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Oh it’s that time again folks uh time for ttcf tattoo chef stock to be insane and so uh we gotta discuss what’s about to happen with ttcf here i’m gonna share with you what i’m doing with this talk my perspective on all this um and all those sorts of things hope you guys enjoy this as always much love and make sure to subscribe the channel if you’re not already or if

You want to be subscribed subscribe if you don’t want to be subscribed it hurts my feelings but it’s all right i’ll get over it all right all righty guys so um to recap kind of the past let’s call it year of tattoo chef it’s been a quite a roller coaster ride nonetheless right with some big ups and big downs and obviously uh ever since fall time of 2021 the stock

You know fell off a cliff just like pretty much every other stock in the the market that’s falling off specifically any small cap stocks like a tattooed chef obviously falls in that category ever since the fall time it just you know fell fell fell and uh so it’s been just a kind of a vicious year from a stock price perspective and uh the valuations obviously come

Down massively for this company now and the fundamentals are are pretty outstanding and uh the the growth for this company over the next five ten years is just beyond insane let’s just put it that way but as far as the mark cap now under a billion dollar mark cap on this one uh current price of sales ratio about 4.4 forward price of sales ratio on this company

Is a a three and some change likely we’ll see where their guidance ends up coming out at price to book on this one’s around a four right now so you know when it comes to ttcf this has just been a you know a stock that kind of came public at a little bit of a bad time they kind of came public uh you know kind of toward the end of the fomo cycle in the market and

Um you know obviously just a lot of folks ended up probably buying the stock that really didn’t even care about stocks or the market or really uh understand how big the opportunity is and a lot of those folks ended up just kind of selling out over time as those retail folks left the market right you know certain retail folks uh that are staying in the market and

If you’re watching this video you’re one of the core retail folks right like you’re staying in this market you’re in it for the long term um for four companies in in how they’re going to prosper over time and increasing your ownership ownership positions of those companies right but a lot of people they didn’t think about that they thought of it as kind of like a

Gambling game and like oh i’m going to try to make you know 100 bucks today and and i can’t do anything i’m at home so i might as well just try to trade stocks and things like that and so this is just one of probably you know 20 or 30 different stocks that got caught up into kind of that cycle but the difference with tattoo chef versus a lot of those companies a lot

Of those companies uh have very questionable long-term growth with the tattooed chef their growth is going to be ridiculous for a long long time and it’s not like this is some crazy business model or something like that i think that’s very important to understand okay the next thing to understand about this company is extremely vital extremely vital this is one of

The most shorted stocks in the market okay you know 21 21 that’s you know it’s positioning as far as a short list goes heavily heavily shorted stock and so you got to understand there’s going to be a lot of things that happen when you’re a heavily shorted stock like that you’re going to uh have you know message boards and things like that it’s going to be filled

With short sellers and even short sellers using bots and things like that and basically their their their goal is to just post a bunch of negative stuff and try to like thumb up posts or whatever and then try to get you to sell out of your shares essentially right because fear sells and so those keep bringing up the same negative stuff and if you see it’s like do

These people have any life like they’re just down just try to you know talk crap about the company 24 7 and that’s what they do and every day of their life they’re on there the weekends weekdays anything they try to get people to sell out of the stocks by any means necessary so stock price goes down so they make money right and so you’re gonna have games like that

You will have some sort of manipulation plays with the stock price but you only really get that if you’re talking about a lot of big funds in investors are involved in it they could do some manipulation type plays it happens all the time in the market and so you got to understand when you’re in a heavily shorted stock yes that’s that’s kind of a beautiful thing

Because the short squeezes can be epic and sometimes can last weeks months or even a year plus which uh can be you know a pretty fun time if you’re on the long side but on the flip side you gotta understand you’re you’re gonna be the the stock’s gonna be constantly attacked it’s gonna constantly they’re just gonna keep bringing up the negative stuff and any negative

Number they’re going to try to post it and just oh look they missed this number over here and try to get people to sell out any way possible most people don’t fall for that crap but um you know there are some people that do unfortunately fall for it and they’re like oh my gosh yeah you know i saw three posts in a row and they’re all negative so i kind of guess

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I gotta sell my five thousand dollars worth of you know ttcf stock and so that’s unfortunate but we gotta understand that’s part of the game that’s part of the stock market game um there’s no way of of outlawing it or something like that it’s not like how this works like it’s they’re going to be around and uh you know i’m not afraid to invest in companies that

Have heavy short short positions um as long as i believe in the fundamentals of the company where that company’s going over time that’s all i personally care about at the end of the day you know those shorts will end up having to buy back the stock at some point and so uh you know that’s kind of my position there but you got to understand the game that’s played

There it’s very very vital to understand that okay now what’s about to happen is in a few hours from now tattoo chef’s about to announce their fourth quarter 2021 numbers all right now we’re going to go over those numbers in just a moment kind of what i’m expecting from them and things like that so we’ll go over that in just a moment but it’s very important to

Understand that in this earnings call here’s what could happen okay not only are they going to announce whatever numbers they did for this past quarter the fourth quarter 2021 but what could end up happening in this earnings call that’s about to happen is they might potentially keyword is potentially not all companies are doing this i would call like a 50 50. they

Might potentially guide for next quarters numbers and even more importantly much more importantly for tattoo chef they might end up guiding for the overall 2022 numbers now do not uh for sure count on that because i can tell you i’ve even seen a lot of the big tech companies not guide for 2022 numbers all they guide for is like q1 and uh some of those companies

Aren’t even guiding for q1 so we’re in a kind of a strange time period and that’s because of all the the the wall of worry right we talk about inflation the fed russia blah blah blah all that stuff and so a lot of these companies aren’t even guiding but i’m hoping they do guide for for 2022 numbers i think that would i think that would be phenomenal if they got

It for those numbers because one i think they’re going to be you know some pretty incredible numbers and we’ll go over those in just a moment but two i think it would just show that the company is that confident that they could put numbers out there right so we’ll see what happens maybe they don’t guide for numbers in you know if they don’t guide for numbers you

Know that’s kind of par for the market right now because like i said there’s so many big companies like even apple doesn’t want to guide for numbers if apple’s not guiding for numbers you know tattoo chef it definitely has a you know a way out let’s put it that way okay now in terms of a lot of these new products you’re starting to maybe see out there a little bit

These products won’t start hitting numbers until uh q1 q2 of 2022. so for instance uh by the way somebody posted this in private discord chat alpha romeo man i used to love my alpha male that thing was beauty i didn’t have the paddle shifters though i kind of cheaped out a little bit so congrats to whoever’s got the paddle shifters here uh man alphas are fun but

Uh you know you’re starting to see these burritos out there now uh showing up a few places a few kroger stores and things like that and uh plant-based chicken product a plant-based beefy nacho burrito i can’t wait to try these plant-based bean cheese and rice i cannot wait to try these i’m hoping they show up out here uh pretty darn soon but yeah none of those

Products just so you know will be in this last quarter’s numbers really this was recently at a uh kind of like a food convention last week where they were showing off some of their new products and so all these products you’re seeing here plant-based chicken teriyaki bowl a lot of the new pizzas these are the new burritos so plant-based uh green chili chicken

Burrito plant-based spinach egg and pesto breakfast burrito plant-based chorizo an egg breakfast burrito and then you got these two down here and then also plant-based buffalo chicken quesadillas as well so the quesadillas are all new all those products you’re going to see those start to hit numbers over over 2022 essentially some of those products are already

Starting to get into retailers but you won’t those aren’t going to be reflected in numbers until later in the year and so that’s pretty darn exciting so you know one of the things that excites me about tattooed chef uh other than just a long-term you know opportunity here is when this company just consistently kind of innovates comes out with new products and so

It’s not just about them getting into more stores but it’s about them they’re always getting new products out there and they just keep the pedal to the metal like i’ve never seen a food company in my life and so don’t get too hyped on a lot of these uh products because uh at least in terms of short-term numbers they won’t hit until q1 q2 and then uh further in q3

And q4 as they get into the retailers because you gotta understand there’s like a time period you announce a deal with the retailer but still you got to ship the product there you got to get all the contracts signed off on right you gotta then the the retailer has to make the space for the product then you got to have the cruise get the product actually from the

Distribution to those stores and the stores to the shelves and so it’s a it’s a whole process and sometimes that process can be several months and so i think it’s important that when if tattoo chef comes out and announces they got a new retailer they got new products coming out sometimes it could be several months before it actually shows up in the number sometimes

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Three months out six months out okay now this was a um a kroger type store i’m assuming they’re gonna put all the products together once they actually do it but you know there’s a few kroger stores that are already starting to put them out either by mistake it doesn’t even look like they have tags yet so it looks like they’re just you know basically putting these

Products out by by mistake essentially but i can’t wait till hopefully we get a full shelf of these uh burrito type products that’s gonna be big for this company uh and just another way to introduce the the product to people that have never tried it before so i can’t wait to try those products i’m super excited this is a product that i think has a massive massive

Potential i see how well their plant-based burrito bowl sells and this is a product i’m looking at plant-based cheese enchiladas that i think has great potential and i mean great potential so this is a product specifically that i’m like wow you’re talking about an the next banger product for this and personally i love the um the buffalo ranch uh it’s like a kind of

Like a buffalo they call it buffalo ranch cauliflower it’s delicious but uh that in the plant-based burrito bowl are probably my favorite so i’m assuming this one’s gonna be really good i can’t wait to try that product another product that you won’t see in the numbers for the next few quarters essentially the next big products they have coming out they just showed

Off these for the first time ever or these uh plant-based bars and these are actually going to be refrigerated bars and so this is a crazy big opportunity they’re going to actually be somebody that grows that space in a massive way because you can either go like ambient products a right like launch products that you they don’t need any sort of refrigeration or or

Anything like that but this space you think about the competition in the traditional space there’s a lot of competition there’s no doubt i think tattoo chef could be successful in that even as well but there’s a lot less there’s like hardly anybody that that you know has refrigerated bars so i think they’re actually going to be somebody that builds out this product

Category and is actually a partner to retailers on a much deeper level than traditionally so i can’t wait to try these babies those probably looking at minimum two months till you see those on retailer shelves but probably closer to four months i would say in my personal opinion but i can’t wait for that and they do have a private label business obviously in the

Bar business and a few other businesses and they did mention that they could be potentially increasing price for some of those products so that’s good news as well okay this is hilarious okay so in the private stock group brewing i think uh did this one we need to get graham on this okay the oat butter gram bar okay we need his face on that and the tattoo chef

How can we make that happen man that’s i’m gonna have to talk to g-man about that that’s amazing all right guys so let’s talk about numbers here so as far as the december quarter goes 29 revenue growth is expected i think that’s a number that’s definitely um definitely in the realm of hitting that number let’s just put it that way i think there’s there’s no doubt

In my mind that they can hit that number um it’s just a big question of do they beat that number and if they do beat that number how much they beat it by and from my perspective the sell-through looks incredibly strong the velocity looks ridiculously strong meaning how you know fast they sell through the products they’re getting on obviously more store shelves as

Well but uh the hard thing to predict is you know the rollouts and did they get you know roll out in time and things like that so i’m very much looking forward to this december quarter numbers now the the company did say uh this is a specific quarter that’s kind of weak for um the club business and expecting the the january quarter q1 to be actually much stronger

January february march uh to be much stronger for the club business and uh also q2 as well but they did mention that club business will be kind of you know a little light uh from what i remember on the last earnings call so but at the end of the day you know target’s starting to make up so much of their business and a lot of the traditional grocery stores that

They’re getting into now and so a lot of the initial orders have gone out there so i think that’s definitely a very doable number there you know remember no one ever heard of this company 18 months ago as far as next year if they do give any guidance i think this is right in line i could picture them guiding anywhere from 30 revenue growth to probably 37 revenue

Growth somewhere in there roughly so i think i’m just a little higher than kind of what analysts are um you know i think there’s definitely a possibility they could have something like uh they could you know do something like a 300 mil in 22. i wouldn’t be surprised at all what i do believe sam and the executive team i believe they’re probably trying to try to

Sandbag a little bit if they are going to guide anything because they kind of over promised and under delivered in 2021 and so as a new public company a lot this you know it’s kind of funny to watch the same mistakes made by you know company after company but a lot of times what happens is uh you know new company public markets they over promise under deliver that

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First year their stock price gets slapped right and they learn from that and then they start guiding better right and so uh even even you know great executives like elon musk right who was you know you know big boss over at the company that got acquired by paypal and has a huge executive experience obviously with tesla as well you know even he would miss numbers

All the time back in the day and then he kind of learned the game of oh maybe maybe let’s try to under promise a little bit and over deliver on the top because you understand that’s part of the game of wall street so we’ll see if they do do any guidance but if they do um i think if anything there’s whatever numbers they share they’re probably going to come in

And beat those numbers throughout the year in my personal opinion just for the mere fact that i don’t think they want to be in a situation where they they you know over promise under deliver again okay now in regards to these earnings i think this is very important because i know like brian was like oh you know you’re going to wake up super early you know to to

Hear these earnings and i saw some a bunch of people in discord chat like oh you know jeremy’s gonna have to stay up until 6 a.m no okay i won’t be staying up till 6 a.m for me when it comes to a company like this this is a long-term investment of mine right so you know i’ll hear the numbers whenever i hear them and whether the stock’s down big tomorrow or up big

Tomorrow or or whatever right it is what it is it’s like from my perspective let’s say the stock’s up 20 percent tomorrow am i buying am i selling the stock no i’m not selling the stock uh in tattoo chef’s a great deal whether it’s uh whether the stock price is at 13 tomorrow or nine tomorrow or 11 it doesn’t make a difference like it’s all a steal deal and at

The end of the day anyways from where i think this company’s going over time and so for me it’s like whatever you know i’ll wake up the stock price will either be down a bunch or up a bunch um and that’s just kind of that right um what i am very confident is the numbers and the fundamentals that are going on with the company underlying and it’s very important not

To get too tied up into metrics and short-term numbers when you’re in a company that has great long-term uh you know opportunities in front of it you know for instance you know just this is just tesla in in 2018 2019 my first couple years of investing in the stock all the reasons the stock tanked okay sec with elon musk the cto left at one point right some other

Key executive left that’s took the stock down they’re talking about margins are horrible and will never be good the stock went down on that uh you know when i say people just you know investors or wall street whatever uh they talk about oh they’re losing so much money they’re gonna go bankrupt go to zero things like that uh there was talk like tesla had no demand

Yeah there was a there was a subject that sent the stock down uh elon said the stock’s too high that sent the stock down there was a fatal crash i know that’s crazy like yeah a car company with a fatal crash oh that’s every car company out there but the tesla had a failed crash and that sent the stock down i know what you’re thinking that sounds ridiculous but yes

Oh they had a car catch on fire that sent the stock down yeah like uh every car company in the world probably has cars catch fire every single day but because it was a tesla it was like huge news and then all of a sudden it was like that sent the stock down because all the tesla caught fire they missed it some earnings numbers that sent the stock down they missed a

Delivery date that sent the stock down cars are parked in this is a great one cars were parked in a parking lot which meant tesla was making cars and they couldn’t sell them that was a thought process like there was drone photos and these pictures that short sellers were taking they’re like look at there’s a bunch of tesla’s parked over there so it means tesla’s just

Making cars to make cars and it’s like what oh what are you guys talking about okay and these were all real subjects right and so when it comes to something like ttcf you just gotta understand man they’re gonna you know the short seller’s gonna point out whatever is bad with those earnings tomorrow if there’s anything they’ll find it and they’ll just talk about it

And regurgitate it over and over and over and over and over again and that’s going to be that at the end of the day i’m going to continue to buy the stock throughout 2022. regardless if that stock goes down tomorrow up tomorrow it doesn’t do a thing i will be a buyer that’s just me that’s my name in the game and uh i’m not gonna get shaken out of the stock because

You know some metrics missed short term or something like that and if the stock goes up a ton great like i’m not selling the stock anyways i’m holding the stock for you know years to go in the future so it makes no difference to me so yeah that’s my perspective on that guys i hope you enjoyed this video as always if you want to take advantage of basically checking

Out my free 15 part checklist for how i pick stocks check out payment comment down there i’ll have that as a pin comment make sure you subscribe the channel if you want to be much love and have a great day

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