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Or you flipping my flapjacks guys we have a hold in the trade war yes we do a pause in the trade where we got to talk about some big big news that has come out that is going to make the markets probably go up very big tomorrow all right this news is also big for a few stocks in particular out there we got to get into a lot to get into in this video let’s just

Get a new guy so it’s president donald trump and chinese president xi jinping agreed to keep their trade war from escalating what they promised to halt the imposition of new tariffs for 90 days as a world’s two largest economies negotiate a lasting agreement the truce between the us and china emerged after a highly anticipated dinner saturday night between trump

And g on the sidelines of the group of the 20 summit in argentina leaders agreed to a pause from the new introduction of tariffs that were supposed to go to 25% starting on january 1st all right besides believe that the principal agreement reached between the two presidents has effectively prevented the further expansion of economic frictions between the two

Countries the white house called this meeting highly successful saying the us will leave existing tariffs on 200 billion of chinese goods at 10 percent and refrain from raising that rate to 25 percent as planned on january 1st in exchange the us wants an immediate start to talk on trump’s biggest complaints about the chinese trade practices intellectual property

Theft which we know is a big issue non-tariff barriers and forced technology transfer after 90 days if there’s no progress on structural reform the us will raise those tariffs to 25% white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said in a statement china also agreed to boost its purchases of agricultural and industrial goods to reduce its trade imbalance with

The united states of america now what did trump have to say about this he says it’s an incredible deal if it goes down certainly if it happens it goes down as one of the biggest deals ever made trump told reporters in air force ones he says quote china right now has major trade barriers their major tariffs and also major non-tariff barriers which are brutal china

Will be getting rid of many of them okay now there’s a few things to get into it here first off this is what the market needing as a sigh of relief i talked about this last week like we needed a little sigh of relief like the market in general people just needed some type of like agreement something that maybe like a put on pause a little more positive commentary

The park that’s needing that now second thing this doesn’t mean like the markets are gonna be off and off in a way as far as like like now we’re just clear because there still hasn’t been no major agreement reached in the tariffs okay this is a pause on it this is saying we’re not taking it to 25% we’ll leave it at 10% from now but basically there’s three months

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A lot of progress has to be made in the next three months if that progress isn’t made it’s going to 25% okay so it’s not like we’re clear as of right now but at least as far as the markets needing a sigh of relief this was big okay now earlier this week about six days ago to be exact there was a report that came out that president trump said it was highly unlikely

That the us would delay the scheduled tariffs highly unlikely and that language really freaked out the markets in a big big way language like that is is obviously very negative now i got to give some people a lot of credit who were in the comments a few people are like well in trump’s probably just doing that as a negotiation tactic to freak the chinese out as

All yeah where there’s probably not going to be anything that happens or what not and i got to say those people were probably right as you know the art of the deal right there right now as far as futures go futures are looking at pretty positive as of right now the dow was up around four hundred twenty-eight points the s&p 500 stopped about 1.5 percent and

The nasdaq up about 1.8 percent as of now now obviously that could get even better as we get closer and closer into the trading day and monday we’ll have to see what happens so maybe we can actually get a santa claus rally now at this point if you didn’t already know basically generally speaking the the markets are very strong in the month of december december not

Only a very good month for the market so but a lot of people are thinking maybe we could have that in it honestly if there wasn’t any type of relaxation in the word choice and there wasn’t some type of pause on the tariffs we probably would have honestly had a very bad december but now that there’s a pause there and there could maybe be some some good news coming

You know later in the year about an actual resolution of all this now that that has happened we’re in a position where we could possibly have an actual santa claus rally all right now trump says that china is now open to possibly the qualcomm nxp deal all right but here’s the thing qualcomm has already agreed to pay the two billion dollars they’ve already already


Paid that two billion dollars to nxp to basically close out that deal that was a massive deal that was announced in 2016 china ended up not allowing it it took forever for it to happen if you look at qualcomm stock chart there you know a lot of investors got super excited after that news came out and qualcomm stock started going up and up and up and then i’ll send

Slowly but surely people realized man that deal might not go through investors start to flood out of that stock in it’s kind of just been a lost stock for several years now because of that whole situation now as far as the two billion dollars qualcomm had to pay nxp for the deal not going through qualcomm could still possibly get that money back if they decide on a

Deal like you know qualcomm could put in the contract something like hey you know we want that two billion dollars back that two billion dollars we paid you earlier this year is gonna go toward the price of the purchase or it’s gonna be to two billion dollars less or something like that that’s if qualcomm even wants to do that they might have just completely moved

On from that situation they might not even want that deal at the end of the day we’ll have to see what happens there qualcomm is getting very interesting okay so qualcomm i mean this is good news all around you know possibility if they did want to you know possibly purchase nxp i again they could maybe do that but we’re looking at a stock that has a forward pea of

12 right now and a lot of the semiconductor stocks are a deal right now but right but qualcomm they’re they’re possibly going to be the biggest player in 5g out there okay especially in the cellular industry like they’re just going to be absolutely massive they there are gonna benefit in a massive massive way from 5g and then just earlier this week the qualcomm ceo

Came out and said we’re on the doorstep of a resolution with apple the ceo ads now qualcomm would love to work with apple again especially on 5g that is really really big news there guys if qualcomm could get this this is apple situation which the apple and them have been in lawsuits and going back in worth for several years now if they could get all that cleared

Up and then actually get a relationship built with apple again because we know razov right now apple hasn’t want to do any business with qualcomm apple completely cut qualcomm out of all their phones all their latest releases over the past year they completely cut them out that’s a massive massive loss for qualcomm and it’s a qualcomm the stock that i like and

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I like a lot about qualcomm i like almost everything about that company except for the fact that if you don’t have apple as your customer you have a very limited amount of growth if you don’t have apple as your customer right so the fact that qualcomm could maybe be on the doorstep of getting a deal done here and then maybe if they wanted to go ahead and do the nx

Pdi deal and they could get that agreed you know where the chinese government could allow it and then x n x p i would actually want to do the deal if they can get that done these are two big growth vectors and then you have 5g on top of that so qualcomm is starting to get very very interesting that’s a stock that maybe a lot of trader momentum will actually start

Moving in now as far as a trade deal once again well this is an exciting thing here in the short term but we still got to get something concrete done for the long term if nothing comes let’s say nothing comes over the next month or two months then any any big news i hate but we’re getting close to an actual deal or something like that on the tariffs look for the

Markets to start trading down big again in another month to two okay we’ve got to start hearing something a month from now or maybe two months from now they shortly after new year’s oh and hey there’s actually some good progress being made here on the front and we’re not going to go ahead with that 25% tariff but it the markets gonna start getting real scared in

You know january february if also we haven’t heard anything about oh oh you know there’s gonna be an agreement done or we’re getting close to agreement and also you start getting into march and all sounds like wait a minute march 31st the tariffs are gonna 25% if no deal is done so as far as the markets go short-term we should get a nice pop here and maybe we get

A santa claus rally but from a long-term perspective we’ve still got to get a deal done there and it’s not done as of yet guys i would love to hear your opinion on this in that comment section hit a thumbs up if you enjoyed today’s video two videos for you guys today in one day i’m just going to be knocking out of ballpark the next few weeks i’ve gotta i gotta get

My content game back up guys that conference you know i had to save my voice for it but now we got a lot of content coming for you thank you for watching and have a great day you

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