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Tryp Therapeutics Inc. (CSE: TRYP) (OTCQB: TRYPF) – RICH TV LIVE – April 28, 2021 – A selection of Tryp’s achievements in 2021 include the following:

Hi guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and today i want to speak to you about trip therapeutics t-r-y-p in canada on the canadian securities exchange t-r-y-p-f on the otcqb fully reporting exchange in america trip therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company focused on identifying and developing clinical stage compounds for orphan disease and other

Diseases with high unmet medical needs their website is tripp therapeutics dot com this is their twitter page let me show you their twitter page looks like this i’m following them on twitter and this is their linkedin page i am also following them on linkedin where you can find out more about the company this is their stock price in america you could see they

Were as high as a dollar came down and like most psychedelic stocks they trended down when psychedelics were down and now that my medicine has been really ripping now that they’re going to the nasdaq they’re starting to make a big move back up so you can see that they’ve hit a bottom and they’re starting to trend up t-r-y-p-f in america and trip t-r-y-p in

Canada you could see it was up 10 today in canada started off at 50 cents made this move up to a dollar 20 that was the high high and drifted down like all psychedelic stocks and now looks like they have found a floor and they are starting to trend back up you can see that they were up today 10 percent so very strong day for them today and you can see here that

The volume was higher than the average volume for the last three months average volume in canada has been about 320 000 shares a day for the last three months traded 547 000 shares today so starting to go in the right direction now let’s take a look at some of this information here this is the investor deck trip therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company focused

On identifying and developing clinical stage compounds for diseases with high unmet medical needs through accelerated regulatory pathways derived from the world tryptamine the word tryptamine psilocybin is a tryptamine compound this is their executive summary trip currently has two active development programs psilocybin for neuropsychiatric disorders which

Call on pfn program our lead pfn program candidate is trip 8802 our initial indication for trip 8802 is fibromyalgia trip dash 1001 for soft tissue sarcomas and you can read about the specifics on that you can see their development strategy development protect and monetize they’ve got a world-class management with experience in capital markets big pharma

Drug approvals with fda which is huge especially in psychedelics right now and profitable medical companies so very good world-class team management team is led by the chief exec executive officer james coo and the president and chief scientific officer dr james gilligan world-class management team and board with significant large pharma and emerging pharma

Experience you can see their management team continues with their chief operating officer tom dorazio and chief financial officer therese gizelman with the vice president manufacturing larry norder and the board of directors greg mckee founder and executive director william garner and director gage joel the directors continue peter molly and director james

Coo so they’ve got drug development programs that they are working on as we speak so you can see the innovative drug pipeline trip strategy is to partner monetize programs with phase two clinical data you can see the indication with fibromyalgia eating disorders other neuropsychiatric disorders and you can see the results then trip 1 001 soft tissue sarcomas

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You can see where they are in the evaluation pre ind and phase 1 and phase 2. tripp’s pfn trademark program is focused on developing orally delivered drug therapies for certain neuropsychiatric disorders that have distinct advantages over other drugs that are currently in the market or are in development these advantages include increased efficiency increased

Efficacy natural blood brain barrier penetration enhanced safety and toxicity profiles reduced risk of abuse reduce risk of addiction the initial lead candidate in our pfn program is trip 8802 an orally delivered formulation based on the development of tripp’s synthetic silocybin fibromyalgia is the lead indication in our pfn program so you can see the trip

8802 fibromyalgia prevalence and unmet clinical need so you can see the efficacy tolerability and dosing and abuse potential the fibromyalgia treatment market to surpass u.s 3.6 billion by 2026 so it’s a huge market that they are looking to penetrate trip believes that trip 8802’s activity may make it effective in modulating fibromyalgia pain through action

In the descending pain inhibitory pathway so you can see the silocybin bound to serotonin receptor and you can see the trip 8802 is currently in clinical development you can see their sponsor enrollment population year published and reported saes trip one 1001 soft tissue sarcoma the american cancer society estimates that in 2020 there will be approximately

And i mean this is a big focus 13 000 new cases of sts and 5000 sts deaths in the united states there remains a significant unmet medical need for new sts treatments so the trip 1 0001 mechanism of action trip 1 001 is an oral formulation of the multifunctional nsteal plastic agent razor excellent razor exin acts to normalize tumor vasculature which in turn

Reduces metatastic progression inhibits invasive growth and enhances the effects of radiation therapy the g2 dash m phase of the cell cycle is the most sensitive phase to ionizing irritation which may help explain razzoxen’s enhancement of the effects of radiation therapy you can see some of the graphs here showing the radiation and the response so the trip

1001 clinical development development path worked to confirm rhizo xn’s activity in soft tissue sarcomas in clinical trials after which trip will endeavor to monetize trip 1001 the results of multiple phase 2 clinical studies of rolex axon for the treatment of sds have been published six completed remissions two partial remissions and one minor remission

Were achieved a major response rate which is extremely impressive of 89 trip believes that existing clinical data regarding razo xn may allow trip 1001 to be studied in a phase 2 trial without the need for extensive pre-clinical or phase 1 trials you can see the combined vendocene and razo accent has shown activity and enhanced soft tissue sarcomas you can

See the statistics and the charts and the company has intellectual properties patents know how and trade secrets so what is the strategy for trip trip intends to utilize regulatory exclusivity patents trade secrets and proprietary know-how to protect the commercial prospects of the assets it chooses to develop patent applications for the use of psilocybin

For the treatment of fibromyalgia and razo xn for the treatment of soft tissue sarcomas were filed in 2019 and 2020 respectively pc backslash i be five eight five 2020-05859 seven compositions and methods to improve the therapeutic benefits of biz dioc peperazines ppa 63-017 comma 404 therapeutic method using psilocybin each of these applications includes

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Additional indications that are either currently being or may in the future be evaluated as potential additions development programs trip intends to utilize information gathered in its manufacturing formulation development and clinical programs to build its intellectual property estate which will include additional patent applications so they have the chemistry

Manufacturing and control the cmc so cmc strategy partner with third parties to manufacture our active pharmaceutical ingredients apis and finished drug products trip intends to file patent applications in the united states and other regions of the world based on proprietary formulations and new processes that result from the development and manufacturing of

Our drug candidates trip has entered into an agreement with albany molecular research inc for research development and cgmp manufacturing services for synthetic psilocybin that will form the basis of our pfn trademark program including trip 8802 you can see the research pre-clinical development cmc development commenced and clinical development drug product

Trip has commenced a cmc development strategy that will utilize the shortened clinical development path afforded by fda’s 505 b2 regulatory pathway trip has a very attractive evaluation to relative peer group so you can see their market capitalization is only 42 million and meanwhile when you compare them to companies like compass pathways which i would say

Is one of the largest psychedelics companies on the senior exchange on the nasdaq under the symbol cmps with a market cap of 1.65 billion trip is still very undervalued under appreciated underexposed comparing them to mind medicine whose market cap has really been growing over the last few days with news that they are moving on to the nasdaq mmed in canada

On the neo exchange with a 1.45 billion market cap cyben cybn on the neo exchange 290 million market cap silos therapeutics also on the nasdaq seal s-e-e-l is the symbol and they have 124 million market cap revive therapeutics rvv on the canadian securities exchange also with a 146 million market cap so very undervalued when you compare them to their peers

Now this is what i really like the shares issuing outstanding 61 million 347 thousand 722 shares issuing outstanding very tight float nine million four hundred and ninety five thousand seven hundred fifty warrants ten million nine hundred twelve thousand eight hundred and eighty four options and comp units fully diluted we have 81 million 720 356 shares very

Tight float so that is the investor deck now let’s just talk about some of the news that they’ve been putting out lots of news recently on march 9th trip therapeutics appoints luke hayes as chief financial officer on march 4th previous to that trip therapeutics announced an application to list on the otcqb exchange fully reporting exchange very good exchange

In america on february 24th trip therapeutics to present at the stifle gmp healthcare conference so they are definitely getting their word out there on the street on february 17th previous to that trip therapeutics completes a 2 million strategic financing so they are getting money let’s just quickly look into that the specifics on that so a pharmaceutical

Company focused on identifying developing clinical stage compounds for disease with high unmet medical needs is pleased to announce that effective february 16 2021 it has closed its previously announced financing and issued three million three hundred thirty three thousand three hundred thirty three million units at a price of sixty cents per unit for proceeds

Of two million dollars so that was a strategic investment mark lustig founder and former chairman of origin house was the lead investor in the strategic financing trip is pleased to have such a well-known and respected canadian entrepreneur as an investor having mark at the critical growth stage is a significant endorsement of our management team and our

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Drug development program said trip ceo jim coo and previous to that trip therapeutics reaches a milestone on the psilocybin drug manufacturing program so that was on february 16th so steady stream of news company with a tight share structure and very early stage undervalued unappreciated underexposed had a good day in the markets today love to know what

You guys think remember rich tv live is strictly for education and information purposes please do your own due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live always invest in the best the best is blessed let’s just read really quickly a little bit about this news amri is proud to support trip therapeutics

In their mission to address diseases with highly unmet needs through the rapid development and scale of a novel process to advance psilocybin into human clinical trials said christopher conway president amri we are leveraging our core expertise in process development and cgmp manufacturing to help progress trips clinical pipeline so that was really large and

Larry norder vice president manufacturing states we are pleased with the schedule and progress of our proprietary psilocybin development program with our partner amri in addition to process development for manufacturing psilocybin amri is also managing compliance with regulations inherent with controlled substances this compliance is mission critical but often

Not given sufficient priority in drug development programs super impressed with trip therapeutics love to know what you guys think like i said remember rich tv live is strictly for education information purposes please do your own due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live consult a financial advisor

Always invest in the best the best is blessed i think this has a chance to be a really great company now psychedelics had a tough ride they’re now starting to trend back up this might be the time to start thinking about taking a position and trip i’d love to know what you guys think do you like this stock are you interested in this company if so comment down

Below share the video everywhere and subscribe for future updates i will do my best to keep you guys updated on this early stage company as they evolve thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you winners and we love to bring them to you first what do you guys think of trip therapeutics i think it’s got incredible upside

Love to know what you guys think this is rich from mrv live bringing you trip therapeutics here’s the website once again tripp i’m going to continue to do my research and do my due diligence i would love for you guys to do it as well once again a world-class management team capital markets experience big pharma experience drug approvals and

Profitable medical companies cohesive commercially oriented management team and board with significant overlapping large pharma and emerging pharma experience what do you guys think i like what i see love to hear what you guys have to say this is rich from mr live saying we’ll see you soon have a nice day you

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