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You may think the things you don’t use is just sitting there only taking up space but it’s actually costing you much more. Think in terms of the depreciation of all the products, the mental capacity each item draws from you, and finally the space you have to rent or buy in order to contain it. .

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today we’re gonna talk about decluttering your stuff and how i can actually make you rich here’s a simple chart that says basically the more stuff you have the more it costs to own them it’s not just how much it costs you to buy them see the more stuff that you hold on to the more stuff that’s just sitting around

Depreciating therefore it’s costing you more money the more stuff you hold onto so now we’re gonna add a few more things to it it’s not just a depreciation cost of all the stuff but it’s also the mental capacity because whenever and you run through the stuff if you’re going through the stuff if you have stuff laying around it costs you mental capacity to count them

Even it takes you time to look at it every single time let’s say you have something that you’re not really using and every once in a while you know you have something like this you’re gonna run across in and go oh yeah i remember that thing i have it so you take a look at it you don’t really use it because you have something else that’s better maybe you have the

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Newest phone or something but then you have an older home it’s just saying it’s sitting around it costs you mental capacity in order to look at this thing but nothing really happens to it because you look at it it costs you a few minutes time you put it away maybe a couple years later you take it back out and you look at it so therefore holding on to this stuff’s

Actually costing you time and mental capacity because you actually have to think about it whenever you come across the item now another cost of having too much stuff is the space required to store it all now a lot of people would have so much stuff that they need to actually rent out a storage area luckily i don’t need to rent out a storage area i can just leave

All my stuff here but imagine how much space you could have extra if you don’t have as much stuff the space actually cost real money because that square footage you’re actually paying in rent or mortgage or whatever imagine if you only need half the space that you’re using because you don’t have all this clutter therefore you can rent the smaller place or buy a

Smaller place and in this would cost you less money now holding the space to contain this stuff might actually cost more than the stuff itself so imagine you have a place that’s 1,000 square foot they cost you let’s say $1,000 in rent so it costs you one dollar for that square foot and you have something huge that costs five dollars for nothing and it’s just taking

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Up space in this one square foot area then it’s actually costing you twelve dollars a year to hold on to this thing now we can’t just go rent a place with one less square foot but you can imagine that if you have a whole bunch of stuff you reduce your stuff consistently you can reduce a lot of square footage that you actually need so i’m only gonna go through one

Example to kind of spark an idea to let you know how much stuff we actually have for me i have a lot of mice whenever i finish using a mouse i kind of toss it in a bin yes i could sell it and i have been selling bunch of you know might use mice online you know you use craigslist ebay amazon or whatever but i still have some left which i really do want to get rid of

I have this economic mouse thing i got a long time ago i have this tiny little minnie mouse i got long time ago i still have i have this wireless mouse that used to be my main mouse but now i switch to a wired because a wireless mouse got too annoying for me to charge every single time because they ended up every couple of weeks i got to put it back on the cradle

So now i rather have a wired mouse where i never have to worry about charging ever and then i got one of these laptop mice but this is just an example this is only for mice actually have maybe like four or five more laying around all over the place a good way to declutter is to bring all of the common stuff together like mice okay so just put them all together then

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You’ll see how ridiculous it is look at how ridiculous this is i have told like the mice that i don’t use and i don’t really need to use it anymore because i have a mouse you know – that’s attached to a computer that i use already

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