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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today let’s talk about making money online if you look online on how to make money online most of these lists are very very similar i just pick one on the entrepreneur website this particular list is 32 proven ways to make money fast i’ve tried many of them so today i’m going to give you my own perspective on how

Easy it is to make money using each of these methods and also what are your chances of success this video is brought to you by weeble this is of course one of the ways i make money online which is through affiliate links of course there’s a prerequisite of having a large enough youtube channel so that you can monetize on this if you sign up for this you can get

Two free shares of stocks valued at up to fourteen hundred dollars you get one free share just for signing up for the account and then another free share for depositing a hundred dollars check out my referral link down in the video description below when i have my subscriber gatherings subscribers would bring up a certain way to make money to me and i just like

To remind people that certain things are not scalable in other words you are trading a fixed amount of your time for a fixed amount of money that fixed amount never scales upwards so you can spend a thousand hours every year doing this and then you will not ever reach beyond a certain point so whenever you look at these ways to make money really really think

About if there is a cap on whatever amount that you earn the first one is uber and lyft after doing it for about two weeks total i’d say my total income per hour was around 15 to 20 dollars this is without even paying for the depreciating cost of the car itself however you can probably think of this as ticking and advance in the value of your car yes if you

Remove the value of the car thing you’re still earning seven to fifteen dollars so pretty low wages depending on how good you are at driving after two weeks of driving this i pretty much gave up on driving for uber because this is not a scalable thing for me it’s fun to drive for a little bit have a little bit of experience in it so that i can talk about it in

These youtube videos but for long term you know if i work on it for like an entire year i don’t see myself making a lot a lot of money maybe it might cap out at like 80 000 an entire year if i work myself to death you know like six or seven days a week the second one is market research now there are some companies out there you might have to have word of mouth

From someone so that you can at least know that such a company exists but in silicon valley there are a lot of tech companies that wants to do market research on their products and i remember last time i did it i got paid maybe a hundred hundred twenty dollars for an hour of my time of course i have to drive there i have to sit in some panel and then they’re

Gonna show you some video they’re gonna you know show you some product they may not tell you which company it’s from because they want to remain anonymous so this is a good way to make you know a little bit of money just with one hour of your time the third one they list is sell old books and games on amazon i used to sell on amazon as well this is funny how i

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You know did so many of these because i’m just making money in every which way that i feel like it’s easy for me so selling books selling whatever on amazon i feel it’s a little bit harder and harder these days in terms of selling used goods because it seems like every single month they put a new restriction on selling used things however if you sell new things

It’s a lot easier sometimes even if you somehow find yourself with a cache of new things a particular supplier may not like the idea that you are an unauthorized reseller of this product and they might just boot you out of amazon so to me i don’t think selling on amazon selling used stuff or reselling it’s very viable it’s mainly very very good if you have your

Own product and you sell it on there yourself the fourth one is sell or resell on craigslist now i don’t like craigslist too much because there’s just way too many people on there and the type of buyers tend to be of lower quality it’s about 90 low ballers and you’re gonna have to filter out a lot of emails and for me this is not worth my time so i tend to not

Sell on craigslist at all i tend to go on other apps like close five or let go and these tend to be a little bit better where low balling rates is around 30 to 50 for me and i’ve sold maybe at least 50 items on let go already so i i have a good feeling with this particular app the fifth one is do tasks with taskrabbit they’re gonna have a certain task and they’re

Gonna give you a certain amount of money for completing this task maybe you are going to assemble their ikea furniture or something this comes down to earning a certain amount of money by trading a certain amount of your time now i want you guys to think about what happens if you do 100 tasks 1000 tasks so you really have to consider how much you’re getting paid

Per hour and also if you really want to make a lot of money you you really are thinking about financial independence retire early which is really based on having passive income taskrabbit is not passive income it’s active income active income is something i really really want to avoid because you can use all this time that you’re spending on active income like

Task rabbit or whatever and you can spend this time instead on working on semi-passive and actually passive income stream instead the more time you spend on active tasks that make you money the less time you’re going to have on working on those other passive income streams deliver on post mates active income stream the seventh one is flip real estate contracts

Now i have no idea how much you can make but i think sometimes even active income streams it’s well worth it because if let’s say you spend one hour of your time and you make a thousand dollars i think this is viable enough to spend one hour and trade one hour of your time for this even if it’s an active task the eighth one is sell on etsy now i think based on

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How you do it this could be an active income stream or a semi-active income stream because let’s say if you’re selling like a little doodad right and you’re crafting something and it takes you an hour to make this thing and you’re selling it for 20 bucks then you’re really making 20 an hour maybe if you work on something if you make a painting or something and

You sell it for a hundred dollars and it takes you one hour this is a little bit more worth it so if you’re gonna make something make sure that you can sell it for a really really good amount per hour of your time even better is if you’re selling something on etsy this is handcrafting stuff right so if you’re 3d printing something that’s even better because you

Can just press a button and let it do its thing the total cost of your time to press the button to package this up to you know get it out the door is maybe 10 minutes then this might be more worth your time or maybe if you mass produce a thousand of these items and it costs you two hours of your time to mass produce these and then you can just keep on selling

Them on etsy then this might also be well worth your time so you can see it really depends on how you work the system on etsy answer questions on just answer i just think this is just no because each answer is unique and you have to answer in a high quality manner this is going to cost you a certain amount of time which is not repeatable really so every single

Answer that you answer this is going to be an active type of income and you’re trading your time for money here gigs on fiverr now if you have let’s say you’re making an icon or something someone asked you gives you five dollars to make an icon it’s going to take you how long probably 15 minutes or something so you get paid five dollars so if you make four of

These in a row you get paid twenty dollars this is not enough actually it depends on what your typical earnings rate is if you’re used to earning ten dollars an hour you know as a barista or something if this is your niche this is how much you normally earn it might actually be well worth your time to switch over to being full time on fiverr because you’re

Actually earning more money than if you’re working a low minimum wage job 11 walk dogs active consumes your time consumes a lot of your time and you have to walk around a lot unless you really like walking babysitting this is also active income sell photos like stock photos online now i’ve tried to do this before obviously i am not a talented enough photographer

To sell my photos online but i have tried it before and you know they’re like your pictures is not good enough so i think because at the time my camera is also not good enough as well a personal trainer again active income tutor students this is active income advertise for companies with a car wrap now this is this might be a possibility and i’ve thought of this

Before of course i don’t want a car wrap on my current car right now but in my previous car you know i kind of thought about it because they pay you a certain amount for a certain amount of time for this giant sticker to go on your car it’s probably going to cover the whole thing up if friends see you with this it’s just going to be a giant billboard and they’ll

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Be like why do you have this thing on back passenger seats are going to have an obstructive view so in terms of inconvenience it’s going to cost you a little bit but something to think about local gardener house cleaning home organizer all of these are active income except if you’re a home organizer like marie condo which means that you’re doing this at a very

Very high rate per hour or if you kind of like parlay this into like a social media thing then you’re turning this into a scalable business as a local gardener you’re doing this actively if you’re doing this yourself this is not scalable if you’re a local gardener and you hire a whole bunch of people and then you just you know kind of dispatch them out to garden

For you then this is a scalable business then this is something i would say oh this might be actually kind of good because you don’t actually have to do the gardening yourself you’re just delegating to your employees of course they take a cut because they’re actually doing the actual physical work house cleaning same thing with local gardening all these things

Like wash carpet and stuff now the next one is give blood plasma or other bodily fluids now this is like an ego thing because i don’t know if i tell people i’m selling blood for money this kind of hurts my ego i think when people are really really hurting for money this is when they go sell their blood and sell their plasma sell their body fluids i’ve given

Blood before for free to red cross and whatnot so something to think about decorate homes for the holiday active income participate in medical studies i wouldn’t do this because because i just don’t want to harm my health here these medical studies they might be using experimental drugs that’s not proven do you really want to risk your life sometimes you know

Maybe for a covid vaccine you have other reasons to do this because maybe it’s for humanity but for monetary reasons only this might not be a good excuse to to earn money at least for me rent out a spare room on airbnb this has to do with personal space and if you really really need the money or not personally i have two extra rooms over here in this house to

Rent out and yet i choose not to because i write off some of this space for business expenses so in a way i also cannot have people running around here when i’m doing these youtube videos so you can kind of call this space here kind of like my work area there are actually more over here 25 to 32 but i think this video has gone on long enough i’m gonna cut it

Short over here i hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if some of these ways to make money just spark some ideas for you and maybe make you some extra cash on the side and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching you

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