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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today we’re talking about the top ten mistakes i see new youtubers make all the time guys new youtubers i mean ones that i’ve been on the platform for a few weeks a few months it means and some that have been on longer just they’re making these common

Mistakes over and over and over again guys so now there’s tons of reasons to why you want to build a youtube audience right you could want to build your own personal brand you might want to build your your business up through youtube or build you know company your get out your company’s products on youtube you might want to just be a full time youtuber and make

A living from it you might just want you know some social acceptance you might want to just you know get out the word on whatever initiative you’re pushing whatever it is there’s a million different reasons to start a youtube channel and to want to build a youtube channel the issue is the would like that not even like the majority the high high high high high

High high majority like 99.9% of youtube channels where people actually you know try to post a few videos or whatnot they fail right why is this well i’ve narrowed it down to was a lot of mistakes right but these are the 10 biggest mistakes i seen and they’re not ranked in order of the biggest mistake to smallest mistake or anything they’re all just very important

Mistakes guys so hope you enjoy this today and leave a thumbs up if you do and let’s get into this number one number one is having too big of expectations the issue is a lot of people come onto youtube and they have expectations they set expectations for themselves they expected this amount of subscribers or this amount of views within a certain amount of time the

Issue is when you’re just starting you’ve gotta realize it’s going to be super hard to build an audience for whatever you’re trying to do it’s going to be super hard unless maybe you have such a huge following if you have you know a million people following you on twitter already or 10 million people following you on instagram or whatever it’ll be very easy for

You to come over and translate to that two views as long as you you know cross promoted on those other platforms that hey i’m on this platform now on youtube you’ll build up real real quick however for most people that’s not the case you’re just building from nothing don’t have expectations if i had spectators for myself i wouldn’t quit youtube so early on it took

Me ten months ten months of being on youtube and taking it serious to reach a thousand subscribers i had 150 to 200 videos created before i hit a thousand subscribers guys i would have quit way before that i just didn’t set any expectations i was like i’m going to go hard on this i’m gonna try to get better each and every day on my videos i’m trying to make them

Better and better more interesting those kinds of things and i didn’t have expectations i would have quit if i had expectations so there’s no way i would have met that there’s no way i would have met them guys so realize it’s going to be really difficult to build it’s not impossible but it’s really difficult it’s going to take a lot of time it’s going to take a lot

Of videos okay so don’t set bay expectations at all or even any expectations in my opinion number two not number two not focusing around search so many people start youtube channels and they don’t focus on round search i see all the time you know people you know they’re trying to be a vlog or whatever and they are you know they’re their video title is vlog number

Eight eaten with sister like no one cares i valued the vlog number eight eaten with sister right because that’s that doesn’t matter like you you’re so irrelevant at this point it doesn’t matter maybe kc9 stack can get away with is a video title like that maybe jake paul and logan paul maybe could even get away with the video title like that then even then they’re

Not even making video titles like that you need a focus around search youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world owned by the biggest search engine in the world google okay so if you’re small you need to focus around searchable terms so if you’re that vlog or new creating that vlog you could title it something like eating the new kraft macaroni and

Cheese with that’s in star wars shapes or something like that like at least maybe someone searching that new macaroni and cheese star wars shakes and that pulls up or get you know recommended along other videos like that no one’s going to care that this is vlog number eight if you have no audience yet yeah because what are they going to click on it or you’ve got

To be discoverable so for me for my jon right focus around you know what is a checking account what is a savings account you know what is a cd what’s a money order how do you negotiate a car deal like searchable stuff that people would actually type their youtube engine and try to search for videos on it and maybe hopefully the one one of my videos will come up

Under some of those search terms right so that is where you want to focus focus around search and don’t focus around when you’re titling you know your videos and describing them don’t focus around personal stuff like folks around popular search terms for an item guys number three low and they’re g low energy this killed video so often so many times i’ll watch

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Youtubers and they’ll be like you know i’m not getting where i want to get them you know it’s so sad and whatnot and i know i’ve put in all this time and i’ll watch your video in there like they’re really low energy you need to come with a fire each and every day you need to come with energy every single video you can’t picture it this way you go to see your

Favorite musician right you go to smite and saw the weekend like a couple couple months ago right in arizona when i was on vacation it would have sucked if i would have paid 150 plus dollars for those tickets and he would have came out and been like hey guys i’m going to perform a couple songs for you they like it’s like you wanted if you want that guy to be

Hyped like you want him to be like this is the greatest you know concert i’ve ever put on this is awesome come with the energy guys don’t like realize that your video this might be the video that gets you thousands or tens of thousands people to watch it so imagine you’re performing in front of a stadium full of people like i know every time i create a video at

Worst-case scenario a few people a few thousand people will watch that video a few thousand debts worst case scenario so that’s like a small stadium full of people right that’s like a small stadium of good videos i come out with that are going to get maybe 10,000 20,000 30,000 50,000 views that’s like basketball stadium now then we’re talking football stadium

I’ve videos that have over 100,000 views on this channel that’s like uh you know bigger than any stadium you could possibly imagine right so i got to realize that i’m performing in front of this massive crowd and so although there’s no one here and it’s just me and my little office right i need to prepare mentally each time i go in for a video like i’m performing

In front of a frickin stadium and that’s how you do and that’s why i always start out with my videos my intro one of the reasons i do it good-day subscribers because that wakes me up right away and i’m like i need to be hyped for this and right up to that by doing the intro the way i do it i can tell if i’m ready for that video or not and sometimes i’m not and

I’m like i’ll settle let me do it again goodness no no wasn’t good enough then bowman and i finally hit it and i’m like okay my energy’s at a level that needs to be where it’s at guys so come with the energy unless you’re like it’s supposed to be a sad depressing story or something like that which is rare you need to come with energy don’t come with low energy

On youtube and expect to succeed it’s going to be almost impossible number 4 poor lighting poor lighting you want your videos to be bright in night why does every single crew out there you wanted every single news station what is every single you know youtube channel s succeeds you know for the most part rate why do they all have very bright videos because that’s

What works you need to have very brave videos you need to have good lighting i have four different studio lighting right two on this side two on this side we would think of big umbrellas and what not i still will add even more external lighting when i go to edit this video i will even add more lighting right make sure your videos are bright so they look great make

Sure they’re high quality and you know like i said you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on a fancy camera but you even if you have a good smartphone you have a galaxy s7 or iphone 6 or whatever those have good enough cameras as long as you’re providing a good good lighting behind the camera coming toward your face you’ll be fine in the end guys so make sure you

Have a lot of lighting number five number five inconsistent uploading okay it’s a huge one guys when you’re starting out in the game right and this is whether you’re big or small or whatever when you’re starting out in the game and you’ve got 50 subscribers maybe ten of them or actually there to try to watch their videos every day if you’re not producing for a week

They forgot about you it’s over it’s over if you didn’t produce for a week if you didn’t produce for you know two weeks it’s over at that point guys i’ve seen big channels that have gone away from youtube for a while and then they try to come back six months later whatever three months later and their views have dropped substantially so even when they come back a

Lot of people have forgotten about them now of course those ones still you know might get hundreds of thousands of views these don’t i even get a million views on a video but that’s probably not as good as they were doing before casey nice step one of the most successful youtubers out there right he went away from vlogging and then you know he came back and then he

Kind of was away and then he came back and now i look at his vlogs aren’t doing nearly the numbers that his vlogs used to do even though he’s been on samsung commercials and doing all this stuff with media and whatnot and in with cnn and all these things is not his videos are not doing the numbers they used to mainly because some of the audience just forgot about him

I was like i don’t really care anymore and you know you could go through fouseytube and look at some of his numbers he’s doing now versus what he used to do and some other things like that guys so imagine what you’re at like when you’re small guy like dude no one’s going to care about you when you come back so make sure you’re being consistent make sure you always

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Uploads in the background so if something comes up you can still release a video here and there guys and if you’re releasing you know let’s say two videos a week or three videos a week okay realize you’re going to get more views if you release five to seven videos per week or try to do one a day at that point because then you’re going to have a better chance of one

Of those videos showing up in search and then getting more views and more subscribers guys the numbers add up over time number six number six not replying to comments so many times big or small youtubers won’t reply to comments and then sometimes they’ll view it as well the big ones don’t do it pooty pie you guys didn’t reply to comments i don’t see ksi respond in

The comments i don’t see you know michelle phan responded comments or whoever roars oh no no i will see her respondent comments or jeremy he doesn’t even respond to all his comments right guess what guys in the early days they did the reason they don’t do it now is because they get phenomenally ridiculous amounts of comments and they cannot literally get to them

In a 30-pack video he gets like a hundred thousand comments on a new video within a couple hours like literally a charnel popular video that will go viral if it is they’ll get a few million years to get a one hundred thousand comments in no time you think he has the time to read through a hundred thousand comments and he’s got a backlog of thirty three thousand

Two hundred videos that are all probably each getting 100 or 200 or 300 comments a day do you think he’s got that time to read that no one has the i’m the read that because you would never be able to release a video you wouldn’t be able to get through all those comments on today guys that’s why they don’t do it but when you’re the early days that you’re getting

Some comments some fun actually cares enough about your channel about your video to comment on it make sure you comment back like that’s key in building an audience and knowing that you actually care about your audience you actually care that they’re there guys i mean there’s no excuse for having 14 subscribers and you got two comments and neither one you reply

To there’s no excuse if you have you know 1400 subscribers and you get 14 comments a day there’s no reason although i you should have responded to every single one of those or at least hit the thumbs up or gave it a heart or something guys when you get built and you’re at such a level we’re they’re just coming in too much for you then that’s fine you don’t have to

Respond to them all them because you’ll have no time left in the day to even make videos but when you’re in those early days respond to every comment you get guys every single one number seven number seven the big mistake i see people doing sub4sub people spamming comments and other people’s comments section that’s just going to frustrate people people have seen

Through that already right so if you’re spamming comment in someone else’s comment section all it’s going to do is arrange some people that are big fans of that other person’s channel they’re going to go to your channel probably to click on a video and click the thumbs down and get out like that’s what people will do because a lot of people are just frustrated at

That they hate spammers they keep spamming and they’ll look at you and they’ll say why are you doing that it’ll just end up hurting your channel and then sub4sub such a stupid thing old sub to my channel or sub back great so you got dead subscribers that’s not good because then that shows youtube that oh you’ve got 300 subscribers and not one of them cares enough

To even watch your videos because they just subscribe because you’re going to subscribe to their channel back stupidest thing out there guys don’t ever do sub 4 sub when i see sub 4 sub comment i’m like they just don’t realize what what youtube cares about youtube doesn’t care about how many subscribers you got youtube cares about how many views you’re getting per

Subscribers and those kinds of things guys didn’t watch time and know that stuff that we’ll talk about in a minute like they don’t care that you have you know eighty five subscribers doesn’t mean because you have 85 subscribers you’re going to get more views unless those 85 subscribers actually care about your channel and actually watch your new videos and those

Kinds of things guys so don’t do some for some don’t spam comment i never did i never did some for some never spam to know these people comment i built around search and wit from there guys number eight number eight talking too long to get to the point in the video when you’re doing intro when you’re small when you’re small channel no one cares about you no one

Cares about you if they click on one of your videos if you’re blessed enough that they click on one of your videos it to the point it’s the point get to the point don’t don’t you know start the video and you know is the video title is i almost got hit by a car and the first two minutes you say nothing about getting hit by the car right arrow nothing happens in

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The video about you getting hit by the car people are going to turn that off quick because you don’t have a relationship established enough to you know command respect to for people to think oh that’s actually going to happen sometime in this video there are some loggers you know that oh if they put that on there or whatever or some youtubers you someone would

Stick around even if they had nothing they said nothing about getting hit by car or whatever for those first two minutes they would still stick around because they’re like oh that’s going to happen eventually some point in this video because of watch 500 their videos before and they always come through so get your get your point quick that’s why i do a very fast

Intro and then i’m like here’s what we’re talking about today we’re talking about top 10 mistakes youtubers make and i kind of go into it and i started in and you know i explain what the video is going to be about and relate it to the video and then boom or right to the points right off the bat guys and that’s even today even today when a lot of people you know

A few thousand people at least on my channel would would understand if i even went off on a ramp about something else for three minutes they would still stick around but i’m still doing it because i know there’s a you know thousands more out there that aren’t there are much as loyal to me right and if i didn’t get to the point boom they’re gone like that guys

Number nine number nine understand youtube wants watch time over everything watch time is key what is watch time that’s a melt people are going to be watching your channel viewing your videos watch time watch time watch time that is what youtube cares about when you look at your analytics the first thing that pops up watch they care about that more than anything

Guys so when you’re doing videos try to do them longer now i’m just doing longer to make them longer because then people just find that video boring they’ll click off right make it make sense to do longer for instance i’ll give you an example of this but you i could have done a video here about top three mistakes new youtubers make would have probably been out 3

To 5 minute video and then would have been over i got it done top 10 mistakes youtubers make probably one about five to seven minute video or to do top 10 mistakes new youtubers make that helps the audience even more cuz i’m giving 10 mistakes right and it’s going to be instead no probably a 10 to 15 minute video and youtube will grade that much higher because a

Lot more people will stick around to the very end and then it gets more watch time in youtube recommended to this person and that person and so on and so forth in that builds because if you’ve got one person that watches a five minute video guess what one person watching only eight minutes of a 15 minute video is better than that one person that watched the full

Hundred percent of a five minute video youtube cares about watch time so when i started my channel it was stupid i was trying to make one minute videos promise thing i ever kind of done guys because guess what youtube even if that gets a lot of views someone that creates a ten minute video about that does better than if then if i got tended if i got nine you know

People watching my video all the way through guys watch time is key but make it make sense number ten number ten last one here no clear direction with the channel i see this time and time again there’s no clear direction with certain channels out there it’s like they’re doing this but then they’re also doing this and then they’re doing this and they’re doing this

And it’s like some bunch of stuff that’s like not even related to anything right not even related to anything when i do my channel i try to focus it around what do i focus around it’s basically focus for our financial education and money right so every video i create is going to be something like investing related it’s going to be something entrepreneur related so

This would fall under the entrepreneur category this video today or is there be something personal finance related so something money something financial education and even reiterate those points at the every end of every single video just like i’ll do at the end of this video guys it’s a round subject that there’s a very clear vision for the channel everybody that

Tunes in to my channel knows that the video they’re going to watch that day is using stock market related or or investing related in general entrepreneur type related like we have today or is going to be personal finance there’s no like oh i’m going to show you how to paint a wall today oh there’s no like oh here’s what i’m eating today i am eating enchiladas and

This is how to prepare there’s no like oh things it’s how you fix a car radiator like no that’s not what my channel is about guys so it’s very clear have a clear vision for where your channel is reiterate that that view to your viewers guys so anyways hope you enjoyed this take top 10 mistakes new youtubers make if you just came across this channel you may want

To subscribe we talk personal finance on channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner and give away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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