Travel Hacks for the Financially Savvy

You need two cards for traveling internationally to pay the minimal amount of fees. One ATM card that has no international ATM fees with a reasonable exchange rate. And one credit card that has no foreign transaction fee, a reasonable foreign exchange rate, and a good cash back percentage. With those in mind, I have two cards I always use and some better ones you can consider if you are getting cards just to do this.

Every financially savvy person has two very special cards whenever they travel one of them is a no fee atm debit card so you can use it at any atm across the entire world and you can withdraw money they have a fair exchange rate sometimes if you just use any old card like a chase card they rip you off with a not very good foreign exchange rate so you might not

See a fee there but your exchange rate is a little bit lower and you get less money for what you’re trying to take out the char swap investment banking account in my experience they give you a very fair foreign exchange rate you look in the back of the card and it says interlink plus star or money pass for any atm that shows these symbols you can go and use it

Even if the atm says it’s gonna charge you five dollars atm fee ten dollars atm fee this card at the end of the month will refund you all these fees i go on international travel sometimes maybe for two weeks or so and i might use an atm 10 times each time it may cost about 10 dollars and i’ve added this up before my atm fees might top about a hundred dollars per

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International trip so getting this atm card is probably your top priority before doing international travel now some people might not want to carry a lot of cash around because this is a security risk people might pickpocket you and all of a sudden all your cash is gone i carry cash personally because many night market places requires cash they don’t take card or

Some stores you might be able to have more bargaining power if you have cash for some people who doesn’t frequent those kind of places maybe you go to higher end restaurants and you always use credit cards then it makes sense to hold one of these no foreign transaction fee credit cards this particular one is the capital one quicksilver card it gives you 1.5 percent

Cash back on everything that you buy and also no foreign transaction fee in my experience this card does not rip you off in the foreign exchange rate on top of this there’s no foreign exchange fee so it’s kind of like you’re taking this card internationally and you are using your united states dollars and you are doing an exchange every single day at a fair for

An exchange rate now the capital one quicksilver card allows you to have two so i even have two because i did it for the sign up bonus if you want an even higher cash back rate at two percent try the sofi credit card it also has no foreign transaction fee and if you sign up you also get a 50 bonus i have a referral link down in the video description below all of

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These no foreign transaction free credit card so far i’ve mentioned has no annual fee another no annual fee card is the bank of america travel rewards it has 1.5 cash back if you spend a thousand dollars within the first 90 days you get 25 000 points worth about 250 this is 10 says you can only redeem this 25 000 points for travel and dining statement credit so

You have to spend that money and then you can redeem these points towards that there’s a slight workaround you can transfer these points into a different card and then redeem that for cash if you have a hundred thousand dollars in your merrell investment account you can boost this 1.5 percent up by 75 which works out to be a 2.63 cash back so you have a choice of

1.5 percent on the quicksilver 2 percent on the sofa two point six three percent on the bank of america travel rewards in the end i think the charles swab investment bank debit card is going to save you the most because just traveling internationally one time it’s gonna save you about a hundred dollars already for these cash back credit cards you have to look at

How much you actually get back i spend probably around a thousand to two thousand dollars every time i go international travel on a credit card at one point five percent cash back this is thirty dollars compared to a two percent cash back this is forty dollars so what it’s like a ten dollar difference compared to the bank of america travel rewards two point six

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Three percent you’re gonna get fifty two dollars so thirty dollars versus fifty two dollars it’s only a twenty two dollar difference as long as you get something one point five percent no foreign transaction fee i think this is good enough i personally have the capital one quick silver and i’m looking to move to something that rewards a little bit more it’s not

Quite urgent to move on to these credit cards but when you have a chance go on to those you’re gonna save yourself like 20 or so one extra perk i’ve noticed with the capital one cards is they have these capital one cafes these days capital one cafe serves pete’s coffee and you can get fifty percent off of your pizza coffee as long as you use your capital one’s

Credit card this is my bag of tricks and i think it’s very very valuable for anyone doing international travel don’t forget to give me a like on this video and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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Travel Hacks for the Financially Savvy By BeatTheBush

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