Trulieve Cannabis Corp. Reports Strong Operational Results Record Revenue and Profits

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. Reports Strong Operational Results Record Revenue and Profits – rich tv live – AUGUST 14, 2019 – Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (“Trulieve” or the “Company”) (CSE: TRUL) (OTCQX: TCNNF), today announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2019 ended June 30, 2019. Unless otherwise stated, all currency is expressed in U.S. dollars.

So truly truly now if you guys were watching my video my pop ten picks for august 2019 you would see my number one pick in my video is truly and truly just reported strong operational results record revenue and profits and grows footprint in the second quarter of 2019 this comes off the heels of canopy growth reporting their revenue or which some people are

Saying their loss of 1.2 billion dollars but truely’s results are fantastic company achieving new operational efficiencies and strong financial discipline as it rolls out growth and expansion initiatives as a multi-state operator truly cannabis corp trul in canada tcn and f in america today announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2009 teen ended

June 30th 2019 unless otherwise stated all currency is expressed in us dollars second quarter 2019 financial and operational highlights record revenue of fifty seven point nine million an increase of 30 percent on a sequential quarter-to-quarter basis you know what this deserves a little bit of attention this deserves its own music this deserves because right now

Everybody is hating on the cannabis sector everybody’s hating on the cannabis sector everybody’s talking trash right now everybody’s got something negative to say but the cannabis sector so you know what we do when people have negative things to say about the cannabis sector you know what we do we made this song for growth because number one i don’t know if number

One anymore true leave had record revenue of fifty seven point nine million an increase of 30% on a sequential quarter-to-quarter basis adjusted ebody increased from 19 million in q1 2019 to 30 1.6 million in q2 2019 an increase of 19 percent in florida patient growth driven primarily by the introduction of smokeable flour interesting patient count to just over

Increasing the patient count to just over 180 1000 as of june 30th what 130 1000 patients were truly that is staggering number staggering number smokeable flower accounted for approximately 50% of total product sales in florida for q2 2019 up from nearly 30 percent in q1 2019 completed a public debt offering raising an aggregate principal amount of 70 million

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Opened three additional dispensaries in florida in the total to 29 at q to 2019 completed acquisition of ct based medical cannabis dispensary the healing corner launched various automation initiatives to further increase efficiencies product output and innovation executed a large-scale customized si p implementation could truly be looking to take number one or

Could it be aurora but it one day be zen abyss is can it be growth showing cracks in their armor canopy growth for the longest time has always been number one now they’re starting to show some cracks in their armor my question is is there anybody else that has the ability to dethrone them justin a burton says emerald buddy like i just said the other day did you see

The increase on the jv sales huge increase huge increase massive but do you see the growth in true leaf do you see how fast true leaf is growing recently highlands and developments reporting total current cultivation capacity of approximately 1.6 million square feet which includes large-scale greenhouses previously reported and experimental which were added as a

Cost-effective and highly efficient alternative to expand oil biomass capacity commence trading on the otcqx best market under the symbol t cnnf i want to see truly go to the senior exchange we need to see true leave on the nasdaq or the new york stock exchange extension a voluntary lockup agreement with company founders of 65 million or approximately 59 percent

Of shares outstanding on a converted basis until july 2020 with 11 million 200,000 or approximately 10% of shares outstanding on a converted basis becoming unlocked in january 2020 close sale-leaseback transaction with innovative industrial properties i love.i ipr so they’re obviously working with i ipr another giant to provide capital to holyoke ma cultivation and

Processing site appointed peter t healy to board of directors our financial this is true leaves financials are strong financial results for the quarter combined with our operational and foundational evolution illustrates that true leave is not just a cannabis company but an organization that possesses the key fundamental is expected of leading companies across all

Industries said kim rivers ceo of true leave by continuing to focus on operational efficiencies maintaining sound financial discipline and leveraging our strong brand awareness and patient loyalty within current markets and in future expansion initiatives we expect our efforts to translate to new strong results throughout the remainder of 2019 their numbers have

Just grown total revenue fifty-seven point nine million gross margin of thirty seven point six million gross margin percentage of 65 percent operating expenses of fourteen point eight million they’re running a lean mean machine here a truly operating expense is only 26 percent so adjusted ebit ax of 31 point six million this is a profitable company folks this is

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A profitable clean company still trading at under $13 in canada this is a profitable clean company about true leave cannabis corp truly does a vertically integrated seed to sale company and is the first and largest fully licensed medical cannabis company in the state of florida true leave cultivates and produces all of its products in-house and distributes those

Products to truly brand stores dispensaries throughout the states of florida as well as directly to patients via home delivery to leave also operates in california massachusetts and connecticut truly is listed on the canadian securities exchange under the symbol trul and trades on the otcqx best market under the symbol t cn n f wow she leaves a beast i wouldn’t be

Surprised to see this thing run tomorrow these results are very strong this looks very clean very simple press release they don’t really have anything bad or negative to explain this looks like a company that is going to do very big things and is chasing canopy growth for the number one spot in the cannabis sector not just for canada but for north america and

For the entire world justin alberta says 65 cents a gram to grow it des says could p clo dethrone canopy in the future they will have the biggest growing capacity of any lp in the entire world wow i wasn’t aware of that i need to look into p clo a little bit further but thank you for your comment i wasn’t aware that they had such a high growing capacity just in

Alberta and says truly members are good but it’s not a cheap stock anything over a billion dollars has been baked into the share price yeah but you know we’ve seen truly run to $20 before i wouldn’t be surprised to see them run again which is i mean if they run a $24 a hundred percent upside i’m not saying we’ll stay there but wouldn’t be surprised to see them go

There randy even off says keep eyeing when everyone gets scared the big fish are circling oh yeah absolutely justin albertan says it’s emerald that is growing at 65 cents in gram yeah that’s pretty good zen abyss is growing at 50 cents a gram and i heard someone else is growing at 45 cents a gram cameron bure who charlie sanders says people think cresco labs will

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Have highest revenue incoming earnings very soon with origin house ah that sounds interesting i doubt it but you never know justin albertan says oh thanks for the tip i’ll relook at that hey no problem i mean we’re always looking that’s why we share information here there’s so many companies out there that’s all we have this community that’s why these we have this

Platform is so that we can communicate and we can talk about what is happening in the market and we can come to a consensus in this video i just wanted to talk about true leave i think the numbers are very impressive i think they’re very strong they were my number one pick for august 2019 they did not disappoint with this revenue they did not disappoint with this

Press release it is very strong revenue growth and once again truly reports strong operational results record revenue and profits and grows the footprint in the second quarter of 2019 this is rich for mish to be live if you’re not winning you’re not watching always consult a financial representative before you invest in anything that we talk about here at rich to

Be live always investing the best the best is blessed and truly is absolutely the best i’m gonna come back with a video very soon about canopy growth because we need to get to the bottom of it because it doesn’t make a lot of sense and canopy growth is down big after hours after their revenue forecast which is filled with surprises this is your boy rich or mister

You live if you winning you ain’t watching it’s true we bring your winners we’re bringing it to you first we bring you pics we bring the news and analyze it for you i’m up people peace truly put on your watchlist put it on your radar i’m telling you they’re winner and i wouldn’t be surprised to see them blow if it ain’t gonna be tomorrow it’s gonna be in the future

They’re currently at 12 bucks in canada i see them going to $20 you heard it here first from your boy rich true leave we’ll go to 20 bucks i heard it here first mere boy rich richer dumbest i’m all peace they gonna blow

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