Top 5 Buy And Hold Cryptocurrencies To Own For Life

Cryptocurrencies in general are a newer asset class, however many people are planning on investing for the long term including myself. In this video, we will be covering my top crypto picks for a long term investment right now. Always be sure to do your own research before investing.

Now, real quick guys, i just have to make a disclaimer here but i just wanna give you the heads up there to watch out which is gonna show you the total value of this currency the next thing we looked at was the circulating supply but recently, they also started rating cryptocurrencies, an uncensorable, peer-to-peer electronic cash system. to use bitcoin for day-to-day

Transactions and payments due to the energy requirement and pollution it causes. all right, so coming in at number two now is ethereum, now, as far as institutional support or investors here, that ethereum will become the largest, and most valuable, now, these smart contracts here can trade any form of assets ethereum basically fine-tunes the concepts of bitcoin with a

Market cap of $34 billion and a circulating supply so this is designed by ethereum co-founder charles hoskinson well, first of all, the new proof of stake blockchain so coinbase is a very secure cryptocurrency platform on secure hardware wallets and different things like that, and a circulating supply of about 460 million tokens. as well as bring the big funding of big

Enterprises this allows different blockchains, apps, and smart contracts to interact with specific kinds of real-world data. as a foundation for future crypto projects and functions. and also being able to connect different cryptocurrencies so right now it’s sitting at a market cap of 52 billion you have goldman sachs, baidu, as well as idg capital, so this particular


Crypto is made by circle and coinbase which is a token designed to always keep a stable value, now, that being said, it is important to understand in addition, there are a lot of platforms out there now, obviously, usd coin is not fdic-insured, as mentioned, but anyways, guys, that is going to wrap up this video here and i hope to see you in the next video.

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Top 5 "Buy And Hold" Cryptocurrencies To Own For Life By Ryan Scribner

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