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Crating a better way of making income more today than ever they didn’t even question the gentleman about results make sense they just said wow there is an academy i can afford it and i can be a part of it with you and you and i could do it together and lock arms brother i’m taking this ride with you how many people agree with that statement yes see yes we are here

To provide you a rigor training we’re gonna get into the training to show you how to set yourself up to get results okay but guys truly that to me is the most important thing i heard today is is that what combination of some of the individuals that said here today truly is the real idea of what the success of about you don’t even need to have success it’s what you

Provide here that has so much value that people would be jumping to sign up just because we’re actually teaching people about training professionally we’re giving them everything and guidance with proper men tours we’re giving them the concept and ability to learn how to be a responsible trader and you guys this success how would i believe you here and happy of

People who are doing 5% days yeah think about that think about that right there so guys let’s kick this thing off let’s go let’s get this thing going you guys ready all right so let’s go to the professional message that we have for you okay that message is passed along when a new student is registered please pass that message along it’s a guiding tool okay it says


Something similar to this and as all of the staff that you see there and the main thing is is that a new student needs to learn how to download apps okay by the way how many people here in jannah actually i don’t think i’ve mentioned this in general we’re gonna be doing three to four classes weekly like we were doing before all over again okay so the process of when

New people get started you can let literally get them started next day or 24 hours later and have them into a class or physically getting this down with them so we’re going to be guiding them step that properly this is how we were able to really make some shatter breaking records in this program okay when we’re growing this so here’s the steps guys talk about it

To the you guys are aware of what they are just so you’re making sure it’s clear for everybody okay so step number one download the apps the apps that shows you where they are the right here telegram metatrader4 step number two we want you to join the telegram group in the original message when we send it out to you it’ll say i am chat group cp there’s links just

Click on those links add yourself to those chapters so you’re in the communication of everything we’re doing for training events reminders by the way we want to give a big round of applause jessica guys give her a round of applause please help us be aware of training sessions and events and everything so again great leaders are creating more stuff everybody guys

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After that step number four we just want you to know how you should know how your self and if not we’re going to teach you how to just download metatrader for set up a demo account the key element is a demo account real simulation of live training but without real money okay no students in the academy jumps in and throws money at this make sense we do not play

The game that way you come in and we start off with the demo account and we have you do live trading but on a practice account for the first couple of days couple of weeks actually it doesn’t matter how long it’s about getting confidence and understanding the process of it once we do that once we know that you spirits trading with us properly risking nothing we’re

Doing it properly with us we want to make sure that you’re having those results how do you agree that if you’re having results in your demo account the likelihood of you having results in your real account is going to be a lot yes and so what we’re doing is all we’re doing is our practicing but and we transition to a real account through the process of practice

Getting familiar with your educator may be familiar with the process finishing your academy education we want to make sure that you’re not see a dollar make sense at the beginning that’s the biggest thing some of the students really quickly to talk about this i’ve had students they’ve gone live within one week okay but when we ask them questions about completing

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The academy the process following along they have done everything we would essay it would be a perfect checklist make sense i’ve had students though that have done the perfect check of spilled incomplete everything and they took three to four months before they were alive was that okay absolutely there was no difference you guys actually that was totally cool by

Me yeah and some of those students i was encouraging them to go alive earlier and they said the fisa i’m just not ready yet and i thought that was the best and they said to me because what did they do they were just building their confidence they were doing everything we had asked them to do but they didn’t want to put their money in it but when they did guess what

Happened they got results okay we’re saying practice shooting the ball with us as many times as we can like every day is a real game so that when we jump onto the court with real money we are not a little we’re not looking a playground we’re ready to know what’s going to happen we’re aware what’s gonna happen the market that are bad and we know what to do and how

To recover it and we’ve really taught you how to do responsible trading with proper risk management okay and if you wonder

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