Trip to the other Hachiko Statue

Hachiko is a very loyal dog that will wait at the train station for its deceased owner for 10 years until its own death. Sad as it is, such might be the reason we as humans are so fond of dogs due to their unwavering loyalty. Such commemoration is moving and is the reason I want to see a statue that does not even move nor is it big.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i am in the way no area and this morning i kind of feel like some delicious crispy tonkatsu and i believe they probably have some of that in the way no station area so i’m gonna head over there have some and then go around to the way no park area where they have that zoo it’s supposedly really nice looking so

Then i go over there and check it out something i notice with the travel style between me and a lot of other people in the hostels is that usually they only have a couple of days they maybe they have a week and they think that’s like a lot of time i’m actually spending two weeks here two full weeks in tokyo and i’m just nearly going about my day i’m not waking up

Super early i’m waking up at like eight nine ten even and then i’m like okay what am i gonna do today oh well let me decide now i don’t have it all planned out now my trouble stop so far has not been to go to temples and stuff here’s one behind me i just happened to pass by it when i’m flipping through the travel guide booklets and stuff they have asakusa they

Have a whole bunch of you know observation towers they have like all these touristy stuff that i look at i’m like i’m not very interested in any of it even if i had never been to those observation towers i’ve been to one and i’m like okay i don’t really want to see it again at a different angle or somewhat higher so an unintentional effect of all this is that i’m

Trying to stay at one place and i don’t try to go too far away i look at what’s close to my exit maybe one or two subway stops away and see what’s interesting there i explore things that are close by first and then if it gets too far away i’m gonna go there and then i’m gonna stay at the hostel over there instead so this way you also minimize your transportation

Costs i’m actually even walking to the un no station which is one subway station away it takes about 10 15 minute walk no big deal the sushi distributor that i met at tsukiji last night told me that i should really go see kanazawa and takayama i looked those up those are really old looking towns that takes about i think it’s about 200 miles away or so and it

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Would take normally maybe four or five hours of commuting time now i can take the shinkansen bullet train it’s gonna cost maybe $150 or so i’m looking at that i’m like nah that’s not something i want to do i’m not that into looking at those old looking buildings anyway it looks sort of interesting but not at the cost of $150 each way so what am i gonna do instead

I am in new way know so i’m gonna go to lena park i want me some tonkatsu so i went on my phone with data connection search tonkatsu in the oh anal area found the highest-rated one 4.3 stars out of five stars seven minutes away opens in about him in its seven minute walk there so i’m gonna head there right now this is subways right up there i am at the tonkatsu

Place and there is a long line they didn’t even open yet so we’ll see how this tastes it should be better than that fancy one i went to right i so the verdict is i am a little disappointed because the tonkatsu is a little bit soggy now they don’t have that little metal rack that i bought them they also don’t have the fresh toasted sesame seed for you to crush

And for you to dip the pork cutlet into what i suggest this place to do is that i think the temperature oh they’re frying oil is a little bit too low they need it to be a little bit higher to make it so that their cutlet it’s not as soggy there’s also no special sauce for the salad and overall i think this place has potential but then i wouldn’t come back again

Because it’s soggy however if you want a very quick meal if you get the lower time i got the 1200 yen one if you get the lower one its 850 yen for that thing it’s a really good deal for what you get so right now let’s move on to the ueno park area see looks like it should do it we are finally here and we’re gonna go look around these are museums after all so

You can tell that i’m not too enthusiastic about it but i’m just gonna take a peek and not really going any other museums just kind of look at it look at the park look at the water i guess here is the park area some boats over there because i’m super lazy there is a thing why is this so low i’m just standing straight up right now huh and when they have burning

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Incense over here it means it’s a temple but to who i’m not too sure we are at the windows ooh but we’re not gonna go in because i don’t want to see more animals every zoo i go to is about the same they do have pandas though imagine some pandas okay let’s move on there are pants in the water there are workers let’s recap what tastes really good so far that

Maple milk tea that pork cutlet that initially that i had the conveyor belt sushi that was really really cheap and that ramen place i skipped over in hong kong but i had in tokyo so have you guys had enough museums yet i know i didn’t really go in i’m not very interested in it so let’s go somewhere where i am interested in this would be a short walk from here

About one subway stop or so but i’m just gonna take a walk over there it’s this hatch eco statue number two normally you see the first one where it’s the dog only but this one it’s a little different because the dog meets the owner we know i think they built the statue to kind of have them get back together i guess after the owner died or we pay in $30 for a

Weekend cyril like san francisco prices and parking what’s a tiny bus tiny tiny bus tiny bus tiny tiny bus tiny a tiny fired very nice doppler effect we are going to investigate this fire hydrant sign where is a fire hydrant apparently right below it a little bit – it’s not there’s no water base a fire hydrant various pricing on the vegetables which

I think is still slightly expensive this is off the beaten path here so i feel like the vegetables are really this expensive everywhere you get like six strawberries for five dollars even one single apple is usually about a dollar fifty each all the time one banana is one dollar this is ridiculous how many yoshino is there are in japan i can probably find out by

Googling it there’s a one of the buildings more buildings over there and look at this so cute so cute well maybe it is really hard to read unless you’re at an inc like this but let me read it hachi akita dog born in alta city was presented fifty days after birth to a professor in the university of tokyo faculty of architecture dr. heidi sapporo a no architectural

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Engineering irrigation drainage and reclamation engineering dr. elena love dogs and race hachi with great care and affection he was always accompanied by hachi uni commuted on foot to call ma bomb where the faculty of architecture was located or shibuya station from where he went on official trips sadly a year and a half later on may 21st 1925 dr. bueno passed

Away suddenly in the campus after this until his death ten years later how she went to shibuya station every morning and evening and continue waiting at the ticket gate for dr. awareness returned prior to dr. hoyos death that intelligent how she knew that after we know returned home from super us station after his long-term trips once when he reached the station

After ana was surprised to see hachi waiting to welcome him at the ticket gate as seen in this statue they playfully rejoiced their meaning produced by tsutomu wei de 2015 okay let’s get a proper picture of this it’s his bag let’s see i don’t think it moves it’s me and i aren’t aren’t give me the bag give me the bag nope it’s not moving so dr. bueno this guy

Behind me is basically a professor at the university hachi was a very loyal dog but dr. lu ino passed away suddenly on campus one day and then how she kept on going to the train station waiting for dr. bueno and this dog kept on doing this for the next 10 years until the dog died this is super duper moving and i really like dogs that’s why i wanted to come to

See the second statue i’ve seen the first one the hachi statue in shibuya i probably will pass by that at some point later on so now that we’re here this is a good time to end this blog don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of this very loyal dog hachi if your inches in supporting this channel check out my

Horrible link down in the video description below i have a patreon over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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Trip to the other Hachiko Statue By BeatTheBush

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