Top 10 Revenue Producing Cannabis Stocks in USA & Canada

Top 10 Revenue Producing Cannabis Stocks in USA & Canada – RICH TV LIVE – July 25, 2018

Hey guys how you doing it’s your boy rich and i’m back with a top ten for you and this top ten it might just change your life it might make it better and we’re gonna get right into it number ten cannabis stock which is actually in america but listed on the cns x that i’m showing you here mm e n at four dollars and eighty four cents a brand new ipo uh this company

Here there’s nothing there nothing new i mean even though there are new ipo they’re making money check this out they’re in 10th spot they made 7.2 million us in the quarter oh yeah and there are a number 10 spots that in america med man enterprises emma emma e n put him on your watchlist make sure they’re on your radar i want this in my portfolio do you have it in

Your portfolio if you liked this video smash the like button and if you do not get notifications hit that bell for notifications if you have not subscribed yet smash the subscribe button already would you cuz you’re a boy rich i need you to buckle in cuz i got some winners for you it’s true in number 9 spot t rt ce a– terre tech corp at $1 98 generating 7.3 million

Usd in the last quarter alone this is a big winner and the thing i like about this company is it’s grown by 24% in the last year alone mad men let’s go back to men men men men has grown in the last year by 693 percent wow unbelievable that’s as far as revenue the revenue growth is staggering for men men make sure you understand what you’re looking at here trt see

Revenue grew by 24% which is still impressive because it’s 7.3 million us for the quarter both content spot men men in america and trtz in america is this surprising in america it’s still not legal imagine what the possibilities could be when it’s legal in america here’s a canadian one can trust holdings t r s t with 7.8 million in canada for the quarter and trust

Holdings at seven dollars and 13 cents you can see they’ve been way higher as high as ten dollars currently at seven is this a buying opportunity it might just be a buying opportunity for can’t trust in seventh spot in revenue seven point eight million wow now who could possibly be in sixth spot you ask well another ipo that i filled just last week on the nasdaq and

Your boy rich i brought it to you first it’s true tilray t l ry at twenty four dollars and fifty five cents it did its ipo last the last week and it was at $17 it exploded as high as thirty four up a hundred percent in three days and the shorter’s got it now it’s back to 24 it’s still up but its revenue is impressive similar to can trust can’t trust at 7.8 million

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Canadian and can trust has grown year-over-year 6 very successfully as well a hundred and fifty eight percent can’t trust is grown from last year’s revenue for the quarter how about tilray tilray has grown since last year are you ready for this 55 percent as far as their revenue and it’s 7.8 million usd now who could be in we’ve done 10 men man tr tc and 9 trs t

And 8 tilray and 7 spot and in 6 spot also in america wow the opportunity in america i see is great because these companies are generating revenue cv sciences inc up 6.2% today at two dollars and seventy seven cents traded 3.2 million shares it’s been on fire lately ok absolutely on fire check this out mate 8.1 million usd in the quarter a lot of that is cbd sales

And they have grown year-over-year by one hundred and fourteen percent that is correct they have grown year-over-year by one hundred and fourteen percent unbelievable now these statistics are from new cannabis ventures i have to give them the credit for all of these statistics and they’re based on the date of i believe it was july 23rd so these are really updated

Statistics as close as you can get and out of those first five i listed four of them are in america can you believe that cvs i 8.1 million in the quarter that’s a huge number huge number for cvs i okay now what can break the top five this is when you start bringing in some of the canadian big boys this is when you start bringing in the names that everybody knows

That means that everybody’s heard of the names that everybody is in love with have you guys heard of you heard of this company have you heard of a free huh let’s pull them up currently act $8 in america ap hqf only training 225,000 shares the volume is pretty weak in america but i know in the canadian markets it’s much higher let’s take a look let’s take a look

In the canadian markets in the canadian markets there at $10.51 traded 1.3 million shares in volume and it is currently down 1.6 percent but áfreeá generated a very impressive ten point three million canadian in the quarter putting them in the top five now if you actually consider the exchange rate cbs i would probably be ahead of africa but just because of the

Number we’re gonna just say cuz it’s a higher number we’re not gonna start doing the exchange rate and all that stuff we’re gonna say that africa is in the top five and they are a beast obviously and they’re year-to-year growth is also very impressive 101 percent their revenue has grown over the last year so ten point three million for the quarter is very impressive

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For africa and if they can continue to grow they can be a huge winner okay now in number four spot this is a company i haven’t talked about a lot but this is the company that is the cns x and it is called green thumb industries now i need to start doing more due diligence i need to do more research on green thumb industries myself gti i put it on your watch list

Put it on your radar right now okay it’s at 10 dollars and 91 cents but they made ten point nine million us in america another company in america look at this the american companies are leading the way as far as revenue it’s one thing to be you know a big company giving a lot of stock but how much money are you actually making green thumb industries inc gtii are

Number four on our list at ten point nine million that’s right ten point nine million american generated in the quarter putting them fourth on the list and let’s see how much they have grown over the last year let’s take a look at this gtii has grown by what unbelievable gtii has grown by a staggering 262 percent over the last year alone as far as revenue generated

That is impressive that is staggering put green thumb industries gtii on your radar put it on your watchlist i need to do more research i’m gonna do a video on this company i need to know about the more i love the revenue growth it’s it’s impressive for me and this is the type of company i want in my portfolio please comment down below do you agree with me do

Disagree with me what do you think about gtii in number three coming in in third spot is cush bottles eek another company in america at four dollars and 53 cents the volume isn’t that impressive only 64,000 i don’t really like the volume but i love the ooh my goodness twelve point nine million usd in the quarter up a staggering a whopping 173 percent thank you

Guys for watching thank you guys for joining how you doing waiting in weed how you doing attila i love the fact that you guys are watching if you guys have any pics you want me to research if there’s any companies who want me to look at if there’s anything that i’m missing please comment down below let me know what you think about this top ten but this is a top

Ten i’d like to own all over them have all of them in my portfolio long term because they are actually making money okay and cush bottles is number three on the list now who could possibly be in the top let’s see how about can it be growth corp in number two spots generating a staggering twenty two point eight million in the quarter can it be growth corp they’ve

Just moved to the new york stock exchange under the symbol cgc in canada they go under the symbol weed up one percent today at twenty five dollars at 46 cents cgc on the new york stock exchange what do you think about canopy growth corp is it too high price i’ve always said since they won their the lebron james of cannabis stocks they continue to impress twenty two

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Point eight million in the quarter giving them a year-over-year growth of fifty five percent wow unbelievable what do you think comment down below canopy growth corp in number two and in number one spots are you ready for this who could possibly be in number one spot my numero uno the company that i’ve told you guys from day one i love the most i think if you’ve

Been watching rich to be life for a year and i’ve been talking about this company since they were at a dollar in canada under a dollar in america currently at five dollars and 40 cents in america aurora cannabis ac bff when you consolidate all of their revenues from the med relief acquisition and their own acquisitions and the katamon acquisition aurora cannabis

Coming in at 28 million for the quarter wow unbelievable a staggering year-over-year growth of 211 percent just for a were cannabis alone and 16 percent for met relief aurora cannabis is a sleeping giant i believe everyone should have a rora cannabis in their portfolio i have in my portfolio it’s my numero no it’s my number one and now they are proving it based

On revenue they’re not too high price they’re well priced everybody can buy it why not get yourself some aurora cannabis what do you think comment down below there’s your top ten let’s rehash it in number 10 and at the end mad men mm en in number 10 in number 9 tr t see it number eights can trust tr sd and number seven tilray pl ry in number six cvs i which is

Very very interesting there one that at two dollars and seventy seven cents i really think i should be owning and a number five africa number six number four gtii number three cush bottles number two can it be growth corp all the top ten based on revenue generated in the last quarter and number one my numero uno if you’ve been watching me for a year you know that

I love aurora cannabis and once again they proved why because they make money twenty eight million in the corridor the future looks bright if you’re holding aurora cannabis and all of these top ten what do you think comment down below this is your boy rich if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners but we bring them to you first all right

Party people hope peace

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