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Well top of the afternoon ladies and gentlemen the chef the tattoo chaff what a day it was indeed there’s some big stuff that has happened here today and it has transpired essentially uh that we’ve gotta talk about okay this is stuff you’re not gonna see on a press release or anything like that but we got some big stuff going on and i want to explain what this

Means for tattooed chef what it means for the stock price all those sorts of things and yeah we got a lot to get into hope you guys enjoyed this video as always make sure to subscribe to the channel before we even get into this you gotta subscribe hit that button it’s very very important and also always make sure you subscribe to financial education three as well

Because i always got content coming out on that channel as well so subscribe and subscribe okay so today was supposed to be the big day that we were ten dollars a share according to the shorts and it didn’t happen and not only did that not happen but this stock beasted and by the way it ended up finishing uh over 18 a share it takes me about an hour to prep these

Videos so sometimes i’m like an hour behind on the stock price and whatnot but needless to say the stock ended up closing at 18 plus a share this is a huge huge milestone in itself the fact that we didn’t go down and we went up big and we went up double digits as a matter of fact right and i mean if we look at mainstream media such as the hungary bull app the

Headline was you know ttcf misses eps they missed revenue that’s what the story was i know being a little funny there but seriously that that was the headline right and that’s not a good headline anytime you you miss eps you miss revenue that’s usually like doomsday and and those sorts of things right if we looked they were supposed to do you know basically have

A loss of 6 cents they lost 10 cents and they missed by about 5 million on revenue too right so neither say double miss you would have thought the stock would be down a bunch more today right and the shorts would have gotten their their dream in this scenario right double miss okay shoot the stock down and it just didn’t happen and not only did it not happen the

Stocks up huge today like absolutely huge and a lot of money came flown in the stock from long-term investors right like a lot of money nonetheless i mean if you were playing this from a short-term perspective i think a lot of folks just you know wouldn’t have been in this now this has not really nothing to do with the video i just thought this was cool uh brian

Sent this over uh and essentially uh they’re talking about a tattoo chef on fox business today i just thought that was a cool like milestone okay so we got a lot to get into here right so first thing what happened in the stock so november 3rd the stock’s trading at nearly 19 a share and ever since then it just went on this vicious move downward right from basically

About november 8th to yesterday november 16th it was just ugly times ugly for the stock right and i mean it just dropped several dollars dollars dollars and essentially what you have happened right you had the postpone of the conference call and you had a down trending stock and you had a ton of people fearful on what was going to happen on these earnings and

Would they mess and with the stock tank more and you had beyond meat stock get destroyed the day after earnings and you had oakley stock get destroyed the day after earnings well at least stocks just been getting destroyed you know across the board but especially after earnings so here comes tattoo chef here it comes right oh my gosh they’re going to have to get

Destroyed the day after earnings right double mess happens and the stock doesn’t get destroyed it goes up double-digit percentages right and you meanwhile the best thing ever just happened for for tattoo chef’s stock price and we’re gonna get to the fundamentals in a moment and kind of what’s going on there right but the best thing ever happened for the stock price

Is because of the postpone of the earnings call you got the weak hands to sell out and sell out and sell out and that’s exactly what you had happen that’s how you get this stock to sell off like that right everybody that was in this stock whether it be from a short-term perspective or a long-term perspective right there was a little unsure about this and remember

Some people buy into stocks in their they’re new to the stocks or they’re new to the stock market or they’re just it’s not their highest conviction play but they kind of get into it because they think maybe some money can be made there right and they’re not that confident in it to begin with when they’re getting in but they still buy in anyways and when you have

Something like a postpone of an earnings call or missed numbers that’s going to be enough to shake some of those folks out right and you know a lot of times in the stock market we can use weak hands as a derogatory term meaning like people that are clueless they don’t know what they’re doing something like that and it’s just i don’t view it that way okay i don’t

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Think you know calling somebody weak hands i don’t think it’s it should be as derogatory of a term as it is in in relation to the stock market right sometimes just means you’re you’re uh you know and we’re gonna go over stock that i was weak hands with at first right and so you know for instance uh matthew hugh uh you know friend of mine and uh even a business

Partner on the hungry bull project right i got a ton of respect for him across the board right he made a video yesterday that he sold his position right uh i wouldn’t call you know matthew hugh necessarily weak hands in in the terms of like a derogatory term right i just think that when i watched that video i was like trying to think if i was gonna do a reaction

What i watched was it was a lower conviction play for him to begin with right he the management team missed numbers he has issues with that and if management can and can do guidance right right which they’re a brand new company the public markets this is their first year they misguided numbers and that’s something that happens i mean even experience management teams

Do that uh he has trust issues with the management team that it sounded like he had from when he got in this stock and uh he didn’t like ebitda and the margin numbers right and so for somebody like matthew it just made sense for him to sell out of this stock and i think he’s i think he sold for a loss uh after hours yesterday and that was his decision right and

Fair play you know fair play to him i just it didn’t sound like he was really uh it didn’t really sound like he was fully into this one for the long term unless they really had great numbers and they kept doing some amazing things right and so that’s what you have happened sometimes you get some folks that get into some of these stocks and they’re like i’m not so

Sure right and all it’s going to take is a few things to go wrong and they’re like i’m dipping man i’m out of this in respect like you know it is what it is right i was weak hands in relation to a stock many many years ago well right after i had first started buying tesla my esl i sold it i sold it all my shares completely out of that stock thank goodness thank

Goodness my audience saved me and walked me off that ledge and i also walked myself off that ledge okay by the way i think that’s still the only video i’ve ever made in the history of my youtube channels i’ve gotten more dislikes and likes okay my youtube community i’m always there for you guys and you’re always there for me and you let me know uh probably half

You guys weren’t around back then and probably more than half you guys weren’t around back then but the ones that were around you all saved me okay you saved me thank you for walking me off that ledge but needless to say i was weak hands when it came to tesla right after it first started buying that stock right i had uh you know basically elon musk’s situation

Happened the sec thing and i was like oh my gosh you know and i sold out the whole stock completely right thank goodness i bought it back very shortly after because i can tell you what this whole thing wouldn’t have happened right i wouldn’t have these cars behind me right now if it wasn’t uh for me you know buying back into that stock and uh you know just just

Getting on that mission long term right and tesla’s always been a stock that’s clouded in a lot of drama a lot of stuff around elon musk and uh you know the raising of capital and ev credits and margins weren’t good and the they were taking massive losses and would they if you run out of money and oh my gosh like tesla was a whole different animal when it came to

Just the negativity and how many different ways you could spend the negativity around that stock and thank goodness i got back in that stock and i just i just put my blinders on when it came to that stock and i’m just like long long-term where’s this company going i was completely convinced that ev’s the future i’m completely completely convinced that uh tesla was

Not gonna be the number one player in uh you know self-driving and completely convinced that tesla’s just the number one player in evs and that’s like a huge thing moving to the future right as well as a few other factors and like margins elon musk drama all those things just put the blinders on and just focus on where this company’s going over the long term and

The vision for that right and i became a long strong hand thank goodness and obviously the gains in the accounts were were you know substantial over past time right so that’s a there’s an important factor the weak hands are now out of top two chef now it doesn’t mean we new week hands can’t come in because that’s always a possibility people that are thinking oh

I don’t know about the stock but maybe it’s going to pump back to 20 something again right so we got to understand there could always be new weak hands that come in right and once again we can’t it’s not a derogatory term that does not mean they’re an idiot it just means like sometimes people get into a stock that they don’t the most conviction in okay now this

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Chart i’m pulling you up here from 100 years ago essentially is a chart of hansen’s natural quarterly case volume so hanson’s natural was uh is essentially monster beverage right monster beverage launched in around 2002 and uh this changed hansen’s natural beverage company forever and i think it was like eight years ago or so the company finally changed its name

From hanson’s natural to monster and it was a stock i got to participate in from about probably 2010 2011 until about 20 13 2014 when i ended up selling out of it and um it was a phenomenal stock for me it was a phenomenal stock for me but many years prior to that and i showed the private stock group this last night right look at this for a monster look at the

Case volume went down from q3 to q4 2006 right right off the bat there you’re going to think man this must be the end for monster like this is this is no bueno like a monster had been doing phenomenal numbers and this might have led you to be like well i guess that’s it for the energy drink category i guess it’s going down now okay no it bounced back the next

Quarter so you know i guarantee you this probably shook out some people out of it right but if that didn’t shake out a lot of people wait to see what happens here q2 q3 q4 q1 basically four quarters down down down quarterly quarterly case volumes down quarter after quarter after quarter this is the type of thing that for a monster back then hansen’s natural i

Should call him back then which was selling you know the monster product this is something that would have shaken out almost anybody unless they had super long-term vision around the stock and really understanding how big the energy drink category was going to be over time understanding the uh innovation level at that company at the time and i can almost guarantee

You that everybody else that was kind of like about monster they got out during that time right because they’re like this is this is this is crap this is a garbage stock the numbers are going down quarter after quarter after quarter after quarter and remember those were numbers going down and so i i bring that up as a reference point because if you see a company

Miss earnings and let’s say they do 44 revenue growth instead of 50 percent that they were expected to do or 51 or whatever right doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for that company you got to stay on the long-term vision with what’s going on with that company very very key because you know let’s say you cashed out in 2006 2007 whatever right you were wrong and

Not only were you wrong you were wrong massively right in the short term maybe you felt good about yourself but you were flat out wrong look at the run that company went on over time right and the only ones that really probably stayed in it at that time were the ones that really understood how big the energy drink category was going to be over time and watched how

Fast monster was innovating and understanding this management team they’re going to grow us out of this this tough spot right where for several quarters in a row case volume declined and declined and declined right and so monster is one of those stocks that just had you know enhanced natural beverage whatever you want to call it it had some incredible peaks and

Troughs along the way and a whole lot of drama right and some time periods were for a year or two it did nothing you know look at the stock for a year or two it does nothing for a year or two it does nothing and look at some of these peaks and some of these troughs it’s violent boom boom boom boom but at the end of the day all it made sense to do was buy the dip

Buy the dip and buy the dang dip or worst if you don’t want to buy the dip then at least hold the dip because at the end of the day like this company was destined for greatness based upon the the innovation that was happening at the company the distribution they were they were getting into everybody the sku expansion the long-term tam of the energy drink category

They were gonna find ways to continue to grow this business and grow this business and grow this business okay and so obviously that’s what ended up happening there right now when it comes to something like ttcf tattooed chef i know a lot of people like to get caught up into these quarterly numbers and if it’s you know they beat numbers it’s going to be like whoa

We’re going to the moon and if they miss numbers it’s like oh you know short stock to the floor right it’s going to zero and at the end of the day like with specifically this stock tattoo chef i’m trying not to get caught up in any of this quarterly crap i’m trying not to get caught up into the margins the ebitda the net income were lost in a quarter for any time

Over the next year in a year from now two years from now we can start talking about margins we can start talking about evidence we can start talking about net income loss and those sorts of things okay it’s just not the right time period no one ever heard a tattoo chef brand two years ago this company is way too young to be worried about those sorts of metrics

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Right now it’s about revenue growth it’s about store expansion it’s about skew expansion and that’s it and it’s about the long-term opportunity in front of this company bloomberg intelligence right did a whole piece recently uh over the summer about the plant-based food space and how much it’s going to grow and supposed to soar from 29 billion to 162 billion by

2030. i think those numbers are are low honestly i think it’s going to be even bigger growth than i think bloomberg’s expecting obviously we’ll see over the next nine years but i think actually their numbers are a little low but nonetheless because this spaces is poised for massive growth and this massive growth is going to uh lift all boats you know as they say

A rising tide lifts all boats but the the boats that innovate the fastest like a tattooed chef who’s innovating faster than anybody in this space by a mile there’s no i don’t even know who’s number two maybe it’s beyond me maybe it’s impossible maybe it’s oatley you know i’m talking about everybody in the plant based food space like there’s no one innovating at

The pace that tattoo chef is flat out and i pay attention to everybody that’s in the plant-based food game everybody and there’s no one moving as fast as tattooed chef okay and so if if a rising tide is going to lift all boats and the one that’s moving the fastest where do you think that one’s going to go over time right look at this chart okay this shows you the

Expected gross of the growth of the plant-based food space over time right plant-based meats plant-based dairy and other plant-based okay and keep in mind the tattoo chef now is going to get into snacks potentially candy and here’s the thing guys this is a fruit this is a company that’s been focused on frozen food right and that’s their real big opportunity over

The next year or so right but now they’re talking about getting into snacks uh nutritional bars right uh burritos like all these different items refrigerated items even and not just freezer items as they expand who’s to say they’re not going to go after the drink game over time who’s to say they’re not going to do that right that’s a huge opportunity for this

Company this company really can do i think honestly whatever they want in the plant-based food space and i don’t know when the day is tattoo chef stops growing but i can’t see it in this decade i think it’s just going to be more of a question of are they growing on average 10 a year 20 a year or 30 plus a year i think that will be the main question they show the

The fastest innovation in the space they’re showing they can get into any store and they’re showing they can get skew expansion and they’re they’re showing these are all facts these aren’t like my opinion they’re showing the velocity is crazy meaning the sell-through is nuts for this company okay those are facts and so when you look at it from that perspective and

You realize where this this industry is poised to grow to grow to over the coming years it’s hard to be anything but insanely bullish on this and now when in terms of the stock you just flushed out a ton of weak hands and now you just have long-term investors like myself and at 18 i’m still very interested in the stock like sure i would love to buy a 15 more than

I love to buy at 18 but at the end of the day like if i believe this is going to be a 75 or 100 125 stock long term right if not a lot higher than that and so if i believe those sorts of things right maybe even 150 plus stock long term if i believe that well shoot 15 18 20 22 25 it’s all a buy in the end i you know the quarterly numbers are going to move around

They’re going to have beats they’re going to have misses they’re going to have uh smashes right they’re gonna have some quarters that take us by surprise and it’s like well that was a bad quarter what happened there and they’re gonna have some quarters where it’s like oh my gosh can you believe they just put up that number it’s what’s gonna happen and it’s what

Happens with every great growth company i don’t know one great growth company i’ve ever tracked that every single quarter they smashed earnings i don’t know one great growth company that sometimes they they didn’t miss you know earnings every once in a while so we’ll see what happens obviously you guys know where my chips are placed i own oh shoot i don’t know i

Might be approaching 70 000 shares a tattoo chef now and i might honestly not be done buying so um you know and obviously this is a multi multi-year play that i’m super excited about and we’ll see what happens that’s all i’ll say about that we’ll see what happens hope you guys enjoyed this video as always don’t forget to smash before you leave and make sure you

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