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No intro for this video it doesn’t even deserve an intro i don’t even want to do this video but i’m freakin fired up about the subject we’re talking about today i’ve had countless subscribers asked about gopro sake because it’s been downgraded three times within like the past six days it’s ridiculous when gopro stock has just been obliterated it’s been obliterated

Ever since really january because analysts after als has come out downgrading the stock so we’re gonna look at some analysts today we’re gonna really see how little they know and how big of a deal it needs to even pay attention to analyst and how you should never pay attention to an analyst guys we’re gonna view all these today if i’m gonna explain to you my

Side of things so first off analyst generally speaking these analysts they come out of college they graduate they go straight to work for these wall street firms they’ve never created a business in their life they’ve never they can’t even invest in the stocks they talk about it’s illegal to do that you cannot even invest in the stocks they talk about so they’re

They’re not investing they’re not investors they’re not stock market investors they’re not stock market experts they’ve never trained a business in their life they’ve never made a dime on their own name they just get their paychecks every week and they want us to listen to them never made a dime in the stock market never created a business but yeah you’re gonna

Tell me how to run a business you’re gonna tell me what the future of a business is you’re gonna tell me where stocks going over time and you’ve never done it for yourself give me a freakin break so let’s view some things here and we’ll look at how stupid these analysts are i’m sorry i’m freakin fired up this is probably the most fired up i’ll ever be on a video and

Probably the most negativity you’ll ever see coming out of me in a video but we got some fire to bring you these guys today so let’s look at this so this is from july 31st 2015 less than two years ago less than two years ago go pro stock jumping following city upgrade okay so this city analyst shares a gopro were jumping three percent up to sixty three dollars and

59 cents remember the stock is $8 currently goes below 80 dollars i think this thing is seven something in the early market trading on friday after analyst at city upgrade the action camera maker this morning the firm raised price target on gopro 290 dollars from $63 city analysts pointed to the mega trends in flying cameras virtual reality space analysts see the

Drone opportunity is attractive and expects gopro to rake in sales of anywhere from 5 billion to 10 billion by 2020 guys i’m a gopro bowl you guys know that well hmm i don’t even expect him to do anywhere close to 5 to 10 billion i think it’s possible they could do maybe 4 billion dollars in revenue by 2020 but 5 to 10 billion dollars what are you smoking and this

Shows the the pure nonsense 5 to 10 billion dollars in sales and remember this is less than 2 years ago less than 2 years ago this analyst came out when gopro was a hot stock at that time upgraded them guys upgraded them ok let’s go to the next one aaron murphy a paper jeffrey rates gopro as an overweight and we’re gonna talk about aaron murphy a little later guys

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He’s great as an overweight this is another one from less than two years ago an upgrade from the previous rating of neutral the price target on the stock was set for $55 a primary more a reason murphy upgraded the stock was a survey recently published by piper jaffray that suggested increasing uptake of the company’s devices a survey show that the company’s device

Ownership is nearing 18% up 13% from 2014 so we’re gonna look at this this lady a little bit later guys and go into depth on her and see what’s really going on but a an upgrade because of a survey to $55 hmm wow wow okay let’s go the next one we upgrade gopro to overweight and raise our price target to $65 on solid execution new products acquisitions external hires

And continued brand strength these guys upgrade this is barclays barclays bank when the biggest banks in europe probably the biggest investment bank in europe they upgrade it to $65 guys this was less than two years ago once again okay let’s go to the next one friday morning however jp morgan this one’s from about two years and three months ago jp morgan analyst

Paul koster kendyl the fire upgrading gopro to an overweight from a neutral with a $70 price target why he sees big catalyst ahead including holiday sales lien inventories upcoming consumer electronics shows and international expansion oh gosh and back then gopro was one of the most overpriced oxide ever seen and i was in i didn’t pay it super close attention to

Gopro back then but i kind of saw some of this stuff because gopro has talked a lot about on tv and whatnot and i was like they’re freaking clueless man these guys are freaking clueless on what a seat this stock was treating over $60 and they had one product at that time one product one product cameras they had some accessories to go with that one product in there

Upgrading the stock to past $60 a $65 price target from barclays and it was analyst after analyst after analyst after analyst upgrading a stock in mind you this is two years ago some of this is not even two years ago it’s a year and a half ago guys no let’s look at today that’s fast forward so this is from actually yesterday’s as part of the reason why gopro stock

Fell drastically yesterday shares a gopro hit record lows monday after second major downgrade on concerns of the action camera maker has reached its limits on of its markets the stock fell nearly 8% hovering a little above $8 blah blah blah goldman sachs downgraded to a $6 in price target from $9.50 gopro faces significant challenges following saturation of its core

Action camera market product rollout issues in the holiday season and disappointing entry into the drone market analyst simona janakowski who we’re gonna look at in just a second wrote in a note to clients okay so this is another thing i brothers me about these analysts what the hell are they sometimes they want to talk short-term sometimes they want to look back

Into the past what does the blast holiday season have to do with anything in the future and then sometimes they want to look to 2020 and that was 2015 remember a few a few pages ago they were talking about 2020 so they’re talking about five years in the future now they’re looking in the past and saying well because this happened in the past we’re downgrading the

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Stock to a six dollar stock now are you short term are you long term what are you analysts this is another thing it drives me nuts you know if like when i talk i’m talking a minimum of one year if i’m looking into a stock mainly like three years out plus but a minimum a year these guys it’s like wait no no they care about the past no they care about what’s gonna

Happen in the next quarter nobody care about what’s happened in two quarters ahead no no they care about what’s happening your head gosh okay so let’s look at this analysts here goldman sachs analyst simona joukowsky janikowski assumes coverage on apple goldman sachs assumed coverage on apple from bill shop to simone and janikowski with a by rating this is from

2015 september 22nd 2015 a price target 163 dollars they slept 163 dollar price target on apple on september 22nd 2015 well the next year at september 22nd 2016 the stock was a hundred and fourteen dollars so why do they even try to do these price targets guys it’s like maybe they can get lucky but give me a break you’re not even close and this is the majority

The time they’re never even close and these price targets to the downside or the upside guys so this simona right i did a little research on her simona earned a degree excuse me huh a bachelors of science degree in chemical engineering from the university of california berkeley blah blah blah chemical engineering you earned a chemical engineering degree and you

Want me to listen to you about business you’ve never created a business for yourself in your life you’ve never invested and made a lot of money in the stock market and you want me to listen to you as a chemical engineer chemical engineer guys oh gosh is painful painful i’m gonna have the big one when i’m like 45 years old i’m doing these videos i’m telling you it’s

Painful chemical engineering never ran a business in your life and i’m gonna listen to you and people should listen to you oh give me a break so now let’s go back and look at erin murphy piper jeffery analyst aaron murphy is divided on expectations between gopro and fitbit head of their third quarter results blah blah blah she was kind of bullish on fitbit she’s

Probably one of the biggest bears on the street as far as gopro goes so let’s look at her as you we recommend taking analyst notes with a grain of salt according to tips ranked analyst aaron murphy ranked 3,970 out of 4,000 178 analyst shira shiva she’s one of literally the worst analysts in the world and this is like the face of bearish analysts on gopro she’s

Like the most bearish of the bears you know she’s like the one that has been bearish from several months now guys and this is the one we’re supposed to listen to three thousand nine hundred and something ranked out of four thousand one hundred holy smokers and listen to this so here’s even better piper jaffray analyst aaron murphy came out to defend fitbit this

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Is in january 2016 so barely over a year ago year and two months ago or whatever she came out to defend fitbit which was down like 12% that day after announcing the new blaze so she talks about all that stuff but let’s bingley go down and look toward the bottom the firm maintain is so her basically an overweight rating on fitbit of with a praise target of $60 $60

Guys this was a little over one year ago she had a $60 price target on fitbit fitbit right now is a $6 stock oh gosh i hope you guys can see why these analysts are just freakin clueless it’s unbelievable so analyst it was just something interesting i found out how much do these analysts actually make well on average in the united states and analyst makes around

Fifty six thousand dollars right in new york city they make around on average around one hundred and twenty two thousand dollars i’m like how does an analyst even like naked out of new york city one hundred and twenty two thousand dollars if you live where i live in nevada you live you know some of the places i’ve lived like charlotte north carolina or phoenix

Arizona you would live like a king if you make one hundred twenty two thousand a year you can probably have a five six bedroom house and you live like a king when you live in new york city you’re making 120 mm it’s like holy smokes that’s like that’s like tough so anyways analyst do you listen to them i don’t you can if you want to if you want to listen analyst you

Can listen to analysts a bunch of people have never done in their lives as far as business a bunch of people have never invested money and they can’t even invest money in the stocks if there’s negative on a position they can’t even short that position if they say if they’re super bullish on such a such stock they cannot even go go long that stock guys it’s illegal

For them to do it so should you even listen to them why would you i mean you can it would be like me okay i’ve never really played soccer yeah i’ve never i mean never really played soccer right i could start studying soccer and those kinds of things and learning about soccer and then i could start preaching of soccer players okay this is how you become soccer a great

Soccer player would that make any sense well i’ve never played soccer for myself but because i studied a little bit and i don’t really have a soccer background but i studied a little bit so now you should listen to me as soccer i haven’t been a fistfight since i was in probably the fifth grade and let’s say it’s but i watched some boxing matches right i watch some

Ufc sometimes so therefore i know a lot about boxing so i’m gonna teach you how to be the best fighter have beat anybody up in a fight i’ve seen i’ve watched a couple martial arts videos on youtube before so like i know so much about like fighting now so you should listen to me on how to become a professional fighter and kick anybody’s ass give me a break that’s

What these people are trying to do oh gosh it’s a painful video have a good day though you

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