Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Top 5 Regrets are:

Have you ever sat down and wondered are you making the most of your time or are you just wasting most of it how do you know what is not wasting your time or not so i looked up what older people do people that might be on their deathbeds what kind of things they regret how’s it going everybody this is beep the bush today i’m gonna talk about the five top regrets

Of the dying here it is so let me just go through the list very quickly and then we’ll go back to each one the first one i wish i had the courage to live a life true to myself not the life of others number two i wish i hadn’t worked so hard number three i wish i had the courage to express my feelings number four i wish i had stayed in touch with my friends number

Five i wish that i had let myself be happier usually you would assume that older people with know better because they have all the experience behind them but perhaps when you’re older you could be biased toward certain things so it might not be optimal as like living your life fully just using these as criteria so take all of this with a grain of salt of course

You can’t just take them and then use them as like a rule of life they might be correct they might not be so the first one really resonates with me courage to live a life true to yourself and not the life others expect of you this is kind of what i struggled a lot with when i decided to quit my job because i mean gosh going through a master’s program oh my gosh

You know this is like six years of my life that i put into getting a degree and so when other people from outside look into this i’m always afraid that people are gonna go oh my gosh you just wasted a degree so this is where the courage comes in and you have to live your life true to yourself what is true to yourself you have to look at what are you really happy

Doing i guess back then when i was doing my job i just kind of thought it wasn’t what i thought it was before going into engineering i thought wow you know when i go into work i’m gonna design all this fun stuff i’m gonna you know do all these knickknacks build stuff and stuff but when i caught in a fort force and worked in enough years and i worked a number of

Years so i you can’t say i didn’t try tried for a very long time and what i soon realizes that i shuffled around more paper and did a lot of things that did not matter things like just kind of paper work just kind of calculations and stuff that never gets you sometimes so that kind of got me kind of unenthusiastic to keep on pursuing that so you can see a lot of

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People expected me to keep on doing my engineering for the rest of my life at least till 5560 or something at least right and use my degree for a good 20 30 years so going to this youtube brow me making these videos it’s really doing stuff not what people expect of me it’s like completely you know outside no one not one person would say hey you should go pursue

This you should you know make it bigger and bigger no one actually ever said that not my parents not my siblings no one that i ever know it was basically true to myself i this is my way of kind of trying to live true to myself the second one is i wish i hadn’t worked so hard a lot of people i feel are just spinning their wheels and they do not necessarily have to

If they don’t get on this treadmill of spending more than they actually need when you spend just like everyone else you can end up working just like everyone else you end up having to put in overtime and then for what i i don’t know for what really that is why over the past year just this past two weeks i’ve been uploading daily right but over the past year right

Before this i’ve been doing one video every other day and this is kind of what i decided to do i’m like hey you know what i could my job i am able to work a little bit less so let me just try this out i’m going to work less on purpose and i met so many so many youtubers not many if you call like five six or something but whenever i meet people that makes content

Online a lot of times i feel like they’re pushing as hard as they can they’re working a full-time job many times they’re over this so i make it a point to tell people over the past year or so that i’m purposely not working a full-time job just to get people puzzled just to see you know how what the reactions are but this is sort of living my life true to myself

China according to these regrets of the dying people so that maybe perhaps when i die i wouldn’t go hey you know i wish i worked on my youtube much harder you know do 40 hours a week you know just just kind of grind it just like a full-time job even with me uploading every single day on youtube it’s quite a bit less work than a full-time job the third one i wish

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I had the courage to express my feelings this is this is something because this is like if you have some some feelings inside and you want to convey it i guess this is also living true to yourself this is kind of like in the same theme as the first one number four i wish i had stay in touch with my friends i am guilty very guilty of this i had some friends that’s

You know i feel like here’s some wisdom you really do need to keep in touch with friends you know at least every three months you need to kind of ping them see hey you know how you’re doing and stuff if you go as long as too long okay i think six months it’s too long three months is probably the limit at which you can contact even if even the best of friends i i

Know there would be like some really really good friends if you have super established best friends you might be able to contact them you know once every two years three years even and then when you meet them you’ll pick up right where you left off but you know for most friends you can’t go too long you need to keep up that relationship just so there’s a wisdom

If you want to keep your friends make sure to keep a constant contact even if you’re not doing anything you know everyone to know all you need to ping them and then go hey how’s it going what are you what are you up to so due to my personal lack of you know doing this now i know better it’s kind of like it’s almost really reversible once you lose that relationship

Once you kind of break apart it’s really hard to you know reclaim this connection so what i recommend if you want to stay in touch with your friends you got a you know i don’t know you would make a schedule or something put on your calendar go okay know every couple months you need to contact so-and-so these are the friends that you really do want to keep sometimes

You might want to drop some friends because maybe they’re toxic i wish i had let myself be happier a lot of times people comment on my video saying you know you can’t live life you can’t enjoy life without spending more money because i am you know so frugal myself to me i am not constricting myself at all whenever i have something i do actually want i actually

Go and get it sometimes viewing from the outside when other people see me oh my gosh you’re not buying certain things they view it as a restriction because if they have to do that they would feel deprived themselves but you got to look at from a different person’s point of view in my point of view i am not depriving myself looking at these life lessons i guess i

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Feel like it’s very telling in the things that you need to do because no one ever goes around saying i wish i worked harder apparently on people’s death beds they never go oh my gosh i wish i you know put in more time at work got that promotion or whatnot with all these regrets from these people that you probably think have a lot of wisdom these older people it

Almost seems like learning from them is an important thing if you look at them if they have these regrets maybe you probably would too because these are common things among older people these are their regrets so if you live your life true to yourself you don’t work as hard you express your feelings as you’re feeling them don’t hold them all in stayed in touch

With your friends you let yourself be happier sometimes you need to spend a little bit of money not just be super duper frugal all the time then you might you know once it comes time for you to go you might not have as many regrets you might go man i really did what i wanted to do and i would say over the past year myself when i my job minh and i suddenly just go

Goodbye corporate world let me just go vacation everywhere oh my gosh that was awesome i would say you know if i were to die tomorrow i would just be smiling to myself i guess i’m like i am so glad i did that because what’s the alternative the alternative is not have done all those new things if i didn’t do that and i probably would have just been at my job and

Wow you know having not gone through all those brand new experiences those brand new experiences i feel like that is that is like the essence of life i feel like you want to find new things to do and i guess finding new experiences whether it’s new types of food new types of area meeting brand new people you never met before all of those things just kind of like

It’s like the cherry on top on life those things you know are the things that you look back in and and you’re just most enjoyable about but thanks for watching everybody i’m sorry i got kind of emotional there i can’t help it thanks for watching don’t forget to give me a like to push that subscribe button ring that bell icon

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