Um first one’s power i told you guys about power 25 cents it hit 60 cents on um friday that’s well over 100 gain for everyone within the community and anyone that’s watching congratulations to everybody on power symbol in america is r-i-i-n-f um yeah i think it’s going to a dollar guys so you know put on your watches put on your radar you know i brought it

To you at 25 cents it’s not 60. so congratulations to everybody on power r-i-i-n-f in america um been a big winner man been a big winner and um you know a lot of our members have done extremely well on power and the reality is i think it’s just getting started actually i absolutely think it’s just gonna just literally just get started um so that’s the first

Stock that i think you need to watch tomorrow and uh really you should have been watching it since i brought it to you guys 25 cents since i brought it to you guys first captiva verde uh pwr in canada r-i-i-n-f in america um i love it and um you know it’s been a it’s been a big winner um so congratulations to all the members on power otherwise known as captiva

Verde r-i-i-n-f in america and pwr in canada it’s been screaming up and i told you guys about it at 25 cents it’s now at 60 and i think it goes to a dollar um stay tuned they got some ridiculous news coming i’m sure and yeah wouldn’t be surprised to see it go to a dollar and if and when it goes to a dollar just remember where you heard it first okay that’s my

First pick that i want to talk about um hey what’s up how you guys doing all how you guys all doing here thank you guys for joining me just looking at all the messages here how you doing creative care how you doing troy what’s up bro how you doing alex what’s up jay how you doing bro what’s up dollar bills i got something for you bro i got something for you but

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What’s up phil hey anthony how you doing brother anthony i see you’re building your business man congratulations get helen to get in contact with me and get her to be on the telegram please so we can get her in the group chat because we’ve moved everybody over to telegram because whatsapp you can only put 256 members telegram we can have 200 000 so we’ve moved

Everyone over to telegram please get helen to join telegram so we can get her in our group chat and really get her how you doing pamela i hope you’re doing well i’m going to add you as a moderator pamela yeah you know what i want everybody to have a phenomenal trading week so my number one pick so far that i’ve given you guys is power captiva verde i think it’s

Been a huge winner for our community and i think it’s one that we need to watch very carefully very closely i think they’re going to have some some big news being released i believe they’re halted right now so there’s very good chance that the stocks can explode no the telegram is only for members of the trading academy if you want access to our picks first you

Need to become a member of the trading academy now another pick that i’m going to give you guys that i’m watching very closely for tomorrow and i might buy it um in addition to power which i might buy as well is air um i think clear clear clean air metals air in canada is on a full alert i think there’s a huge upside in there and i think mining stocks are going

To do really well right now with gold potentially going to 2000 and breaking all-time highs i think clear clean air metals air in canada is one to watch and i do own shares full disclosure i own ten thousand shares of air i really like them i think the upside is tremendous for them and we could see them at a dollar you know and they’re right now 35 cents and i

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Think that you know it’s not asking too much for maybe for them to get to a dollar this year you know and maybe if not this year maybe next year but i think there’s a possibility that could happen you know mining stocks have been just screaming so there’s a possibility that we could see it so um put air on your radar put on your watch list i think i already

Own shares but if i didn’t i would be definitely interested in getting some shares of air and i think my ending stocks are hot right now so i’ve given you guys two stocks right now captiva verde power pwr which is already up huge since i brought it to you guys first pwr brought it to you at 25 cents it’s now at 60. huge huge winner for our community huge winner

For a community many members still riding that train and r-i-i-n-f in america and then air now the last pick that i want to give you is a pick that i haven’t talked about for a long time uh africa afria is going to report earnings on wednesday typically when they report earnings before the market that’s a very good sign that the earnings are going to be good

If they report after market they’re trying to do damage control if they report before the market they’re anticipating the earnings are going to be strong so they want to see like a spike in the stock i’m predicting that the after earnings are going to be good and that the stock is going to go up so i think there’s a very good likelihood that i might buy afria

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Tomorrow it’s another stock that i’m looking at i might just pick up like a thousand shares and just go along for the ride you know if the stock goes up you know 10 20 30 percent i’ll just take my profits and run not really looking to hold on to it forever um you know just be looking to just buy it and see your return on my investment so those are my three picks

That i’m really looking to buy uh tomorrow obviously i already own air but i might even get more captiva verde pwr in canada n r i i n f in america air clean air metals air in canada i think there’s huge upside there that’s nia’s pick the president of nia bought like 200 000 shares at 32 cents it’s at 35 cents i think that’s a very bullish sign that it’s gonna

Go way higher so in my opinion air goes way higher and afria i think with their earnings coming wednesday morning we need to watch them closely because at six dollars when you look at the chart it was at two dollars and it’s been climbing up it’s now approaching seven we may see them run to ten so those are three of my picks keep your eyes on the prize this is

Your boy rich from rich tv live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first those are my three picks that i’m watching that i might be buying as of tomorrow i do own shares and air but i wouldn’t mind getting some more and i would love to maybe get some power and get some aphro so stay tuned i’ll let you guys

Know what’s popping is your boy rich from rich to be live and i’m out peace

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