TOP DEFI STOCK: WonderFi Technologies Inc. (NEO: WNDR) (OTC: WONDF) (WKN: A3C166) (FTX: WNDR)

TOP DEFI STOCK: WonderFi Technologies Inc. (NEO: WNDR) (OTC: WONDF) (WKN: A3C166) (FTX: WNDR) – RICH TV LIVE – FAEBRUARY 7, 2022 – #wonderfi #defi #richtvlive #trading #stocks #bitcoin #btc #blockchain #technology #investing #wndr #wondf #crypto #defi

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and where you can go and join the trading club and learn about cryptocurrencies specifically the mothership bitcoin we love

Bitcoin we love cryptocurrencies here on rich tv live we always have since 2017 and one of our greatest investments that we’ve personally made here on rich tv live is into wonderfuy which just launched their app i’ve personally just moved over some of my ethereum assets into the app i’ve also moved over some mana assets into the app i am going to be looking to

Move over some bitcoin once they get bitcoin for deposit on the app i will be moving over some bitcoin i’m to be looking to move over some solana and some other cryptocurrencies that i personally own that i believe will get the opportunity to be put on the app and hopefully i’ll be able to stake or earn rewards on some of my assets on the wonderfuy app now if

You have not downloaded the app go to the website download the app right on your computer or right on your phone and you can start to deposit your assets and earn interest with defy decentralized finance utilizing the wonderful app now if you don’t know the symbol in america is w-o-n-d-f and in canada wndr it’s also tokenized on the ftx exchange also under the

Symbol wndr which offers 24 hours seven day a week trading and a tokenized stock and gives investors exposure to wonderful 24 hours a day seven days a week on the ftx exchange now i’ve also personally made a large investment into wonderfuy we just participated in the financing the company just raised 45 million dollars in a financing and is in the process of

Acquiring bit by huge huge huge news huge catalysts for wonderful technologies and i have personally made an investment you can see it in the description of this video 29 167 shares of wonderful which i plan to hold long term because i believe in the long-term potential of the company now what i wanted to do is i want to do an analysis where i can show you how

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Wonderful is performed over the last few months in comparison to its peers in this sector the cryptocurrency blockchain technology bitcoin exposure sector of the stock market which has been one of the hottest sectors in the past few years and i believe in 2022 that trend will continue now let me show you guys why i believe you need to really consider putting

Wonderfuy on your radar and on your watch list right here right now so as of now as of right now bitcoin is surging over 44 000 us now when this was put together this analysis bitcoin was at 38 000 so you’ve got to keep in mind that bitcoin has just exploded you know 6 000 more than this so obviously things are changed and these dates are as of january 31st so

We’re now on february 7th so things have changed quickly in the last week but let’s just say that as of january 31st the price of wonder 5 based on this analysis was at a dollar fifty-eight now we know the price is higher today the price is actually around a dollar ninety right now okay so we know that that price is not the real price but based on the closing

Price on january 31st of 1.58 wonderful was only down 5 despite the fact that bitcoin at the time was down 37 and then when you look at d5 underneath wonderful you’ll see that d phi was down 45 percent hud 8 as you go down this list here was down 59 voyager digital all of these have been huge success stories over the last year or so was down 53 percent galaxy

Digital was down 55 marathon was down 63 bit farms which i personally own as well was down 49 so on this list i own wonderfuy i own bitcoin i own bit farms so i do have exposure to a lot of these picks clean spark down 69 percent cipher mining down 64 bit digital which i also own as well down 67 riot blockchain down 51 hive down 54 and argo down 41 these

Are some of the greatest assets in the crypto world which are stocks and most of the miners bitcoin miners and a lot of them are just bitcoin uh assets that have exposure to bitcoin that are buying bitcoin so you can gain exposure to bitcoin and to blockchain assets by looking and investing in some of these assets and i’ve already invested in bitcoin wonderful

And currently bid farms and big digital so i have four of the stocks on this list but the thing you need to really look at is that based on the closing price on january 31st and we know that wonderful is much higher today than 158 it was only down 5 when you compare them to their peers all of which including bitcoin were down 37 or more with a high of clean

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Spark being down 69 so when you compare wonderful to its peers it hasn’t gone down as much i think that’s extremely bullish for wonderful it’s one of the reasons why i think you need to put wondrify on your radar on your watch list i think it’s got incredible potential absolutely incredible potential and i think everybody should be aware and should be gaining

Exposure to wonderful whether it’s through the stock market wndr in canada we’ll take a look at it on the neo exchange right now or w o n in america everybody should gain exposure to wonder fi and also wndr on the ftx exchange there you go and you can also gain exposure to wonder fi frankfurt germany so you can see wonderful is now sitting at a dollar ninety

And it’s always important to understand the low low and the high high i always like to mark those zones let me make sure i am sharing this screen with you properly one second here i’m going to show you guys what i’m looking at here with wonderfu i’m going to share the screen all right and this is trading view so you can see wonderful in canada currently at

A dollar ninety so it’s up now and it has been as high as three dollars and it’s been as low let’s just say about a dollar twenty so the low low is a dollar 20 the high high is 305 and it’s sitting right at 1.90 right now i think if you can get it at these levels or lower it’s a decent buy zone and you can see in america very similar kind of right in our buy

Zone at one i think that these levels are lower is the decent buy zone and right here on the ftx exchange sitting at a dollar fifty two so if you want exposure to wonder fi as a token they are tokenized on the ftx exchange at a price of a dollar 52 and currently in america at a dollar 51 and in canada at a dollar ninety so when you compare them to their peers

I think they’ve performed quite well that is quite bullish for wonderful that’s why i’m a shareholder i’m a long-term shareholder of wondrify i will be holding this position long because i believe that their upside is tremendous i’d love to know what you guys think of this video if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the

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Video everywhere and subscribe remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes i’m an investor just like you guys do your due diligence do your research download the app use the app move your crypto into the app start understanding how easy it is to use the app take a look at some of their assets that can earn you d5 yields and rewards

Up to four percent so take a look at the app comment on the video let me know what you guys think i am a shareholder thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first congratulations to everybody on wonderfuy we brought it to you guys pre-ipo it’s already been a winner for our

Community and it’s just getting started i am now a proud shareholder as well 29 167 shares thank you wonderfuy you are wonderful and we can’t wait to see what happens when the acquisition of bit by is consummated we believe that’s going to be huge for wonderful let’s remember that wonderfi is pretty much a startup with a brand new app just launched and they’ve

Just are in the process of acquiring bit by who does about 31 million dollars a year in revenue and has over 375 000 customers so i believe that’s going to be game changing for wonderful that’s why i’ve personally invested into wonder five you guys will see the disclaimer in this video outlining my shares and i plan to hold long so i’ll keep you guys updated on

Everything we do as it happens love to know what you guys think what do you guys think about the mothership today having a monster day congratulations to everybody on bitcoin congratulations to everybody on wonderfuy and i believe that this is just getting started and if you like to put rockets in your pockets i think you should put this rocket in your pocket

Let me know what you guys think is your boy rich from mississippi live and join our trading club rich pigs daily where we’re giving away free rewards just to simply chat and talk about companies like wonderfuy join the chat this is your boy rich from used to be live and i’m out you

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TOP DEFI STOCK: WonderFi Technologies Inc. (NEO: WNDR) (OTC: WONDF) (WKN: A3C166) (FTX: WNDR) By RICH TV LIVE

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