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Good many subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about my five worst investments i have ever made in my life guys the five times is like oh what did i do that why did i make that investment we’re to count down from number five number one pretty simple video not much to i hope

You guys enjoy today hit that thumbs up button if you do and let’s get into this so number five coming at number five is serious logic my first time i had invested in serifs logic so serious logic and me we’ve had a romantic relationship we were involved at one time and then we broke up and then we’re involved another time and that was really great time and then

Now i’m thinking about getting involved with it again it’s like an on-and-off relationship but the first time i invested in cirrus logic there’s a company by the way that gets the majority or you know they still to this day still get the majority of their revenue from apple they’re in your your iphone if you have one ipads things like that they have to do with the

Audio codec now go into those devices the amplifiers things like that so this situation was basically 2012 happened cirrus logic was a high-flying stock for several years from like 2009 to 2011 into 2012 was a high-flying stock and also got hammered because basically what happened was apple said we don’t want to pay as much for your audio codecs anymore so where did

They even go somewhere else or you are going to cut down the price on that and so what did cirrus logic do they cut down at a price and hurt margins that hurt profits that hurt the whole growth story and cirrus logic all that kind of stuff so this stock had been hammered and it went from a stock that was like 40 something dollars a share to now a twenty-something

Dollars sherriff’s talks about almost a 50% drop and this is when i got interested because cirrus project had a great balance sheet at that time and they still do to this day they had a great balance sheet they had they had you know even though profits were going down they still had good profits coming in so they’re a very profitable company great balance sheet

Small company easy to keep track of so i saw this as an opportunity and i remember them talking a lot about smart codecs and how smart codecs we’re going to play out in the future and whatnot and this was really good news and whatnot and i saw this company and i said this this looks like a good company for me so i made it into my second biggest investment my

Second biggest investment and i held this company for a little over a year in the stock did nothing absolutely nothing the majority of the time i held that position i was actually down on the position you guys so this is a situation where you know the iphone 5s came out they were supposed to have more content in that iphone 5s and they did not they still did not

Have the smart codec in at that time into the iphone 5s which is coincidentally still the iphone i have now and stock was just a piece of junk and i held it for over a year sold out of my position and literally i sold it for a break-even i didn’t make any money now why is that such a bad thing well because the opportunity cost every other stock i held other than

Cirrus logic was doing phenomenal i was holding the stock name cabela’s at that time which was by number one investment if i had stuff that cirrus logic money into cabela’s my goodness my portfolio would have been you know tens of thousands of dollars up more than it was my health stocks like monster beverage that did phenomenal during that time several different


Stocks that all did amazing except for that one except for that one and then there were tons of other stocks in the stock market that were doing phenomenal as well that i would keep in track of but cirrus logic my second biggest investment didn’t do anything now we got back together right before the iphone 6 came out which was a phenomenal time to invest in cirrus

Logic at that time the price was still depressed at this time i remember buying shares for like $19 a share or something like that and unfortunately that one i’m the one that screwed up because then i sold out of that one around $30.00 and now it’s over $60 stock so cirrus logic screwed me once and i screwed up with cirrus logic once let’s put it that way guys

So a romantic relationship between me and cirrus logic pretty dramatic but i neither say it’s my fifth worst investment ever because i held a stock for over a year and didn’t make any money number four is a company named dt one of the biggest oil giants out there natural gas giants so bp is around like the spring of 2010 also they have this huge oil spill that

Happens when i think it was a gulf of mexico or louisiana type area right and huge oil spill national news you know all over the united states all over world wide news huge oil spill under the ocean still now gas everywhere oil everywhere and i saw this as an opportunity because bp stock was getting hit pretty hard it was like down like 30% 40% and or something

Around there around 30% i believe it was and i was kind of reading through their balance sheet and i had been investing for like a year at this time maybe a year and a half and so i was kind of feeling good about myself and i refer their balance sheet they had a phenomenal balance sheet always talked about beatty is going to go bankrupt i knew it was just a bunch

Of nonsense because they had the balance sheet to make it through this you know weather the storm you know no matter how much it cost and i kind of estimated costs around 20 to 25 billion this would end up so i invest in it and my initial investment i think i stuck 500 bucks in it went down from there and then i went down like $1 $2 from there i put another 500

S so i had a thousand dollars in the stock at the time i’m still living with my parents at that time i was like i want to say 20 years old maybe at the time and neither sesay fire of the stock came to break even and then finally it went up like i need like a percent and a half to a two and a half percent return like a very small return and i held this talk for

Five or six months and that’s hardly that’s not a quick return for a holding stock for six months especially when you consider in this was 2010 and a massive amount of stocks were still depressed from the recession and there’s so many amazing companies i could have made fifty hundred two hundred percent returns because so many stocks were still at these depressed

Levels and i went with that stock and it was such a bad investment not because i lost money because i technically made a little teeny bit of money the reason it was such a bad investment was because i could have been so many other companies and be mainly reason is now that i look back at it why was such a bad investment was because the the opportunity wasn’t there

Versus what the risk was if you’re going to take a big risk like i took in that one and everybody told me don’t invest in that one oh no no maybe i just invested because i want to prove over wrong or something like that i don’t know how i was feeling at that time but when you take it a big risk like i took in that one right it going into a company that’s got this

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Huge massive oil spill it’s going to cost tens of billions of dollars to clean up and you got to have like something a reward on the other side that’s got to be huge the reward and that ever side for dp was not huge like there was no opportunity like what’s a stock gonna go up five or ten percent versus what could happen maybe a bankruptcy or something like that

So that was a really dumb investment like for as much risk as i took in that one in versus the opportunity it was not there guys if this was like oh you know if they come out of this and they’re good you know the stock is going to go up hundreds of percent or something then you can make an argument that that was worth the risk but not when what are you going to get

A five ten fifteen percent gain out of it not really worth it so that’s my fourth worst investment ever the number three versus that’s whenever i can literally not even remember the name of the company this is another one around 2010 ish range i was in in college around this time ii was still living with my parents and it was a this is early 2010 or maybe was late

2009 and there was this medical device company medical device company that basically sold they didn’t really sell medical devices they sold medical packs so like say you’re going in for a kidney surgery like they would sell hospitals does like a kid that had everything included in it that you needed to go out and do your lowell you know kidney surgery or whatever

There they had that in the kit and that was their business and this is a stock i held for over a year and sold for break-even at a time this you know i think it was leader late 2009 or early 2010 i was invested in this company and all the way through it i held it for over a year and so many companies were so depressed so many great companies and i buy this company

That’s like a medical supply company oh my gosh i could have made so much more money in such better stocks in that and i picked that one and it did me nothing i sold for breakeven and i don’t know i might have had 1,200 bucks in there or something and it’s just like why why would i do that i could have made you know who double triple my money at that time it was

Such a great time to invest and i was taking a stock like that to be one of my invest bad decision there bad decision number two worst investment i ever made was walmart 2011-2012 at this time walmart was in a good position but his stock would not move and i owned the stock during that time it was one of my bigger investments it was like number four number three

Biggest investment i had i think it was number four and i hope this talk and it went literally nowhere literally nowhere for all that time i held it i held it for i want to say 10 to 11 months somewhere around there it didn’t mean nothing it did me nothing is another stock i sold for breakeven and it was just like you know what what am i doing in a stock like

That when i had every other stock i had was doing phenomenal at that time guys and just another stock that on and by the way back then i had a philosophy of i would never sell the stock for a loss so if i was frustrated with the position if i want to get up position what i would do is i would just wait for it to break even and then sell it and that’s what i did

With walmart there and i don’t just it was a lo p stock back then and it just did nothing and the number one worst investment i ever made ever in my life is a company named gopro gopro is the worst investment i’ve ever made and i still hold this day why is it such a bad investment well as a company i’ve held for well over a year well over a year now coming up on

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A year and a half here in a couple months right as a rate as of recording this video i’m down over 30% on that position down over 30% held it for well over a year you know it’s going to be a year and a half here in a couple months in down over 30% and that is just an absolute disaster when you take into account that the market has done phenomenal especially the

Last let’s say six months our markets have done really well really well and you look at the other stocks i’ve held have done really well every other stock i’ve owned has done phenomenal except that one so when you take into account how much the hell that’s my biggest investment when you take into account how much i’m down versus the amount of time versus all the

Other investment they have that are all successful in some of them super successful especially my second best investment wynn resorts my second biggest investment i’m just like oh gosh like what went wrong there and what went wrong what i saw in the company when i when i first you know started really getting involved with it which was may was may 2016 as i saw a

Company that was supposed to have a drone come out in the spring sometime or summer and then also neck got pushed back to the the second quarter and that hurt the stock and then all sudden they finally launched the drone and they screwed up the whole drone launch and it got recalled and it didn’t produce enough camera units and they didn’t get oh my gosh they did

So many things wrong and that is why i’m down huge on that position because the company oh gosh like i’ve never been involved with a stock that it messed up so much in such a small amount of time and that’s why i’m down huge in a position and thank goodness i care about balance sheets because if i didn’t i would stock would be worthless right now they would have

Already went out of business because they want to be able to weather the storm of the huge massive losses they’d have to take because of all the mistakes they’ve made do i still believe in the company i do i still think i’m going to be able to make a nice profit on it but regardless if i make a nice profit on it when you take an accountant how long i’ve held it

Versus what i might get out of it for a profit i would have been better off in so many other stocks including so many other stocks that i hold currently guys so worst investment i’ve ever made and it’s not even close between all the others all the others are like you know i sold for breakeven or this or that and this one’s just just a bad bad bad story so anyway

It’s kind of a downer video top five worst investments that ever made that’s why i’m talking about the mistakes but it’s good because you got to talk about it because um if you’re in this game long enough like i’ve been you’re going to make mistakes out there you’re going to make you leave take losses or you’re hold of stock for a long time and barely salt for

Breakeven or you know do this or do that or be down huge in on position or just make a wrong investment it’s going to happen eventually guys if you’re in this game long enough but anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this date if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe you talk personal finance we talk entrepreneurship and we talk to stock market

More than anything man such a downer video tomorrow maybe some positivity thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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