Top 5 times I turned L’s into W’s

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today we’re talking about my top five elves into dub use the top five times in my life my overall life not just my financial life my overall life i took a loss and i made it into a w i’ve done this so many times in my life and i feel like if there’s one

Thing i’ll be remembered for it’s a person that took a lot of losses and found a way to somehow get the win in the end guys so that’s what we’re gonna talk about today and i hope this video inspires you to when you take losses and you will take losses in life especially if you’re trying to do anything big in life and you have goals you’re going to take losses the

Bottom line is do somehow take that loss and make it into a win guys do you do that i’ve been able to do that so many times in my life and i’m thankful for it so let’s get into this guys the first big loss i took in my life was i poured my heart into football ie for five years i lived breathed and died football football football football football i thought i was

Gonna be able to be an nfl star or something i gave so much effort so much time into football all throughout high school even starting the year before high school i worked out constantly i ran constantly i did everything possible to make myself succeed in football and i was not able to do it was never able to be a great player never even be able to really be a

Good player had enough trouble just trying to get playing time in games was a huge loss from a huge loss at the time because i poured so much time and effort into something and it panned out to be nothing imagine that years and years and years of thinking about something every day waking up and i’ve been thinking about i need to lift weights today make it stronger

You get faster you get better running routes or doing this or covering people thinking about that constantly giving all your time for basically five years and that’s your passion and you never can succeed at it it was a huge loss for me it absolutely was a huge loss but how did i turn that into a win well what what football gave me is it gave me a work ethic and

It gave me a ability to run fast because i was very fast so then i was like maybe i should try out track and that’s where i started doing senior year of high school and then i was able to do well enough that a college coach looked at me brought me on the team and by the first semester i had a half scholarship for track and i was actually able to be a successful

Track athlete and felt successful on the inside and did externally good enough that every semester i always had at least a half scholarship for track that’s huge guys that’s huge and that’s how you turn something that it looks like a complete loss you failed at the football but if i ever did the football i would have never had that letta kabila t do the track and


Guess what earned me a half scholarship would save me a lot of money in community college it saved me a lot of money guys and i was able to build up my confidence because i was successful at something i felt successful on the inside and i was successful externally as well otherwise when i got the scholarship you know a bad you don’t get scholarships if you’re a

Bad haffley guys so that’s a huge one that’s a huge one that i somehow turn that l into a w guys so that’s the first major one in my life i did that the second big loss i took in my life can you guys guess what gpa i graduated high school with for some of you international viewers you guys may not go out the gpa system maybe you go off of some other metric but

For all my american viewers you guys should know what a gpa is if you can guess what my gpa is you get to thumbs up from me i graduated high school with a 2.2 3 gpa a 2.2 3 gpa and that might seem mind-blowing considering where i’m at now in life but yes a 2.2 3 gpa i was a consistent cnd student nothing about school really interested me it really did guys i was

Paying attention to girls constantly and i couldn’t keep my focus on what the teacher was saying for more than a second it was that bad and i was a consistent cmd student i put in very little effort towards school and i got very little out of school so what how i turned that loss into a w in the end was then i went to college which i don’t even know how i got into

But anyways i think they just have let you get into community college whether you have any type of gpa because that is horrible but when i got there i learned that business was my area i learned that business classes anything business-related business management anything finance related my attention was ridiculous my attention my attention span was off the charts

And magically i noticed this is where i need to go in life this is where i need to go in life and my gpa in college for business courses and anything finance related guess what it was a 3.9 3.9 went from a 2.2 gpa in high school to then college which college is supposed to be harder than high school right everybody’s gpa pretty much goes down in college versus

High school and i went way up because that was my focus and that is the thing that i realized this is what my this is what my attention span is this is where i need to go in life this is where i need to follow business making money these kinds of things guys so that’s where my attention span win and that’s another way i turn what look like an l you know horrible

High school student into oh my god she’s freaking you know no one’s a genius but he’s really on a about business or anything related to investing finance accounting anything like that his attention span is ridiculous and his ability to learn so that’s number two number three loss that turned into a w was i worked at walgreens i worked at walgreens and i worked

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There for about two and a half years well when i heard about the two-year mark i started being trained by some other managers to hopefully become an assistant manager that’s what i wanted to do at that time so i was in training and i was learning all these types of things about being assistant manager at walgreens and the recession was going on during this time and

When it finally came time to maybe possibly get promoted or possibly get into the next the system walgreens wasn’t hiring anymore assistant managers at that time there was a huge loss because i’ve been focusing for months and months learning and all these things and getting my hopes up that i was gonna be assistant manager at walgreens and it didn’t happen so i was

Basically told i couldn’t the position was even available if i wanted it so what i did i ended up finding a company named kwik trip ut and that company hired me they gave me a shot as an assistant manager for them the walgreens assistant manager job started at $31,000 per year the quick trip that started at 41 thousand dollars per year and extra $10,000 i took that

L that i took from walgreens for not getting that in and i turned that into a w like that making ten thousand dollars more per year starting than what i would have started at walgreens also the kwik trip that have actual promotion opportunities and within a year i was making over fifty thousand dollars per year that would have never happen in walgreens i would have

Still been making the thirty one thousand even if they hired me so it seems like man i took a loss on that one but no no at the end i came out on top of things for sure because they never would have had that ability i moved with quick trip out to another division to help them expand out there which helped explain span my brain to a whole new region charlotte north

Carolina people are texting i don’t know why and that helped me immensely guys it helped me immensely so lost at the time w in the end the next one number four this was about two years ago this happened about two years ago there’s a popular investing blogger type site right and you can like blog i won’t even mention their names that only give him a shout out in this

Video but you can write investment blogs basically on this site and it was kind of popular still to this day but it was probably even more popular back then two years ago and i wanted to basically write for them i wanted to be one of the writers and they had this question i answered it and you know about investing and then they had some macroeconomic questions and

All these kinds of things and and so i was i was into it i really wanted to do it and what happened is they turned me down they turned me down i couldn’t even do and i by the way that was even like a paid thing like i was gonna do that for free right for them for free as an investment bloggers because i’m passionate about investing i love talking about investments

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They turned me down guys and you know it seems like a loss right well about nine ten months later i start the financial education channel and would probably get more views in a day than they could ever dream of getting hits on their website per day so took a loss and i made it into a w number five lost a lot of money on margin trading if you guys follow my story

You know i messed around with short-term trading margin trading and part of 2014 into 2015 lost massive amount of money lost most of my net wealth during that time you guys probably know that if you follow my story at all well that was probably the best thing that ever happened to me because what that did is it got me off my ass and i actually started businesses

I started this channel which wasn’t even like supposed to be a business this was kind of like a hobby that’s turned into a full-fledged business but i started my actual photography videography real estate marketing business which has been a fabulous name for me i started both of those out of losing all that money because it was obvious i wasn’t gonna be able to

Make a living off of investing at this point in time so i need to do something in the world i started pulled those businesses and a year a little over a year later now i’m like i’m so happy that happened i’m i’m so happy that happened because i feel so much better on the inside and in the amount of money i’ll probably make for my businesses overall over the coming

Years will will way outweigh the money i could have made investing even if i was making let’s say a 30% return here a 20% return here that that is pales in comparison to what my businesses are gonna produce and also the experience the experience of doing all these things is just its life experiences you only live one life right you only live one life and when it’s

Gone it’s gone and this gives me so many more experiences in life where i’m actually doing things in life where i’m actually inspiring people are actually teaching people when i’m actually dealing with customers dealing with problems rather than just sitting at my office all day on my ipad checking stock prices watching cnbc thinking man and my stocks gonna go up

Oh they went up today ok oh they went down today and you know i think my life’s a lot better place than when it was back then guys so i hope this inspired you today guys i’ve taken a lot losses in my life and i’m not ashamed of it because every single freaking time i’ve turned into a win i’ve turned in a win and then and that’s what i plan on doing till the day

I’m in dirt so that’s the speech for today guys i hope you enjoyed thank you for watching and have a great day turn those losses in the w’s

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Top 5 times I turned L's into W's By Financial Education

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