Top 5 College Courses for Business Students

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Many subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about the top five most important college courses for you to take if you want to be a business student and you know this should be bigger than just being a business student because just about no matter what you want to do in life you better

Be good at business or it’s going to be very hard for you to succeed out there if you want to be a painter and that is what you want to do in life if you don’t understand business good luck being a successful painter because you gotta understand business if you want to be a successful painter because there’s a million different people out there paying pictures to that

Or trying to tell them right so you better understand marketing and all that kind of stuff or you better find someone to hire that can handle all that side of the business for you like no matter what you want to do or be successful at like you’ve gotta understand business at the end of the day in 80 plus percent of industries whether you want to be an entrepreneur

Whether you want to climb the corporate ranks at a company all that type of stuff guys you better understand business so i’m going to give you the top five college courses that you can take at a local community college like all these courses literally you could take at a local community college and not have to spend a ton of money at a university or something like

That and all will help you dramatically in my opinion they’ve all helped me dramatically so that’s why i’m sharing this with you guys today and at the end of the video i just want to kind of um give my opinion totally on college i don’t i think a lot of times i can come across this very tiny college on this channel and i don’t think i’m quite as anti as i come

Across on this channel so i’ll explain that at the end of the video guys but let’s go to this kind of tone it down from number five to number one and let’s get into this so number five is math now math why is this one important it sure as hell is not important about what kind of math you do it like calculus if you learn in calculus in college like you’re never

Going to use that in business i’m just going to be straight up with you or the chances are like less than one percent you’re going to use any type of mass at a college level the chances of like 1% or less you’re going to ever use that real life so that’s not the important part the important part of math in my opinion is it creates problems that you have to solve

And you to remember an order of how to fix these problems and guess what business is all about solving problems more than anything else in business it’s about solving problems at the end of the day you’ve got a problem with this employee you’ve got a problem you know with this customer you got a problem with a product or service you’re selling there’s something

Going wrong and maybe you’ve had that issue before you got to remember ok how do i solve this problem i go i’m got to take this step i got to do this do that and i can fix this problem that is why i believe math is a great thing at the college level because it will really challenge you to figure out i got this problem in front of me there’s a set way i can solve

This problem now how do i go out and figure out how to solve this problem at the end of the day so i mean most actual math you’ll use in business honestly is taught at the elementary school level like elementary school level math is most of what you use like adding subtracting division multiplication like that’s the type of stuff you actually use in business at the

End of the day but the problem-solving is huge so that’s why i love math at a college level some of those you know really tough courses and even if they’re not super tough maybe they’re just super tough to you it’s just about the experience of problem solving figuring out how to solve a problem and remembering that guys and that is why math comes in at number five

Number four is business 101 this is the entry level business class this is a class that if you you know don’t really like business 101 then you’re probably not meant to be a business student you probably need to do something else with your life like business 101 it’s the base fundamentals of how business works it’s going to go over corporate hierarchies you know


What a ceo is and a cfo and a ceo and what job titles they do like you know starting business like from from the very small bit like everything is not going to be super into detail in business 101 but it’s going to teach you to base punda mentals about business taxes of all the type of stuff guys that is extremely important business marketing like the entry level

Marketing type stuff everything exam entry level nothing’s going to be super detailed but it’s just going to give you an overall gist of what business really is and that’s just a course a literally a course that every single business student much has to take business 101 and right then and there you’ll be know of it yeah businesses for me or business is not from

Hint the end of the day so that is coming at number four number three number three is business marketing very important anything marketing relating with business very important now it’s important and i would love this type those type of classes but i also hate them and i’ll explain this so so one they’re really important because you got to understand like like most

Of what business is is also marketing like if you don’t know how to market your product market your service you start a business you don’t know how to market yourself good luck but we out there and finding customers and getting customers to buy your products or services at the end of the day because you’ve got to know how to market it properly now where i don’t

Like the business working classes is a lot of things they teach in current business marketing classes or lily expired like as far as you know do a marketing campaign like this or whatever like a lot of that stuff’s like ancient like that might have worked in year 2002 that might have worked in 1992 but in 2017 or 2018 is probably not going to work i’ll be completely

Honest or at least not work nearly as good as if you went with oh let me do an ad on facebook and do it this way or snapchat or instagram or put a youtube ad and do it this way like so you really need to experiment but the important part of business marketing is just understanding the fundamentals of business marketing what triggers someone to buy something buy

A product service to some of those kinds of things and you will learn about that and you’ll learn about you know previous things that work what that worked and think about that like those ones work in the past how can i transfer that maybe something of that to today’s time and do it in a social media type environment where social media platforms are so big how can

I do something like that but make it work with customers so business marketing absolutely key number two number two is accounting accounting i took three levels of accounting myself you could probably take two levels of accounting and you’ll be just fine in my opinion accounting huge because you’re going to learn the income statements you’re going to learn balance

Sheets you’re going to learn cash flows like the three most important things especially that income statement and balance sheet like if you don’t know how to do an income statement or balance sheet good luck to you in your business because you’re never going to know how to run numbers and figure out what you’re actually making at the end of the day and all those

Types of things and especially important as you get more and more money coming in that you understand these things and you can just view it as what are my assets what are my liabilities it will help you personal finance wise in life understand those types of things it will help you investing wise like if you don’t understand an income statement or balance sheet

Or cash flow when you are trying to invest in a company whether it be a small company or a huge public company like man you know good luck to you because you don’t want and mentals you have to know as a fundamental investor you have to know what an income statement is what a balance sheet is how to read it how to decipher you know what numbers are what what’s good

What’s bad and all that type of stuff and you will absolutely learn that in accounting i just hope you have as good of accounting teachers i had a really good accounting teacher and it definitely helped because the accounting can be really a boring subject it honestly can if you get a bad accounting teacher man oh gosh and they don’t know how to explain things in

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A simple format it can really make it hard on you would absolutely cancel i just pray that if you do take accounting you get a good teacher because that’s definitely one of those subjects that if you get a really bad teacher who’s super boring doesn’t know how to explain things well in a simple manner oh that’d be bad guys but accounting so important in number

One number one most important college course for business students and this is above everything above everything and it’s not even a business-related class psychology psychology psychology oh my goodness you want to learn how to make money understand people understand people in the way people think psychology i like like over everything is psychology is important

Like understanding the way people think like understanding nonverbal communication the majority of communication we do as humans is actually nonverbal like it’s way more important to pay attention to nonverbal communication actually rather than verbal communication i can tell you something right now and it could be a hundred percent lie but if you know nonverbal

Communication you’re going to be able to decipher that bs he just told me that to lie there i can read people like a freaking book they must have super great at lying and they’re like a compulsive what hurt me or something like that but it’s somebody is lying to me i can tell like instantly i can tell instantly it will help you judge people make better decisions

On investing which is huge like understanding psychology of why people buy things all that kind of stuff like why people think this type of way when there are people lying like you can tell literally with you understand psychology at a high level you can understand whether i’m really excited about the next quarter of company a b and c or not excited let’s say i’m

Ceo of apple if i talk like yeah next quarter is going to be a great quarter i see iphone doing great next quarter we’re going to absolutely kill it next quarter i say it like that or if i say like yeah iphone eight should be pretty good next quarter should be a pretty good quarter next quarter you know should be good like – totally – very similar things but two

Things said very differently and if you’re very good at psychology understanding you know psychological understanding you’ll be able to read that like a book guys you’ll be able to tell you know which guys align and which ones aren’t and that’s why it’s important to listen on conference calls as an investor because you’re going to be able to decipher those types

Of things but only if you understand psychology that’s the only way it works if only if you understand that type of level guys so reading people so key because no it will help prevent so many problems with employees you may hire so many people you might need to manage so many customers that maybe you know say that everything’s okay with their product or service

And they say that but really it’s not you can tell non-verbally like they’re not really happy with that they just don’t feel like complaining about it and those are the customers that rt to get guys so psychology absolutely important that’s the most important of all them now i want to give my opinion on college i come across a very anti college a lot of times in

This channel and i’m not quite as anti as i come across i feel like college can be a phenomenal way for you to learn how about subjects just like we talked about today where i don’t like college is where people are taking out thirty thousand fifty thousand seventy thousand ninety thousand dollars in student to pay for college if you need to take out student loans

For college and unless you are have to go to college for something like that and you have to go to university level if you’re trying to be a doctor or a lawyer or something that’s where i have my issue because you’re not going to get the roi you can if you didn’t do that like if you go to community college rather than university level you’re going to say probably

You know 3/4 of the money you would spend at a university versus a community college is a dramatic difference kind of dramatic difference so you should really be able to pay for college out of pocket if you can’t pay for college out of pocket then you probably need to try to get a scholarship you can’t get a scholarship and you’re super poor then maybe you can

Get student loans fast for those type of things but the whole you know let’s take out massive loads of debt tens of thousands of dollars and you start your life with that type of debt or for something that’s going to hang on the wall that’s where i have a problem that’s where i have an issue i also have an issue where people feel like they want to just keep going

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To college to finish it rather than if they have a huge opportunity in front of them like they disregard that opportunity because they want to get that degree they want to get that degree they get a pass on the opportunity because they want the degree huge mistake i see time and time again guys imagine imagine a zuckerberg said you know all this facebook thing is

Cool but i don’t really put on a puttin that much work i want to i focus on graduating college mark zuckerberg will be a nobody right now and nobody and instead of one of the richest people in the world right and one of the most influential people of our time like imagine if steve jobs is like as apple computer thing this could be interesting but you know what i

Don’t really want to go there i want to finish college like you see jobs would have been literally a nobody more unlikely instead of a business god he saw the opportunity and he’s like i got to go chase this opportunity i see so many times there’s someone on his platform youtube right and i’ve watched many of their videos in the past right in previous years it’s

Like over 300,000 subscribers 300,000 subscribers like they could be making at least 5 10k a month and they’re more focused on going to college now and just like dude you are stoked that like you have you can literally you’re not even given it a tenth of your effort on youtube you obviously have something huge here huge potential for you you could be literally

Making millions of dollars a few years from now on youtube instead you’re focused on going to college and you’ve given up on youtube like like what are you doing like go make those two million and then if you become unpopular all sudden and you made your few million and guess what you can go to any college you want and be set for life like do women pick any college

As long as you maybe have the grades or something get in there and they bypass that because you’ve got so much damn money they just want you to come to your school take ways like like that wow apples me why when people would rather have a certificate hanging on their wall rather than chase a big opportunity that’s right in front of them i’ve seen it so many times

Where somebody will having a great opportunity at a business or something like no i really want to focus on getting my degree it’s like dude you just missed a multi-million dollar opportunity in your life and if you don’t have those opportunities and great just keep going to college you know and tell one of those things find you or you find something out there

But as far as like taking out massive loads of debt just to get a business degree like this doesn’t make sense to me at the end of the day doesn’t make sense if your parents pay for it take advantage of it take advantage of it like if your parents are like oh yeah we’ve been saving your whole lives for you to go to college they’re going to pay for their to flip

The whole bell and they want to do that that’s something they want to do and you’re okay with that thing go to college take advantage of that but if you’re like i’m going to be successful like unless i go to university and and i get a bachelor’s degree a bachelor’s degree is not going to make you automatically successful because there’s a lot of people with those

Bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees at nowadays it’s not like an exclusive club like you used to be back in the day guys so that’s those are my thoughts on college and i just hope i take you late at my point well enough there that on my feelings on that guy so anyways hope you enjoyed this today this video today top five college courses for business students

Let me know what you guys thought hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed let me know if you guys are going to business college right now if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance in the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m a national business owner and give away so many does the tips we talk stock market investing

More than anything thank you for watching guys in have a great day

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