Top 10 Stock Market Rules to Follow!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about the top 10 stock market rules that you want to stick to you stick to these top 10 stock market rules and i will tell you the chances you will do very well in the stock market are very high you go away from these rules and

I think it’s going to be a very dangerous place for you out there guys these are my top 10 rules for the stock market first stock market investing i hope you guys absolutely enjoy this today if your kind of newer to the stock market make sure after this video is over you check out that first link there in the description that goes into my eleven part series on

How i invest in the stock market how i actually pick stocks and what not so that’s that course should be absolutely phenomenal for you guys let’s get into this guy’s at number ten yesterday doesn’t matter yesterday doesn’t matter this is a very important one even though it’s number 10 here yesterday doesn’t matter whatever you invested in you know in the past

Whatever dings you got whatever losses you took this stuff just doesn’t matter you just got to forget about that you got to move on because if you did great it’s all about your next investment at the end of the day if you did bad it’s all about your next investment you can make it all back if you did great you’re gonna lose it all like its stock market investing

It’s a day-to-day thing guys so don’t focus so much on what you’ve done or haven’t done in the past the things i talk about in this channel i never think about those things in real life like you know giving 30 to 40 percent gains per year i never think about that in real life i only talk about it because it gives some reference to this channel the 2015 when i lost

$75,000 stock market trading on margin i lost my wife another 25 k we lost 100 k combined i never think about that in real life i talk about it on this channel from time to time because it’s important to the channel but that type of stuff i never pay attention to in real life it doesn’t matter to me it’s not relevant it’s not relevant all that matters is what’s

Going on now in what’s going on in the future that’s all that matters just because i got great gains in the past doesn’t mean i’m gonna get great gains that future just because i had a bad year doesn’t mean i’m having bad year again so when i just push everything that’s happened in the past behind you guys it stuff’s gonna happen you just got to push it behind you

Don’t think about it just just a lot of people just keep thinking about it again sike some out and it frustrates em or whatever all i did so bad and i’m just gonna keep doing bad you just gotta get those thoughts out of you and that’s not just a stock market rollback that’s a life roll at the end of the day you just gotta forget about the past and move on coming

In at number nine is is i do dividend research so if you’re going to invest in dividend stocks right a lot of people like to invest in dividend stocks well you know i just say i say at least 50% of investors out there will not even mess with the stock unless it pays a dividend why this is i don’t know a lot of people just like to collect those dividends make sure

You’re doing the research on those dividends on the back end so if they pay a six percent yield make sure that you have the net income coming in to pay that six percent yield how is that net income trending is it going down and down so they’ll end up cutting the dividend because once again just because they paid a dividend in the past at a certain rate does not

Mean that company is obligated or will pay that dividend in the future okay so just because they paid one dollar dividend last year does not mean they’re gonna pay a one dollar dividend this year they’re not required to do that they can cut that dividend at any time the board of directors can cut that dividend at any time so you have got to keep this in mind when

Thinking about investing in dividend companies guys i see so many people they just throw money because all this stock gets at 8% mule well this stock it’s a twelve percent yield let me throw some money at that and they didn’t even do the research on the back end what’s that net income doing what’s that balance sheet look like how’s the business trending well you

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Know where are they getting that money from it’s just taking out debt to pay out those dividends what are they doing there do the research on the back end guys when you’re trying to invest in these dividend stocks pay attention to that number eight rule to pay attention to is run your own race and don’t don’t cheesy gains so run your own race what what somebody

Else is doing is irrelevant to you as a stock market investor it’s a relevant it’s absolutely irrelevant guys whenever in tracked whatever you saying bolt was running four times there’s a relevant irrelevant to me i’m not gonna run usain bolt times i need to focus on my own race i need to focus on myself getting better each and every day each one of you guys out

There focus on your own race don’t get caught up in what i’m doing don’t get caught up into the games you see some guy on tv or some other person getting like pay attention your own and just because you’re doing better than somebody else does it mean you’re a great investor you just got to pay attention your own race just because you’re doing worse than somebody

Else who knows maybe that other person’s the best in the world hit then you’re coming in number two like what’s so sad about that focus on your own race get your own gains you don’t focus on yourself getting better each and every day don’t focus on the other guy what the other guys doing that’s just gonna frustrate you and put you in a negative mindset because

What happened is you’ll find people that would do better than you and then you’ll just get mad why are they doing better than me and things like that will frustrate you guys and then may you might just start changing your style just copy and whatever socks everybody that’s a really bad no note there that’s how really bad no no there guys so don’t chase gains

Just just run your own race at the end of the day the number seven top stock market rule out there is decisions will try to haunt your decisions will try to haunt you don’t let them haunt you i’ll give you an example of this i’ve had this happen to me many times when i’ve went into a stock and i either with too heavy right off the bat as far as putting in too

Much money toward that stock or not enough money and it shoots up super high you know for instance when i invest in michael kors i was probably over a month ago now that stock shot up 25% in like a week since i owned it and yeah at the time i was like dang man why didn’t i stick some more money in that why only stick that little amount of money in it that was

Like small money i should have stuck big money in that one and that will kind of creep in sometimes don’t let that creep in and don’t let that bother you especially don’t let it bother you long term it with these decisions where you go too heavy and a stock right off the bat and it goes down you’re like why did i go so heavy on that one or you’re good you don’t

Go heavy enough and the stock shoots up like don’t let these decisions haunt you same thing with other bad decisions like you just picked the wrong stock or something don’t let that haunt you move on this kind of goes back to number 10 like yesterday doesn’t matter just move on man you just got to move on if you did a great stock move on like don’t don’t just

Let that haunt you you know for better or for worse at the end of the day number 6 here guys number 6 if you play on the edge of the green canyon long enough you’re gonna fall in eventually okay so pay attention the balance sheet with too many people out there in the stock market land they love to invest in stocks without even ever looking at the balance sheet

Never mind really looking at a closely but they don’t even look at it in general they though invest in the stock and they’ve never even looked at the balance sheet that’s a horrible decision guys that’s a expression i use there it’s it’s a great one you play on the edge of the grand canyon long enough you’re eventually will fall in and that will eventually happen

To you if you invest in enough bad balance sheet companies eventually you’re gonna pick the wrong one and eventually you’re gonna go down with that company because you never really research the balance you never really looked at the cash and investment you never looked at this stuff i talked about in my 11-part stock market course linked in that description there

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You don’t look at that stuff you don’t look at that stuff guys it’s gonna come back and bite you i guarantee especially if you’re investing for the next you know two three four decades guys it will a hundred percent come back to you if you’re not paying attention that balance sheet it comes back to everybody number five number five compounding compounding is the

Sickest thing ever self-explanatory if you’ve ever played around with a compounding calculator it’s unbelievable guys pay attention this like the the like one of the first things if there was a new investor if i was like an actual mentor of investors which i’m not but if i was an actual a mentor and i did like one-on-one training like the first thing i would have

People do on the very first day probably is play around with the compound of calculators so just see what what if you put in ten thousand you get a ten percent gain on that per year over the next twenty years like what that adds up to not a lot of people even realize like the compounding effect and how much compounding numbers and how it’s a true snowball avalanche

Effect where it just gets bigger and bigger just keeps picking up more and more it is amazing guys so one of the biggest rules out there like pay attention on compounding calculator play around with it if you never have before and you’ll open up your mind to how big numbers can really get once you get the ball rolling guys you know let you focus a little more long-term

Then short term because short term you can kind of think well i only got $10,000 you forget 10% gains only $1,000 you need to really be thinking about a ten twenty thirty years from now what that’s gonna be adding up to as long as you get that ten percent gain per year so that’s one of the biggest rules i would have everybody look at a compounding calculator number

Four number four stock market investing is cumulative the younger younger you start that better off you’ll be so as a rule you just want to start younger like i don’t care you only got a hundred bucks you only got 500 bucks that you need to start younger the bad are you getting a stock market all the stuff you’re gonna learn over time is just gonna help you make

Better and better decisions over time i look back at some past investments i made when i was in my first year to investing i’m like i was a dumb investment why was a in that stock that was crap like it shouldn’t be in this one i should have been in this one in this one why did i not see this company coming you’re just gonna learn a lot of information that’s gonna

Be very valuable to you you’re just gonna get better it’s like anything in life guys the more you practice at it the better you get you practice you know three pointers all day on out on the basketball court you’re gonna get pretty freakin good after about a month of doing that if you’re going out there every day guys the same thing with stock market investing

You’re doing this day in and day out you’re gonna get better and better and better and better it’s just natural you’re just gonna get better sometimes people see like warren buffett like he doesn’t get as good at games used to get when he was in as you know let’s say thirties forties fifties and now he’s in his 80s shouldn’t he be getting better games a reason

Someone think warren buffett doesn’t get better games because he has so much money he has to invest that the amount of companies he can even go into is like really really small now guys the amount of companies he can go into because he’s trying to invest tens of billions of dollars usually the amount of companies you can even invest that much is super small so

If buffett was still working with little money he would be killing his games i guarantee it even though he’s still a little old fashioned i’d guarantee you he would be killing what he used to get back in the day just because he’s been around the game a lot longer he knows how the how it’s played a lot better guy so definitely definitely you know remember all this

Information is cumulative number three number three don’t throw money at random stocks why why do people throw money at random stocks just somebody they hear on tv or whatever they just throw money out of random stock like well that blows my mind you need to be disciplined when your stock market investing you can’t just throw money at stocks you know oh oh this

Stock so and so my dad said buy this one so i just threw you know five thousand dollars at oh you know jeremy he said he’s buying such-and-such stock right now so i should buy that well let me throw some money on that absolutely 80 on it yeah ever ever do that guys never ever do that make sure you’re making your own decisions you know if bill belichick the the

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Patriots coach would he ever just start calling random place ah man you know my mom she said i should run a flea-flicker with tom brady today let’s do that like no you don’t just you when your discipline and you’re great at something you don’t you just do stuff to do stuff you don’t just throw money around absolutely not your decisions are disciplined they’re

Disciplined you don’t just throw money around guys that’s absolutely idiotic and and so don’t do that ever don’t just throw money around it’s gonna come back to bite you i guarantee you that number two number two every war is one before it’s ever fought every war one before it’s ever fought guys research is key research is key you gotta be willing to put in the

Research work you’ve got to be willing to put in the research work – all this stuff you’ve gotta be willing to look at all those reports you’ve got to be willing to look at all the news if you’re not really about the action it’s not for you man just stick your money in an index fund or something like that if you’re not about the action it’s not for you okay i want

To make that very clear to everybody out there you’re not about the action it’s not for you you need to pay attention to everything you want to always succeed with your stock market investing or at least 99% of time you need to make sure you’re doing a massive amount of research on the back side before you ever stick a dollar in that company you do that you stick

To a disciplined gameplan 99 plus percent of time you’re gonna do absolutely phenomenal over the long term you don’t do that and you might as well be gambling at the end of the day because that’s exactly what you’re doing if you’re not putting in the research work if you’re not sticking to a discipline game plan you’re gambling you’re gambling let’s make that very

Clear you’re game land that point you might as well go play some craps on the on the strip or something like that because that’s exactly what you’re doing if you’re not putting in that research work on the back end guys so let’s make that very clear always put in the work always put in the work the war is won before you ever even put that money into that stock

Okay so make that very clear and number one number one rule of stock market investing is preservation of capital is critical okay it’s not just great great games you like let’s all get great games that’s phenomenal but at the same time losing money is huge like when i took my loss in 2015 because i started stock market gambling that was so stupid and that was

A massive amount of money i lost there and that’s a lot of capital loss huge mistake that’s the number one mistake i made in 2015 number one mistake out there in my opinion of stock market rules i made that in 2015 huge mistake you’ve got to keep your capital around you cannot take huge risks you cannot start gambling that money around you’ve got to always stick

To the gate discipline gameplan when i went away from in 2015 when i’m going to run away from everything that made me successful in 2015 i got bit in the ass and it came thin and was really hard and it was not pleasant guys so make sure you always remember it’s not just about the games the games are great but also remember it’s also about this safety you want to

Always you know not go too crazy and some stocks and things like that you don’t want to ever go undisciplined because you lose a lot of capital it’s gonna come back to bite you and remember we talked about compounding calculator we talked about compounding numbers you lose all you lose seventy five thousand also in those compounding numbers get way less and way

Less and you’ve got to get you had a build for several years to even get back to that place guys it’s painful it’s painful so i hope you absolutely enjoyed this today top ten stock market rules for everybody out there don’t forget if you haven’t checked out my 11-part stock market investing mastery course make sure you check that out in the first thing linked in

That description thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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