i was still in like my work shirt because i was running my real estate

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Marketing company at the time and whatnot and it was just kind of like shows like the balance because earlier that day i had literally been taking pictures of homes and whatnot i come home and i was still doing it like daily back then and i just tried to record a video and it gets 121,000 because it’s crazy coming in at number seven the number seventh most viewed

Video in the history the channel coming out at one hundred and twenty three thousand views is five stocks that pay sick dividends that kind of go into five different stocks that pay big dividends and that we should be paying much bigger dividends in the future very popular video they’re coming in at number six the number six most viewed video in the history of the

Channel one hundred and twenty five thousand views this one and this one’s only three months old guys this one’s only three months old so look at that one five stocks to dominate in 2018 that when i kind of go into you know particular stocks that are you know maybe there’s their share price won’t dominate in 2018 but the business model and the profits i see those

Companies kind of having this year or you know will be it will be much greater than what they produced in 2017 let’s put it that way so obviously a very popular video the number five video the fifth most popular video in the history of the channel is i would call it somewhat of a downer video but also somewhat of an inspirational video this one’s less than a year

Old and it’s how i lost our seventy five thousand dollars of my own money stock market trading in 2015 that one really is a deep video that goes into you know how i got caught up in margin how i just started short-term trading how i went away from everything that had ever made me successful in investing in and just how far off the rails i went i just really win

That was a big video for me because up until that time i had never talked about like the my mistakes in the stock market really maybe like indirectly i kind of talked about them but i never really faced them face on and so that was a very big video for me in the in the sense of i was a little scared to put it out there cuz i’m like maybe no one’s gonna watch me

Once i put out this video and they realize i made this mistake in the past and whatnot and the channel has grown like you like a wildflower since then that video as i you know been out there and whatnot it helped the channel overall talking about any mistakes i make and whatnot and you know i’m just happy at all one down the way it did let’s just put it that way

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Number four most video viewed video in the history of channel and this one is a complete opposite this is a very positive video and this is how i went from you know no money to essentially to two hundred thousand dollars before i was age 25 exactly kind of step for step how i did it and goes into the history and me working at kwik trip and you know and the some

Of my best investments and all that type of stuff just kind of my story up until i was age 25 just getting it out there and telling that story so you literally like the complete opposite story as my tooth out the 2015 story the number three most viewed video in the history of the channel this one is over three hundred thousand views here with 300,000 views top five

Mistakes beginners in the stock market make crazy over three hundred thousand views that one has a lot of people i guess they’re into the stock market a lot more people than i ever thought to that for a video like that to get over three hundred thousand views is crazy coming in at number two another stock market related video stock market for beginners how to invest

In stocks this was the first video that ever really helped to blow the channel up three hundred and thirty two thousand views on that one which is you know crazy once again we’re talking about stock market guys stock market this isn’t some like popular subject or some type of you know subject that goes viral or like you know i jumped off a trampoline into the mill

Ocean or something like that like those are type videos that like go viral for something like this to get over three hundred thousand views talking about stock market that’s crazy guys that to me it’s crazy maybe not to you guys to me it’s just so happy so many people are into it that’s all i got to say and the number one most viewed video in the history of the

Channel this video is four months old and it has three hundred and sixty four thousand views is bitcoin crash coming 2018 where i talk about why i you know thought there might be a bitcoin crash and what could cause bitcoin to crash and all those type of things crypto currencies in general in that video came out at a very a very interesting time because at that

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Time everything was bullish and you know people just said bitcoins going up and up and crypto currencies are going up and up big coin it the time around that video was recorded i think point well if you go back and look at the chart four months ago what was the price of bitcoin i think bitcoin was somewhere around i want to say eighteen thousand ish 17,000 18,000

Maybe even nineteen thousand if you go back look four months ago and obviously you know it’s down over fifty percent since that the video was posted there and many cryptocurrencies have gotten far worse since that time you know some of them are down 60 70 80 90 % since they hit those highs around four months ago so it was a very interesting video i got a lot of

Heat at the time a lot of people you know said i had was clueless and bitcoins won’t or 100 thousand this year and you know a lot of different things but those are the top ten videos and those are really the videos that helped propel the channel and got us this level where we got over 10 million views on the channel now which is crazy because of the subjects we talk

About very niche subjects and you know never had a video on trending ever or anything like that never done a collaboration in the history of channel and to get to where we’re at is it’s pretty crazy guys it’s pretty crazy to me maybe it’s not to you but to me it’s like wow just like looking back reflecting sometimes it’s it’s crazy so i’m happy for the future of

The channel and whatnot and go check out some of those videos if you guys have never seen them they’re the ones that literally made the channel though those are the type of videos that get out there and maybe just happen to show up and recommend it and somebody clicks on and they either like me or don’t like me or like what i’m saying or don’t like what i’m saying

So then they help make the channel those 10 videos right there so anyways hope you guys enjoyed this over 10 million views awesome stuff thank you for watching and have a great day

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Top 10 Financial Education Videos Ever! By Financial Education

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