Top 3 Most Underrated Youtube Channels! Roberto Blake, Casey Neistat, Video Creators!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today i decided to do a video about the three most underrated youtubers of all the three channels i love i love i love and i think they’ve just one we’re going to talk about roberto blake channel next we’re going to talk about casey nice that now

That one’s going to be highly controversial because you guys are probably looking at me like dude he has six million subscribers how is an underrated i’ll tell you exactly how he’s underrated and last one we’re going to talk about is the video creators channel all three channels i love all three channels i watch almost every single video that come from them and

I’m explaining you guys why they’re underrated well first off we’re talking about the roberto blake channel so channel i just love i think he does such a great job as far as anything that you do in your life that’s really an entrepreneur type thing he can help you with that guy have so many videos i’m talking literally a hundred-plus videos that are geared more

Toward entrepreneurs in helping you as an entrepreneur being more successful i think it’s a great thing because i talk entrepreneurship on this channel i don’t do nearly as much as he does because this channel mainly focuses on stock market out to be a great investor all those kinds of things but he does it so much and he does it so well if you’re a photographer

A videographer creative design anything like that guys he has so many videos out there that can help you expand your business and gives a lot of ideas that are outside the box and this is all free information he’s giving and i take i think that’s such a great thing because that’s something i try to do on my channel free information in basically helping people

Become more successful in our lives he has a ton of great videos about how to make passive income online you know all those types of subjects you know passive income is a great thing i make passive income and i didn’t make passive income a year ago but through his channel i’ve helped to learn you know about about passive income and the power of it and whatnot

I even do some passive income videos on this channel now to help you guys out so his channel brings all those elements and it also does some youtube things so if you’re building a youtube channel he has a lot of great tips a lot of great ways on how you can build a community of fans and whatnot and build a successful youtube channel so you know you might want

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To check out his channel if you’re any type of entrepreneur i highly recommend it i don’t care what industry and he has videos out there that can help you an entrepreneurship roberto blake channel check that one out it has like 170 thousand subscribers right now i believe in the future we’ll have a lot more than that guys next channel up we’re talking about the

Controversial one here guys casey neistat channel i didn’t know who casey nice that was until about a year year and a half ago and i came across this content and i found it extremely well done so how casey nice that channel is such underrated channel one of the most underrated channel is probably the most underrated channel on youtube this guy win from 500,000

Subscribers to six million subscribers in a year and a half from vlogging from vlogging guys vlogging is probably the most boring content you could possibly imagine in like out there possible guys there’s been no one to grow a channel off strictly from vlogging to get to that type of that type of base you know built up that quickly never happened before you know

A lot of big youtubers that have prank channels and whatnot and then they start doing vlogging and they already had like 10 million subscribers and then they get two or three million automatically on their channel just because they started vlogging channel that’s not really a vlogger you know going from 500,000 to 66 million now that’s impressive that is something

That’s impressive vlogging guys are you kidding me basically every single day you take people through your your daily routine and what you do on that day and in a 10-15 minute video and you expected millions of people to watch those videos every single day and millions of people would watch those videos every single day seven days a week you would say well yeah but

Jeremy no reality shows have been around and things like that and those have been successful look at the kardashians you know they’re probably most successful of all them and they made a reality show okay the kardashians i was a once a week program there wasn’t even an all year around program to they had someone filming everything for him three they have lighters

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And things you know so they can say certain things or they can dramatize certain things they have a whole crew of production casing nice tent all this himself all the filming to make it all interesting the music the edits everything the look you know taking it through through the day everything was him it was all on him and he got millions and millions of people

To watch every single video every single day seven days a week it’s the most impressive thing i’ve ever seen on youtube as far as delighting people absolutely amazing guys has never been anything like it on youtube i don’t know if there ever will and a lot of people say oh it’s so easy to just flog a dude or check out there there’s millions and millions of people

Vlogging and they get nowhere on this channel because their content isn’t that interesting because it’s freaking vlogging who the crap cares about what goes on in you the average person’s day even if you’re a fan of somebody who cares well you know what the normal day is like he’s made it he made it so people actually cared when casey did they oh hi his videos pop

Up there let me click on it right away it’s an absolutely amazing guys that’s why he’s one of the most underrated youtubers ever ever in my opinion and now he’s quit and all that kind of stuff that’s a whole other subject but anyways guys i enjoyed sharing that with you number three is the video creators channel the videos creator channel is a fabulous channel if

You’re looking specifically in my opinion to grow a youtube channel to start youtube challenge you’re like okay how can i actually do it how can i make a youtube channel of success that’s a channel i relied on heavily for the first you know four or five months of the of building my channel here the the financial education channel learning you know how do i tag

Title things how do i you know describe how do i do a thumbnail how does it all incorporate into my video how do i get engagement from the viewers all those kinds of things guys you know being a youtuber it’s a challenge it’s a challenge especially when you’re starting out to even get your name out there that channel has so many fabulous tips i mean hundreds of

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Videos you can go through that you can learn okay how can i do this how can i actually make this channel of success how can actually get my message out there in all those kinds of things that channel does a fabulous job i still watch almost every single video that comes out nup i mean a lot of the information now is just kind of more rhetorical because i know a

Lot of this stuff already but at the same time i’m always looking you know do they have something new out there and i always love hearing the guy’s opinion on the channel who tim schmoyer i believe his name is i just love his channel guys i watched almost every single video out of that channel and if you’re looking into youtube you’re ever thinking about being a

Youtuber absolutely check out that channel guys there are so many fabulous tips and he does a lot of collaborations with other other people that know google seo and things like that and how to get more views all that kind of stuff guys so a lot of a lot of great information from that channel i really enjoy it so those are the three most underrated youtubers in my

Opinion there’s probably hundreds or thousands of underrated youtubers that we could have talked about today those are the three in my opinion that are most underrated roberto blake channel casey neistat channel video creators channel all amazing channels guys i hope you enjoyed this video today if you came across you and you have not subscribed yet you may want

To talk about personal finance in the channel i’m an entrepreneur a talk entrepreneurship on the channel and we talked to stock market the most on this channel including things like how to be a successful investor investing for beginners all those kinds of things guys thank you for watching and have a great day you

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Top 3 Most Underrated Youtube Channels! Roberto Blake, Casey Neistat, Video Creators! By Financial Education

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