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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna review a box of snacks and candies from a company called universal yums when a company asks me to do a review video for them i usually look up their website look at the products they’re selling and see if it’s something that i would actually buy now if you watch my other videos you’ll notice that i don’t

Really eat that much snacks i do eat it sparingly it’s almost a little bit too much for me but i’m gonna try to taste it for you when i looked at their about page this company is actually a very small company is a start-up by monique and eli and they started this company back in october 2014 so it’s pretty new and it’s just like in its infancy so i’m like hey you

Know i really agree with them starting their own business and right before this they were actually working at regular jobs and stuff so i support small businesses and things like this and i really hope they succeed so what they do is every single month they gather up all these snacks from a certain country they pre tested them to make sure it would be something

That people would actually like or maybe a little strange too and you can buy a small box for 14 dollars a month which includes six snacks or more and then they have a 25 dollar box that has 12 snacks or more which both of these have sweet and savory snacks in it so it’s like a mixture of everything so it’s a monthly plan $14 or $25 there’s free shipping and if

You’re interested in these things check out the link down below in the video description and let’s open this up and see what’s inside it’s nice they put these color paper and it’s a nice touch and over here they have a little booklet just tell you some background some trivia and some information about each of the snacks and a recipe for making some salmon with

Mozzarella on top some sights of russia a column music playlist and the answers to those trivia questions i like this one this astronaut here pizza hut paid a million dollars to deliver a pizza to a russian astronaut in the iss space station okay what’s in the next box blah blah blah i don’t know what’s in the next box but nice pamphlet that goes with it this one

Is ruzek vanilla porn puffs i’m just so used to being able to read stuff that’s on the snack itself usually there’s some english on it but this thing has zero english anywhere oh look here there’s an ingredients over here it says sweet popcorn music okay that’s good made of corn no sugar or sunflower or a water salt okay anyway let’s just try this i feel like i’ve

Probably eaten something like this before but it’s been lilyc horn so you see this little puff thing i’ve had this this is like them asian snacks have this as well – you buy that range 99 so these are sweet tasting corn flavored pop things but you know what else these things look like over here these biodegradable popcorn these are packaging popcorn and they kind

Of melt when you lick them but you can’t eat these however you can eat these so this first bag thumbs up i would eat the rest of this let me put this away because if i try to eat all of this at once i probably die let’s try the next one this one is a courage keyhole odette’s and horseradish khalid it’s apparently is these little jelly things made from pig feed

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Or beef feet and i have a video on making a recipe on on this jelly like stuff but apparently there’s none of that neat stuff or jelly in here but it tastes like it i feel like even if i eat this won’t be too offensive to me because i eat everything let’s just give this a try okay it look like kind of like croutons i guess like the initial width of it it’s like

Kind of strong it smells kind of like pork it smells meaty and they look just like croutons like little pieces of bread dried bread hmm and the horseradish makes it taste slightly spicy it’s an interesting mix of flavor i’m not offended by it very interesting i mean if it’s at the store yeah my i might buy this haha to eat sometime not bad i would finish this as

Well this one is coral kha baked milk wafers with chocolate glaze long time ago they keep milk from spoiling by baking it for eight hours in the oven so apparently i guess it’s gonna be kind of milky flavor with slight slightly overcooked milk i don’t know let’s give this a try so it looks like a twix so this is not actually burnt milk it’s like this creamy milky

Flavor tastes like a tic-tac but mmm the milk flavor there’s a lot stronger which i like it’s more creamy it’s so good actually because i really wanted to this but i know i cannot because i gotta eat the rest of this for you guys hmm hmm i like this thank you universe williams if you guys are watching this this is very delicious these guys here are wrought front

Chocolate vanilla candy apparently it says here when the food supply was tight these candies were still available so a lot of people were still able to eat these even though food is not plentiful and so i guess a lot of people you know hold dear to these kind of candies because it’s just something they had at that time so let’s give this a try oh it’s very light

With chocolate and vanilla flavor it’s kind of like a dense cream that’s how i can describe it it’s good though very good rush off well this is interesting us zazo sydney strawberry mini sponge cake it feels spongy so i i’m thinking it’s gonna be like a cake like thing in there okay so okay so it’s like little cupcake smells like strawberry it’s kind of like a

Twinkie except instead of it being filled with whipped cream is strawberry flavor which is good it’s good here is an orange fruit jelly i do like jelly so i’m excited to try this okay so it looks like a orange i assume it’s gonna taste just like a jelly jelly thing well it’s a little crunchy from the sugar crystals outside if you had any kind of soft jelly type

Of candy taste like that so this is not surprising to me but the shape is unique that they put it together like this there is a karate salmon and cheese fish flavored chips they say it’s not gonna taste fishy or anything it’ll just taste buttery and cheesie’s oh look this is just like the other one the meaty jelly pig feet flavor one this is also kind of like

Croutons yeah it doesn’t taste like salmon taste it slightly butter slightly cheesy okay it’s very light compared to this one i think i like this one more because i have a stronger flavor this one just tastes like um kind of like cheesy croutons i’m looking for the salmon flavor very faint it’s at all so apparently eating a nibble of each of those previous snacks


Is enough candy for me already i naturally just don’t like to eat that much candy myself one piece a day it’s all all the candy i would eat or even like to eat so i’m gonna eat the rest of these tomorrow and we’ll come back so it’s the next day because i couldn’t eat any more candy or snacks i got six more candies here so i’m gonna keep on going now this one is

Red october cough the crips apparently this is super sweet chewy caramel made with ground peanuts see this is like just a big piece of caramel with peanut inside grab a piece like that it’s ground peanut so then i’m not chewing actual pieces of peanut as peanut tea tasting caramel very sweet it’s like a piece of candy almost so definitely don’t want to eat all this

In one sitting for some reason my image of russia would be like a lot more stranger foods maybe like vodka flapper or i don’t know just stereotypes that i know of i naturally never really tried actual russian candies or snacks here is a lanka chocolate bar with ice cream filling apparently this face on it was due to a little contest they had and it says here the

Face what remain anonymous but a lot of people keep on claiming that it’s their child or it’s them or something and they need to they want to sue the company for using their picture apparently to this very day and people keep on doing it okay that looks like this this tastes like one of these see’s candy bonbons because inside is this creamy filling and it’s not as

Dense as the chocolate they’re just kind of smooth and it melts away the see’s candy usually is very creamy which makes it taste like kind of like ice cream flavor as well so very much like these candy these are blackcurrant candies so far in this pamphlet there are 13 different snacks so i’m gonna have to guess that they sent me the 12 plus snack box which is the

$25 a month one so we’ve got four more to try and these blackcurrant candies they gave four of them in here seems like they go by volume because when there are these little bigger pieces say they only give you twos well i was expecting this to be black but it’s cream color the flavor reminds me of starbursts flavor either the yellow or the orange one i can taste

The blackcurrant it’s a piece of hard candy what’s interesting that there’s not that many blackcurrant flavored candies at all in the united states okay mchale oh chocolate-covered apricot with walnut there’s apricot there there’s a walnut there so all right they make the whole kinds of different combinations but they chose is weirdest one which is an apricot

That surrounds a walnut and then they surround this whole thing with chocolate usually i don’t really like nuts inside my candies nor fruits either i just like the candy itself so let’s just give this a try no dark chocolate is not my thing and dried fruits is not my pain nuts i don’t normally eat nuts just by itself either this i don’t enjoy just eating a can of

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Nuts yeah this thing is totally not for me well you know you you win some you lose some here are loose coal chocolate with sunflower seeds and cranberry fruits seeds and chocolate is not my thing so i can already tell you that probably won’t like this very much russia makes the most sunflowers in the entire world okay yup it’s another big piece of candy thing yeah

Sunflower food inside yeah cranberry in chocolate weird i dunno a bunch of people that would enjoy this kind of stuff like people that like dry nuts dried fruits this is a tula gingerbread with lacombe maca looks like a pastry thing with peaches and and apples in it this is the most famous gingerbread in russia called the tula and it’s made from an age-old recipe

Filled with apples apricots sugar and honey sound like an apple pie i don’t know what this says it does smell of a little bit of ginger it’s kind of like a cross between a bread heart bread and a cookie because it’s a little bit soft but not taped like like mcdonald’s apple pie but you turn the apple down way low and increased across a lot so you got 90 percent

Crust and just a layer of fruits just a very tiny layer of fruits just to give it some flavor and that’s what this tastes like interesting it’s very sweet so there you have it i tried all the snacks i came in this box three of them are savory ten of them are sweet two of them had nuts and dry fruits in it which i don’t like very much so that still leaves me with

Eleven that i do like if you want to try a lot of different snacks it’ll actually be very costly because something that you buy like this might cost two to four dollars so let’s say it’s about three and if you buy eight of them it’s gonna be the cost of this box but you get a few more and which allows you to try a few more things not only that if it happens to be

A country that you can actually buy locally then yes that would be the case but for this russian snacks i’m sure there are like the russian grocery stores and such because that i can go into to buy this but this allows for you to have something that’s pre-screened and something that you know that’s really not crazy offensive that you can just have sent to you if

You’re interested in trying all these different snacks from a different country i have a referral link down below in the video description if you click through that it’ll help this channel and it would help this company itself as well because it is a small company supporting small businesses would be great either way if you get the subscription or not i hope you

Enjoyed watching this video on me trying all these different snacks i know i have never tried these russian snacks like i think not a single one of these snacks i’ve tried before some of them taste similar to other things you see that i’m like comparing and two different things but nothing are exactly the same so if you like this video don’t forget to give me a

Light over here comment down below and subscribe to my channel thanks for watching

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