Trump Declares No War


Hey guys how you doing this is richard rich steve you live so i’ve been busy but i heard that trump has declared no war since he declared no war the price of oil has gone down the price of oils got gold’s gone down the price of silver has gone down the price of bitcoins gone down for assets that have been exploding overnight based on the fact that it looked like

This war was gonna escalate have now turned into something completely different it’s turned into no war trump all of a sudden wants to make peace not war just good it’s good i don’t think anybody really wants war but hasn’t been good for gold it hasn’t been good for oil it hasn’t been good for a bitcoin and it hasn’t been good for silver so i’d love to know what

You guys think about this news this breaking is that trump has addressed the nation in america and essentially said that there will be no war with iran i think that’s smart i don’t want to see this escalade then we’re as humans we’re all sharing this world together i think we need to make love not war we need to work as a unit and work together as as a world and

As people i believe we’re all brothers and sisters and we’re all connected yeah we have different beliefs and we have different religions and we have different things that we all do and we believe in but at the end of the day that doesn’t make us different we’re all sharing this planet together and the reality is there’s iranian people in canada there’s iranian

People in america is iranian people all over the world so what are you gonna do you’re gonna go and attack this country i think this is a good move i hope that we can get past this now and get back to normalcy i don’t know if that’s the case but hopefully this is a step in the right direction i’m glad we’re not going to were either probably why why would we want

War i mean what good is gonna come out of war innocent young kids those are husbands those are sons those are father’s those are daughters sisters why what’s gonna come out of it iran will make peace well i mean it’d be nice to see everybody make peace hopefully we can all move forward from this and you know i guess their goal was to get rid of this one specific

General and commander and they did so they don’t see any reason why they should continue to escalate the situation and i agree with it especially when you think about the fact that iran has been doing training sessions with the navies of russia and china and russia and china and iran are obviously working together in different ways so why would you want to go

And poke the bear i just don’t think that that makes a lot of sense but you know i’d love to know you guys opinion on it love to know what you guys think i’m totally against any type of war i’m totally against any type of violence i don’t think violence really resolves anything and typically when you see violence it’s a cycle you know one person hurts someone

That person wants to hurt that person back now if it’s a country one person causes harm the other country wants to cause harm so it’s just a cycle and in the end who wins nobody so yeah i’m not into the war at all so yeah the big breaking news today is that trump has declared they will not be a war and based on that news the stocks have been falling specifically

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Gold stocks oil stocks cryptocurrency stocks and silver stocks and obviously those precious metals have been falling bitcoins been falling and oils been falling today on the news that there is not going to be a war so it’s kind of interesting that we have good news in one sense but if you’re buying gold or you’re buying oil or you’re buying silver or you’re buying

Bitcoin it’s kind of bad news for you because they’re all going down mind you i would much rather have no war then you know assets going up so from that perspective i’m pretty happy that trump has made that decision i think if he came out and said we’re going to go flat out we’re gonna have a massive war i think the price of gold would have continued to spike the

Price of oil would have continued this bike the price of silver and gas would have continued to sprite and bitcoin would have continued to spike so i think it’s a good thing that we’re not going to war quiff quick thought on aurora what’s the deal i mean aurora still has no revenue profits you know the revenues okay but the revenue went down last quarter they

Need to show that the revenues gonna grow again and they’re lacking in profitability that’s what’s going on it’s pretty simple i think we all know this nothing’s really changed has anything changed yeah they’re doing sales but we still don’t know what the revenue looks like if they show massive revenue on the next quarterly financials and they show profitability

Stock will fly if they don’t stock wilton continue to get beat down because right now everybody’s saying aurora is this the roar is that everybody’s beating it down everybody’s talking it down so right now there’s just a lot of negative momentum not just in aurora but in the entire cannabis sector so that’s why you see a lot of the cannabis stocks are down and i

Believe it’s going to continue until we have some type of a catalyst that’s going to turn the sector around and what does that catalyst going to be in my opinion it has to be revenue has to be profitability this would be more revenue growth and it has to be profitability so that is what’s going on in the markets right now if there’s anything else you guys want to

Discuss you want to talk about anything else that’s trending or anything else that’s popping please let me know put it in the group chat and we’ll take a look at it honestly i don’t know why people keep wanting to talk about cannabis stocks man at some point you guys got to realize that the cannabis stocks are just not the way to go man and i can’t be to want to

Tell you that considering i’ve been the one talking about cannabis stocks for three years straight so i’ve diversified i’ve moved past it it is what it is cannabis stocks are what cannabis stocks aren’t matter they’re where gold was a few years ago when the gold was dead now gold is exploding and green gold is dead do i think the wraps will repeat no the wraps

Will not repeat not even close i think they would be hard-pressed to even get out of the eastern conference i think they’ll do well i think they’ll make the playoffs for sure they’ll be probably in the top four or five seeds but i just don’t think they have enough to get through the east and definitely not enough to win the nba championship not without kawhi not

Unless they make some type of crazy move and pick up another superstar which i just don’t think it’s gonna happen but you never know crazier things have happened nobody expected them to win last year you’re focusing all of your attention yo what’s up ross you’re focusing all of your attention on baby it’s a good pick man it’s a good pick like baby very good pick

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Yeah i think right now there’s so much uncertainty in the markets nobody really knows what’s gonna happen nobody knows what’s gonna happen with gold nobody knows what’s gonna happen with oil nobody else it’s gonna happen with bitcoin nobody knows what’s gonna happen with silver all four have been exploding then today trump goes out and says there’s not going to be

A war which is totally unexpected and all of those assets go down cannabis stocks went from deep red to deep green today which cannabis stocks because when gold is going down you would think that green gold would go up is that what we had did we have some cannabis stocks explode i’m driving right now i haven’t even taken a look at the markets i was just doing a

Co interview so i apologize you sm sos went up which ones which us some of em s those went out kirra hey i like me some kira i want to see c webb jump i mean c webb is dirt cheap c webb is the lowest it’s been ever see webb the largest cbd company in the world on news that the fda wants all products lab tested an fda approved when it comes to cbds i just killed c

Webb yes hexo kronos and weed in green just up a bit now acb only down 2% well that’s good hopefully the green gold continues to make a move because they’ve been obliterated for far too long and it’s just gotten to the point where i’ve had to move on for now until they decide to come back because i’m not just gonna sit there and dump my money and spend my time

Effort energy sitting here talking about cannabis talks every day when companies like apple are up 100 percent we need to go where the money is and if the money is in the big board stocks we’re gonna buy big board sonic somebody’s in cannabis will buy cannabis when he’s in gold will buy gold if money’s in 5g will with 5 will buy 5g we’re gonna move where the money

Is and that’s a decision that i’ve made for myself and for our community and i believe that our community will be a lot stronger and will be rewarded handsomely because of it yeah there’s gonna be ups and downs in every sector but why sit there and keep buying something that just keeps going down when clearly we’ve seen that the cannabis sector has not been our

Friend in 2019 what are we gonna do in 2020 just keep dumping our money into cannabis no i don’t think these kind of his companies are going to go to zero some of them will but i don’t think it’ll be as bad as what some people are trying to say it’ll be rammed ad says the u.s. msos are putting in their higher lows for the weekly and monthly this is a big deal

Today and it’s going to be a game-changer i hope you’re right man infinite possibilities says i told you don’t worry no war don’t let fear rule your soul hey man i’m happy you were right i don’t want war the last thing i want is war it’s the last thing i want is warm now i haven’t bought believe i own belief and owned them for quite some time i own lots of stocks

I’m just holding all my cannabis stocks until eventually they turn back into the green which hopefully is sooner rather than later because we’ve been patient for a very long time thank you guys we got 31 people here we got 12 legs let’s get her likes games up we’re live or interactive i’m driving i mean it doesn’t get any more interactive than this thank you that

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We’re up to 14 likes now it’s better see if we can hit 20 we’re up to 15 likes now 32 people here we got 17 people that even 18 likes 32 people here go hit 20 next stop 20 i mean hit 20 18 legs we hit two more there we go 20 lights thank you guys i appreciate it that 66% likes to likes to watch ratio i can live with that at least it’s a passing grade now 21 likes

There we go thank you guys so this is gonna be actually a big week for me i will be at the lyft conference on friday and saturday i will be interviewing some of the top cannabis ceos in the industry i will be interviewing private companies public companies i’ll be showing you guys i think there’s may 280 exhibitors it’s the largest cannabis conference in canada and

We’ll be there we’ll be doing interviews we’ll be having for some fun doing some you know having some entertainment learning about some of these companies i’m sure there’s gonna be all kinds of different speakers that’ll be speaking i’ll be making videos of them and bringing them to you guys and if you guys are members of rich tv live members that are gold silver

And bronze members will get access to all the interviews first and that’s just something that we’ve decided we want to do to really start separating some of the members and just get a better idea of who our top members are and give our top members access to quality content and information first and i’m excited about it i’m excited about the cannabis conference

So obviously i still am very deeply involved in cannabis what i won’t do though is just put all my money in cannabis and just continue invest in cannabis blindly assuming that they’re just going to explode because clearly that’s not the case and i think as investors we need to diversify right now and we need to invest in the best we invest in the best we’ll be

Blessed if we don’t there’s always a risk that we’re gonna lose especially when you’re dealing with penny stocks anything under five bucks really is considered a penny stock so anytime you’re buying anything under five bucks just understand there’s less institutional investors there’s less less institutional support and typically you’re gonna find shorter’s are

Gonna live in that world they’re gonna live in the cannabis sector specifically the cannabis stocks of trading at five dollars or less they’re gonna live in that world because they’re gonna have more success that’s gonna be the world they’re gonna live in because that’s where they’re gonna have success so big news no war thank goodness we don’t want war bad news

If you’re gold investor goals down oils down silver’s down bitcoins down so that’s the bad news if you’re an investor the good news is we’re not gonna have war so thank goodness hopefully we stay on that trend and this doesn’t escalate any further and we just go back to normal we go back to living our lives and everything goes back to being happily ever after

Thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching is your boy rich murr steve live and i’m oh

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