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Trading Stocks & Cryptocurrency – RICH TV LIVE – October 10, 2018 – Today I speak with Heidi Yu about Cannabis stocks and Cryptocurrency Subscribe to her channel here –

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich here and we have a rich tv live and i’m here with crypto heidi how you doing today heidi hi how are you hi i’m crypto hiding back good oh i’m so happy to speak with you again it’s been what maybe about a month since we talked so many things have changed in the cryptocurrency world and i think it’s a good time for us

To have a discussion and just talk about the landscape of the cryptocurrency industry right now so let me just start with that how are things going oh you mean the yes your project crypto industry i want to know about you crypto heidi what’s going on hi dear i am yeah i so crystal heidi yeah even your local projects and masters and definitely people are saying

Like molly i love the treaty of the crypto faith is really low everybody are waiting see it’s a change this movie at this moment today a little people singing like they’re kind of very ish so also also to say people are wondering for sure so it’s a crypto spank you know the hottest at the moment so what the max investment we should look at that’s why i’m talking

About europe i’m an audience the one i think what what do they have at others hand suggestion of course well anyone who’s been watching rich tv live knows that i am the number one cannabis channel pretty much in the world right now and we talk stocks 24 hours a day we built a really strong community talking about cannabis stocks and crypto currencies but because

The crypto currencies have really slowed down in 2018 and kind of just stalled a lot of the community members including myself have decided to focus on cannabis stocks and there are some cannabis crypto currencies like pot coin ganja coin just to name a couple so there are a lot of similarities between kamath cannabis stocks and crypto currencies in fact right

Now cannabis stocks are up across the board over the last two months over 50% and legalization of cannabis is happening next week in canada so canada is legalizing recreational cannabis so every canadian is going to be able to grow four plants as of next week at their home you’re going to be able to have cannabis at your home you’re going to be able to legally

Buy it have it on your premises without any issues from the government or the police it will be legalized next week so it’s created a huge bull run in the cannabis sector specifically in canada and in the united states and we’ve been watching it very carefully and we’re very excited about what’s happening in the industry oh my god so careless so what i’m saying

I i’ve heard people you speak to who the cannabis in their closet right that’s right alight not a little bit of hard work so if people wanted to grow the cannabis in their house so it must be a place we can buy feed by plan let’s process we can’t just prep plant on the patio or how about sunshine yeah yeah i mean literally you can grow it in your garage and your

House and your backyard yeah you have to know what you’re doing you have to get the seeds i’ve never done okay but people that have done it you need to have seeds you need to have the right soil you need to have the right nutrients to feed the plants you have to have the right sunlight you have to have the rainwater and it’s like anything it’s like a baby you’ve

Got a given love and attention and it grows and if it grows a lot you can win the jackpot and get a lot of cannabis which can save you a lot of money and hey a lot of people are doing it so it’s a pretty exciting time rich tv live in our community has really grown a lot in the last few months and we’ve really become one of the top channels talking and focused on

Cannabis stocks and we’re excited about what’s happening i’m not just investing in the stocks i’m actually working with cannabis companies and actually on my own i’m a part owner of a cbd company cbds our medicine which they take from the cannabis plant or from ahem and then they extract it and then they create cbds which is like a medicine which can come in the

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Form of like a gel capsule a gummy that you eat it’s like a skin cream you can put it into anything they’re even putting it into drinks now they’re putting it into water beverages it’s gonna it’s getting crazy and it’s and it’s non thc so there’s no there’s no hydroponic thc in it which is going to give you the feeling of being high it’s actually just takes the

Medicine and it’s helping people with cancer helping people with epilepsy helping people with seizures helping people with headaches aches and pains fatigue you name it it’s like a wonder drug and there’s literally hundreds of different things that it can help okay wow very interesting you know yes i’m from china and this is totally and evenly between us do right

Now right it’s actually it’s actually illegal it’s still illegal in canada it’s a great area it’s still google in america it’s kind of a schedule five drug cbds are now in america cannabis is still a schedule one drug in america but some countries all over the world are starting to get legal now and canada is going to be the first country in the world to go legal

Out of all the g7 countries so out of the seven g7 countries canada is the first to go legal recreational but i believe it’s gonna be like a domino effect and once canada goes legal a lot of other countries are going to follow sir it probably will be the washington state well washington is already legal nevada is already legal colorado’s already legal california’s

Already legal so they’re starting to get legal in america prop a state by state it’s getting needle in america but it’s not legally federally yet oh okay so if people don’t want to plan the plan so how will be getting to the embackment you’re like should they go to the stock exchange which one should they how do they start it well if you want to learn you can

Go to wwe tv go to my website i’ve got tons of tools that use there that are absolutely free follow me subscribe to our channel you can join our whatsapp group i’ve many groups about 20 different groups and all we do is talk stocks 24 hours a day seven days a week i have cryptocurrency groups where we talk about crypto currencies we have our own social

Media platform that we’re growing very quickly where members can ask questions and get answers in real time so we are looking to be a free community for investors education entertainment and just chatting and that way people can learn they can set up their accounts learn how to do it and its really easy and we can help everybody set up accounts and we can help

Everybody learn about investing in the cannabis sector it’s great it’s actually very similar to cryptocurrency see if you can set up an account and trade cryptocurrencies then you can set up an account and buy and sell stocks in canada i use td bank and rbc direct investing in america a lot of investors are using e trade a lot of investors are using fidelity a

Lot of investors are using td ameritrade overseas people are using interactive brokers so there’s so many different ways that you can get involved and you don’t have to be in canada to buy a canadian cannabis stocks okay something i think about my work there’s a lot of times we would have a mutation to you to come to have a party in that market so yes you cannot

Do it yet but we have so many people are cool people from everywhere it come to join so there’s always a bunch of conferences the world blockchain nothin nothin but net like ones i mean people we were talking about nz over there so we really learned a lot of things which-which cryptocurrency enthusiasts were there can you name a few bigger cryptocurrency channels

Over there so our audience knows who was there oh sure so there’s crypto beetles crypto and with crypto bobby okay crypto crypto love very good about uic three three super sir from canada come over there each section and also there’s crypto professor and the moon we just forgot but there’s three people probably canada very well hopefully the next time you have a

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Function i’ll be available we’ve been super super busy with everything happening but i will definitely try to make it to the next function yeah if you’re ever made coover you know i’m here you can holler i can get sure definitely alice we make a trip to toronto and i see the environment over there it’s much better than you before i’m very very excited about that so

Safe i just i just canadians are long-term investors we’re more conservative we’re long-term we’re not looking for some of us are we’re not as quickly looking for instant gains we’re more long-term investors so we’re okay with waiting long term as long as we can make money so you’re gonna see that there’s a lot of canadians there still believing in kryptos because

They know that it is exploded before so it can explode again sure sure project so we have our first application right now as you know we have a pretty affluent which right now we do the life beam of everybody so if people go there for example in our this video i’m going to youtube it will be automatically shown on crypto games right away oh wow that’s a new feature

That wasn’t like that there’s like that way at least kept a lot more views especially for little channels like my channel just started without collaborating which you guys know is really hard for people to buy being on youtube but however we aggregate everybody together in crypto influence applications every person there to watch all the crypto investments when we

Could import your video more than and about the baggage can check music or kid or other other channels they subscribe to in front of youtube so is it just will you post just cryptocurrency videos because like someone like me i do videos about everything so do you show all the videos the most recent there and also today i think adams going to proof another hundred

People reading you might be there wow whatever little people video wrote one less though yeah i right now this is one of the first applications that are completed and if a lawyer do their training hello you’re a loser right now i do they’re gonna have a booth at a gym working out so what that’s something i’m watching watch all the videos about retelling that very

Good well hey you have to be loyal if you’re trying to build something you know that it’s like a baby i always tell people when you’re something small that you start like a business it’s like a baby whether it’s a stock cryptocurrency any it doesn’t it’s a baby if you’re a day trader you’re never gonna see that baby grow ever you see her baby for one day the next day

You’re out of you’re out and you’re not gonna ever seen the baby girl but if you’re long-term investor you can get a chance to see bitcoin go up from under a penny all the way to 6,000 us that’s how you become rich by being a long term investor but if you’re a short term investor and you got in at a penny so the two cents hey yeah maybe you made a hundred percent but

If imagine if you got an opinion wait and just said you know i’m gonna forget about this for a few turns and then you look back and a few years later nine years later you look back you’re like oh my goodness bitcoins at six thousand us yeah that’s the way i invest that’s the way my community invest i think long term look for undervalued underappreciated underexposed

Investments and invest long term and that’s why i don’t get concerned if the stock goes down or cryptocurrency goes down because i’m actually looking at buying more more my cost accumulate more wait for it to come down all the way to the bottom i watch like a hawk i date it it’s like dating you watch it like a hawk see when it’s at the very bottom you buy it dead

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And then when it explodes up you get out and that’s how i treat and as soon as they see a profit ten percent or more i’m always willing to take it now if i’m thinking long term i’m just gonna forget about it i’m gonna worry about it and i’ll wait till later but if it’s you know something that i wanted maybe i’ve been down on it and i’m not sure and now i’m up ten

Percent take the money and run and that’s how i drink and it doesn’t matter if it’s crypto currencies or stocks i always trade the same way okay we also have another update in our game swing work so right now i have first crystal game is similar to formal 3d but however when people so how’d our kids the game is having went on the people to participate everybody

By 0.1 etherium as a ticket to getting the winner will have 15 exam have returned as a lottery whatever so whoever didn’t wayne will be our token to our company token at them as soon as similar to who are buying our token so is the element so if we have that came there i’m not only to chew test it out also this team can’t tell anybody if you want to use a free perk

Of goofy we can make their game simpler game like this oh very good i like that sounds fun i mean everybody likes these games and if you can get play a game and get crypto currencies i think that’s genius i learned when i got into cryptos it was funny it was getting free cryptos making money and then he changed he got harder and usually in industries and investing

That’s what happens and when it gets harder the dust settles all the weeks scatter and all the strong will rise and that’s what i’m seeing is happening in the crypto space right now and i’m excited to see how you guys are going to continuously grow because you’re still growing in the industry regardless of the fact that the industry has had some tough times and

You’re gonna come out the other side of it when the industry starts to explode smart sure sure bill okay last question for you so if do you look b so definitely this year and the sox are thinking great and they’ll open cameras right other stocks are so bad but crucially it’s just with bravery slow right now people are waiting to see if anything’s changing do you

Think i’ve seen people say like bitcoin maybe reach 10k end of the year what do you think yeah you know we’re running out of time i thought so too but i honestly have not seen crypto do anything for so long that i honestly don’t know you don’t know so it’s very difficult for me to say i thought it would be hitting 10,000 by now too or at some time before the end

Of the year but it hasn’t so i honestly don’t know i’m just sitting waiting i still hold a lot of cryptos i’m just waiting watching and just kind of waiting for a catalyst for the market to turn around and get it to get explosive again i haven’t seen it yet so i’m just waiting patiently like everybody else great great okay wow this is really cool to catch up with

You and okay i will learn something from your website you fiend what’s that that’s not treating you think yes and if you need anything guys you can reach me at rich tv you can follow me on all my social media platforms you can subscribe to my channels and if you have any questions just contact me i’m an easy guy to talk to you can contact krypto heidi

If there’s anything you need as well she’s very easy to talk to very pleasant person to talk to you crypto heidi you are doing amazing you’re gonna explode in the crypto sector i see what you’re doing interviewing all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts i love what you’re doing and i wish you all the best of luck crypto high to keep up all the great work awesome thank

You so much great i look for you okay always a pleasure

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